I photo and the iphoto library

Guys -
Being fairly new and inexperienced with the whole iphoto thing i think i have mad "a fatal error". Allow me to explain...
I have put a several dozen pictures into iphoto and begun organising events. all going well..
There were some pics i didnt want so deleted them - and found them in iphoto trash - so i deleted them too. Thought everything was fine so i was browsing in the finder and found the option "all photo" clicked there and the deleted ones were there too..this is where i did something stupid - inadvertantly - i selected them all and deleted them - sent them to trash - and then emptied trash - Ahh - i know what your all saying! When i realised what happened i couldnt open iphoto any more - i think i deleated that too! So had to reinstall iphoto from the install disc - that went well - now - when i use the finder and browse to iphoto library the library size is nearly 50mb - which COULD suggest my pics are still there - but when i open iphoto now my events are shown with the correct number of pictures in each event - but no pics - is there a way of importing the iphoto library containing this 50mb - back into iphoto - ive tried the iport function and i browse to the iphoto library but cant select it. Any ideas of have i just been a numpty and lost all my pictures??!!

I wish that 'All Images' link in the SideBar did not exist at all. It's causing more grief than it is worth.
That's a saved search. It's no way to access your images - especially if you use iPhoto. Please ignore it from now on.
If your iPhoto Library is 50 mb then you have maybe 30 photos in there? Does that sound right?
SOme background: iPhoto is a database. This is why your Events are reporting the correct number of images - they are entered in the db, but I'm afraid you trashed your images.
iPhoto will not import from the active Library - to prevent duplication.
I think the best you can do now is start over. You're posting in the v6 forum, but as you refer to Events (a v7 feature) I'll guess that you're using that.
To create and populate a new library:
Note this will give you a working library with the same Events and pictures as before, however, you will lose your albums, keywords, modified versions, books, calendars etc.
In the iPhoto Preferences -> Events Uncheck the box at 'Imported Items from the Finder'
Move the iPhoto Library to the desktop
Launch iPhoto. It will ask if you wish to create a new Library. Say Yes.
Go into the iPhoto Library (Right Click -> Show Package Contents) on your desktop and find the Originals folder. From the Originals folder *and only the originals folder* drag the individual Event Folders to the iPhoto Window and it will recreate them in the new library.
When you're sure all is well you can delete the iPhoto Library on your desktop.
In the future, in addition to your usual back up routine, you might like to make a copy of the library6.iPhoto file whenever you have made changes to the library as protection against database corruption.

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    I was trying to move my photos from the iPhoto library to an external hard drive.  I now have a desktop display of thousands of cascading photos.  How do I remove them from my desktop screen?

    Strangely enough we can not see you so it really helps if you share with use exactly what you have, exactly what you did and details about the problem
    what version of iPhoto and of the OS? What exact steps did you do? where are you seeing these "thousands of cascading photos" now and using what software and what exactly did you want to accomplish
    The correct way to move your iphoto library to an external drive is to verify the drive is formatted Mac OS extended (journal) and then drag the iphotl library intact as a single entity to is
    The correct way to move some or all of your photos is to select them in iphoto and export 9file menu ==> export  --  https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-4921 ) to the external drive

  • After updating to IOS 6.0.1 I cannot copy photos from the iPhoto library to the iPhone. The events appear correctly but the photo count in all the Events is 0

    After updating to IOS 6.0.1 I cannot copy photos from the iPhoto library to the iPhone. The events appear correctly but the photo count in all the Events is 0

    Same problem here, and it's not isolated.
    I believe you will find you can again sync Photos if you delete the "iPod Photo Cache", but predict that any subsequent attempt will fail.  In my case, the enxt sync removes all the photos again - I've seen other reports of error messages upon sync.  Mine just fails silently. :-)

  • Hi - we have 'lost' photos in the iphoto library

    Hi - we have 'lost' photos in the iphoto library & relevant albums & slideshows frm 2009-2012; they are shown as empty. Older photos (pre 2009) were backed up & are all there in the library, album and slideshows although jumbled up in the library - this totals 1239 items, when there should be 10,000. We don't really know when this occurred - although photos from August 2011 were put on the computer around Xmas time - since that period this has occurred.  Also when we try to open a 'empty' slideshow, the iphoto application often automatically closes.
    OS is v10.4.11, iphoto v6.0.6.
    Only 3.5GB of 149GB is free on HD.
    Restarting didn't help.
    We have a LaCie external HD which we were going to use to do a backup and to transfer the Iphoto library across to, to then delete older photos in the main Mac HD and free up space; this is when we noticed the lost photos. We have not plugged in the external HD at all yet.
    Pls help. Thanks

    Hi Barry
    thanks for your response.
    After digging around the pictures folder on the mac HD I found all the rolls located under pictures/iphotolibrary/originals - here it appears all recent photos are present in folders by year, and can be viewed in preview as jpegs.
    Before trying a rebuild of the iphoto library - and viewing various related posts- I did a drag and drop of the entire pictures folder onto a external hard drive as a back up.
    I have now tried to do a rebuild with the original mac HD iphoto folder but it is still the same - only early pre 2009 photos shown.
    I have tried to create a new iphoto library using the external HD - When I try to create a new iphoto library from the external HD it only shows the same as the one currently on the mac HD however if go to next level down and I select the originals folder it appears that all 16000 photos are now being imported but none of the albums and slideshows are retained.
    Any further thoughts on this?

  • Please help needed os x lion I wish to transfer photos from the iPhoto library to a album or folder then delete them from the Library but when I do this it also deletes them from the album ? how do I do this please.

    Please help needed os x lion I wish to transfer photos from the iPhoto library to a album or folder then delete them from the Library but when I do this it also deletes them from the album ? how do I do this please.

    Albums are not places to store photos, they're more like "labels" you can apply to photos to better organize them. A single image file can be in multiple albums... they are not copies, it's simply been labelled as being in all those albums. So what you're trying to do doesn't make sense, because it's based on incorrect assumptions.
    The iPhoto library will always show all photos that you have added to iPhoto.

  • How do I put photos in the iPhoto Library onto my external hard drive?

    I used an old iMac for years and I would go into the hard drive in the Originals folder and drag each folder onto the external hard drive. That way I could easily find the different shooting sessions. Now with my new Mac I find an iPhoto Library folder but none of the pictures are there. In asking other questions over the last 6 weeks I've learned that if you click certain keys on the keyboard you can bring up the folders to view. Am I supposed to do this or is it asking for trouble? What is the best way to get my individual folders in iPhoto onto my external hard drive? Thanks so much.

    used an old iMac for years and I would go into the hard drive in the Originals folder and drag each folder onto the external hard drive
    *It is strongly advised that you do not move, change or in anyway alter things in the iPhoto Library Folder as this can cause the application to fail and even lead to data loss*
    That way I could easily find the different shooting sessions.
    The Events feature will do that for you now in the iPhoto Window.
    There are many, many ways to access your files in iPhoto:
    For 10.5 users: You can use any Open / Attach / Browse dialogue. On the left there's a Media heading, your pics can be accessed there. Apple-Click for selecting multiple pics.
    Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!
    To upload to a site that does not have an iPhoto Export Plug-in the recommended way is to Select the Pic in the iPhoto Window and go File -> Export and export the pic to the desktop, then upload from there. After the upload you can trash the pic on the desktop. It's only a copy and your original is safe in iPhoto.
    This is also true for emailing with Web-based services. If you're using Gmail you can use THIS
    If you use Apple's Mail, Entourage, AOL or Eudora you can email from within iPhoto. With 10.5 you can access the Library from the New Message Window in Mail:
    Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!
    If you use a Cocoa-based Browser such as Safari, you can drag the pics from the iPhoto Window to the Attach window in the browser.
    Or, if you want to access the files with iPhoto not running, then create a Media Browser using Automator (takes about 10 seconds) or use THIS
    Other options include:
    1. *Drag and Drop*: Drag a photo from the iPhoto Window to the desktop, there iPhoto will make a full-sized copy of the pic.
    2. *File -> Export*: Select the files in the iPhoto Window and go File -> Export. The dialogue will give you various options, including altering the format, naming the files and changing the size. Again, producing a copy.
    3. *Show File*: Right- (or Control-) Click on a pic and in the resulting dialogue choose 'Show File'. A Finder window will pop open with the file already selected.
    You can set Photoshop (or any image editor) as an external editor in iPhoto. (Preferences -> General -> Edit Photo: Choose from the Drop Down Menu.) This way, when you double click a pic to edit in iPhoto it will open automatically in Photoshop or your Image Editor, and when you save it it's sent back to iPhoto automatically. This is the only way that edits made in another application will be displayed in iPhoto.

  • Syncing photos from the iPhoto library to iPad.

    I'm trying to sync some photos to my ipad 2 using itunes from the iphoto library, but when I tries to sync my photos to my ipad, there's a error message says "unable to sync ipad. Can not find the necessary files" But I have a iPod and it syncs just fine from the the same iPhoto library.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    This Article may be Helpful...
    Syncing Photos with iTunes

  • Does iPhoto copy photos into the iPhoto library or move them in?

    I moved about 40GB of photos onto my Macbook when I bought it.  It looks like iPhoto duplicated them because the iPhoto library is about the same size as the folder in my finder.  Does it copy photos into the library rather than move everything?

    Would there be anything in iPhoto that it may not have copied?
    It will only have imported (and copied) only those things you told it to.
    is there anything in iPhoto that won't be somewhere else on my hard drive?
    Anything that was imported directly - from a camera, for instance.

  • Can't view a photo in the iphoto library

    I have a photo that was uploaded to my computer a couple of days ago.  It's file location is within the iPhoto library ~ Previews ~ 2012~ 03~01 etc., etc.
    However, when I launch iPhoto, the picture isn't anywhere to be found.  Where is it?  Is there a setting that I need to change somewhere to view photos in the Preview folder?  Do I need to change a setting so that my photos are uploaded to a different location?

    iPhoto is looking for th Master of the file. Where's that?

  • I recently updated iphoto 11 and now I can't view my photos in the iphoto library.  Screen is blank,  but photos will show if played as slide show.  What's going on? ? ?

    On Friday, October 28th I updated my iphoto 11 because I received notice from Apple that I should do so for better stability in the program.    Today I opened I photo and found that although all my events show they are present and the number of photos in the library appears correct,  when I click on an event to view the contents, I get a black screen.   I am told there are no photos in the event.   When I return to the iphoto page it again shows all my events with pictures of the photos in the event thumbnails and the number of pictures in each event.    I can not actually view these photos individually.      Now here's the strange part,  when I select an event thumbnail and right click,  I can choose to view the event as a slide show, complete with music and special effects and it will play normally.   But no way can I view the event photos individually.     I have one event that claims to be empty, no photos in it,  yet when I click on that event  all 346 pictures pop up for individual viewing,  but will not play as a slide show.    I am totally confused and want my iphoto put back to normal.  
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    How do I uninstall the update,  or failing that how do I get my photos back? ?

    Hi Liz,
    Sorry to hear you are having a similar problem.  Last night I went to the tool bar at the top of iphoto, clicked on "File",  then clicked "Browse Backups" in the drop down menu.    I have an external hard drive that is set up to Time Machine.   The Browse Backups  opened the iphoto pages in the Time Machine.  I selected a date one day ahead of the day I performed the now infamous update, and it showed my iphoto library as it had existed that day.   I then clicked  "Restore Library" at the bottom right corner of the Time Machine screen.   Roughly 2 hours later my iphoto was back to normal.   When I opened iphoto there was a message saying I need to upgrade my program to be compatible with the new version of iphoto(version 9.2.1).  I clicked "Upgrade" and within seconds it had done whatever upgrading it needed to do. 
    The only glitch in the restoration was that it restored the library as it appeared last week, so I no longer had photos I had imported this past weekend.   I simply went back to the Browse Backups in the drop down menu,  when Time Machine opened I selected the page showing my pictures from this weekend and again said to Restore Library.   Roughly 45 minutes later the library was restored including the most recent photos.  
    I am now a happy camper. 
    I don't know if any of this will be of help to you because your email says you are having trouble with photos imported after the upgrade was performed.   Have you had any pop up notices when you first open iphoto,  that tell you you need an upgrade to be compatible with the new iphoto?     If so have you clicked "upgrade"? 
    Good luck Liz,  if you have Time Machine running as a back up to your library, maybe you wil be able to get help there, by following my instructions above.   Otherwise,   good luck with your investigations.   I'd be interested in hearing how you make out.

  • HT5043 My daughter was taking pictures in photo booth and now all of our photos from the iphoto library appear to be missing.  Any ideas how to recover them?

    Does anyone know how to recover or view pictures after importing photos from photo booth?  My daughter said that she was asked if she wanted to start a "new card".  Is this term familiar to anyone.  So sad to lose all our photos....

    Sorry - what exactly was done? iPhoto and PhotoBooth have no relation to each other -
    If she deleted the iPhoto libreary in error then take it out of the trash and put it back in the pictures folder - if the trash has been emptied then restore your backup of the iPhoto lbiarary - that is what backups are for - to protect against mistakes and failures

  • ALL of my photos and my iPhoto library are missing!!!

    Anytime I want to download photos (whether it is from an SSD card, iPhone or iPad) I simply plug in the device, wait for iPhoto to open, then choose the photos I want to upload. Today when I did so a message appeared saying "Which photo library do you want iPhoto to use?". The window options were blank! There were no libraries!!! I did a bit of research on the web and looked at quite a few other discussion threads. I cannot find my iPhoto library anywhere - under my user account, etc.
    I have done nothing out of the ordinary lately. The last update to the system was May 22nd: OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 and iTunes 11.2.1
    I don't have a back-up, because the 1TB external hard drive I have has other files on it, and I haven't wanted to erase them to use it for Time Machine. And I can't afford another external hard drive at the moment. I HAVE transferred about 60-70% of my photo library, but not all of it. Also, I downloaded iPhoto Library Manager as some of the other threads suggested. It found no other libraries to restore.
    Can anyone tell me why my photos would have mysteriously disappeared in the past two days (my iMac is at work - a church where no one has been the past few days due to the holidays)? And where they might be?
    This is serious!! (hundreds, if not thousands, of pics missing)

    Give this fix a try:
    Using iPhoto Library Manager  to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library
    1 - download iPhoto Library Manager demo version and launch.>Click on the Add Library button,
    2 -  select the library you want to add from those in the selection window.
    3 - now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the Library ➙ Rebuild Library menu option
    4 - in the next  window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed. Click on the Create button.
    Note 1: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments. However, books, calendars, cards and slideshows will be lost.
    Note 2:  Your current library will be left untouched for further attempts at a fix if so desired.

  • Do I *need* to open iPhoto to get Photostream photos into the iPhoto library?

    Hi all,
    I don't really use iPhoto that much but since I started using my iPhone 4S as my principle out-and-about camera rather than lugging my DSLR everywhere I have started using it to archive all my mobile snaps using Photostream so that there's one less reason to physically connect my phone to my iMac.
    The problem I have is that because I don't have much other reason to launch iPhoto I occasionally forget to do so for over a month which means there's a gap in the images that are downloaded as Photostream only stores the last 30 days (or the last 1000 photos) in the cloud. This has happened at least once and it's a bit of a pain.
    I've created an iCal alarm on 'On My Mac' that launches iPhoto overnight once a week, and that's an acceptable workaround for me. However, I wondered if there is a way to have the Photostream constantly downloading to the iMac even when iPhoto isn't running, so that the app can officially import those when I remember to launch it even if I haven't for well over 30 days?

    No. iPhoto can't import if it's not running.
    Your solution with iCal is as good as any.

  • Sent photo from the iphoto library with skype

    I'm looking for a way to sent photos to some friends using skype. My problem is that I do not know which files I have to choose, because I do not understand the structure behind the iphoto filesystem.
    Is there a simple way, like drag and drop for example to drag the photos from iphoto directly on the name in my skype contact list ? Or is there any plugin required ?
    Hope you can help me, because it is very frustrating to export every photo and sent it then.

    Is there a simple way, like drag and drop for example to drag the photos from iphoto directly on the name in my skype contact list ?
    Have you tried it?
    I can drag a pic from the iPhoto Window to the contacts name in the Skype Window and the file is sent automatically.
    Or, if you want to access the files with iPhoto not running, then create a Media Browser using Automator (takes about 10 seconds) or use THIS and drag the pic from the Media Browser to the Skype contact.

  • How do you import photos from the iPhoto library albums on the Mac to lightroom 5---i hit import but have no idea where to find iPhoto albums

    how do you import photos from iPhoto albums on the mac to lightroom 5

    Have you used the built-in migration plug-in? I'm not sure how LR handles iPhoto albums or events. there have been several reports indicating varying levels of success or otherwise, with import.
    See my comments on this similar thread which also has a link to users comments on the LR journal blog.

Maybe you are looking for

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