IC Web - Transferring verible values to Model

Currently I am facing a problem in IC Web page, where in a variable value has to be saved in CRM Service ticket transaction.
The variable value is computed in the controller class (Before on_save() method) and assigned to a Context node by calling Set_Attribute() method. The value is set with in the context.
But the problem is the variable value is not Transferred to the BOL/GENIL layer while saving Service Ticket Transaciton. After saving, variable value is displayed on the view but not updated to the Service ticket transaction.
Can anyone help me in solving the problem. Also please send me the documentation on BOL and GENIL.
Kunda Kishore.

         I want to extend the model.I went to the transaction CRMV_GENIL.
I go to total model and click on change icon. It says "    Do not make any changes (SAP data).
My question is:
If I extend the model will it get wiped out during upgrade.

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  • Unable to add value to model node with cardinality 0..n

    Hi All,
       Im working with Webdynpro Java.i have an issue here.i have a input field item named customer and a drop down box item location.when i give customer and location as inputs,a WSDL (named Equipment WSDL) is called.the result is a  drop down list containing equipments id
    i took a custom node location with cardinaliy 0..n.i gave static values as input for location.i need to set the location values to model node location.when i m giving a single value to custom node location,that static value is not accepted by model node location(in WSDL) whose cardinality is 0..n.
    Please suugest a solution for this issue
    With Regards,

    HI Ushashri,
    What do you mean by 'static value is not accepted by model node location'
    how you have done the mapping
    send me the hierarchy of rfc and ur value node
    With Regards

  • Transfering APC Values Only

    Any thoughts on how to transfer asset APC values only on an parital intercompany transfer of an asset for a company that uses depreciation to the day from one Co Code to another ????
    Example: Asset 10001 on CoCode 1001 has a APC value of $15,000 and Acc Depr of $5,000.
    Need to transfer $5,000 APC value only to a new asset in CoCode 1002 (No accumlated depreciation value s/b transfered)
    Original Values
    Asset 10001 Co Code 1001
    APC            $15,000
    Acc Depr         5,000
    Net Value         10,000
    New Values after partial transfer
    Asset 10001 Co Code 1001
    APC            $ 10,000
    Acc Depr         5,000
    Net Value         5,000
    Asset 10010 Co Code 1002
    APC            $  5,000
    Acc Depr               0
    Net Value         5,000

    try to customize a new transaction type (e.g. copy 300)
    and use tcode OA81 - special handling of transfer posting - Trans. APC only

  • Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model

    We are getting following error on the endeca server in production environment and we are not able to reproduce it in the lower environment, can some body expains what this error means and how this occurs
    WARN 03/17/13 20:59:39.418 UTC (1363553979418) DGRAPH {dgraph} Error processing HTTP exchange 797486: Invalid input : Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model (18,"Product Aisle") in query nav state.
    WARN 03/17/13 21:00:27.575 UTC (1363554027575) DGRAPH {dgraph} Error processing HTTP exchange 798401: Invalid input : Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model (18,"Product Aisle") in query nav state.
    WARN 03/17/13 21:01:31.394 UTC (1363554091394) DGRAPH {dgraph} Error processing HTTP exchange 800340: Invalid input : Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model (18,"Product Aisle") in query nav state.
    WARN 03/17/13 21:01:43.216 UTC (1363554103216) DGRAPH {dgraph} Error processing HTTP exchange 800577: Invalid input : Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model (18,"Product Aisle") in query nav state.
    WARN 03/17/13 21:02:39.912 UTC (1363554159912) DGRAPH {dgraph} Error processing HTTP exchange 801775: Invalid input : Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model (4,"Form") in query nav state.

    Hello Tijomon,
    Looking at the warning it seems the query being build is not good. Some possibilities are:
    ~ you have multi select enabled in the front end on a single select dimension
    ~ the index was moved from one environment to other and some of the dimension values do not match (due to the state being different)

  • WAD - customize web item attribute values

    did somebody know if it is possible to define or customize web item attribute values ?
    I would like to define a new attribute value for the attribute IMAGEMAP_PATTERN. At the moment there are just two possible values to select: NONE or FILTER_VAL.
    <a href="http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw2004s/helpdata/en/3b/7c97de1bed374ee0000800091c1b0e/frameset.htm">IMAGEMAP_PATTERN</a>
    Thank you.
    Daniel Junkovic

    Hello Elena,
    I am working on navigation with maps at the moment. Can you tell me, where to set the parameters "Imagemap_Pattern" or "Influenced_DP_1", please?
    I tried it with the html- code of the documentation, but this did not work so well.

  • How to pass value between models?

    Dear all,
    I use VC 7.0 composer to create dashboards. That include one overview dashboard (model) to show seven KPI in one screen and I also have seven detailed dashboards (models) to show the detail of each KPI.  Each dashboard has their own iView .   User will only need to pick a plant once at the overview dashboard and I expect the plant value will be passed to other seven detailed dashboards.
    Since those dashboards are saved in different models, I just wonder is it possible I can pass the value from the overview dashboard model to the separated detailed dashboard models? The reason I donu2019t put all dashboards in one model because I need to have different reports assigned on the left of the screen for each dashboard in portal. If I need to accomplish this in portal, I believe I need separate iView(model) for each dashboard. Please correct me if I am wrong since I am new to portal development. Thanks.

    I think it is possible to pass values between models.
    Just creat on "Write-RFC" and one "Read-RFC"
    The RFC has just the function to write/read a value into an customer table...
    ^^ We have tried this scenario and it works perfect.

  • Transferring checkbox values on ALV to value in the internal table?

    I'm using an ALV grid (CL_GUI_ALV_GRID) to display an internal table.  I want users to be able to select one or many rows and those checked lines to be marked as X in my internal table.  I have a field, check(1), in my internal table displayed on the ALV, but when I tick one line on the ALV and debug, I don't see an X in the check field on that line in my internal table.
    I've successfully written code to select and deselect all lines and those values copy back to my internal table so why don't the single lines?
    CASE sy-ucomm.
        WHEN 'SELECT_ALL'.
    *   select all lines
          LOOP AT tbl_data INTO wa_data.
            MOVE 'X' TO wa_data-check.
            MODIFY tbl_data FROM wa_data.
        WHEN 'DESELECT'.
    *   deselect all lines
          LOOP AT tbl_data INTO wa_data.
            CLEAR wa_data-check.
            MODIFY tbl_data FROM wa_data.
    Do I have to add some code in the PAI to transfer the values?
    Any suggestions welcome,

    Yes, I have.
    The checkbox is appearing on the screen and is populated/cleared when I click the select/deselect buttons (this transfers the values in my internal table to the screen).  But when I just tick one line and then debug that line isn't showing as having X in the check field in my internal table.
    Somehow I need to transfer the tick values on screen to my internal table.

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    what is trade in value of model 9530 curve blackberry?

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    Thank you,
    Follow us on TWitter @VZWsupport

  • Build web service with value types

    I am trying to build a web service that uses a value type as a parameter.
    I am using wscompile and wsdeploy to build the service.
    But I don't know how to include the value type in my service.
    This is what I do:
    First I compile all the java files and put them in my build directory (incuding the value type class)
    Then I use wscompile -define -d build -nd build -classpath build config-interface.xml -model build/model.gz
    Then I create the war file that contains the class files, model.gz, web.xml and jaxrpc-ri.xml.
    Then I run wsdeploy -o dist/generic-serv.war dist/generic-service.war
    How do I get my value type class included in the wsdl file? and does it need to be in the model.gz file aswell?

    Sorry I was a bit wrong describing my problem.
    I am trying to use an ArrayList containing value types as a parameter.

  • Avoiding null and duplicate values using model clause

    I am trying to use model clause to get comma seperated list of data : following is the scenario:
    testuser>select * from test1;
    1 Value1
    2 Value2
    3 Value3
    4 Value4
    5 Value4
    7 value5
    8 rows selected.
    the query I have is:
    testuser>with src as (
    2 select distinct id,value
    3 from test1
    4 ),
    5 t as (
    6 select distinct substr(value,2) value
    7 from src
    8 model
    9 ignore nav
    10 dimension by (id)
    11 measures (cast(value as varchar2(100)) value)
    12 rules
    13 (
    14 value[any] order by id =
    15 value[cv()-1] || ',' || value[cv()]
    16 )
    17 )
    18 select max(value) oneline
    19 from t;
    what I find is that this query has duplicate value and null (',,') coming in as data has null and duplicate value. Is there a way i can avoid the null and the duplicate values in the query output?
    Edited by: orausern on Feb 19, 2010 5:05 AM

    Try this code.
    t as ( select substr(value,2)value,ind
            from test1
            ignore nav
            dimension by (id)
            measures (cast(value as varchar2(100)) value, 0 ind)
            ( ind[any]=  instr(value[cv()-1],value[cv()]),
            value[any] order by id = value[cv()-1] || CASE WHEN value[cv()] IS NOT NULL
                                               and ind[cv()]=0     THEN ',' || value[cv()] END      
    select max(value) oneline
    from t;
    SQL> select * from test1;
            ID VALUE
             1 Value1
             2 Value2
             3 Value3
             4 Value4
             5 Value4
             7 value5
    8 ligne(s) sélectionnée(s).
    SQL> with
      2   t as ( select substr(value,2)value,ind
      3          from test1
      4          model
      5          ignore nav
      6          dimension by (id)
      7          measures (cast(value as varchar2(100)) value, 0 ind)
      8          rules
      9          ( ind[any]=  instr(value[cv()-1],value[cv()]),
    10          value[any] order by id = value[cv()-1] || CASE WHEN value[cv()] IS NOT NULL
    11                                             and ind[cv()]=0     THEN ',' || value[cv()] END 
    12          )
    13        )
    14   select max(value) oneline
    15   from t;

  • Null values in model function

    Here is the table I m using :
      "SOLDE" NUMBER(15,0));
    I have made these insetions :
    insert into test values (10,1111,'I',5,'Yes',NULL);
      insert into test values (10,2222,'I',2,'Yes',NULL);
       insert into test values (10,3333,'R',-7,'Yes',NULL);
        insert into test values (10,4444,'R',-5,'Yes',NULL);
         insert into test values (10,5555,'I',5,'Yes',NULL);
          insert into test values (10,6666,'I',0,'Yes',NULL);
           insert into test values (10,7777,'I',0,'Yes',NULL);
            insert into test values (10,8888,'I',0,'Yes',NULL);
    I m trying to have the Solde comlumn return the cumulation of the the column 'NombreTitres'. The disired result of the sold column is this in order :
    Here is the SQL I m using but giving me null all the time :
      FROM test
      where identifiantactionnaire = 10
                    0 Solde
    rules sequential ORDER
    Solde[1] = nombreTitres[1],
                                              WHEN SENSOPERATION[cv()] = 'R' and (nombreTitres[cv()]*(-1)) + Solde[cv()-1] <=0 then 0
                                              WHEN SENSOPERATION[cv()] = 'R' THEN (nombreTitres[cv()]*(-1)) + Solde[cv()-1]
                                                        ELSE nombreTitres[cv()] + Solde[cv()-1] END

    test as
    (select 10 identifiantactionnaire,1111 numeroecriture,'I' sensoperation,5 nombretitres,'Yes' indicateurpmu from dual union all
    select 10,2222,'I',2,'Yes' from dual union all
    select 10,3333,'R',-7,'Yes' from dual union all
    select 10,4444,'R',-5,'Yes' from dual union all
    select 10,5555,'I',5,'Yes' from dual union all
    select 10,6666,'I',0,'Yes' from dual union all
    select 10,7777,'I',0,'Yes' from dual union all
    select 10,8888,'I',0,'Yes' from dual
    select identifiantactionnaire,numeroecriture,sensoperation,nombretitres,indicateurpmu,solde
      from test
    where identifiantactionnaire = 10
    model partition by (identifiantactionnaire,indicateurpmu)
           dimension by (row_number() over (partition by identifiantactionnaire,indicateurpmu order by numeroecriture) rid)
           measures(numeroecriture,sensoperation,nombretitres,0 solde)
      solde[any] order by numeroecriture = case when nombretitres[cv()] = 0 /* TO PRODUCE THE FINAL THREE ZEROS */
                                                then 0                      /* INSTEAD OF THREE 5 WHEN MISSING  */
                                                when nvl(solde[cv()-1],0) + nombretitres[cv()] > 0
                                                then nvl(solde[cv()-1],0) + nombretitres[cv()]
                                                else 0

  • Transferring the values from a known range of cells (containing formulas) in Excel using Applescript

    I have my AppleScript iterating thru email messages and pasting data (which arrives via email from a web form) into following cells: range "A1:A50"
    My Excel parsing of data occurs in cell formulas on Row 52, cells in range "A52:AZ52"
    I want to copy the cells in row 52 and paste the Values (not the formulas) in successive rows underneath the formula cells, starting with row 54: range "A54:AZ54"
    In pseudo code the code snip is:
    tell worksheet "sheet1" of workbook "Example" application "Microsoft Excel"
         repeat i from 1 thru to (count emails)
              paste some of the contents of (email item i) into sheet range "A1:A50"  
                                            # the above forms about twenty lines of code to get it
                                                  into Excel's cell object list or lists
              copy or get row 52   # or range "A52:AZ52" if that's easier/faster/better
              paste or set the values of row 52 into row (53+i)
         end repeat
    end tell
    Not sure whether to use the clipboard with "paste speical…[range] with []" or copy and set value statements. I only know how to reference existing ranges, not the cell contents of the range. I really need to know how to get contents of cells into a AppleScript object (list) that I can transfer. The 2004 Excel AS documentation is not helping me, please throw me a life line someone. :-)

    One other question if I may hijack my thread, if I wanted to set the column of the range programatically how would I do that?
    I know how to programatically set the row eg.
         set x to 54
         set r to range "A" & x & ":AZ" & x
         set tVlaue to value of r
    But I need something like Column (x) to make one of {"A","B","C",…}
    but column(2) gives me $B:B$
    and: "column(2) as text" (so I can halve it) beachballs Script Debugger and Excel and I have to stop the script and restart Excel!

  • How to get the search criteria value in model

    I've a search page and one of the search item has BETWEEN operator. How can I get the values for this search criteria item in model project ie., inside the VOImpl.java?

    As you gave no jdev version and no use case all I can tell is to look at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/adf/learnmore/59-table-filter-by-data-range-176653.pdf which might help.
    What do you want to do with the parameter inside the VO?
    Depending on the use case and jdev version there are other possible solutions.

  • How to set value to Model Node of cardinality 0..N

    I am looking for a way to set value to a model node of cardinality 0..N
    i imported a WSDL into my applicaion , which has the following Node Structure.
    --- ModelNode_Request
          ---ModleNode3_Roles  [ cardinality 0..n singleton 1..1]
               ****Model_Attribute RoleID     <<<<<<<<<<<<
               ****Model_Attribute SysID      <<<<<<<<<<<<
    i tried with the below code  but effort went in vain.
    i tried following ways to set the value but , i get Nullpointer expection error.
    i aslo looked into the forum  https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/thread?messageID=2035342 but couldnt find any solid solution.
    It would be great if some one can throw some snippets on the same.
    Edited by: RR on Dec 22, 2008 5:48 PM

    Hi RR,
    As far as i know u can set model nodes and values nodes are different. whats shown in the link is for values node. u should do differently for model node..
        Since this is a model node...u first need to create an object of the node type. then create an arraylist for that and then add values..
    try this..
    // Create an object for structures in the node to be used
    Yweb_Po_Items objPOItems = null; // where Yweb_Po_Items is the structure of the node...
    // Create an abstractlist for structures in the RFC node to be used, if u are planning to give single or multiple rows (in node/table) as input to the RFC
    AbstractList POObjAbsList = new Yweb_Po_Items.Yweb_Po_Items_List();
    objPOItems = new Yweb_Po_Items();
    //    /set first set of values
    objPOItems.setColumn1(u201Cabcu201D); // here hard codede for example
    // add the object to the abstract list
    //    /set second set of values
    // add the object to the abstract list again
    POObjAbsList.add(objPOItems); // now u got 2 records
    // now set the abstractlist to the node in the RFC
    Hope this information is useful...
    Md. Yusuf

  • How to determine the values for Model Parameters in Forecasting

    Hello Gurus,
          On basis we will determine the values  for the Model Parameter values (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sigma).

    Dear Siva,
    the values are dependent from the forecast stratey and forecast model.
    The forecast strategy determines the method or the techniques that are used to create the forecast. You set the forecast strategy in the forecast profile.
    There are some settings that you must make for certain forecast strategies. The table below shows you which settings these are. You make these settings either in the univariate forecast profile or under the Model and Parameters tabs of the Forecast view on the demand planning desktop.
    Model initialization is the process by which the system determines the necessary model parameters for the chosen forecast model. These parameters are in following link:
    I hope this helps you further.

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