I think I've killed my partner's lenovo S10e

My partner's S10e had developed (the infamous) cracks near the hinges -on the RHS it was hanging on with duct tape...with wires visible
Then the power cable supply developed a fault (loose wire just before the plug into the computer) - computer lost all power as we were trying to copy a file off there...we ordered a new adaptor -so I decided I'd better take a look at the hinges...
Downloaded the hardware manual and followed the instructions -removed the battery, hard drive, palm rest, keyboard and keyboard bezel -no problems -  then realised that the metal hinge had snapped ...decided that would be too much like hard work to replace- so   bodged it better with tape and wood external support -  and put it all back together...again no obvious problems tried it - the windows screen flash up for a second and then it died - thought maybe it was just because the battery was flat/no power
When the new supply arrived tried it again - dead - no LED lit
The power supply cable seems ok (tested plug with multimeter)
So have removed the battery, hard drive and DIMM - no luck - so removed everything I did before and can't see any problems -the blue LED flashes for a micro second when the power is supplied (not sure if it always did that and I didn't notice before or not)
So does anyone know what the problem is? Have I killed the motherboard? Any suggestions ?

Could be most anything.  Could well be something that was damaged prior to you touching it that finally gave up.  Broken hinge suggests some less than tender care so might be that care started things toward doom.
As to what you can do, try tapping around the case and see if anything changes, if it does it might be a loose wire/connection.  Be sure the new power supply is actually putting out what it is supposed to.  Pull battery and power supply press and hold power swithc ten seconds, try the reset if there is one.

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    That's going to be a ridiculous waste of money and energy.
    First of all, the current ATI drivers don't support multiple GPUs, so at the moment even a single 4870X2 would be only a 'normal' 4870 (which is quite a speed beast already). GFX drivers evolve rapidly, so things might look different next month, but when it comes to Linux and hardware there's one Golden Rule: stay away from the newest stuff and wait for proper support to get coded.
    I also wonder what power supply could possibly cope with the differences between idle and full load; that's way beyond 400W. But then, I'm one of those "quiet&green" types where >100W idle is already a bit much.
    I kind of understand that you want to get it done and not worry about hardware for the next 10 years or so, but that's simply not how the hardware world works and never did. At least not for the average consumer.

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    I stupidly tried to update the bios from 7.54B to 7.7. Now my PC won't even turn on. Sometimes, perhaps every 1/20 turns on and off. Will I get the picture that hides the initial black screen which asks you to press DEL or F12. Help please.

    lso I am not sure if my bat file is okay. text file, with extension .bat
    Yes, a plain TXT-File renamed to AUTOEXEC.BAT
    Its content is AWDFLH AWDBOOT
    The content has to correspond to the files names on the disk:
    -BIOS File:
    example: W7246IMS.770
    - AWARD Flashing Utitility
    usually: AWFL865.EXE
    In this case the content of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file needs to be:
    AWFL865.EXE W7246IMS.770
    probably because I have no COMMAND.COM file
    Repeat the process as explained above. You need the command.com file, otherwise the system will not process the instructions in your AUTOEXEC.BAT.
    Basically, the following files need to be on your bootable floppy disc:
    - IO.SYS (hidden system file)
    - MSDOS.SYS (hidden system file)
    - AWFL865.EXE (AWARD flashing utitility)
    - W7246IMS.770 (BIOS binary file)
    - AUTOEXEC.BAT (containing the above mentioned content)
    In XP, you need to get to this screen:

  • I think i finally killed it...

    getting into the car, the ipod slid out of my purse and before i knew it, came crashing down into the driveway. my little brother picked it up and gave me a look that clearly said "wth, aren't you even a LITTLE concerned?" all i asked him was "is the screen broken?" and it wasn't so i didn't really care, i figured hey, if the screen survived that, the rest of the ipod did too. i get into the car, and within 30 minutes, the thing is skipping over random songs, or getting stuck in the middle, and with few attempts to recover where it left off, it skipped the song all together. the more i shuffled, the more it skipped over random songs. now..i came home and plugged it into the computer ( i had previously broken into the ipod's music files and copied them on the computer, LONG before i dropped it, just in case the thing had to be restored) and so i deleted everything off my library, and proceeded to restore. after the restore, i got all the music i had, put it in the library, and attempted to start over. however, after awhile, my ipod says it cannot read the file and the ipod cannot be updated or whatever. then i eject it, and it freezes. so i hold down the menue and select button to restart it, and plug it back up. then itunes says it cannot read the ipod and it needs to be restored. i've restored the thing 5 times and it keeps doing the same things over and over. i dont know if i broke it for good, or if theres something i can do to fix this. help!

    Even if you did break the LCD screen on the iPod, the iPod would still be functional. From your description the only possible thing I could Imagine is that the Hard Drive was severely damaged... and when the iPod was booted, it was working furiously to run, but the need files were corrupted when you dropped you iPod.
    Look at this picture below.
    This is a hard drive. The one inside of a iPod is very different but they work the same way
    See that thing that juts out into the disk. Thats know as the arm. It is very possible that when you dropped you iPod, that "arm" went up and then came down with force onto your iPod's hard drive. Now perhaps when it was in your purse it was on, and it was at the main menu, and then when you dropped it the arm colliding into the Hard Drive corrupted all the file shaving to do with the main menu, and that might be by thats happening. Also, other files on your iPod could have been corrupted (like the ones that when you plug your iPod into your computer tell your computer that your "iPod" is plugged in)
    Hopefully that helps
    Dell Dimension 4700     Macs all the way...

  • Please Help ( Think I just killed my mac )

    I just wiped everything off my mac and it is showing: A globe with a warning sign in front of it. In text it says apple.com/support and underneath again in text it says -1007F

    HD is the Macintosh HD.
    Boot into the Recovery Disk by restarting holding down the Command key + r
    You should get a screen with four choices, one is Disk Utility. Select that and then when it has launched choose Macintosh HD on the left and then click on 'Repair Disk'. If anything gets altered click on repair disk again until you get a clean pass. Quit Disk Utility and it should return you to the previous screen where you cn re-install the OS.
    If the Mac won't boot try Internet Recovery which needs the key combination Command+Option (Alt)+r - hopefully that'll allow you to re-install the OS (details on Internet Recovery are also in the link in my previous post).
    Make sure you have a good internet connection as the download of the OS is quite large.

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    Ok so here is what happended, first off i have a 3rd Generation ipod, its about 2 or 3 years old, but i have never had any trouble with it. After i had Downloaded itunes 7, i pluged in my ipod and added a new album, but i was in a hurry so i just wanted to dump the songs on and go, but itunes started to go through my music to determine the "gapless playback" so i stopped it. Then when i was using it i noticed that it was skipping some songs and it thought that the gapless play back screwed it up. so when i got home i pluged my ipod in and started searching for the gapless play thing and when i woke up the next morning and checked on it my ipod had become stuck and "do not disconnect" was no longer flashing. So i tried to eject it, that didn't work, so i tried to quit itunes and that didn't work, so i unpluged it and reset it. After i had reset my ipod everything was really choppy on it so i tried to remove some of my songs and it got stuck doing that too, so i unplugged it and reset it. when i plugged it back in again itunes said my ipod was corrupt and i had to restore it so i did. after it had restored i tried putting some music on it and it got stuck again. I thought it might be my computer so i tried loading some songs on my ipod from another mac and it got stuck again.
    I have restored and reset my ipod about 6 times since sunday.
    So does anyone have a cule why this happend, and what i can do to get it fixed? Please Help me!!!!
    ibook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Hi again,
    Sorry I don't know how to link to other posts, but I found an earlier one called "Ipod freezes during update on mac" which may pertain to both our problems. The person who answered, Mitch 751, decided the issue was related to corrupted music files. Pinning down which ones are corrupted would be quite difficult, but he detailed some steps for what seems to be a very severe wiping of the iPod, more severe than the usual restore, which may help alleviate any corruptions on there at least (the following is copied directly from his response):
    For Mac computer
    1. Open the disk utility, hope your iPod appears there (left hand side), highlight it
    2. Go to Tab “Partition”, click either “Delete” or “Partition”, if fails, skip this step and go to 3
    3. Go to Tab “Erase” , choose Volume Format as “MAC OS Extended (Journaled), and click Erase, again if fails, skip it and go to 4
    4. Same as step 3, but open the “Security Options....” and choose “Zero Out Data” before click Erase. It will take 1 to 2 hours to complete.
    5. Eject your iPod and do a Reset
    6. Open the iPod Updater and click “Restore”

  • Oops.. I think i just killed my iMac

    Hello All,
    I have an iMac G3 350Mhz SL in the office for the kids.
    I reciently replaced the CD drive (which went out 2 or so years ago...) with a Atapi slot loading 24X CD drive Model: CRN-8242B, and now the machine won't start up.
    When I press the power button, the start-up chime plays, then playes again (kinda like a studder) within hallf a second. then both of them end, and the display stays black, the HD spins, and the keyboard/mouse won't work either.
    Did I install it wrong? Or maybe pinch a cord?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    (ps. I still have the old drive in case the one i replaced it with doesn't like my machine)
    PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iPod 80GB White, iMac G3 350Mhz

    The drive you've purchased and installed is a 24x Apple/OEM CD-ROM drive for the slot-loading iMacs, so compatibility isn't the issue. Open the memory access door and verify that the memory is fully-inserted in the slot(s). If so, then I'd recommend removing the bottom housing and check to be sure that the data ribbon cable is firmly plugged into the motherboard, hard drive, and CD-ROM drive. You should also check the jumper on the CD-ROM drive, to ensure that it's set identically as the original drive's jumper. Press the reset button on the motherboard, reassemble the computer, and try starting it up again. There's always the possibility that the drive is damaged, so rule out the obvious oversights first.

  • Think updates are killing my computer. =(

    ok. so i updated my computer a long time ago for the firmware update, i did everything right so i didnt understand why nothing worked. I went to put in my system restore cd and there was already a cd in there so i had to bring it to the apple store. the guy who fixed it noticed the keyboard and trackpad didnt work. so it ended up being the firmware anyways. I went to update my computer today. it was working fine and then it told me to restart it so i did. it did everything then when it came back it prompted me for the firmware... again. so i asumed it didnt take and went to press the button when i discovered my external mouse didnt work. so i unpluged it and went to use my trackpad and that didnt work. so i tried to press the caps lock button to see if the caps lock button would light up and it didnt so i was going to go to the apple store but they said they couldnt help me till tomorrow and i wanted to use it today so i came home and downloaded the firmware restore cd that the guy used last time. so i followed the directions and it says i dont need it. all my firmware is updated. i have no clue what to do. i guess im going to the apple store if i get no answers tomorrow. but its definately not close so i didnt really want to go. any ideas would be nice id try anything. sorry its so long. brownie points for reading it all.

    Based on your description, it may suggest a conflict within permissions. You can verify permissions to see if your system identifies a conflict or otherwise perform the repair. The process will not compromise or harm anything with your Mac so it’s worth a shot.
    Repair Permissions:
    Go to: Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility
    Select: your Hard Drive
    Select: the First Aid tab
    Select: Repair Permissions

  • NBOX FX5900SP 256MB....i think i killed it :evil:

    Hi folks
    i think i've killed my 5900SP ......... i removed both heatsinks and fans to replace the thermal grease, it looks as though i must have knocked a couple of capacitors from the card, and now it wont boot.
    it gets to the bios screen which shows the different cd roms and the bios number etc..... there are white vertical stripes down the screen and then it resets and reboots and shows the same screen again before rebootin again.
    i just really was wondering if there is anything that can be done for it or if all thats left is to throw it in the trash?????
    Athlon64 3000+ Newcastle, thermaltake purepower 480w psu, 1GB mushkin level1 (2-3-2-5), MSI K8T Neo-FISR2 , MSi FX5900SP 256MB GFX

    thank richard, thats the only choice i got lol.......RMA it(if they'll take it) or chuck it hehehehe

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    During the creation of Loyalty Program, we can add loyalty partners which are Business Partners created with Role --> "Loyalty Partner". In standard package I could not see the the Role "Loyalty Partner"
    For this role to be available during the creation of Business Partner, does any business functionality needs to be activated or should we create new role "Loyalty Partner" through BDT

    Hi Vishal
    Thanks for your explanation but I think it has not answered my question fully.
    Yes, I do agree that only Loyalty Partners can be added in a Loyalty Program and those are Business Partners.
    If you read through my question, I have asked how the system differentiates between Business Partners for example a sold to party and Loyalty Partner.  In other words, which part of data in the Business Partner is the one which actually differentiates a Loyal Partner with other Business Partners. I think, just creating a Business Partner with Role --> Loyaly Partner will not serve our purpose.
    The BP view is the same and the BP Role category does not contain my customization to differentiate this
    Hope you understand what I am trying to say. Please let me know if you have any questions !!

  • 10.4.6 Has killed my machine TWICE

    Twice I have tried to install 10.4.6 on my 533 MHz G4 and both times I have been locked in never ending start up. In fact, the first time I tried to install this update I think it somehow killed my system drive. I have since switched to a new hard drive and once again it has been killed. After both installs my 10.4 install disk has encountered "errors while installing" even when told to do a clean install and forced me to try again.
    I am now looking at a boot screen that has been "booting" for about 2 hours while writing this from my laptop.
    PowerMac G4   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   533 Mhz, 768 MB

    Hi, J.C.
    1. I suggest you begin troubleshooting using the process specified in my "Resolving Disk, Permission, and Cache Corruption" FAQ. Perform the steps therein in the order specified.
    2. To rule out hardware-related problems, see my "Apple Hardware Test" FAQ for comprehensive advice on using the Apple Hardware Test in troubleshooting, including running the test in Loop Mode.
    3. Before installing software updates, you may wish to consider the advice in my "Installing Software Updates" FAQ. Taking the steps therein before installing an update often helps avert problems.
    Good luck!
    Dr. Smoke
    Author: Troubleshooting Mac® OS X
    Note: The information provided in the link(s) above is freely available. However, because I own The X Lab™, a commercial Web site to which some of these links point, the Apple Discussions Terms of Use require I include the following disclosure statement with this post:
    I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.

  • Business Partner - missing categories

    I want to create a workflow for CHARM, and the BP
    transaction does not show me options for the standard roles:
    -system admin
    -support group
    Some other roles (such as employeee or sold to party) show up but not
    the ones listed above. How do I see
    those roles? I thought they were standard as per (spro) img

    You need business partner of type "general" and "employee".
    I think you are looking for partner functions which are defined in a transaction types' partner schema.

  • Regarding Partner Type LI (Vendor) configuration

    Hi All,
    My scenario is File > XI> IDOC (INVOIC02 Idoc) Partner Type LI
    I had configured WE20 in receiving System for Partner Type LI and given the Process code details.
    Now in XI what are the steps that i need to configure( For Partner Type LI Vendor Only)?
    DO we need to create Parties for both Sender System and Recieving System?
    Please suggest with the various steps to be done for Hanling Partner Type LI in XI .
    And i think in receiveing SAP system only WE20 is enough for Partner Type LI ... correct me if i am wrong.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Sridhar Reddy

    I don't think because of change in partner types whether LI or KU...etc settings at xi will chnage :
    It is going to be same :
    1. Idoc Import .- through IR
    2. RFC destination pointing to R3
    3.  Port creation - IDX1 using the rfc destination created at step 2.
    Apart from this partner profiles needs to created at r/3 end .

  • DEBMAS - Partner Profile Confusion

    I confused about configuring of DEBMAS Idocs.
    I need to unload the customer information from SAP into XI.
    I have done some customuzing:
    1) Maintain Logical System (SALE)
    2) Assign client to LS.
    3) Maintain Port (WE21)
    4) Activate Change Pointer for DEBMAS.
    Now as I think I have to create partner profile in WE20.
    But there is the problem.
    1) I don't know what type of partner I have to use for our Customer(KU or GP)? What should I configure in WE20 for DEBMAS?
    2) And we have some thousands Customer. Really We have to create all of them in WE20?
    Can I define some groups (or something else) of the customers and point them in Partner Profile?
    Thank You!

    U can try logical system select XI as logical system and do the partner profile for XI LS.
    1) I don't know what type of partner I have to use for our Customer(KU or GP)? What should I configure in WE20 for DEBMAS?
    2) And we have some thousands Customer. Really We have to create all of them in WE20?
    Can I define some groups (or something else) of the customers and point them in Partner Profile?
    i think if there are n no of customer then n no of partner profile is created.
    refer the below link for sending the KU type:
    Edited by: Chirag Gohil on Apr 15, 2008 10:14 PM

  • Partner function Payee in SRM

    Hi All,
    I think there is no business partner function in SRM for "Payee". Is this correct?
    In such case, is it possible to create in SRM? Furthermore, is it possible to assign this business partner function when we post invoice from SRM?
    Thanks for you help

    <b>In SRM, please go through this -></b>
    Maintainence View - BBPV_PARTNERFUNC
    Function module - BBP_PDH_PARTNER_GET_FUNC
    <b><u>In R/3 system, please go through this -></u></b>
    Table - TPAR
    Function modules ->
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

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