I share an itunes account with 3 users. How can I find out which person downloaded a certain app?

I share an itunes account with 3 users. How can I find out which person downloaded a certain app?

Any of the above will work, depending how you would like to set it up.
Given that kids tend to eventually grow up and be independent, the best long term answer for most people is to let her have her own account and her own library as soon as she can handle it.  Keep in mind that content purchased from the iTunes Store is permanently tied to the account from which it was originally purchased, so separating later is a challenge.
If you want to sync multiple devices to the same library, that will work.  Or if you want separate libraries (as I would recommend), they can be either on separate computers or on separate Windows user accounts on the same PC.
For the name change:  Connect the device.  When the name appears in the left sidebar of iTunes, highlight it and change it.

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    Select the tune and then - Get Info - in the dialog box is a note of the Apple ID used to purchase.

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    They sometimes have that information on the label. Otherwise, it's trial and error. The model you have is a Late 2009 13" MacBook. It came with a special version of 10.6.1 pre-installed.

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    Try the helpful tips in the following link to possibly make Outlook and iCloud play nice with your contacts:

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    This is a tedious solution, which is stupid!  And some users report an inability to reauthorize a computer after an "en masse” deauthorization.  I can’t believe Apple doesn’t provide a list or menu to find out which computers you’ve authorized! Obviously, APPLE knows (or else they couldn’t tell us how many computers we have authorized)--so why can’t they give us access to that information about our own computers??!!!
    And for an already-authorized computer with a hard drive that’s since been replaced and upgraded from Mavericks to Yosemite, would it be recognized as a “new computer” and require authorization? Would its previous incarnation (i.e., with the old hard drive and OS) be considered a separate computer? Some users report they can’t authorize a computer after an OS upgrade because of that. Can’t believe we have to do such a bass-ackwards kludge!

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    Content-Id: <[email protected]>

    If you don't know the sender, then it is most likely a scam or spam email. I get them every day - I just delete them. I also get daily notices from Facebook or someone called Adriana at Facebook even though i do not have an account there. Can't do anything about it - just delete it.

  • My Library has ten more songs than my iPod. How can I find out which songs are not syncing?

    My Library has ten more songs than my iPod. How can I find out which songs are not syncing?
    I recently had to purchase a new hard drive. Because the size of my music collection exceeds 140 GB, I stored all of my music on a separate external hard drive. When I exported everything back into my new iTunes library, I found that I had about 200 more songs than I had in the previous library. After deleting most of those extraneous songs, I was able to get my library close to where it was before. However, after syncing to my iPod Classic, I noticed that only 34,853 of the 34,863 loaded. How can I figure out which of those ten songs in my library did not sync to my iPod?

    It may be that the 10 songs are unchecked. To find them select songs view.
    If there is a column Heading marked with a tick then click on it to sort by this column.
    If the Column is not there then View > View Options and select the Checked column which will then display
    Check the songs by putting ticks in the empty boxes and resynch. Now those tracks should go over as well

  • HT204053 how can i find out which id i used to purchase an app?

    i can't update iphoto, imovie and garageband cause it says "sign in to the account you used to purchase it" but those were pre-installed when i bought my iMac and i don't have a second id. what can i do or how can i find out which is the right account for these apps?
    thanks in advance

    I also have a linked problem like that. I bought various apps under different ids and now I don't know how to sign in - where to sign in under the emails that I bought them on so i can't update my Pages app.
    Can anyone help us please?
    Is there a way to put them altogether now under my apple id with icloud?

  • How can i find out which network my iphone is locked to

    Sorry if iv posted this in the wrong section.well the question is quite simple. how can i find out which network my iphone 4s is locked to, without purchasing sim cards from every network.
    I just bought the phone second hand with no sim as a birthday present for my wife with the intention of getting it unlocked (not jailbroken)
    If any body can give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

    call Apple



    If your computer is tied to a network, then there is a way to check. Go to System Preferences, and click Accounts. unlock Admin
    then you can click Login Options.
    under that, Network Account Server. This should show you what server your computer is tied to. If you aren't in the tech department, you could try asking them.

  • How can we find out which application is runing UDP port 69?

    Whenever I run Cisco Network Assistant on my Windows 7 computer, I receive "The embedded TFTP server cannot start".
     netstat -an|more shows “udp 0 0 ...” How can we find out which application is runing UDP port 69?
    Bob Lin, MCSE &amp; CNE Networking, Internet, Routing, VPN Networking, Internet, Routing, VPN Troubleshooting on http://www.ChicagoTech.net How to Install and Configure Windows, VMware, Virtualization and Cisco on http://www.HowToNetworking.com

    These ones may help.
    Have you ever wanted to see which Windows
    process sends a certain packet out to network?
    Monitor v3.1
    Regards, Dave Patrick ....
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Microsoft MVP [Windows]
    Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees , and confers no rights.

  • How can i find out which of my apple devices made a purchase from the app store?

    How can i find out which of my apple devices made a purchase from the app store?

    Not possible as purchases can be downloaded to all devices using the same Apple ID.

  • How can i find out which apple ids are associated with my ipad

    When I sync my iPad I get the message that some songs cannot be updated because only 5 Apple IDs can be associated with an iPad. I am aware of three that we use in my family - mine and my two sons. How can I find out what other Apple IDs are associated with my iPad?

    Itunes limit includes computers. 
    http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/managing-devices-in-your-itun es-store-account/

  • How can i find out which I phone I have?

    How can I find out what kind of I phone I have?

    Go to settings>general> about and note theserial number.  Got to Klantenservice: Serienummers and enter the serial number and it will tell you about your phone

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