I used to have the mailboxes window on my screen (left side) when writing an email. I want it back, but CANNOT figure how to get it back. Please help. Thanks

Where are the mailboxes???
The opening window has the list of incoming emails. The left column of the page has the Mailbox window with folders. Perfect.
When I click Write - or Reply - or Forward, the window comes up with the write window... and my total address book - but NOT the Mailboxes. It was would come up until last week. And now I can't figure out how to add the mailboxes folder to the write/reply/forward screen.
And from that screen, I cannot get back to the main screen to reference another email. Real hassle. Am sure there is an easy answer. Would live to hear it.

The standard Thunderbird Write window is just that, a composition window. If you turn the Contact Sidebar on by pressing F9 then you can see your address book contacts down the left margin.
If you had anything different it must have been from an add on that you installed. There is no guessing what you did there.

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