I sent a friend some photos and since then the email keeps coming up in recovered. every time I delete it it appears again in recovered. I cannot get any incoming mail either as the little circle just keeps spinning. its driving me mad!! I can get my emai

I sent a friend some photos, since then  the email keeps appearing in recovered from my mac. Everytime I delete it it comes back. also I cannot get any incoming mail, the circle keeps on spinning, I can get mail on my ipad, Has anyone got a solution please.

Yes,ranchers, I did try that a bunch of times- thanks for trying.
I'm gonna list all the things I did (that I can can think of):
Tried to force close the app.
Turned on/off wiFi
Tried letting it just run on the screen it's stuck at for like 15 minutes
Ugh...my brain is turning off-I think it's frozen like my Sims!    Cornball I know.
But I've tried everything I could think of which is a bunch more things than what I was able to list. And I'll do my best to answer any questions cause I know from looking all over on different forums that I'm not the only one this is happening to. It happened to a bunch of people who I think are still waiting for theirs to get fixed.
Can the cloud save me if I upload today?

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