I only have the exported .zip file for a project, can I import to captivate and make a .cptx source file?

I am working on a multi-person team with Captivate 7. The CPTX source file cannot be located for one module. We have the exported .zip files in our Version Control system. Can I take these files and recreate the .cptx file. I don't mind having to recreate a little functionality, but am hoping to avoid starting from the beginning with this file.
I know this can be done for RoboHelp files, was hoping some script existed for Captivate as well.

You might be able to save a bit of headache by extracting the content of the zip. Likely a SWF will be inside along with other files. You could then play the SWF and capture the screens. Might save a tiny bit of effort.
Cheers... Rick

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