I purchased photoshop CS5 for my windows vista operating system. I purchased a canon 7 D some yrs ago no problem. I purchased canon 7D mk 11 in december 2014. The supplied software will not work with vista. Photoshop CS5 will not accept canon7D mk11. Can

I purchased Photoshop CS5 for my windows vista operating system. I purchased a canon 7 D some yrs ago no problem. I purchased canon 7D mk 11 in December 2014. The supplied software will not work with vista. Photoshop CS5 will not accept canon7D mk11. Can someone please tell me how i process canon 7D mk11 photos ?????. (is it possible to bypass camera raw and open the photo straight into CS5 without using camera raw first. if so how do i do that. if not how do i process pictures).
Thank you.
Brian in the UK.

Photoshop by itself cannot process raw image data. That is why the Camera Raw plug-in was developed. You could try the DNG converter and convert your images to the DNG format and then the Camera Raw that you have would be able to open them. I can't recommend Lightroom because you are using Vista, and Lightroom 5 cannot be used with that operating system. It may be time for you to get a new computer and upgrade your software.

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    Itumes 10.6.3 version will not work with Vista Home Premium. I have a 32-bit operating system. I'm not sure what to do next. It appears in trying to update it deleted the old itumes, as I can't find a copy of it when I search the computer.

    Then I installed Quicktime on its own - still get the same error 'Quicktime has stopped working;
    Okay. That will be the source of the iTunes problem. (Without a properly working QuickTime, iTunes won't work correctly.)
    Checking on things that can cause QuickTime launch errors now.
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    (I'm checking on these things because depending on the versions of the programs/codec-packs, these can install earlier versions of QuickTime componentry on a PC, which can interfere with the running of a higher version of QuickTime.)

  • Does the new version of lightroom work with an old CS5 photoshop?

    Does the new version of Lightroom work with an old CS5 photoshop?

    Yes - they will work together.
    However, the Camera Raw versions will not match - meaning you may have to render your file into a tiff to bake-in your LR Settings before passing the file to PS CS5,

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    Check with your carrier or telephone service provider.  Not all carriers provide this service.

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    Revision: 5019
    Author: [email protected]
    Date: 2009-02-19 13:17:21 -0800 (Thu, 19 Feb 2009)
    Log Message:
    ASDoc updates to indicate that some Halo containers do not work with the Spark equiv (ControlBar does not work with Spark Panel/AppControlBar does not work with Spark Application), and indicate that Canvas, Box, Tile, Panel have Spark equivs
    QE Notes: None
    Doc Notes: None
    Bugs: -
    Modified Paths:

    Hi DST
    This is a great effort and gesture. thank you on behalf of all the newbies.

  • I have Windows 7 Operating system and an HP 6500 A Plus printer.  My iPad no longer prints wirelessly. An error message says the printer is offline.  Suggestions

    I have Windows 7 Operating system and an HP 6500 A Plus printer.  My iPad no longer prints wirelessly. An error message says the printer is offline.  Suggestions?

    1. Turn off router, printer and iPad
    2. Turn on router and wait 30 seconds
    3. Turn on printer and wait 30 seconds
    4. Turn on iPad and test printing

  • Adobe Photoshop 6.0 - will it work with Vista?

    Hey there -
    I bought Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc in 2001 (I don't know if that is relevant or not), and have Photoshop 6.0, for example.
    My laptop with Windows XP is dying very soon.  I may be forced to get a computer that has Vista.
    Will my software work with Vista?
    I appreciate you help!

    I sent myself an email back when I upgraded to Vista, I just looked back and found the email. It had some links in it (which are no longer good), but there was some useful information and troubleshooting guides on there on how to get various older versions to work on Vista machines. I was thinking there was a "trick" on there about setting the date back on the computer or something while reinstalling Illustrator in order to get it to work. I have AI 10 at home as well, but I have not yet installed it on the Vista Machine as I got CS3 and use it on my XP machine just fine.
    If I were you I would hold off as long as you can, like Marian said, and maybe by then CS5 will be out too.

  • Internet Security Suite does not work with Vista 64 bit

    After attempting to use the Chat Help, twice, and spending hours in queue before getting kicked off, I finally called Support to find out why my new Vista computer was not running the Internet Security Suite that I downloaded.  Yes, I found the link to "download to a second computer" and went thru all the steps.  Got lots of positive feedback: little bars were filling in letting me know I was 40%, 72%, 100% done, etc..  Was given a window allowing me to Run or Don't Run the software.  It all seemed to go very well.  However, when the "download and installation" was complete, there was no new software running anywhere on my computer.  Couldn't find it in the Control Panel, the Start menu, or the system tray.  Called Support and spent at least 30 minutes on the phone with a "technician" (and I use that term VERY loosely) who had to have major assistance from a co-worker before he could even start screen-sharing with me and, during the course of our time together, made the following brilliant remarks:
    Upon seeing my desktop wallpaper (which is a lovely photo of some cliffs and a lake - and it came with Vista), he wanted to know what the picture was.  Not where it was taken, but just what it was.  His exact comment was "Does your screen always look like that?".  I had to dig deeper to determine if he was asking about a particular icon or some other computer related concern that he saw (he was "technical support", after all), but he was just asking about the stupid photo.
    He couldn't find the Control Panel in the Start Menu until after trying several times, and then he couldn't navigate to the Programs area very well (I had to give verbal hints as to where it was), and his brilliant comment then was "I really need to go to my mom's house and get on her new laptop and try out Vista."  Can you believe that Verizon has technical support folks who have never used Vista?  It's not like Vista just came on the market yesterday!!
    So, when he finally decided that he was not going to be able to help me, he didn't offer me any other recourse.  He just stated over and over that he was not sure how to solve this issue.  Oh, and this was after I re-downloaded ISS (again, "successfully").  I had to ask if there was someone else there who could possibly help me.  He offered to put me on hold (for the 2nd or 3rd time at this point) to check around.  When he returned to the phone, it was obvious that someone else was operating the mouse in the screen sharing mode because the operator moved confidentially around the screen and went immediately to system properties and saw that I am running Windows 64 bit.  The other operator then told my guy to tell me that ISS only works with Windows 32 bit.  Their final resolution was that I should call billing on Monday and end my subscription.  I think that may be the only good advice I was given that day.
    So, am probably going to renew my trial version of Norton on this new computer and remove ISS from the laptop and put Norton on there as well.  Apparently, they are up to date with this fancy new technology.  At least they probably know about sophisticated and highly technical stuff like desktop wallpaper.

    I have been trying to get somewhere with this Internet Security Suite...and now have come to the conclusion this is not going to work.  Now running Vista 64 bit, and have gotten nothing but the run around to try to complete the downloading of the program.  I've contacted Verizon Tech Support...then tell me that this works with the 64 bit but I need to contact Windows as there is a glitch and they give you the steps to get thru it.  Windows advises me to contact Verizon again as there are no problems with the OS.  Also have contacted Radialpoint and once again nothing...Obviously the Secuirty is not compatible with Vista 64 bit yet, which I just can't believe like you said...it's not like it was just yesterday this OS came out.  My frusteration comes from nobody steps up to take any responsibility as to what the problem is.  If it is not compatible yet then say so and not waste my whole weekend trying to get a straight answer.  I have other computers that I am currently using the service on and do like the program, but as for my Vista 64 bit looks like I may go to Macafee for protection.  It just amazes me as big as Verizon is and as popular this Vista has become they are not on the ball in keeping up with technology.

  • Zire72 is not working with vista. help me please.

    I have a computer with Vista and a Zire72. I don't have the disk that came with it, and have tried to download the software from the website. I am not tech smart and need some simple directions and help.  I have alot of money invested in my palm zire72 and love it but it just doesn't work with vista 64. what can I do?
    Post relates to: Zire 72

    I have sat here for 4 days reading and installing everything I was told to install to be able to sync with my palm.  I am not smart about bluetooth or wi-fi. Geek squad came out and set up my wi-fi in my office. Can someone tell me or give me the A B C's of getting this thing to sync. I don't like the new phones that have everything on it. I love my palm because IT WAS SIMPLE TO USE AND SYNC.  As bad as the economy is I hate to have just wasted $300.00 on a palm that I cannot get to work. .  I have wasted alot of time reading and calling and installing and it still doesn't work. After about 8 hours today I got the desktop to download. No wonder palm is going under.  Help me please !!!!!!! 
    Post relates to: Zire 72

  • From where I can purchase Adobe Photoshop & Dreamweaver for my CentOS-6 operating system?

    Dear All,
    We want to purchase Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Dreamweaver for our CentOS-6 operating system for our company. Please suggest me from where we can purchase these software & How to install these software on the CentOS-6 operating system? Please help me out. We will be very greatful to you all.
    Thanks & Regards-
    Reetesh Chauhan

    adobe products are designed for mac and windows and does not officially support linux.
    you can google the programs you want to install and look for community support.  for example, http://stanleytips.com/how-to-install-adobe-photoshop-cs6-in-ubuntu-linux-machine/ and

  • Flash Player does not work with Standard User, but will work when browser is "Run as Administrator"

    I don't understand why this is happening, but Flash Player will not work when a Standard User is using the browser. It will only work when the browser is run as an administrator. Any way to fix this? I've tried to uninstall, and reinstall the player, and it still wouldn't work.
    The user is on Windows 7, 64-bit. Using IE 10.
    Flash not working for Standard User - YouTube

    Any update to provide at all here guys?  Again, in my situation, it's very much rights-related as a standard user doesn't even report that the flash player exists when testing it on the Adobe Flash Version Detection website (despite it showing up in Control Panel and under Add/Remove Programs).  I've already tried giving the C:\Windows\System32\Macromed and files/subfolders appropriate permissions for the standard user and still nothing.  If I either give the user in question full local admin rights or logon as the domain admin, then the Adobe Flash Version Detection website says Flash is installed and Flash works fine.

  • WRT610N disconnects and does not work with Vista or media center extenders like the DMA2200

    Linksys and all other router manufacturers advertise the greatness of the wireless 5ghz band (especially with 802.11n), but I’m beginning to have my doubts.  It is true that the 5Ghz band is hardly being used so you'll have virtually no one to compete with.  However, the 5Ghz distance in no way compares to 2.4Ghz, and as a matter of fact, I find it to be quite terrible.  At approximately 20 feet away, both my Linksys DMA2200 and HP notebook barely get 1 bar using the 5Ghz N band with my WRT610N router.  In comparison, while using my 2.4Ghz WRT54g router, I get 5 full bars at that range, and at least 2 bars from anywhere else in my house.  
    I have all Linksys equipment in my house as I have been impressed with all of their 2.4Ghz in the past.  However, I’ve recently upgraded everything to dual-band N equipment and found numerous flaws in each of the new devices, plus none of them really even play well together.  My setup is: Linksys 610n router, DMA2200 media center extender, and a WUSB600N Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter for my laptop – all of which are currently using the most up-to-date firmware. Other devices include a WRE54G extender and  Nintendo Wii. 
    Problem  #1) The LELA software with the new N devices doesn't even recognize that my DMA2200 is a media center extender.  Using LELA, I should be able to select my media extender and allocate more bandwidth for streaming media.  However, since my extender only shows up as an “unknown network device” those options are greyed out.  I tried to manually change the device to a media center, but still no go.  I suppose you can manually allocate bandwidth in the router setup somewhere, but considering these are all Linksys products, it’s absolutely ridiculous that an option specifically incorporated in the LELA software for a Linksys Media Extender does not work!!!   
    Problem #2) If you are only using one system with the router, the router might actually work as intended.  For most of us though there are going to be at least 2 or more systems connected to the router (wired, wireless, or a combination of the two) such as a PS3, Wii, laptop, PC, media extender, Xbox, etc.  If that’s the case, you’re probably screwed because you WILL experience frequent dropouts… ESPECIALLY if just one those clients is a VISTA machine.   Check the Linksys forums and you will find that this seems to be a problem with all of the new Linksys routers (610N, 310N, and 110). 
    Here is a Microsoft article that explains the issue
    Problem #3) Because of  problem #2 I will never be able to get rid of the dropouts since my network is using one of Linksys’s media center extenders.  The DMA2200 is essentially a VISTA PC to some extent and accepts DHCP requests the same as a VISTA PC.  Since it is not really a PC though, there is no registry modification that can be done to alleviate the VISTA problem (not that the registry mod really works anyways).  So as long as I try to use my DMA2200 wirelessly with my WRT610N router, the frequent dropouts will occur and there’s nothing I can do about it.  This is REALLY TERRIBLE since the DMA2200 is specifically designed to be used with the WRT610N router in order to take advantage of the 5Ghz band and wireless N transfer rates.  You absolutely need 5Ghz wireless N to efficiently stream HDTV WIRELESSLY, but if you lose your connection every 10 minutes, it is impossible to watch any type of streaming media. 
    Problem #4) As mentioned already, when the “N” 5Ghz range is working on the WRT510N router, the distance sucks compared to standard 2.4Ghz G, N or mixed mode networks.  You can try to make it better by strictly using N products, disabling the 2.4ghz band all-to-gether, and using the wider 40mhz frequency, but it doesn’t really help.  The higher 5Ghz band is a more concentrated signal and therefore simply does not reach as far as the lower 2.4ghz band.  I wonder why all of these new products state that the 5Ghz range will increase your distance, when in fact it actually makes it worse?   
    So… basically, this router does nothing that it claims too and is basically rendered useless on any network with a VISTA machine.  This has not been addressed by any Linksys firmware updates or VISTA software updates so there is no reason to even consider using this router if you you’re using VISTA or some type of VISTA Media Center Extender such as the Linksys DMA2200.  
    Although, I’ve always sworn by Linksys in the past, the amount of wasted time, frustration, and horrible support has really changed my view about them.  I’ve reverted back to my old trustworthy WRT54g router and had to run cable through my house so that I wouldn’t have to box my DMA2200 extender up and let it collect dust in the attic.  It’s really disappointing that I spent all this money to buy this equipment specifically because they’re supposed to work together, but in fact they don’t.  Plus what’s the point of having top notch wireless equipment if you have to run cables in order for them to work? 
    Message Edited by bobbodavis on 11-15-2008 07:37 PM

    I have fixed all the IP adresses to avoid the DHCP problem but I still have problems.
    I have sereval scenarioes:
    1. MC < 1Gb wire > WRT610N < 5.0n WIFI > MX
    I can see HDTV on this one but it disconnects
    2. MC < 1Gb wire > WRT610N < 2.4b/g WIFI > MX
    No HDTV and disconnections
    3. MC < 2.4b/g WIFI > WRT610N < 2.4b/g WIFI > MX
    No HDTV but no disconnections - but very slow and streaming like youtube
    4. MC < 100Mb wire > WRT610N < 2.4b/g WIFI > MX
    No HDTV but nice picture - testing for disconnections right now - 30+ min.
    This test was very good. Stabil streaming, no disconnects for an hour. Won't support HDTV but the rest seem to work fine.
    5. MC < 100Mb wire > WRT610N < 5.0n WIFI > MX
    Not tested yet - looking forward to this - might bring me HDTV.
    This gives HDTV but there is a problem with stability on the streaming but very difficult to see on the picture. Testing for disconnects - now tested for 30 min. - no disconnects.
    This looks really promissing.
    I am pretty sure that the WRT610N have a problem in the switching part of the router specially when it has to switch from 1G to WIFI. I bought the WRT610N to get HDTV on WIFI and Cisco markets the DMA and WRT610N as a perfect match. But it definately have problems - i still do not understand their silence about this.
    I will come back with the last results when I have them
    Message Edited by Infraxpert on 01-05-2009 04:38 PM
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  • Satellite Pro A200-18P - microphone / headphone jack not working with Vista

    I have installed Windows Vista onto this laptop which was originally an XP, but I have not got the headphone jack working.
    How do I turn it on or do I have to download it from toshiba website?

    First of all you have to check if there is an special BIOS for Vista.
    As far as I know some A200 series needs BIOS which was released especially for Vista OS.
    I think the notebook needs Realtek sound driver.
    Therefore in control panel you should see the Realtek HD audio manager.
    Go there and you will see the mic and headphone jack on the right.
    Click right there and check if there are some settings which have to be enabled.

  • Volume button not working with Vista Business

    Anybody knows what Toshiba Software should i install to be able to use the volume button in Vista Business? I have a Qosmio G20-102. Thank you.

    Are you not able change the sound volume level in Vista???
    The problem is that only some single Vista drivers were published for Qosmio G20 and not all functions can be used.
    But dont give up Andrej!!! There is a hope!!! Thanks to the all forum users who post proposals for solutions!!!
    I found this very long but interesting and useful posting about Vista installation on Qosmio G20.
    The user FranciscoJr is a Vista+Qosnio G20 guru ;)
    One hint; some of the items of Toshiba Value added package for the G30 can be installed on G20.
    Install only the checked items. In other way you will have conflicts with windows mobility center.
    Good luck

  • T61 Sound Controls Not working with vista x64

    I recently upgraded from vista ultimate to vista 64 bit, and since the install, the sound controls do not work.  now, I know i need a special driver to make them work, but can anyone point me to the correct one?  Thanks
    T61 15.4" T9300 (2.5GHz 6MB L2) Windows 7 Professional x64 4GB Memory, NVidia Quadro NVS 140M
    Go to Solution.

    You need to install the HotKey driver.
    As a thought, you may like to add this site to your favourites.
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