I've got my email folders showing but how can i put back my email messages into the folders from time machine

my mac has been restored & i can see my email folders but how do i put back the saved emails from my time macine i can locate n see them but cant restore them

Csound1 wrote:
Into one of the domain accounts, or a specific mailbox in a domain account, that's your choice but:
Remember that you are moving mail over the internet, and you are uploading (slower). If the quantities are large you must use caution.
1. Copy, don't move, in the event of a failure the original will still exist, delete it later.
2. Limit copies to <500 emails
3. Single copy operations are more reliable than multiple.
Take your time.
Thanks, but impractical. Many of the folders have more than 500 emails. Total is about 2 GB (which I have free on iCloud btw)
I tried creating a folder "Archive" in my iCloud, then tried dragging one iMac folder into the new "iCloud > Archive" folder on my iMac. I got the error message:
     Some items could not be created:
     The IMAP command “CREATE” failed with server error: Invalid mailbox name.

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    It is there - at the bottom below the section - you can be reached by iMessage at.
    The iPhone's cell phone number is automatically registered with iMessage along with your Apple ID email address.

  • Can't restore folders from Time Machine after Lion

    Hello guys,
    after upgrading to Lion 10.7.1 I can't seem able to restore some old folders from Time Machine
    Here's what happens: I log in TM, I can scroll through my old backups, I can choose the folders I want to restore, I can click on the folder, but when the systems tries to restore it, it stops saying that I don't have the privileges to access file A in the folder (and then all the procedure is stopped).
    Oddly (at least for me) if I try to restore just that same file A (and not the whole folder) that I should have no privileges for, from the same old backup, I can do it, but I have to give the system my password: It pops up a window saying something "Finder is willing to make some modification, can you authorize?"  (forgive i'm translating the alert from another language) and then I can restore it.
    Has anybody else this problem and how can be solved?
    Many thanks
    Ps: I did a simple upgrade on Lion, no partition, no blank disk, and never changed anything in my user preferences, it's always the same, administrator
    Pps: Before Lion I could restore easily exactly the same folders and files I tried to restore with Lion

    wrongusername wrote:
    But if I transfer everything with the Setup Assistant, won't I once again be experiencing the problems I had?
    If the problems were caused by your data. But that's extremely unlikely. It may have been an app, or, much more likely from your description, something corrupted in the Leopard OS. That's one of the problems with upgrading a sick system without knowing what or where the causes are. It's a bit like a brain surgeon operating on himself: if he isn't in tip-top shape to start with, his condition is likely to change, and not for the better.
    Most of us would have recommended first simply doing a +*Repair Disk+* on your internal HD; if that didn't help, installing the "combo" Leopard update; if that didn't work, doing an +Archive and Install+ and re-installing the "combo."
    After a clean re-install of Snow Leopard, my Mac worked fine again (except for the TM trouble). So it probably had something to do with my old files.
    Probably not. Much more likely OSX was somehow damaged. And you got a whole new one.
    How come I could read the files on my external HD and yet not be able to copy the files?
    Time Machine uses special "deny everybody everything" permissions on it's backups, among other things, in an attempt to keep us mere mortals from moving, changing, or deleting things and corrupting them.

  • I can not restore folders from time machine

    installed a new HD per apple tech and email from apple.  now i can not restore any folders from time machine to the new HD. i have been working on this for hours and hours.  Please help

    See Pondini's TM FAQs for starters.

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    You need to provide a lot more detail as to what you did.
    Were you setting up bootcamp?
    Did you blindly install Windows without using bootcamp?
    If you set up bootcamp, press and hold the option key when you hear the start up bong until the screen shows both operating systems.You can then select the one that you want.

  • If I restore the system from Time Machine, are folders not in Time Machine erased?

    Pretty much as per the title. I was messing around with my Internet connection (DNS issues) and now can't get online at all, and can't find other ways back online, so I was going to restore from Time Machine: but I've got some folders that aren't in Time Machine (mainly temporary files like podcasts, iTunes U, videos and the like). If I do a system restore from Time Machine, it looks like that material will be erased. Will it all disappear, or will the folders not in Time Machine be left as is?
    Thanks in advance!

    Yes, a time machine restore will erases the volume and then restores.

  • How to delete folders from time machine

    I have all this information backed up onto an external drive , and I want to delete some of the back up folders to make room on that external hard drive.
    How is this done? Can someone direct me to a "tutorial" as to how this is done?

    First, why do you want to make room on the external hard drive? If it's for "other" data besides Time Machine backups, that's a losing proposition. What you really need to do is partition the disk so Time Machine has it's own, exclusive space. See #3 in the Frequently Asked Questions *User Tip,* also at the top of this forum, for details and instructions.
    You can delete individual backups, or all backups of selected items, via Time Machine. See #12 in the FAQ Tip. As it says, do not use the Finder.
    If it's because a backup has failed for lack of space, see #C4 in the Time Machine - Troubleshooting *User Tip,* also at the top of this forum.

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    Do you mean the iPod is now disabled from entering in the passcode incorrectly too many times?  If so, see this article.
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Wrong passcode results in red disabled screen

  • HT2471 i want to add  verbatum external hard drive.  I think  connected it and the grren light came on, something fell and it got disconnected.  I restarted  but how do you know if it's working?  the green light is on and sometimes flashes, the instructio

    I have an external hard drive that I used with my mini mac.  I want to use it on my MacBookPro.  I plugged it in found it on my computer, it flashes seemed okay until it tipped over and came unplugged to  the computer.  I set it back up turned it on and the grren light sometimes flashes.  I read an article that said I needed to format the drive, I followed instructions and did that.  I will download tomorrow my pictures.
    How do I know if this is working
    does it record everything on your computer?
    How do I see what is there?  on the drive
    confused please direct me to help

    it may be very basic but I still don't get it,   the instructions are basic too so I'm sure I'm missing some thing here.i don't know how to copy  data and copy it back
    I don't see any indicaters  to do so.  I'll try again, , it's on a laptop and I don't want it connected all the time, just to secure some images.
    how  do i copyu...
    maybe I'll try a 'zip' drive instead?? But I don't understand them either, hard to be a dunce.
    and by the way, my computer has been freezing up on me lately had to turn it off and on, what have i done to it!!
    I just connected it again and it shows as a number22but nothing happens when I click on it...shouldn't something happen here? It seems to be empty as well as it should since I followed instructions on formatting.  so what now? 
    This is trying your patience I'm sure,you may just forget about helping me I just don't have a clue
    but  if you can help, I am listening.

  • How do I restore individual files/folders from Time Machine to a PC?

    My Mac of six years have crashed and been sent to the apple hospital for surgery, but I had time machine backing up all my files. Yah! Now with the help of 'macdrive' I can see the files on my windows computer, but when I tried to restore any individual files or folders to the pc, nothing.
    I would click on the files from my external drive and a box comes up for 'where do you want to copy selected files?'. Right-clicking only provide the 'copy', 'copy to', and 'create a shortup' options. Whichever options I try, no copies/restored files is created.
    How do I restore the files (not the entire system, just pictures and documents) to a windows computer?
    Help please

    You need to be more specific what types of files are you trying to restore. It sounds like you just need to learn how to use TM which is pretty darn easy. Here is one good article and you can always use Apple's find out how video on TM.
    Time Machine FAQ

  • Can't exclude folders from Time Machine backups

    I am trying to exclude Folders from backups to preserve space.
    Go into Time Machine preferences and Options - I can select + to Exclude Folders, and select a Folder, but on then selecting to Exclude nothing gets returned to the "Exclude these items from backups" form.

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    Mails are stored on ~/Library/Mail, being ~ your user folder. As you are running Snow Leopard, it's easy to exclude your mails from your Time Machine backup.
    Open System Preferences > Time Machine > Options, and add ~/Library/Mail to excluded items, so the next backup won't include mails. Note that you have to go to your user folder, in order to access to this directory

  • Help I have put lock folders from time machine in the trash and now I can not empty the trash of these folders

    Help I have put some folders from timemachine in the trash and now I can not empty the trash can.  I now realised I took the wrong action to delete these folders duh! but i canot work out how to solve the problem I now have, can anybody please tell me what action to take?

    Hi Linc
    Thank you for your reply.  It did not work at first, I think there was just to much stuff.  In frustration I held ctlr, alt and cmd keys down then empted the trash and it worked!  I had to repeat the process several times as only a few folders were delt with at a time. but now are all gone.
    Kind regards Dian

  • Copying folders from time machine back up to other Mac

    I used Time Machine to back up my laptop (running Leopard) on a portable drive. I would like to copy a folder (containing hundreds of files) from the Latest Backup to a different mac (running Tiger). When I copy the folder, all that appears is an alias (indicated by an arrow in the bottom right corner). I tried holding down the option key while copying, no luck, the copied folder is still an alias. Any suggestions on how to get an actual copy and not an alias? (I cannot copy the individual files over, that would work, there are too many). Thanks

    annalisac wrote:
    Since this folder contains data that get updated daily and is used by a common software on both computers, I was hoping not to have to manually copy that folder every day on the external drive, but simply to retrieve it from the Time Machine back up. Thanks for letting me know.
    you can use different software for backing up this folder. CCCloner can do it although it's not very suitable for backing up single folders. or try Chronosync.

  • HT201250 Can I recover the backups from Time Machine, but the backups is deleted by the Time Machine!

    Unfortunately, the Time Macchine deleted my oldest backups in my hard drive.
    I have the important files in the backups.
    So hope someone could help me to recover the backups.

    Time Machine will remove old backups automatically. It tells you when it does, but of course by then it's too late.
    There is no recovering deleted backups, since it was necessary to overwrite them with newer backups.
    For further explanation read the following entries from Apple Support Communities contributor Pondini's Time Machine FAQ:
    12. Should I delete old backups?  If so, How?
    20. Once my Mac is backed-up, can I delete some stuff to save space?
    Time Machine is for backups. It is not an archiving utility. To archive files requires something like one of these:
    Carbon Copy Cloner ($39.95) http://sites.fastspring.com/bombich/product/ccc
    SuperDuper! ($27.95) http://www.shirt-pocket.com/SuperDuper/SuperDuperDescription.html

  • Cannot restore some files/folders from Time Machine Backup

    When I try and restore files or folders from my Pictures folder, which is a sub folder of my user I get the message "The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access xxxx". As far as I can tell this has only just started to happen because I've recovered stuff from the folder since I bought the machine in July. Yesterday I deleted an old Time Machine backup folder from the Time Machine disc. This caused empty trash to go berserk - the "files to delete" count went negative and I had to stop/restart the empty trash command about 20 times before it sorted itself out. Maybe this has screwed some permissions somewhere? I have run disc utility and repaied permissions on my hard drive and verified the TM drive. Still no joy. The permissions for Pictures look OK. Anyone any ideas?

    Yesterday I deleted an old Time Machine backup folder from the Time Machine disc. This caused empty trash to go berserk - the "files to delete" count went negative
    Probably you corrupted your Time Machine Backup by manually deleting older backups- that is dangerous.
    See Pondni's advice on how to fix it - Time Machine trouble Shooting
    I hope that helps

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