Ibook to iphone 4

how do I know total mb b-4 dwnldng ibook to iphone 4

14.9 MB.  It tells you on the screen holding the button you click or tap to acquire it.

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  • How to synch PDF books in iTunes with iBooks on iPhone

    How to synch PDF books in iTunes with iBooks on iPhone?
    I am running current apps on all (PC with windows 7)
    When I sysnc my iphone the  PDF books in iTunes do not show up in the iBook library.
    I see no place to configure the sync of books as some tutotials suggest.

    You've selected the iPhone on the left-hand sidebar of your computer's iTunes (if you have iTunes 11 then you can enable the sidebar via control-S on a PC), and you've then selected the Books tab on the right-hand side of iTunes and selected those PDFs and clicked on sync/apply to try and copy them over to your phone ? And in the iBooks app on your phone you have 'PDF' selected on the button at the top middle of the bookshelf, not 'Books' ?

  • Can i import or copy photo to ibook on iphone 5

    can i import or copy photo to ibook on iphone 5 or can i open photo attachement in ibook on iphone5

    Here is some more info that might help clarify some of the issues.
    My contact card and all of my other contacts show on my iPad (IOS 7)and in iCloud.
    Everything after this has to do with my iphone.
    All of my contacts but mine shows up on my iPhone 5 (IOS 7)
    Siri no longer has a clue to who I am but gives me the chance to be anyone from my contacts...other than me because I am not one of her options.
    Contacts are "on" in setting for mail and iCloud.
    My info is not in Settings>Mail, contacts, calanders>My Info> contacts
    I have backed up my phone and nothing changed.
    I have tried a hard reboot.
    I have not tried to add my info again into my phone mainly because I don't want to have two of me on everything else.
    I have tried to search my phone number in contacts but the more numbers I typed in the list got smaller and smaller until my number was in and the list was blank.
    I have made sure that every place I can search with spotlight search was turned on and searched my name and also did a search for my phone number. Only my name showed up in other people's contact info as brother or husband.
    I know I am forgetting something but this is what I have gone over so far.

  • Hello! How to see  *.ibooks in iphone?

    Hello!  I looking for the way to see new ibook (*.ibooks) in iphone

    Just turn it sideways (Landscape mode)

  • Add PDF to   ibooks  on  iphone  4?

    How   Can  I   Save  a   PDF   file  to  ibooks on iphone  4?  I  got  an email  with  some   Business  and  want to save it on my iphone  4   also   when i open the email on my iphone  4 and tap the PDF  file all I  see is  quick  look  or  print   I  don't  see  open  in ibooks  thanks  thanks to anyone  who can help.

    You have to first get the pdf into your iTunes library, save it to your computer then drop it into iTunes.  Then go into Get Info for the pdf and change its Media Kind to "Book".  Then sync it back to your iPhone as a book and you should be good to go.  I don't think you can do this without iTunes though.

  • How I can make an ibook for iphone?

    how I can make an ibook for iphone? when I export my book, the iphone says that the format is just for ipad

    You need to recreate your book in .epub format.  The apple app for that is Pages. 

  • IBA: Is it possible to make an iTunes book link to open in Safari instead of iBooks on iPhone for iPad books?

    This message comes up on iPhone: “Item not available - This book is only viewable on an iPad or a Mac with iBooks”. It would be good to be able to show info about an iPad/Mac book on iPhones.

    To ask Apple to add this feature you need to post at

  • IBooks Author & iPhone

    I just pushed a new short story that was done in iBooks Author and does not include any multimedia.  Luckily, the story went live in about 12 hours.  Unfortunately, it's shown that it works on the iPad only.  Why wouldn't work on the iPhone?  Is this something specific to the fact that I used iBooks Author to publish it?

    That's correct. iBA is only for iBooks on iPad.
    Part of the reason is that iBA outputs a hybird epub that Apple thought up.
    If you want to support both iPhone and iPad, use Pages, as one example, and ship an industry accepted epub instead.

  • TIP FOR SYNC IBOOKS WITH IPHONE (4 AT LEAST but assuming for others too)

    having trouble sync your ibooks with ya iphone well here what i did and it seems to have worked
    plugged in my iphone 4 into my computer allowed it to sync as normal then go into ibooks tab then de-sync all books msg will appear u will lose all books on iphone do u wish to contintue select yes then await a few mins to allow it to finish
    then disconnect device from PC laptop whatever,
    shut down itunes relaunch it then re plug your phone in and re-sync with sync ibooks as normal
    depending on amount of books u wish to sync they will SLOWLY appear in your iphone
    (ive got 208 ibooks it taken it almost 20 mins to do that but my ibooks is yet again filling up with books ive bought (about time))
    important dont assume it has sync
    you can also drag the book icon from your itunes lib into the phone but that not 100% garenteed to work as ive found out (20 odd times with ONE book)
    i hope that helps now to go off and read that third and final book in the series
    sync checked
    tea and snacks check
    feet up check
    " it started as a ..... "

    I don't even care at this point. I just need the phone! I'm on a black/crapberry due to selling my 3g. I was really wanting the white, but quite honestly, now I just want a phone, any color...doesn't matter. With all of the drama going on at my BB where I can't even speak the mobile manager as she is "overwhelmed" anything at this point, referring to the phone in my hands is good news for me.
    I do hope however that those of you that want the coveted white do get it. After all of this drama, they should make a movie...

  • Problems in syncing ibooks to iphone

    hi, I have an iphone 3gs i have some ibooks from uni (with .ibook extension) i can add these books to itunes library but when i try to sync my ibooks it would not show anything to sync! has anyone faced this problem before? or is there a solution for this?
    Thanks for all the help

    iBook extension runs only on iPad.

  • Ibooks author iphone compatible

    I think that ibooks author must be compatible to iphone and ipod touch. I made an iBook version and another compatible to iphone. Its not razonable !
    I did the wor 2 times to make 2 diferent formats of the same book...

    leriasliz wrote:
    I think that ibooks author must be compatible to iphone and ipod touch.
    To make sure Apple hears your thoughts on this, you need to post at

  • Loading .iBooks to iPhone using iOS 8

    Has anyone tried to load a preview file over from iBooks Author to say, like an iPhone 5S using iOS 8 with iBooks Author? 
    I'm not getting iBooks Author to even recognize the phone is attached.
    Also, can someone suggest a procedure for loading .ibooks files to the same phone? 
    Or is that not going to transfer over? 
    Curious and concerned. 

    Unless it's a new feature of iOS 8 (which, at best is buggy anyway), it's my understanding that iBooks Author was never intended to be loaded on an iPhone. Think about it — that's a pretty small screen for content.
    It was originally intended exclusively for the iPad. Then they added the ability to view iBook Author ebook content on supported Mac OS.

  • Ibooks and iphone

    how does ibooks sync from iphone to ipad, does it do it wireless or do i have to sync it through itunes?
    Things i read say if you read a book on ipad, it syncs to iphone wireless. Do i have to do something?
    I have gone into settings and clicked the on for ibooks sync, but no bookmarks change on my iphone.
    thank you

    never mind, i just all of a sudden started working, guess it takes a while once everything is turned on.

  • Ibooks for iphone

    I did a book with iBook Author and now I would like to have that book on my iphone6, but it seems not to be possible: is that true? why??

    paoletta cornel wrote:
    I did a book with iBook Author and now I would like to have that book on my iphone6, but it seems not to be possible: is that true? why??
    iBA books are in the .ibooks format, which can only be read on an iPad or a Mac running OS X  10.9 and higher.
    Nobody in these forums can tell you why Apple has not made such books readable on the iphone, but you can ask for this via
    For the iphone .epub format is required.  The Apple app for producing that is Pages.
    Or if .pdf does what you need, you could export your .iba file to .pdf and read that on any device.

  • IBooks to iPhone

    I have successfully updated my 3G iPhone to OS4 - finally. I have installed iBooks. I have told both my iPad and iPhone to store books in iTunes to sync. Both apps asked me if I wanted to do that when I opened them. My question is how do I get the books from my iPad to my phone? When I click on the books tab I don't see anything with either device connected. If I click on sync all books, a message tells me that all music and videos will be erased from my iPad. Has anyone successfully gotten their books on their iPhone?

    I had the same problem. I tried a bunch of things. Here's what worked for me.
    I went to the iTunes store and noticed on the right side at the bottom of the screen that there was an icon for "purchases". The books I purchases on my iPad appeared with a button to "redownload".
    I redownloaded all my books, made sure "sync bookmarks" was on. Opened each book on my ipad to ensure that the bookmarks were synced correctly and then they opened on the phone.
    Though, I must admit, I have seen lots of complaints about iBooks running very slow on 3G and I agree, that it is too slow to be truly useful. But, at least all will be in place when I get my iPhone4 on Thursday!

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