I want to buy an ipad for someone that lives in Brazil. Which carrier should i buy so that it will work with the carriers in Brazil?

I want to buy an ipad for someone that lives in Brazil. Which carrier should i buy so that it will work with the carriers in Brazil?

Look, any officially unlocked GSM iPhone will work in India. You purchase from Dubai, no FaceTime, and Dubai is part of the UAE. You purchase anywhere but India, and you will have NO warranty or support. Frankly, doesn't make any sense to me why you want to do this...and don't bother telling me you save hundreds of dollars...still doesn't make any sense. Do a forum search here. We get posts daily, from users in India, who didn't purchase their iPhones in India...guess what? They all have problems. You want to join that bunch? It's your money, have at it.

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  • Does anybody know how to modify the driver for the Tektronix 370A curve tracer so that it will work with the 370B?

    I am trying to control a Tektronix 370B curve tracer using LabView via a GPIB interface. However, there are no drivers available for download for the 370B. There is one available for the 370A, but it is not compatible with the 370B and I have been unable to figure out how to modify it to make it work with the 370B. Does anyone know how to modify this driver, or know of an existing driver that works with the 370B? Thanks!

    Hi S _Bracht,
    Yeah, unfortunately, the Tektronix 370B does not currently have an instrument driver and the driver for the 370A is not supported by National Instruments (it is just posted on our website as a courtesy) - so I am afraid that there is not really any more information on the differences that might exist between the two available from National Instruments.  As an alternative, you can always develop your own driver using the VISA and 488.2 drivers + a copy of the user manual for the Tektronix 370B.  Otherwise, you may consider speaking with Tektronix or getting ahold of a User Manual for the 370A and comparing some of the settings - there are likely some differences in your configuration options at the very least.  Or, if someone out there has tackled this before and shares their knowledge...
    Good luck! 
    Anna M.
    National Instruments

  • Am considering buying a Time Capsule.  But all specs I read about it (re: printing) is how to hook up a printer via USB connection.  Need to confirm...that a wireless printer will work with the router feature of the Time Capsule.  I assume yes...?

    Am considering buying a Time Capsule.  But all specs I read about it (re: printing) is how to hook up a printer via USB connection.  Need to confirm...that a wireless printer will work with the router feature of the Time Capsule.  I assume yes...?

    A wireless printer connects to the network just like your computer, or iPhone/iPad, etc. connects using wireless.
    The printer must be set up intially to scan to "find" available wireless networks, then your specific wireless network needs to be selected. Then the password for the network needs to be entered.
    Once the printer is configured to join the network, it is always connected to the network. No further configuration is required.

  • I get no wireless signal in my home, so need a network extender for the Lumia 2520.  Specs indicate LTE FDD network:Band 20 (800MHz), Band 3 (1800 MHz), Band 7 (2600 MHz). Does Verizon offer a network extender that will work with the Lumia?

    I get no wireless signal inside my home, only outside, so I need a network extender that will work for the Lumia 2520, Specs indicate it uses LTE FDD netork Band 20 (800MHz), Band 3 (1800MHz), Band 7 (2600 MHz).  Does Verizon offer a network extender that will work with the Lumia 2520?

    We want to make sure you get service in your home Astromandata! I can check your area to see if you qualify for the network extender. What's your zip code? If it does qualify than you will be able to use it for your Lumia to support your voice services. Find out more information here: http://spr.ly/6585fNlt Is anyone else having this issue?
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  • I just received a new macbook pro. I am looking for a usb3 external storage 500 GB drive.  Some manufacturers of drives aren't for sure their drive will work with the new lion system. Does anybody have any suggestions for drives that will workw

    I just received a new macbook pro. I am looking for a usb3 external storage 500 GB drive.  Some manufacturers of drives aren't for sure their drive will work with the new  system. Does anybody have any suggestions for drives that will workw

    There seems to be a problem, just now, with the USB 3 ports on the new MBP's supporting eternal USB 3 drives. Some people have no luck at all - can't even recognize the drive - and some are reporting USB 2 speeds (those who drives are recognized). I'd call a dealer such as LaCie or OWC to see if they have USB 3 drives that actually work with MBP's with USB 3 ports. You may have to wait for a software/firmware update.

  • Help from a Moderator please, possible Solution for Speakers that do not work with X

    Hi!?I think i know a way to get the X-Fi to work with the Inspire 5700 Digital. I have no evil intend, but i would like to post a link to a competitiors product.Well actuall the product itself is not competition since i could not find a creative labs equivalent to it. The idea is to replace the Inspire Digitals Control unit with an alternati've Decoder, while keeping your all of you speakers and stands and the subwoofer. This would allow the X-Fi to be used perfectly. Games would run in 5. via an analoge connection, and DVD would run?in 5. Dolby Digital and DTS via an digital connection. That way, even Windows Vista would work perfectly since games would be covered by Alchemy and DVD's would be decoded indipendently from the computer by the decoder box. The price for this Decoder Box with an optical cable and a remote control is 30 ? and it can be found on the website of germanys most popular computer speaker systems manufacturer... I will post a link to a picture that shows the System now, and it would be very nice of the moderators to not remove this link since it actually would help people to decide to buy an X-Fi. Thanks?http://www.teufel.de/images/zubehoer/dec_fin.jpg?While i have not tried it out myself yet, i see no reason why this should not work. If anyone does, please explain why.Message Edited by Force on 06-4-200702:58 PM

    Hi Jerry,
    The other way around. If you UNCHECK the Windows Event Log, then the media buttons wouldn't work.  If you then CHECK the box again with the checkmark, then the media buttons worked.  I have two of the m645-s4070's at home from Best Buy, I'm returning one, I tested this on both systems and it's the same result.
    I've checked the box again and not unchecked anything in Msconfig - services.  I thought i read somewhere that it wasn't necessary for that to run.  I guess I shouldn't mess around with those. 
    Anyway, it would be very interesting to know what the correlation between the Windows Event Log and the media buttons were.  I read some people were having trouble starting their wireless too since it seems the only way to do that is through those buttons above the function keys.  Perhaps they did the same thing by unchecking the Windows Event Log...

  • Will my old wall charger for Zen Vision:M will work with the (New) Z

    i bought a wall charger from amazon for my Zen Vision: M 30GB, will it work with the (New)Zen? i just bought the Zen 6 GB and it doesn't comes with an adapter, pretty bad move there, well, does it has the same plug? i hope it's compatible. thanks

    That third party adapter from your Amazon link is hard wired specifically for the Vision:M and will not work with any other Creative player unless it has the same pin-outs using the same docking interface. The Creative AC-5V adapters will either have a coaxial power plug connection that will work with most of the Creative hard disk based players, except for the original NJB and Zen Micro, or a USB Mini-B plug that will work with all of the flash players that have a USB connection and the Zen Micro.

  • A fix for screensavers that don't work with Snow Leopard?

    is there a fix for the screensavers that no longer work with Snow Leopard? some of the developers have came out with new versions, but a few of them have been abandoned by their authors. Is there a way to run those screensavers in 32 bit mode?

    Is there a way to run those screensavers in 32 bit mode?
    Not without action by the original authors, sorry.
    I know it doesn't help right now, but like all other OSs in the past, these types of things need to catch up since the bar has been raised once again...give it time and there will tons of entertaining s'savers out to pick from.

  • How can I get Firefox version 5? I use an application for banking that doesn't work with version 6 yet.

    I am using an application for banking with Bank of America that doesn't work with Firefox 6 so I need to install Firefox 5 until Bank of America can update their app to work with Firefox 6. Can you tell me how to find the download for Firefox 5?
    Thank you

    I have an old iPhoto version and it still works with Mavericks, the version before yours, that is puzzling.

  • I want to get an Ipad for schoo/home. Cant decide which one

    Features I want:
    - Be able to type quickly
    - Organize notes
    - Access textbooks if needed
    - 8 hour battery life (School day)
    - Consistent internet access
    - Be able to open assignments from teachers (Word, etc.)
    - Send emails
    - Send notes to home computer
    - Type easily
    - Open multiple sites at once
    Any suggestions which model I should get?

    I suggest a refurbished ipad2 64gb, specifically if you'll be using it for college.
    My sons got netbooks for school two years ago. They had gotten excellent ratings. But they were very, very slow and didn't have a great battery life. 
    The MB Air would also be a great choice.
    An ipad definitely cannot replace a laptop/desktop for your student needs. You cannot have MS Office or Excel on your ipad, and you'll need those for school. You can take notes on an ipad and transfer Word, etc. documents with apps like Pages. I don't know anyone who writes papers on ipads. There are many books, articles, pdf's, etc. that you can put in there or buy/rent electronically that will save you a lot of schlepping heavy books around. Many are required to get subscriptions to newspapers (at least in the business schools) and you can have all sent directly to your ipad and most also let you get them on your desktop or laptop. These will take up a good deal of your space.
    My son got an ipad2 64gb before he started school (junior in college) a few weeks ago. He's used up about 22gb on mostly his music from ipod( about 3,000 songs!),lots of videos, and some apps for classes. He hasn't even downloaded any books or many games at all yet and I'm sure he will. We're glad he got the 64gb.The refurbished ipad 2  comes with a new outer shell, brand new battery, and full one year warranty from the Apple online store. It was $499.00, so, given the price, it was a simple decision to opt for a 64gb over 32gb ($399.)
    If you're getting the new ipad, the apps will take up more space than previous ipads, and will add up in terms of used space. You'll also probably want music, movies, tv shows, etc. - more space.
    You cannot add memory to your ipad, so I recommend getting as much as you can afford.
    Whichever you buy, enjoy it!

  • I am travelling to the Philippines next week and I have been told my iphone and ipad chargers will work with the 220v there.  Do I need to be concerned and buy any type of converter?

    I am traveling to the Philippines next week and am confused on whether I need to buy a converter to be able to charge my Iphone (and Ipad).  I was told I did not as the chargers were universal and automatically converted anywhere from 100 to 240v depending on what you plug into. 
    I would just like some more confirmations if any one has traveled internationally.
    Thank you.

    No, but most international airports I have been to have convenience stores that sell the plug adapters.  And there are always other shops with the adapters so it is easy to get exactly what you need after you get there.

  • I'm looking for a compact flash card reader that will work with the ipad 4 with the lightning port. please help?!

    I purchased the ipad 4/retina diplay 64 GB model today and i need a compact flash card reader that works with it.
    has anyone had any luck with this??
    thank you.

    I found this with a simple Google Search:
    But Diovonex is correct, use the standard Camera Connection kit and transfer them from the camera directly as described in this other thread.

  • Is there ANY wireless mouse that will work with the iPad 2 and Apple's Wireless Keyboard?

    I have the iPad 2 and Apple's Wireless Keyboard and would like to purchase a wireless mouse that will accommodate my Apple products. I do understand that Apple's Magic Mouse is not compatible with the iPad 2, but would like to hear if there is any possibility that i could use a wireless mouse with my iPad.
      Thanks :)

    You don't have to purchase a mouse. You already have one, it's wireless and the only one that will work on an iPad.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Why is you guys can't help me find my ipod for me that's verry bad with the technology we have for tou to say is nothibg your company could do for me. Is $300 dollar throught out the window because you can help me locate my ipod. I spend $300.00 dollar.

    I filled a police report like you said, the case number is # T13000708 locked at my divice please?.

    - If you previously turned on FIndMyiPod on the iPod in Settings>iCloud and wifi is on and connected go to iCloud: Find My iPhone, sign in and go to FIndMyiPhone. If the iPod has been restored it will never show up.
    - You can also wipe/erase the iPod and have the iPod play a sound via iCloud.
    - If not shown, then you will have to use the old fashioned way, like if you lost a wallet or purse.
    - Change the passwords for all accounts used on the iPod and report to police
    - There is no way to prevent someone from restoring the iPod (it erases it) using it.
    - Apple will do nothing without a court order. Apple is not in the lost device recovery business. Just like your car manufacturer will not help find a lost/stolen car.                       
    Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product                              
    - iOS: How to find the serial number, IMEI, MEID, CDN, and ICCID number

  • We upgraded our router to Belkin N300. The router will work with the IPad but not our PC. What do we need to do?

    Our PC is about 8 years old. It does not like the new Belkan router. We can receive emails but cannot send or forward the emails. The IPad is working perfectly. Any suggestions?

    First thing to try is reset Printing System:
    OS X Mavericks: Reset the printing system
    Next would be reset the router (power off 15 secs then back on). And, 2 minutes later, reset the printers 1 by 1.

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