I would like some Help please!

Hey everyone. I bought a new Ipod 30Gb Black Video yesterday which i recieved at about 11am. I turned it on and it got stalled on hold. I couldnt turn the ipod off or nothing at around 3 the Ipod was dead so I installed all the programs and plugged it into the computer at around 3.45. It has been on all night and now at almost 1 the next day it is still saying Do Not Disconnect. I have been into Itunes many times and cannot see that in anyway being in contact with the ipod. What should I do. I am planning to leave it on till about 7.30 tonight but thats the latest I can really do.
Also When I open up itunes and go into Prefrences and click Ipod it says that there is no Ipod Connected.

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  • I bought an album on iTunes and 3 of the songs only play for 30 seconds. I have tried re-downloading the album 3 times and the problem has not been fixed. I would like some help please and thank you.

    I bought an album on iTunes and 3 of the songs only play for 30 seconds. I have tried re-downloading the album 3 times and the problem has not been fixed. I would like some help please and thank you.
    Artist: Imagine Dragons
    Album: Night Vision

    Report it here:
    iTunes Store Support

  • I would like some help in determining the proper structure/implementation

    I would like some help in determining the proper structure/implementation for the following scenario:
    I have ~10 steel rods that have been equipped with a strain gauge.  The most I would have is ~30 steel rods.
    Each setup has had a 10 point calibration done.
    These steel rod/strain gauge setups are assigned a calibration number.
    The data would be grouped for each steel rod and identified by the calibration number. 
    I would like to use that calibration data to determine the Young’s Modulus for each steel rod and store that within the specific rod’s information.
    I want the user to be able to add new steel rods dynamically and the Young’s Modulus calculated and stored with it.
    There are two different types of rods.
    The cross-sectional area of the rod needs to be stored and that value is constant based on the rod type (so there are two different area values).
    After a rod’s calibration data is entered the first time, the data should be static so it doesn’t need to be re-entered.
    The user would enter the cal#, the 10 point calibration data, and the rod type.
    The user will only see the steel rod cal# on the FP.
    I am using a queue-based producer/consumer with event structure for the front panel interface.  So I’m thinking whenever a rod cal# was added I would call a subvi where the calibration data can be entered and then the Young’s Modulus could be calculated and stored.  An option to edit/review existing cal data should be available.
    LabVIEW 2010, Win 7.
    My initial idea was:
    Rod Arr – array of clusters:
    Rod Info - cluster:
    Calibration number – string
    Rod Scale cluster:
    mV/V – double array
    force – double array
    Young’s Modulus – double
    Rod type – enum
    Cross-sectional area – double
    I have not implemented this because I’m not sure how to implement that AND keep the data after it’s been entered.  And all of the bundling/unbundling anytime I want to access/edit any rod information can be BD consuming.  I thought a lookup table might work.  When I looked on the forums for a lookup table I was pointed in the direction of arrays/clusters.
    So I have two questions:
    What would be the best structure for the steel rod data?
    What would be the best data type for the calibration# that the user can edit (enum, ring, ?)?

    I would make a couple of small change to your proposed data layout (highlighted in blue):
    Rod Arr – array of clusters:
    Rod Info - cluster:
    Calibration number – string
    Array of Rod Scale cluster:
    mV/V – double
    force – double
    Young’s Modulus – double
    Rod type – enum
    Cross-sectional area – double
    For the calibration data, I would have an array of clusters rather than a cluster of arrays.  IMHO, this makes it easier to index through the calibration points, and makes it less likely you will ever have a situation where you don't have the same number of mV/V and force points.  I'd also move the Young's modulus, type, and area info into the Rod Info cluster.
    I prefer to store this type of configuration in the system registry, but that is more complicated and far from universal in the LabVIEW world.  A simpler way would be to simply pass the entire array to the "write to binary file" function.  If you do this, however, you might want to add a version number, otherwise it will be very difficult to maintain backwards compatibility if you ever need to change the data structure.
    As far as the control type, it depends on what the user is entering.  If the user is mostly entering calibration numbers already in the system, I would use a (system) combo box.  This allows the user to select an existing calibration number from the menu, but also to enter a new calibration number if they need to.  If the user will almost always enter new calibration numbers, then I would use a standard string control.  Either way, you'll probably want to validate the format of the number the user enters.
    Mark Moss
    Electrical Validation Engineer

  • New to Breeze, would like some helpful info

    I have a java web application built with structs. My clients
    wants the ability to upload online exam and someone recommended me
    look into 'Adobe Breeze' for this. I am totally new to Adobe
    Breeze, I will do research, but can anyone with experience with
    Breeze give me some info or feasibility on using this product with
    my app?
    Maybe some sites linking JAVA with Breeze?
    Thanks so much,

    I had to go out of town for a family emergency. I really want to get an iPod but the first 2 I had I broke and could never figure out how to get the songs on the iPod. it seems some songs I purchased fro iTunes will download and play but some will not I would like to know all the places I can get songs to play on my iPod (well, when I get one tat will work for me). I have a lot of CDs, should I get them on iTunes first. Do I look for other type of songs in various formats to install in the iPod like…oh, what are some of the formats that music can be downloaded in? mp4 all the various types I am sure you know what I am getting at.
    I want the classic but I am nervous being an exerciser. I do not care for videos but if the classic allows one to play them that is OK.
    I would like you to look at this ear plug store online that sell to artists for their recording, heavy duty iPod users, runners, etc. I need an awesome ear plug that will take the music to the next level but I have no idea what type will be best for me.
    Let me see if I can find that website. It was something like earphone Solutions but it might not be the exact one. They have a lot of the same ear plugs.
    But back to what iPod and where I can get the music. That is what I need help with ow. I do not want to pay for whole CDs, but songs that are good to workout to.
    If you get a chance and look at tat ear plug website and give me your opinion on ear plugs. This is where I am lost but need a much better ear plug and one that will stay in my odd shaped ears.
    Thanks for waiting. I am still with my pops in the hospital most of the time but I will get back to you.

  • I have a spare Apple display screen an would like to make this a second screen for my iMac, would like some help on how to do this

    I have a spare Apple display screen and would like to make this a second scren for my iMac,
    would like to have some ideas on how to do this

    First format the drive to OS X Extended (journaled) with ownership set to be ignored:
    Next drag your iPhoto library from your Pictures folder to the EHD.  When the copying is complete launch iPhoto with the Option key held down and in the window that comes up select the library on the EHD:
    Check the file path under the window to make sure the correct library has been selected.
    Once you've confirmed that the EHD library is working properly and has all of your photos you can delete the library in your Pictures folder.

  • Would like some help converting an array of strings into multiple parsed string arrays

    Hello everyone.
    this is a very novice question and I sincerely apologize for that, but i need some direction!
    i have an array of strings:
    (('J01',), ('0', '0', '0', '1'))
    (('J02',), ('0', '1', '0', '1'))
    (('J03',), ('0', '0', '0', '0'))
    i would like to know what are some of the best ways to gain access to this information (aka, parse it). The field lengths are not static and all those ones and zeros could very possibly be two digits at times (0 = off state, 1-100 = on state), so simply pulling characters out of a given position of the string will not always work.
    what i would like to achieve is to make either separate arrays for each desirable element, eg:
    array one:
    array two:
    array three:
    and so on.
    or maybe even a matrix (if that’s feasible).
    other than that I am totally up for suggestions!!
    thank you very much,

    Assuming fixed structure (not necessarily length of the different numbers or names).

  • Would like some help with hashmaps please :)

    Map<Integer, Double> probabilities = new HashMap<Integer, Double>();When i try to use the above code in a foreach loop
    for (Map.Entry<Integer, Double> entry : probabilities)i get this error
    Foreach not applicable to expressionCould anyone please enlighten me on what is wrong with that and maybe suggest another way of running through the HashMap.

    for (Map.Entry<Integer, Double> entry : probabilities.entrySet())

  • Maybe making the switch from AVID to FCP, would like some input please.

    Happy T-Day to all. Would really appreciate any thoughts on this. I have many questions and need some answers from folks who are not always pushing AVID ( my vendor) I am a one man shop and use all Apple apps (LiveType, Motion, etc.) but have always stayed in my comfort zone with AVID Xpro and MOJO. Am thinking of going to Media Composer but after a few days of consideration and a trip to an Apple store, I may do a complete turn around and commot to FCP. Recently made the move to HD with the Sony XDCAM HD system. Here are my questions...plese be patient, this is a major move for me.
    1. If I purchase a new Intel G-5, will the internal SATA drives be OK for 35MPS HD?
    2. What AJA card or product should I buy so I can view HD SDI on a client monitor and output HD to a Sony XDCAM HD F-70 Deck?
    3. What graphics card should I order on the new machine?
    4. Can I use the FAM ( File Access Mode) to tranfer content?
    5. Any other considerations when ordering the new Intel machine?
    I know I have many questions, but I really believe it is time for me to make the move. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks again.

    1. Yes, but just. You'd only get 1 stream. Faster drives would allow you to do more than one layer of real time playback. You could stripe more than one internal sata and get the job done that way.
    2. Kona LHe will do this, however you'd gain the ability to upconvert and cross convert the video to just about any format with the Kona 3.
    3.The X1900. Motion and some effects in FCP will take advantage of it... down the line FCP is likely to rely more on the GPU is an educated guess of mine. the top of the line card is faster, but not enough to substaniate the price if you're working in Video. If you were working in 3D CAD environments, then the top of the liner would be the best choice.
    4.I don't use XDCAM here, so I'm presuming that you're talking about a transfer mode with that. I'm pretty sure FCP 5.1.2 added this capability. Might search the COW on this term in the FCP forum there. http://www.creativecow..net.
    5.Working with HD and MPEG streams would leave me wanting the fastest of the three machines. You'll want 4 gigs of RAM, but it's less expensive from other than Apple. I know just how scary it can be to move to a new platform, and did exactly as you are contemplating when FCP 2 arrived. I've never looked back. Hang here once you get started, and we'll help you with the transition. There is a book out there in the pro training series from Apple/Peachpit on ediiting on FCP if you're coming from Avid. I'd recommend you get that book. Will ease the transition no doubt.
    Hope you make the jump!

  • First time Blackberry owner, would like some help plz with loading music & making it ringtone

    Hello all & thanks for taking time to read this. I just got a Sprint Blackberry 8330 & after playingwith it for the past 2 days, I still can't figure out how to add music to it. And then once I do add the music to it, how do I make a ring tone from my music. Thanks to every and all that can help.

    Hi and Welcome to the Forums!
    Here is a thread that might be helpful:
    You should choose the version of the RIM desktop software that is compatible with your desktop PIM...see this article for that:
    KB12268 Applications supported by BlackBerry Desktop Manager for synchronization
    Good luck and let us know!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup schedule...click here for an article with instructions.
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  • Powershell "RunAs" causing recycle bin issues. Would like some input please.

    I developed a script to assist our UserAdmins with creation of AD user accounts and create home folders on the server shares.  I am encountering an issue with the recycle bin becoming corrupt when the user first logs in.  This script must be run
    with an elevated account with permissions to the shares.  I also noted a change in the way the recycle bin is displayed in the share.
    The home folder is created using: 
    New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $directory
    If I log into my machine as my elevated account and run powershell/powershell_ise, all is well.  The recycle bin displays as "Recycle Bin" with the correct icon image
    However, if I log into my machine with my non-elevated account and select "Run as a different user" for Powershell or Powershell_ISE and use my same elevated account from above the users receive "corrupt" recycle bin errors when logging
    in or viewing the recycle bin properties.  Additionally, recycle bin is now listed as "$Recyle.Bin" and is using a folder icon.  This issue is resolved by removing the users AD account from the home folder permissions and re-adding it with
    identical permissions.
    I see this behavior using Win8.1 x64 as well as Win7 x64 Enterprise.
    On another somewhat relevant topic, when launching Powershell_ISE with "Run as a different user" it often freezes and must be forcibly closed.  Could be relevant, could be coincidence.
    I appreciate any input you may have regarding this issue.

    I'm trying not to come off as combative, but I feel you are misunderstanding or I am not being clear. The recycle bin is auto-created when the user first logs into the machine as is are the sub folders to the parent folder.  All of the desktop.ini files,
    recycle bin folders and various other user profile objects are created upon first login by that user inside of the folder created in the PowerShell script.  Prior to this the user admins were manually creating the same parent folder with their elevated
    accounts.  Given the isolated conditions in which it works vs when it doesn't there is no indication that permissions are causing this issue.
    I'll try to explain why the issue, I believe, lies with PowerShell.
    1) Launch a PowerShell session from the current logged in elevated account
    2) Run the script
    3) Users home folder is created
    4) Upon user logging in for the first time the user profile objects are created in the home folder on the share
    5) No issues with recycle bin
    vs - from the same machine, same script
    1) Launch a PowerShell session with "Run as different user" context using the same account from above
    2) Run the script
    3) users home folder is created
    4) Upon user logging in for the first time the user profile objects are created in the home folder on the share
    5) Recycle bin is corrupt and icon is wrong
    The only thing that changes between these 2 scenarios is the way in which PowerShell is run.
    It's the same computer, the same test user account, the same share, same GPOs and AppSense policies.
    Scenario 1 is run from elevated account logged into local machine
    Scenario 2 is run from non-elevated account with "Run as different user" context using the elevated account
    I know I'm sounding like a broken record but it doesn't make sense AppSense or GPO or even folder permission would cause an issue when the folder is being created using the same account in both situations.

  • Would like some help with Chrome Browser and interrupted downloads

    Hi all,
    This is my first foray into Macs and I have brought the Mac Mini (base spec, using latest version of lion) about 3 months ago and not regretted it either! I am however having one issue that is puzzling me. Upon getting my Mac I installed Chrome instantly I love it as a web browser and everything worked great, however one day Chrome crashed and I had to use force close from the Apple menu to close it, since then every time I attempt to download any file from the web to my network hdd I instantly get a 'download interrupted' message. Upon trying every other browser it works perfectly and Chrome it self WILL download to the internal hdd but not to my network drive. I really do prefer Chrome for web browsing but having to manually move each file rather than just download it to a set location is annoying. I have reset the PRAM and it didn't have any effect, I am unsure as to what is happening as it was working fine before I needed to force close Chrome. Please does anyone else have this problem and if so is it resolved and how can I resolve this annoying problem.
    Thanks all for any help!!!!
    Best Wishes,

    The Chrome forum is here:
    https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=groups2&passive=1209600&continu e=http://productforums.google.com/d/categories/chrome/report-a-problem-and-get-t roubleshooting-help&followup=http://productforums.google.com/d/categories/chrome /report-a-problem-and-get-troubleshooting-help

  • X58 Pro and Raid 0, I would like some help if possible.

    I'm currently waiting on my SSD's that I want to use in a raid 0 configuration, but I'm a complete newbie when it comes to running raid on these things.
    Currently I have HDD's and DVD on SATA contact 1, 2 and 3.
    My BIOS version is 7.3.
    I'm planning on installing Windows 7 64-bit on the Raid 0 configuration.
    Can someone give me a step by step instruction on how to setup a Raid 0 with 2x SSD?
    I would be very thankful for any help.

    Registry tweak for what?
    Error message when you start a Windows 7 or Windows Vista-based computer after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive: "STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE"
    This >> registry tweak << is required if you install Windows without setting the RAID mode to ACHI first as follows:
    This issue occurs if the disk driver (MSACHI) in Windows 7 and Windows Vista is disabled. This driver must be enabled before you change the SATA/RAID mode of the boot drive.To resolve this issue, enable the AHCI driver in the registry before you change the SATA mode of the boot drive. To do this, follow these steps:
    Start REGEDIT.
    Locate and then click one of the following registry subkeys:
    In the right pane, right-click Start in the Name column, and then click Modify.
    In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK.
    On the File menu, click Exit to close Registry Editor.
    Reboot and load the BIOS.
    Change the RAID value to ACHI.
    Finally, reboot.
    I got a reply from MSI support to use RAID option in BIOS and Windows 7 installed without any problems.
    Sorry I went off on a tangent, I failed to remember that you are installing this for RAID, if you were using the SSD's in non-RAID mode, you'd use ACHI.

  • Ordering new Mac Pro. Would like some advise please.

    Okay, here we go. I am a freelancer who shoots in 1080i and 720p using a JVC 700 U camera with really good glass. in a small market. So bringing the media in is a piece of cake. I do not see me going to 2K or 4k anytime soon. I produce a weekly hour long sports program and various other projects... training, docs, marketing videos, etc. Very seldom more than 4 streams on the timeline. I have a budget of around $5,000 for a new machine. Here is what I am leaning towards. I would appreciate any advice.
    6 core, 32 GB ram, upgrade to D700 GPU's, 512 GB storage. I use two G-Tech 4TB Thunderbolt drives for media. I also have a Thunderbolt display. Any concerns or thoughts? You folks always have great advice so I am looking forward to your opinions.

    Basically the FirePro D300 is a lesser version of the W7000, the D500 is a lesser version of the W8000 and the D700 a lesser version of the W9000. Interestingly the D700 (Practically a Rebrand) has not been physically disabled any further than the W9000 yet it gives about 0.5 TeraFlops less compute than the AMD FirePro W9000. Needless to say AMD’s take on efficiency is very interesting and though we dont see a market for such a series apart from Mac Pros, AMD might decide otherwise.
    http://wccftech.com/generation-amd-professional-gpu-arrives-firepro-d700-leads-p ack-35-teraflops-compute/

  • Would appreciate some help please?

    Sorry if I am posting in the wrong section!
    I own the C470 all in one had it two days.  A couple of things; my hard drive light flashes a lot is this normal?
    It seems very slow, concerned dont know what programs I can uninstall, have uninstalled the games, what else can I do?  If there is a problem may need to return to amazon and ask  for a replacement, any assistance please, have to say used windows 7 home premium before and could get round it okay
    Many thanks Joules

    The harddrive light flashing could be normal. Have you done all the windows updates? When you say it is slow, is the harddrive access slow, internet slow, or once a program has started it runs slow?
    Microsoft MVP - Consumer Security

  • Steve would like some help.

    How doI insert a teardrop into a phot?

    QASAS3251 wrote:
    How doI insert a teardrop into a phot?
    You won't get any help hear without providing a lot more information about your camera, your software version and your work flow.

Maybe you are looking for