I need to know the pricing for Team Ready for 10+ users.

I need to know the pricing for Team Ready for 10+ users.

http://wwwimages.adobe.com/www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/products/creativesuite/compa nies/pdfs/CCTR-offer-overview.pdf
How to get the Creative Cloud Team Ready offer
This offer is available worldwide through reseller partners under the Adobe Transactional Licensing
Program (TLP). It is not available directly from Adobe. There is no minimum purchase or limit to the
number of memberships you can buy.

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    I use an older Macbook Pro  from 2007 with OS X 10.7 – had issues with Mavericks, so I uninstalled it. I want to get a trial version of AE CS6 but I need to know the specs for it.

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  • Need to know the reason for rejection

    Hi Team,
    One of my doc( year old one) was rejected with normal message like see the rules of engagement.
    Forum where my doc was rejected - Business Content and Extractors.
    As my guess this is the only one document which was exist on scn about the data sources(FI_SL_XX_TT). Even i shared  my doc along with help of  sap link(reference) as well.Am not sure whether its violated scn rule or not. if its violated please let me know the reason so that we can keep in mind while creating docs/blogs to avoid such incidents.
    Possibility to rejection:
    I heard some users voice about comments(Like thank you or thanks for sharing, well done, etc) at comment section nothing adding value to the docs/blogs. so moderators (or some one may used alert moderator) took my docs/blogs into moderation and delete the unuseful(which are not added value to content) comments. after the actions they released to public review.in that process still 2 or 3 more docs/blogs(mine) in moderation queue. Recently moderators are changed at BW forum, As pending issues at moderation queue they might be rejected.
    So thats why i asked here to know the exact reason.
    Thanks for your time.

    H ,
    Thank you colin.
    Its surprised to see my doc now. its visible when clicked on it.
    FI-SL Generated data source 3FI_SL_XX_TT
    But its not showing at my content tab.

  • Need to know the table for sales org and sales area of role Sold-to  in CRM

    Dear Sir,
    Our server is CRM 5.0, I would like to download the data from CRM , however, I would like to know the table name which keep the sales org and sales area of role Sold-to  in T-code : BP . However, we can't find the actualty table.
    Please kindly advise.
    Thank you

    Hi Vimol,
    You can get Org details in various tables like Sales Org, Division, Distribution Channel in following tables with help of PARTNER_GUID.
    Sales :
    Billing :
    Organization :
    I think, for you Organization related table CRMM_BUT_LNK0141 would be useful.
    From this table you will get Sales Org, Division, Distribution Channel.
    And in order to get Sales Office of BP, you will get it from table CRMM_BUT_SET0140 where you can put set_guid fetched from CRMM_BUT_LNK0141
    Hope this helps....Please reward points if useful.
    Shailesh Jadhav

  • I need to set the homepage for 100 users to a local intranet site. I see articles about the subject but the stop short of telling me how to use the script. // lockPref("browser.startup.hompage",0); where should I enter the URL?

    I must allow users to use Firefox or Internet explorer while I can easliy contorl the homepage using a GPO for IE I cannot do the same for firefox. I found great information on a way that I can create a config file and then promulgate it to the users but trhe script information is incomplete I need to know exactly where to enter the desired name for the default browser

    Was it really necessary to post the whole API description?!?
    Locale[] locales = Locale.ENGLISH();ENGLISH is not a method in class Locale, so do not add the braces "( );".
    Also, the constant ENGLISH is not an array, but just a single Locale object.
    You didn't say what your problem was. What do you want to achieve with your program and what is it that you don't understand?

  • Need to know the API which will extract how many users are added in group..

    I am working in Oracle Portal. In the portal we have Oracle Indentity Management where we are adding users as well as the group. We are looking for an API which helps us to do that from PL/SQL code. We got it but we have some issue. We know that how to create group, add users to group, delete users from group, delete group but we unable to get how many users already added to the group. Can anybody help me out in this case. It is urgent!
    Golak Saha

    How to check ,how many  users are logged in and logged out in oracle ebs 11i/R12.
    Please check the following links:
    Oracle EBS - Number of Users logged into EBS / Oracle Applications currently
    List all users currently logged in on Oracle EBS
    Also see forum Search:
    Forum Search: Logged In EBS User
    Also, in the database level too
    Please see:
    Do we need to write any trigger for this?
    Yes you may, But I personally suggest you not to do so as it may affect performance.
    Thanks &
    Best Regards,

  • How we know the rights for particular user..?

    in BO CMC, how we will know what are rights and authorizations he has for all groups...

    Log in to CMC and slect the group and select properties of the group or user and to user security to see their rights.
    I don't see any other automated system telling you the rights for each group.
    Bashir Awan

  • I have Photoshop CS5Extended.  I want CS6.  I need to know the procedure for purchasing and download

    Please help me.

    If you click the Buy button you should then be presented with the screen section shown below.  If you are not seeing that, try using a different browser.

  • Need to know the sqluery to find the disabled date from OIM

    Hi Experts,
    Need very urgent inputs from you all for the preparation of our audit.
    We are using OIM9.1.0.1
    We need to know the sqlquery for finding the Disabled date in OIM given the user ids, as currently we are unable to get the exact data from Historical Reports Option in OIM.
    I need to give in this format:
    select usr_login, usr_disabled from schemaname.tablename where usr_login in
    ('aaa','bbb'..... etc)
    We have three attributes :USR_DISABLED_BY_PARENT,USR_DISABLED,USR_DEPROVISIONING_DATE,but none of them give the exact date,
    USR_DISABLED gives just a flag as 1 or 0.
    Also there are no other fields in the corresponding usr table.
    So how to fetch the exact Disabled date from OIM system when I input the user ids.
    Your immediate response is appreciated.

    In the entire thread many experts have given nice queries in different formats...
    The best approach would be to open up the SQL Developer, connect with the OIM Database and experiment with all sorts of SQL queries provided by all the experts..
    Learn some SQL techniques, like Inner Join etc...
    Then you yourself will be able to figure out what you need, in exactly which format, for which users and for whom you have to restrict
    Then not only this question, you would be able to solve dozens of similar such issues yourself...
    And trust me, nothing can match that...
    Just in case, you are not familiar with SQL Developer,
    Oracle SQL Developer 3.2.1 (
    September 24, 2012
    The Disabled DATE will be the creation date of that entry in the UPA_FIELDS table when Users.Status changed to Disabled.

  • How can we know the password for a oracle user

    Hi to All,
    Can any one help me plz how can we know the password for any user in oracle.

    Assuming one wants to stay with database-stored passwords (the traditional method), one may want to look at the password aging and complexity enforcing mechanisms.
    Oracle has a complete manual around this. For 10gR2, the Oacle Database Security Guide chapter 4 is interesting reading - section 4.3 is the discussion for database authentication. And section 7.4.4 talks about the complexity enforcement.
    Message was edited by: Hans Forbrich - reworded so it is not misinterpreted as directed at an individual.

  • I need to know the multitude of reason why my iPhone 5s would prompt me for my Apple ID password. Please help.

    I need to know the multitude of reason why my iPhone 5s would prompt me for my Apple ID password.
    All I did was place my phone on the charger, I then walked away for 10-15mins and when I came back it was asking me to enter my Apple ID password.
    I never gave my password out to anyone ever and hardly anyone knows my email address.
    I haven't recently downloaded anything either and I only have one apple device which is my iPhone 5s.
    I just want to know really if it could have been because someone was trying to log into my Apple ID?
    Please help with multiple reasons why this could have happened. I just want to know the options. Thank you

    My iPhone 5s did the same thing yesterday. I have iCloud backup turned on in Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and that means it will automatically do a backup when the phone is plugged in, locked and connected to wi-fi. I had it charging and when I returned it was asking for the password and the prompt did identify that it was requesting it for the iCloud backup (something you may not have noticed if you didn't look closely).
    It has never done that before and 2 iPads in my household have not yet done it. All are on iOS 7.1
    I have found a report of the same issue by a user of the 7.1 beta and in that case it was happening every day. In my case I entered the password then went to the same area in Settings as above and used the "Backup Now" button to do a backup. I will see tonight when I charge again whether this is going to be an every day problem.

  • Does anyone know the pricing structure for Digital Marketing Suite?

    Does anyone know the pricing structure for Digital Marketing Suite? I asked for info but no one ever got back to me. I don't want to waste anyones time if it's too expensive so I'd like to know up front what the fees/package rates are.
    Peter Marino
    Owner of an
    SEO Comapny in NYC

    This is the top story at this writing at AppleInsider:
    Like the updated mid-2014 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, Apple's latest 15-inch notebook brings slightly speedier Intel processors. But with memory, graphics and design all carried over from last year, the most substantial change is a $100 price cut.
    http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/07/review-apples-mid-2014-15-inch-macbook -pro-with-retina-display

  • Need to know the roll and responsibilty for AP,PO etc module for users

    Hi All,
    I need to know the roll and responsibilty for AP & purchase module etc for all the users, I have to give all the details for auditing.
    Edited by: Quadri on Mar 9, 2010 11:39 PM
    Edited by: Quadri on Mar 9, 2010 11:41 PM

    execute the below query to find the details with application name
    SELECT distinct

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    I need to know the correct account settings for my mail on my Iphone 3G please?

    How would anyone here know the correct settings for your mail account?

  • Need to know the list of values (default one) for PAYMENT_STATUS

    we need to know the list of values for PAYMENT_STATUS in IBY_PAYMENTS_ALL
    presently the payment_status shows as follows.
    Need to know the list of values for PAYMENT_INSTRUCTION_STATUS in IBY_PAY_INSTRUCTIONS_ALL

    There is nothing called "service packs" for an Oracle database. That is an MS thing.
    I guess you mean patchsets which are available in Metalink as mentioned.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Problem in Sales Order type

    Hi I am creating a user exit for transaction VA01. In this I am checking for order type 'OR'. But when I create a sales order with order type OR the user exit is getting some other order type. I have got this through debugging. What might be the prob

  • How do I get all my contacts and my bookmarks from my iMac to macro

    How do I get all my email contacts and bookmarks from my Imac to Macpro??

  • Report in excel from java

    I'm generating report in Excel from Java.In this is it posssible to place background color upto the text in the single cell

  • No charge, no lights, no luck with suggested solutions

    My playbook battery drained (yellow blinking lights) and I tried all of the suggestions listed here, multiple times with no success.  Now my playbook will not power on and show any lights.  Is my playbook dead.  Do I have any other options? It is abo

  • 2 selection screen in one report.

    hi, i need to have 2 selection screen in one report....based on the input of 1st selection screen i need to display another selection screen. The 1st selection screen consist of three radio buttons....selecting one of them should allow me to further