I no longer have sound for either my audio books or my music on itunes.  I've tried everything--restarting, updating, re-installing audible app, and restoring the iphone to its factory settings--nothing helps.  How do I get the sound back?

How do I get the sound back on my iPhone 4?  I've tried all the fixes such as restarting iPhone, reinstalling the audible app, and finally yesterday, I restored the phone to its factory settings.  I still get no sound from music on iTunes or from my audible books.  The phone still rings (I have sound for that) and the voice control speaks to me, and when I'm typing, the automatic text voice speaks so I can hear it but nothing else works. 

Since it has always been very basic to backup your computer and all it's data, Apple provides no way for you to transfer music from your iPhone back to your computer.  As you know, you can re-download all iTunes purchases, but music that you ripped yourself you'll have to just re-rip again.
You can try and find 3rd party applications that might help you.  I'm sure you'll pay, however.
Let this be a very important lesson learned.

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