I was given complimentary 12 month access to Creative Cloud, but cannot find the code to redeem it, help please?

The complimentary access was given to me by my University, sent by email. Only a pdf was included which stated I had to sign in to the redeem page first, then I would get another email with the code. It hasn't turned up and it's already been more than 24 hours. Any help would be really appreciated!

You have 20 Gb of space allocated to you. It symbolizes that you have an active CC. You just need to download the creative cloud & activate it with this Email ID of yours.
CC  mostly asks for serial number if:
1. There is no CC registered to the ID with which you had signed.
2. There are entries of Adobe in Host files of the computer.
3. The activation count has exceeded.
In you case most probably it should be reason no.2 if you have already download CC.
To download use : Creative Cloud Help | Install, update, or uninstall apps
Please refer to:
Creative Cloud applications ask for serial number
Re: Invalid serial number?

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