I updated to 5.0.1 and lost all my game data for my apps since the update and have checked my devices table and tried to upload anyone got any idea how to get my freaking game data back

Can any one help?

Thanks for replying so quick. I think before the update the apps were not in the library. Now after the update the apps are in the itunes libary minus the game data. I think that happened because I tried to find my game data. I search my pc and found a previous itunes libraries folder and when I used that I found a file I clicked on a file called itunes Library 2012-01-10 that opened in the itunes library. The date on that file was the date of the upgrade to 5.0.1. when I lost all my games data.
There is another file in the itunes libcalled iTunes Library 2011-03-16 would it be worth trying to download that as it may have more game data?
I ment to say the devices tab not table it is the option in the iTunes app to find out about your device.

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