I want to see PP stock in dry and wet scenarios in parallel.

I am using PP in a coke plant. The stock is uploaded as wet i.e. ( x tons of coke + y tons of moisture) through 561 movement. This entire stock is then taken up through a stock transfer order process in SD and a goods issue posted. However, my management would also like to see in parallel, the x ton (dry stock) separately also without affecting the MM reports like MMBE. They would also want to see this dry qty diminished when PGI of the wet stock also happens in the same proportion in which they have been PGIed.
Is there any way in PP to achieve this objective?

Hi Partha,
As I perceive, at the moment, you are using only one part number that represents the FG/SFG (mixture of coke & moisture). You create a STO and book a GI against the STO.
In terms of the PP modul my suggestion would be as following:
- you should maintain stock for all ingredients (components) >> this would mean the maintanance of separate part number of each component
- you should maintain BOM for your SFG/FG
- and you should maintain other suitable master data (work center, routing)
In this case the process would be to issue a PrdOrd for your FG/SFG. During the confirmation (booking against PrdOrd) you would get your FG/SFG by mvt 101 and consume your components via mvt 261.
After that you could deliver your SFG/FG to its destination (e.g. via delivery, STO).
Please make your question clear it is very difficult to understand the process described by you and it's not toatally clear what you want exactly.

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    hello anant,
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    Greetings Matthew Smatthew,
    I understand that you would like to see only the music currently on your iPhone and not your purchases from iTunes in the Cloud. You can do this by turning off “Show All Music” as described in the article below. The article does, however, explain how to turn it on, but you would want to turn it off. 
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    I misspoke about OpenVRML. It did open a folder from which you have to compile the app. No thanks, Ope.

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    A-ERLEDIGT     Closed RFQs
    A-OFFEN     Open RFQs
    AVIS     Open notification quantities
    GUTSCHRIFT     Invoices exist
    M-OFFEN     Open target quantity
    R-ERLEDIGT     No open invoices
    RECHNUNG     Open invoices
    W-OFFEN     Open target value
    WA351     Open issue quantity
    WA352     Issue quantity reversible
    WE101     Open goods receipt
    WE102     Goods receipt exists
    WE103     Open goods receipt
    WE104     GR blocked stock exists
    WE105     GR blocked stock exists
    WE106     Goods receipt exists with IV
    WE107     Goods receipt pending IV
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    It is not possible to maintain the stock for variant configuration materials. This is purely MTO scenario.
    V. Suresh

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    PO made with acct. asgn.  "P" will be shown as consumed against WBS element.  If you want to bring quantity to stock put acct. asgn.  "Q" in PO.  After GR, the quantity can be seen in MMBE against the WBS element.

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    Try these for the first attempt:
    First be sure to have a backup copy of the library if you already don't have one.

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    Hi All,
    How to create a query to see Opening stock and closing stock as on particul.

    In BI 0IC_C03 will provide u the  required information and also having standard queries provided by the SAP.
    Plz find the list of Queries provided by the SAP.
    Inventory turnover      0IC_C01_Q0001
    Range of coverage - quantity      0IC_C01_Q0002
    Range of Coverage - Value      0IC_C01_Q0003
    Range of coverage of finished goods - quantity      0IC_C01_Q0004
    Range of Coverage of Finished Goods - Value      0IC_C01_Q0005
    Range of coverage of raw materials - quantity      0IC_C01_Q0006
    Range of Coverage of Raw Materials - Value      0IC_C01_Q0007
    Obsolete Stock on Hand      0IC_C01_Q0008
    Period-dependent requirement coverage      0IC_C01_Q0009
    Value of stock on hand      0IC_C01_Q0010
    Quantity of stock on hand      0IC_C01_Q0011
    Material consumption      0IC_C01_Q0012
    Material Movements      0IC_C01_Q0013
    Consignment stock: receipts and issues      0IC_C01_Q0014
    Valuated stock: receipts and issues      0IC_C01_Q0015
    Material stock and movements      0IC_C01_Q0016
    Material Movements (Healthcare)      0IC_C01_Q0020
    Material Consumption (Healthcare)      0IC_C01_Q0021
    Material Availability      0IC_C01_Q0022
    Inventory Turnover Frequency (Value)      0IC_C01_Q0023
    Consignment Stock Received and Issued per Unit      0IC_C01_Q0024
    Material Consumption (Quantity)      0IC_C02_Q0001
    Valuated Stock Receipts and Issues (Quantity)      0IC_C02_Q0002
    Range of Valuated Stock (Quantity)      0IC_C02_Q0003
    Inventory Turnover      0IC_C02_Q0004
    Receipt and Issue Consignment Stock at Customer      0IC_C03_Q0001
    Receipt and Issue Quality Inspection Stock      0IC_C03_Q0002
    Vendor Consignment Stock Receipt and Issue      0IC_C03_Q0003
    Receipt and Issue Stock in Transit      0IC_C03_Q0004
    Receipt and Issue of Blocked Stock      0IC_C03_Q0005
    Valuated Stock      0IC_C03_Q0006
    Stock in Quality Inspection      0IC_C03_Q0007
    Stock in Transit      0IC_C03_Q0008
    Blocked Stock      0IC_C03_Q0009
    Vendor Consignment Stock      0IC_C03_Q0010
    Consignment Stock at Customer      0IC_C03_Q0011
    Stock Overview      0IC_C03_Q0012
    Stock Overview (as of 3.1 Content)      0IC_C03_Q0013
    Quantities of Valuated Project Stock (as of 3.1 Content)      0IC_C03_Q0014
    Valuated Stock (as of 3.1 Content)      0IC_C03_Q0015
    Quantities of Valuated Sales Order Stock (as of 2.1 Cont.)      0IC_C03_Q0016
    Inventory Turnover      0IC_C03_Q0017
    Days' Supply      0IC_C03_Q0018
    SUS: Vendor Consignment Stock      0IC_C03_Q0019
    Scrap      0IC_C03_Q0020
    Inventory Aging      0IC_C03_Q0021
    Stock Overview - extended      0IC_C03_Q0022
    Demand Supply Match      0IC_C03_Q0023
    Warehouse Stock Analytics – Inventory Turnover      0IC_C03_Q0024
    Warehouse Analytics - Obsolescence and Variance      0IC_C03_Q0025
    Stock Overview: Materials      0IC_C03_Q0030
    Average Stock Value Over Time      0IC_C03_Q0031
    Stock Overview Over Time      0IC_C03_Q0032
    Range of Coverage Over Time      0IC_C03_Q0033
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    please suggest

    Please close this thread.

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