I want to set up a separate cloud/itunes account for my husband.  Right now we share and it is causing confusion.

I want to set up a separate cloud/itunes account for my husband.  Right now we share and it is causing confusion.We both have the iPhone4

The way I set up my 3 iPhones is to create separate "iCloud" ID's for each user, but then use the SAME iTunes Apple ID for the iTunes store. You'll most likely lose your contacts, Calendars etc. unless you have them saved on a computer. You'll need to delete your current Account under iCloud, then create a new "iCloud" Apple ID ([email protected]) for at least one device if not both (one for yourself and one for your husband). Once you have those set up for your iCloud, then Goto Settings, Store, then change that ID to your old "iTunes" Apple ID, that way you can still both use your previously purchased Music/Apps etc.
You can then change your computers to use the new iCloud ID's and it should upload the data back to the cloud. Just be warned that it might wipe out any saved Contacts/Calendars etc. if you don't have them on a computer as well.
There is a Help article on how to do this as well, but i can't seem to find the link.

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