I would like to combine two external hard drives into one?  How do I go about doing this?

Hello:   In iPhoto I have an old external hard drive (EHD) with a photo library and a new one EHD with a photo library which has more space.  I would like to move all the photos from the old EHD to the new EDH.  Can you show me the steps to get this done so I don't lose any of my photos? I just want to use the new EHD only after the move.

Connect both drives to your mac.
Quit iPhoto, if it is runinning.
If both your iPhoto libraries have the same name, rename one of them, perhaps "iPhoto Library 1.photolibrary" and "iPhoto Library 2.photolibrary", so you will not overwrite one of them, when you move them to the same drive.
Select the library one in the Finder and drag it from the old drive to the new drive.
Now launch iPhoto while depressing the option (alt) key and selecting the library in the new location. This way you can switch between the libraries.
If you want to combine the two libraries into one single library, you will need another program. iPhoto Library Manager can merge libraries into one. 
Download here: iPhoto Library Manager

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  • HT201250 I have two external hard drives. One is my Time Machine backup drive.  The other I use for external storage of files (documents, photos, movies, etc).  Can I set Time Machine to backup BOTH my Mac hard drive and my other external hard drive?

    I have two external hard drives. One is my Time Machine backup drive.  The other I use for external storage of files (documents, photos, movies, etc).  Can I set Time Machine to backup BOTH my Mac hard drive and my other external hard drive?

    Yes you can make multiple backups on one hard drive, for example if you’ve 1TB hard drive installed in your PC and you’ve two Mac Machines with 500GB drive each then you just make two backup images with size of 500GB each.

  • I would like to connect an external hard drive to my time machine and use it as a network drive to store itunes and iPhoto  how do i do this

    I have just purchased a new my book hard drive and would like to connect it to my time capsule and store my itunes and iphoto contentent there to free up space on my internal hard drive . Can this be done and what is the process?

    I'd like to store my Aperture /IMovie Libraries on an external hard drive.
    That is fine and recommended.. use the fastest disk you can afford.. ie Thunderbolt>USB3>FW800>USB2.
    In addition, I'd like to partition the external hard drive so that Time Machine can use it to both back up my IMac and the external library drives.
    Let me be clear.. you want to partition the one disk.. use it for TM and move your files to the external disk.. and then backup to the same disk.. You can do it.. but that is not a backup.. that is an experiment in how long you can get away with running files and backups on the same disk before you lose everything.. like Russian Roulette.. pull the trigger enough times and laws of probability will do you in.
    You must have backups on a different disk .. otherwise it is pointless.
    Can I set up a RAID 5 format for redundancy?
    No.. you can buy special USB and Thunderbolt external drives that support RAID..
    BUT that is still not a backup.. let me show why.. you make a silly move and corrupt your file in aperture.. it is not that rare.
    Raid will corrupt all copies of the files.. it is replicated across all disks.
    Delete a photo it is deleted across all disks.. you have no recovery.
    Alway, always consider RAID system one disk.. backup onto another disk.. and if the photos or movies are at all important to you.. ie your family .. make another copy and store in a relatives house.. There is no such thing as too much redundancy.

  • I would like some info on external hard-drives. :)

    Hi there.
    Now before I arrive to my question I would like to point out that I am (basically) clueless when it comes to computer hardware and that kinda stuff, so don´t make fun. I would also like to say (reluctantly admit) that I am currently using an acer aspire computer with the worst keyboard imaginable; I have to crush the keys for them to be activated, so pardon me if some letters are missing. As an example I will type this message: 'Happy new year! Hope you have a great one! What will Miley Cirus do this year?' without crushing the keys, just typing as though I were using an apple keyboard. 'Happy new year! Hope yo hve a gret one! Wht will Miey Ciru do ths year?'. Yup. Don't like PCs.
    So I have a few questions about external hard-drives. I am buying a 13 inch macbook pro 128GB of RAM (The newest model). I choose this one for maybe an obvious reason: It's the cheapest one, but I want and need a lot of storage for my movie-making and photo-editing. So I thought 'Gee why don't I buy a 1TB or 2TB external hard-drive?'.
    Question number 1:
    How does an EHD (External Hard-Drive... Sorry each word typed with this keyboard is torture) work? Is it like a usb flashdrive? You connect it via usb or firewire and a disk thing appears on your desktop?
    Question number 2:
    What happens if I disconnect it? (by accident)
    Question number 3:
    Which one should I get? I would rather not get one from apple since they're so expensive, but I'm looking for a 2TB one, preferably on amazon.co.uk.
    Thanks a ton!

    jecalled wrote:
    Question number 1:
    How does an EHD (External Hard-Drive... Sorry each word typed with this keyboard is torture) work? Is it like a usb flashdrive? You connect it via usb or firewire and a disk thing appears on your desktop?
    Yes.  That is correct.
    Question number 2:
    What happens if I disconnect it? (by accident)
    You may corrupt the data that is on it.  You should always disconnect the external device properly by dragging the icon to trash.
    Question number 3:
    Which one should I get? I would rather not get one from apple since they're so expensive, but I'm looking for a 2TB one, preferably on amazon.co.uk.
    Any SATA HDD will be compatible.  I suggest that you get one that is powered by the MBP.  That affords maximum flexibility.  Amazon is a good source.

  • I have an iMac running system 10.10.3.  I would like to use an external hard drive to save all my iMovie projects.  How do I transfer the files and tell iMovie where to find them?

    How can I move all my iMovie projects to an external hard drive and save all future projects to that same drive without constantly getting the 'can't find files' statement?  I am using iMovie 10.0.7,

    Have a look at the help files on this at:  http://help.apple.com/imovie/mac/10.0.8/#/mov3fa25bae7
    You can have multiple libraries if you want and save them anywhere.

  • Best way to merge multiple iPhoto libraries from several external hard drives into one, while deleting duplicates?

    Problem: My wife and I both have MacBook Pros (MBPs).  We take a lot of pictures and import them into iPhoto.  When the storage capacity of our MBPs gets full, I have been moving our iPhoto libraries into external hard drives, which are now multiple (3 or 4).  The problem I now realize we have been making, is that once the iPhoto libraries were copied onto the external hard drives, we were only deleting about half of the photos in each iPhoto library remaining in our MBPs (because we wanted to keep some of the important ones in our hard drives).  Once the storage capacities of our MBPs got full again, I would repeat the whole process again and again.  In essence I now have several large iPhoto libraries (each about 80 GB), each with multiple duplicate photos, divided among several external hard drives.  And I am running out of space on my hard drive again.  So what is the best way to:
    a)  merge all of these iPhoto libraries into just one, while simultaneously being able to delete all the duplicates?  (or would you not recommend this?)
    b)  prevent this from happening again?
    Thanks.  BTW I am using OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 and iPhoto 8.1.2 (2009)

    If you have Aperture 3.3 or later and iPhoto 9.3 or later you can merge libraries with Aperture.
    Otherwise the only way to merge Libraries is with the paid ($30) version of iPhoto Library Manager
    The Library Manager app can be set avoid duplicates.

  • My macbook is running on OS 10.5.8 and I would like to purchase an external hard drive

    Is there a hard drive I can use without updating to a new OS? I'm looking for 1-2 TB.

    The hard drives are not generally dependent on the operating system. Just to be sure, read the system requirements on the box or in the manual of what you are looking to purchase.
    More important is that you get one that has a compatible connection. Thunderbolt drives, for example, will not work with your MacBook. USB 3 drives should work but you will not get the advantage of USB 3 speeds. You do not mention if your MacBook has a FireWire port or not. If it does not you can't use a FW hard drive unless it also has USB.
    Best of luck.

  • Can I transfer Time Machine data from two separate hard drives into one new one?

    I'm using a MacBook Pro as my primary computer.  My 500 gig Time Capsule filled up a year or so ago, so I stopped using it with Time Machine for awhile so I could keep the data from those old back-ups.  There were a number of things I deleted from my computer's very limited hard drive after they were backed up to the Time Capsule.  I got a 1T external USB drive last year to use as my "filing Cabinet" to store files I didn't necessarily need all the time or that were filling up my small laptop hard drive--including my iTunes library--all organized in a way that made it relatively easy for me to find what I needed, even if I didn't remember exactly when I'd filed it or what I'd called it.  I got another 1 terabyte external (portable) drive last July and dedicated it to TimeMachine backups and labeled it "TimeMachine".
    Over the last couple of weeks, my friend has been helping me upgrade to Yosemite and clean up my laptop hard drive.  Last week he cloned my laptop hard drive to a new 1T hard drive and I exchanged it for my old drive in my computer today. All good.
    Here's the issue.  We replaced my Time Capsule hard drive with a 1 terabyte drive with the idea of transferring the data from the old Time Capsule (500G) drive and the newer USB 1T "TimeMachine" compact drive to the new 1T Time Capsule drive and beginning using the latter for my Time Machine backups going forward.  Originally he thought we could copy everything from each of my external drives (the old 500gig drive from my Time Capsule, the USB "TimeMachine" drive I've been using since July, and the "file cabinet" files) to my computer in their own folders and then start regular TimeMachine backups to the new Time Capsule drive, thus preserving all my old data and making regular backups going forward.  The "file cabinet" data was no problem at all, but when I tried to copy my USB "TimeMachine" data to my computer, I was unable to.  My friend found instructions for transferring old TimeMachine data to a new TimeCapsule, but I don't know if I can transfer the data from two separate disks to the new TimeCapsule drive. I'm afraid that one set of data will supersede the other and either my newer backups or my old ones will be lost if I try to transfer both. 
    Are my fears justified or is there a way to insure that no such problem will occur?  Of course, my data will still be on those two older drives, but that won't do me a lot of good if I can't access it when I need to. Also, the 1T drive now belongs to my friend; he used a brand new drive he'd bought for himself for my new internal hard drive and plans to take my 1T "TimeCapsule" drive in exchange, once the data has been transferred, so he will, of course, erase that drive. 

    Should we be able to bring up the old (500G) Time Capsule Drive to rename it using a SATA to FireWire harness and then copy the whole thing to the new Time Capsule drive?
    You can copy a whole sparsebundle from one drive to another. That is not a problem. Whether you can access the sparsebundle is something you should test before you even start though.
    If it's on the Desktop and I don't tell Time Machine to exclude it from backups, will it just automatically back it up?
    All drives you plug into the Mac are excluded by default.. you must include them. So no problems there.. but I hope I am understanding the question.
    Will both volumes or directories (which is the right term?) show up when I open Time Machine?
    No, Time Machine will only open what it is told to open... or its backup default location.
    You can force Time Machine to open alternative/old/no longer used backups by (now I have a problem as things have changed somewhat in Yosemite and I consider it alpha release software at this point in time). The old method was to right click on the TM icon and select a different TM backup. easy. Yosemite seems to have made easy stuff harder.
    Here it is on my current computer.. clearly not Yosemite.. Right click on the TM icon in the dock.. select Browse Other Time Machine Disks.. And supply the info of where that is located. Easy. If you cannot figure it out one of the other posters here (with more patience than me for Yosemite) will help you.
    Or will we have to partition the new drive somehow--is that even possible?
    I am getting more lost as I go down the list.. but the TC disk cannot be partitioned.
    If you have included all those USB drives in the new backup on a Time a Time Capsule.. you have made life rather hard because now your files are stored another layer deeper than they were.
    So to open a file from a disk you need to open the sparsebundle.. then dig down to the drive in question and then dig down to the backup.. and all of this means Time Machine has to work perfectly which is Yosemite is a very big ask.
    I thought you wanted to just backup your old drives to central location.. which means copying the files to a separate folder on the Time Capsule.
    One correction I need to make to my post, which will make my strategy make a bit more sense: my new Time Capsule drive is 4T
    It makes it much harder.. and I have to pose a real question of long term .. if you have put a 4TB drive in a Gen1 TC.. did you also replace its power supply because I can assure you the drive might be ok but the TC itself will not last forever.. and what happens when it dies. The Gen1 power supply is already well beyond its normal life span and the vast majority are dead. When the backup device is unreliable and the backups on it are made that much harder to get access to.. is this a great plan??
    If you are going to consolidate all your old files on one disk.. a task I find understandable. I have done much the same albeit the usefulness of files made on emac running OS9 may be questioned. A disk lying in the bottom of a draw is a more appropriate place for them.
    You want those files as easily accessible as possible (at the point of recovery) and not buried inside a sparsebundle.. particularly not a sparsebundle from the old TC disk buried inside a new sparsebundle.. keep files as accessible as possible as you can run searches.. and that is best done on a USB 3 (or faster ie thunderbolt) drive plugged into a new(ish) computer.. not network. And since the files are not being accessed on a daily/weekly or even monthly or yearly basis.. keeping them in actively running TC network storage.. I would say is a waste of space. That is only my opinion of course.. you might consider it highly important that files you will never look at are available any time of day or night when the urge comes to track down that elusive pimpernel email you sent 10 years ago... but I find it hard to justify. What the case.. the problem with TM and things like Mail is you cannot search it.. you must restore the whole library/files/program even before you can access it.. that makes file recovery out of a sparsebundle double step process.
    So.. summary.
    If you want to store files on the 4TB drive in the TC.. that is not a great strategy but it can work.. simply create a folder named.. OldFilesEMac for instance.. and do a simple copy and paste of all the file to that location. Do not use TM.. Since you have already used TM.. and from what I am reading you have already done the backup with the external drives included.. then you are going to end up needing to erase the TC and start over.. which you may not be prepared to do.. which is fair enough. (I am coming across as overbearing school master.. apologies).
    TM is to backup your main OS and current files.. not files from 10-20years ago.
    Please do read the issues involved in Pondini..
    See his FAQ. I recommend you read through Q14-17 so you understand what is involved in recovery.
    I also recommend you read the first couple of articles here. http://pondini.org/TM/Home.html
    Particularly so you understand the complexity of Time Machine.
    And the articles here. http://pondini.org/TM/Time_Capsule.html
    Particularly Q3 on mixing data and backups on a TC.
    I wish I could spend an hour or two face to face and work it out.. the whole strategy to do this.. !!

  • Making two small hard drives into one big partition, so i can install jsdk

    I want to install jsdk but my hard drive isnt big enough. I connected a second hard drive to the same cable as my 1st hard drive, i want to make one partition. Is that possible? How can i do it so to harddrives look like one hard drive when i open "My Computer" I have fdisk, but what do i choose to partition it correctly?

    i explain what i know but if i am wrong maybe some others will correct me:
    From what i know, there is no way to auto fill the second when the first is filled. BTW the first will not be filled because if it does, there wont be enough space to run your other program.
    Master and slave is like a primary harddisk and a secondary hardisk
    Master is where your OS resites and is commoly known as C drive whileas secondary can be your D, E , F( i am refering to harddisk not your CD-Rom or floppy drive)
    Logic partitioning is where u separate your one hard disk into several parts... Like u can separate your C into several shelves to store things. No conflict will arise if same filename is found in the C drive.
    Extended is where u separate the separated portions of the hard disk... like separating one shelf into two: one to keep your books and the other to keep your pencil etc.

  • I am dissatisfied with FireFox 5 and would like to get an older version to install. How do I go about doing that??

    The bookmarks/urls are GONE. Went to Mozilla's help files and their directions didn't fly--so I would like and older working version.

    You phone the Apple Store and order a Mac OS X 10.6 DVD, and if desired, update it to 10.6.8 and get Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store.

  • HT2518 i would like to copy files from an external hard drive to my Mac. I intend to do this several times. Does Mac identify this files which have already be copied over or does it re- copy them every time?

    i would like to copy files from an external hard drive to my Mac. I intend to do this several times. Will Mac copy the same files every time or can it segregate and only copy new files from the external hard drive?

    Only copies the file or files you select. The selection will remain unless you change it in case you wish to repeat the same copy to another location. Multiple and different copy operations can be run simultaneously.

  • I would like to format the external hard disk.  I would like to use it in Mac as well as in Windows.  What format should I do, connect to Macbook Pro? MS-DOS (FAT) or ExFAT ?

    I would like to format the external hard disk.  I need to use it in Mac as well as in Windows.  What format should I do, connect to Macbook Pro?  MS-DOS (FAT) or ExFAT ?

    success1975 wrote:
    1) In 'ExFAT' format, is there a limitation on the file size?
    Not one that will matter.
    2) Is 'MAC OS Extended' format, only for MAC computers?
    Yes, only for Mac
    3) What are those (a) journaled (b) Encrypted & (c) Case-sensitive? or when to use those?
    Again, only for Mac.

  • Is it possible to have two USB drives for the IPad?  I want to bring RAW photo files from my camera, through the IPad and back to an external hard drive.  One of my cameras does not use an SD card.  How can I do this?

    Is it possible to have two USB drives for the IPad?  I want to bring RAW files from my camera through the IPad and out to an external hard drive.  One of my cameras has an SD card but the other one doesn't have a card that would fit in any of the camera devices I've seen on line.  Realted to this, I bought the IPad camera accessory.  Can I put the SD card in the device and also hook the external hard drive to the USB port of the accessory and download from the camera to the hard drive?  Can I put Lightroom or the Nikon photo editing software on the IPad?  Right now I carry a PC laptop and external hard drives with me on wildernes trips.  Internet and WiFi are not available.  Because I shoot so many photos and they're in RAW I need to download from the camera to the external drive because I run out of memory on the PC (and it has much more memory than the IPad).  I have Nikon NX software and lightroom on my PC.  I'd love to be able to reduce the weight I carry by using the IPad to edit my photos each night while on trips.  Is this possible and how would I do it?  I'd appreciate any guidance.

    No, the camera connection kit only supports the copying of photos and videos to the Photos app, it doesn't support copying content off the iPad. For your second camera instead of the SD reader part of the kit, does the iPad to camera cable not work with it for direct transfer to the iPad ?
    For Lightroom and Nikon software again no - you can only install apps that are available in the iTunes app store on your computer and the App Store app on the iPad, 'normal' PC and Mac (OS X) software are not compatible with the iPad (iOS). There are some apps that perform fairly basic editing functions that are available in the store, but nothing as sophisticated as, for example, Lightroom.

  • I've copied my itunes library onto an external hard drive.  Is there any way I can do this and delete songs from my PC without also deleting from the external drive? Already lost two songs!!!

    I've copied my itunes library onto an external hard drive.  Is there any way I can do this and delete songs from my PC without also deleting from the external drive? Already lost two songs!!!  I just want a back up - using a work PC and don't want others accessing my songs.  Hope someone can help.  Thanks!

    I see. To get a better idea of what is being stored where please download and run the script iTunesInfo which should output something like this:
    I'm interested in the block of 4 results starting ITL location. If your profile name shows up somewhere replace it with <Name>.  It is also worth checking under Edit > Preferences > Advanced to see where iTunes thinks your media is supposed to go. My script estimates the setting based on the location of the first media file it can actually find.

  • Backing up to two external hard drives

    I have two external hard drives - a LaCie FireWire (my first purchase) and a small Targus USB (used while travelling). Backup software is Silverkeeper. I used the LaCie exclusively for about six months with no problems. The initial backup was lengthy but subsequent backups were much quicker, since it was merely an updating process.
    The LaCie stayed at home and the Targus was used for four months. It performed in exactly the same manner.....lengthy on initial backup but quicker on subsequent backups.
    What happens now is that every time I try to do a backup, alternating between the two hard drives, the software indicates that no backup has ever been performed and I must start from "scratch". In addition, I get a window telling me that if I want to create a bootable back-up, the destination volume must be totally blank. (I do realize that only the FireWire drive can be a bootable copy).
    I am totally baffled. Any suggestions?

    Whilst I totally recommend SuperDuper!, and use it myself, be aware that the more advanced features like the fast Smart Backups and scheduling are only available from the full (registered version). The free version will only do a full and complete clone.
    That said I think SD! is well worth the asking price and definitely my primary choice.
    15" 1.25GHz/12" 1GHz PBs, 2xPPC Mac minis, 12" iBook G4,   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   Cube, 2xTAMs, iPods 2G/4G, iPs, AEBS, AX

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