I want to write a program in LabView then pass the test results to teststand to check if it pass or fail without displaying the test stand program,

I want to write a program in LabView and create an execute but I want to be able to pass test results to test stand to find it the unit pass ar fail the test then save the data to a database. How would i go about it.

What's confusing is your statement that you want to do this "without display the test stand program". You can minimize the TestStand UI to the task bar but if you don't want TestStand to be running, how can TestStand evaluate the result. Explain a little more please.
In the message body of your post, you just say you want to create a LabVIEW exe and pass the results to TestStand. What I would recomend is that instead of an exe, you create a dll and use TestStand's DLL adapter to call it and return the results. TestStand will evaluate it and do the logging.

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  • How to write test results of TestStand to a database?

    such as Access databse.

    In The Teststand Reference Manual Chapter 6 -13 Example Data Link and Result Table Setup for Microsoft Access is a step by step guide.
    Hope this helps
    Ray Farmer
    Ray Farmer

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  • I want to write data into eeprom(93LC86) in parallel port using labview?

    I want to write data into eeprom(93LC86) in parallel port using labview? Also I want to read data from EEprom.

    Hi Mr. Mz,
    after having a look to 93LC86-Datasheet I do not see a problem. The self-timing programming cycle of this Chip avoids timing problems; the rest is only logical stuff.
    If you need more general info, how to use the parallel port, I recommend: http://[email protected]/ or
    in case you need an example of SPI-Interface in LabVIEW with paraport - then write to: [email protected]
    You are welcome

  • I want to write ABAP Program in web dynpro Using se80 tra.code

    I want to write ABAP Program in web dynpro Using se80 tra.code and to Create URL for the same.
    Please let me know the steps to do.

    Hi Shiva,
    I understood ,  you want to create a Webdynpro Applicaiton and run it.
    this will help you

  • I want to send 10 bit ADC from PIC via serial communicaton. i send it separetly 8 bit first then the other 2 bit. how to program in labview to capture those two packet then combine it togother

    i want to send 10 bit ADC from PIC mCu via serial communicaton.
     i send it separetly 8 bit first then the other 2 bit (2 bit --> with zero at 6 bit from LSB).
    how to program in labview to capture those two packet and then combine it together
    so i have 10 bit in lab view
    thank you

    Close, but now quite. You need to specify to the VISA Read how many bytes to read, not how many bits. Thus, the input would be 2, not 16. It's also not clear why you're trying to use the "String to Byte Array". The Type Cast will give you a number based on what data type you wired. You're basically telling it how to interpret the string. In this case we're telling it to interpret the string a 16-bit value, so we'll get a 16-bit integer. I know you said you wanted a 10-bit, but you can't have that. You'll get a 16-bit with 6 bits set to zero. Note: I did not completely understand what you said so we may need to change this slightly, but we want to get the communication and reading collection working first.
    Also, since you seem to be setting this in a loop you probably want to monitor this or to collect the data. For that you need a shift register. See attached for a modified version of your attempt. You need to set the datatype to I16 or U16 based on whether the value you get from the PIC is signed or unsigned.
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    Read PIC.vi ‏21 KB
    Read PIC.png ‏7 KB

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    I want to write my own IM program. Can you walk me through?

    No, we can't "walk you through". If we did that, it would be us writing the program, not you.
    Read up on basic Java things such as Swing UI, Threading and Networking. Then in about a year you might be able to create your IM (earlier if you just learn networking and do a simple console based messenger).

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    Hello all,
            This is sateesh...I had installed sap xi in my own P.C and In sap XI when i want to write proxies program it is asking ABAP key...
            But i am not having the market place i.d...so any one can help me out in solving the problem...
            If any one can give me the access key so that i can access ABAP from the sap xi....
    Thanking all.

    You need to write the code in the application system ie., in R3 or BW or SRM etc. Also you need to have the developer key access to do it. If you dont have then try to create as a local object so that it will not ask for the key. If it is local object you will not able to transport to QA. But if you are practising you can take this option.

  • I want to write a java program that can add a user to a role or sub role to the Profile Database in iPlanet Portal Server 3.0. Does anyone has any idea or a sample program do such thing. Thanks, Tommy

    I want to write a java program that can add a user to a role or sub role to the Profile Database in iPlanet Portal Server 3.0. Does anyone has any idea or a sample program do such thing? Thanks, Tommy

    // create the user profile, get the handle back,
    // and set the membership profile attributes.
    ProfileAdmin newProfile = null;
    try {
    // the users profile name is the domain      
    // he belongs to plus their userName
    // you will request.domain if your doing this from a servlet, domain_name is the domain_name the user belongs too
    String profileName = domain_name + "/" + user;
         if (debug.messageEnabled()) {
    debug.message("creating profile for " + profileName);
    // create the user profile object
    newProfile = ProfileManager.createProfile(
    getSession(), profileName ,Profile.USER);
    UserProfile userProfile = (UserProfile)newProfile;
         // set the role the user is a member of. Default is to set
         // the users to the default role of the domain they surfed to
         StringBuffer roleName = new StringBuffer(64);
    // request.domain instead of domain_name if your doing this from a servlet ..
    Profile dp = getDomainProfile(domain_name);
         if (debug.messageEnabled()) {
    debug.message("setting role for " + user + " = " + roleName);
    } catch (ProfileException pe) {
         debug.error("profile exception occured: ",pe);
    } catch (ProfileException pe) {
         debug.error("login exception occured: ",le);
    HTH ..

  • How can I write program in Labview for zbrain kit..??

    Hello everybody
    I need to write the program in Labview fro Zbrain kit. I need to write code for multiple analog input (through multiple channels) that results multiple digital output. I found one refrence code which has one analog input (one channel) and gives one digital output.
    I also need to save data for channels. I have no idea how can I save data for channels.
    I have attached here the base program. Please give me idea how can I understand this program so that I can complete following tasks:
    1. Save data for one channel and later for multiple channels
    2. Modify the number of channels from one channels to multiple channels.
    Actually I have gone through the videos and text based content(basics in labview) but I am unable to write the code.
    Analog_3_InBlock.vi ‏131 KB

    Attached is an example snipped with some more comments on how to acquire multiple channels on a ZBrain platform that is based on an Analog Devices Blackfin processor. Just drag and drop it into your LabVIEW diagram. More examples can be found here: http://wiki.schmid-engineering.ch/zsystem/doku.php?id=example_zmc_adc-dma_continous. The idea behind dynamic data acquisition on a microprocessor is simple: you define the channels (up to 6x) , sampling frequency (up to 250kHz)  and block sizes (up to 65'000) and start the acquisition. The underlying driver model samples in the data in parallel and the LabVIEW program gets this data. While e.g. processing the data, the underlying driver model continues sampling new data.
    I hope this helped.
    Marco Schmid
    Schmid Engineering
    snippet_zmc_adc-dma_continuous.png ‏107 KB

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