I've imported one folder with MXF files successfully, but cannot do it with the other two folders.  I fear I may have messed with the original naming.  How can I import the rest?

I shot footage with a rented Canon C300 (using their cards).  I transferred the footage to my laptop and I've been able to use log and transfer for the first folder of footage, but the remaining two folders of footage aren't being acknowledged as importable [it "contains unsupported media or has an invalid directory structure. Please choose a folder whose directory structure matches supported media."] is there an example of a valid structure that I could mirror to make log and transfer successful? 

Look at the first folder for the proper file structure.  But it might not be as simple as folders and the order things are, you might be missing ancillary data...files that tie to the media files.  If you are, then L&T won't work, and your best bet is to get the Calibrated MXF software from divergentmedia.com  That will allow your computer to read the MXF files natively...to allow you to convert them to ProRes. (trying to work with those native might prove difficult).
I highly recommend tapeless offload software when shooting tapeless.  ShotPut Pro from imagineproducts.com is my favorite...works with just about every tapeless format.  What it does is copy the footage, and verify that everything has copied over...double checks everything. It also automates the process, will offload to multiple locations...  I swear by this software.

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