ICal Server - want to publish a single calendar

I'm missing a basic concept on iCal Server i think.
I just want to publish a single calendar to the public with NO passwords.
Calendars exist on the iCal Server on 10.8.5 using login credentials from Open Directory where users
can create calendars, share calendars, etc.
When you go to the Web site, it first asks for your login and password.
How do i link a calendar to a public location, or make a calendar publicly accessible?
Thanks in advance
Tim Far

So with no responses to the above question, I've had to rtfm...
It appears from my reading of the somewhat limited documentation on iCal Server on 10.8.5, since I have chosen
to apply security to the Wiki's and Calendars to use OD on the server; I cannot open a public viewable Calendar along side the secured ones.  ( I may certainly be wrong, but I haven't been able to find out how.)
So I took an easier approach, as I wanted 1 public calendar viewable and subscribable by the public.
The local iCal server will be used privately for local secure business, while the Public calendar will be
maintained on the local Admin's desktop, then shared publicly to Google calendars, where I set up a simple secure acount.  This gives me 4 benefits.
1. A public viewable webpage of the calendar - for those with iCal or iPhone (droid population, or browsers)
2. An dot.ics subscribable link  for those with iPhones, iCal compatibe calendars
3. An embedded link for our education web site, to show the Public calendar inline on our own website.
4. The ability to publish to said Google calendar , from the locally managed desktop.
This may have been obvious, or not; and potentially othe ways of accomplishing the same,
Any thoughts or goctcha's ?
Thanks in advance.

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    I have a working setup with an iCal server on OSX 10.5.2 that is also an OD master. I have several users with calendars hosted on the server. Only Mac clients so far. Everything seems to work when managing your own calendars. The problem I see is when I delegate my calendar to another user. None or just a few of the entries show up in the other users view of my calendar.
    I experimented a little and found out that it probably has to do with the number of items in the calendar. I have a calendar that contains several years of historic entries and when I start to delete entries everything eventually start to work. My calendar shows up OK in the other users view.
    I am not completely sure if it is the number of items in the calendar or if it is some specific entry that cause the problem but I can recreate the problem over and over again if I import the exported calendar, delegate and refresh as the other user.
    If I start to edit away entries in the exported iCal file I finally get a working setup.
    If somebody at Apple is interested I can provide the exported iCal file and it should be quite easy to recreate the bug.

    I have a working setup with an iCal server on OSX 10.5.2 that is also an OD master. I have several users with calendars hosted on the server. Only Mac clients so far. Everything seems to work when managing your own calendars. The problem I see is when I delegate my calendar to another user. None or just a few of the entries show up in the other users view of my calendar.
    I experimented a little and found out that it probably has to do with the number of items in the calendar. I have a calendar that contains several years of historic entries and when I start to delete entries everything eventually start to work. My calendar shows up OK in the other users view.
    I am not completely sure if it is the number of items in the calendar or if it is some specific entry that cause the problem but I can recreate the problem over and over again if I import the exported calendar, delegate and refresh as the other user.
    If I start to edit away entries in the exported iCal file I finally get a working setup.
    If somebody at Apple is interested I can provide the exported iCal file and it should be quite easy to recreate the bug.

  • How to make iCal Server events viewable on the web calendar?

    I can create, edit and view events on the web calendar.
    I can create, edit and view my own events via iCal.
    How can I set it up so we can see all the calendars from our group on the web calendar? It's empty now other than what's entered via the web calendar.
    Is there really no integration between the two?

    I too thought web group calendar was subscribe only in iCal until I ran across the procedure at
    in the 4th comment down by protean. With a couple of additions I was able to post an event to the web group calendar and have an update on the web post back to the iCal calendar. My additions were needed to get the results as posted in the comment:
    1) make sure Enable Calendaring is selected for all group members,
    2) refresh iCal to ensure all group members are visible in the Personal Server Calendar Address Pane before adding the group calendar account,
    3) add all members in step 3 of the procedure including yourself, however, if the owner of the group (e.g. diradmin) is not a member then don't add it,
    4) prior to step 6 of the procedure you can verify the group is visible as in step 8 in the Personal Server Calendar delegation before deleting the group account; if not visible then you don't have to start from scratch, just work with the group account from step 1,
    5) the group calendar shows up in the left column list of calendars under Delegates calendars.
    So I got this to work.
    Then I setup a location in Directory.app with Delegates as the group. It shows up in iCal under Delegates calendar with the error notice
    'Error While Refreshing Access to account "location title" is not permitted.'
    So there is no calendar available for the location in iCal. The personal iCal account shows the Delegation of location and the Show checkbox is selected. The group is allowed to select the location on the web calendar and in the server iCal calendar. But the location doesn't indicate conflicts in the availability pane. Can someone tell me what might be missing?

  • How do I put a newly invited event into my iCal server calendar?

    Hi There,
    We recently bought a mac-mini server which is running Snow Leopard Server for our office, and we have configured the server (using iCal Server 2) to store everybody's calendars.
    Everyone is using iCal to access there calendars off the server and the basics are working ok (sharing etc).
    An issue arises when someone attempts to create an event and invite another user in the office, the invitation is sent correctly but when the user receives the invitation and tries to add it to there calendar it is added to there local calendar, not the server calendar.
    So my question is how do I make it so any newly added event is put into my server calendar, not one of my local calendars?
    thanks for any help.

    Bear with me because my system is Italian, but we'll work it out together: iCAL will provide you with myriads of calendars, even those of football team schedules in Oklahoma.
    In my system, I go into iCAL, click on the menu at the top "Calendario" ("Calendar" obviously) and study the roll-down menu. I found "Trova iscrizioni" which might simply be something like "find calendars" "find entries". In any case, it is the item at the bottom of the roll-down "Calendar" menu.
    Be prepared for a bit of scrolling, unless there is an index I missed.

  • Ical server and google calendar

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has found a way to have a google calendar run the same way in ical as ical server so that all everyone can view the google calendar through ical server.
    We currently have our calendar on google calendar and would love to migrate it across to our server.
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    This is am ichat forum for 10.5 (leopard) - your question is about ical and perhaps 10.6?

  • Publish Windows Vista Calendar to ,Mac

    My Apple MacBook crashed and I got a PC Laptop (bad mistake but cheaper than Apple) running Vista Home Premium. I recreated my lost iCal to Windows Calendar. There is a Publish function in Windows Calendar but I can not get the right .Mac server address for publishing the Windows Calendar. I do not have iWeb which would make life easier. I tried uploading the Calendar to my iDisk but got the calendar.exe file rather than the calendar with data.
    How do I publish the Windows Calendar to my .Mac web pages?

    This forum is for troubleshooting Apple Software Update for Windows, a software package for Windows designed to update Apple products that run on Windows, not Vista or .Mac.
    I suggest you post your question in the .Mac forums:

  • Configure Lion Server as iCal Server

    We have a small business with two email systems in use. Google Apps is used by 60%, IMAP is used by 60% (yes, 40% use both). How can Lion Server be used as a single calendar server. How is iCal configured on the client Macs? Do all the Macs need to run Lion?

    In Server Admin, select your server, click on Settings, then go to the General tab.  You will see an option to enable the Network Time Server.

  • 10.6.4 iCal Server recently stopped updating 10.5 iCal clients

    Mac mini OS X Server 10.6.4, iCal server has wiki groups with multiple calendars.
    Recently our 10.5.8 clients stopped reading/writing events to our 10.6 iCal server. Only the first calendar (the original auto-created when the group was created) is updated, the remaining calendars show 0 events. FWIW: the client's .caldav folder doesn't show the ETag Cache.plist for the calendars that don't show up.
    This error is in the server log:
    [twistedcaldav.method.propfind#error] Error reading property ('DAV:', 'current-user-privilege-set') for resource /calendars/_uids_/wiki-.../: <StatusResponse 401 Access denied while reading property {DAV:}current-user-privilege-set.>
    I created new accounts on a 10.6 and a 10.5 client, the 10.6 is OK, the 10.5 has the same issues as our existing clients (which started having the issue at the same time).
    Can this have anything to do with the principal.py issue when we lost group calendars? I still have the modified principal.py installed & updates haven't changed it.

    No solution, gave the 10.5 user an Intel Mac running Snow Leopard.

  • How to publish a single slide?

    I have a Captivate project with about 20 slides, and I want
    to publish a single slide at a time. That is, I want to make 20
    separate SWF files. Is there a way to do it without having to
    delete 19 of them and publish one at a time - deleting all but the
    one I want each time?

    Hi benhenny
    I'm not sure why anyone would want to do it this way, but I'm
    sure you have your own reasons.
    I think you could do it like this:
    In the Filmstrip or the Storyboard, select all slides except
    Edit the properties and hide the selected slides.
    Publish the single slide.
    Unhide the next slide.
    Hide the one you published earlier.
    Publish the single slide.
    Repeat the process until all slides have been individually
    Hopefully this helps... Rick

  • How to publish a calendar to webdav (ical) server

    I have a Xserve running ical server, but when a user tries to publish a personal calendar on their desktop to the webdav service on the Xserve, it's prompting for a directory path.
    What directory we put there? Everything we've tried doesn't work.

    There is a difference between sharing and publishing. The latter means getting your calendar to display as an ordinary web page: firstly this cannot be done with a calendar listed under iCloud (this was also true with MobileMe) but only if it's listed under 'On My Mac'. The facility is still available in iCal for such calendars, but the problem is that it has to be published to a CalDav server because MobileMe, which used to take the published files and turn it into a web page, is not longer available. It's assumed in the Help that you are going to be running such a server yourself, which obviously requires a fair standard of technical knowledge. It's been claimed that Box.net can do this but I've seen complaints that it doesn't work.
    Sharing, which you can do with iCloud calendars, makes the calendars available for others to subscribe to in a CalDAV client - iCal itself is such a client, and you can also do this with Google calendar - this does require the recipient to have a Google account. The process with iCloud is described in this page and the pages following:
    BusyCal has various sharing options and there is a full user guide available here:

  • Does availability only work w/ iCal Server calendars?

    We have enabled iCal Server in the hopes that it will solve our meeting coordination problems, but it looks like the iCal / iCal Server combo don't perform as you'd expect when looking at attendee availability for new events.
    As far as I can tell, events on your local calendars don't block out time on the availability window -- only events on server calendars (CalDAV) do. So if I have a doctor's appointment at 10am tomorrow on my personal, local calendar, and someone at work is trying to set up a meeting with me, they will see that time block as open. Only if I set up a personal calendar on the company iCal Server, and put the event on that hosted calendar, would they see that 10am was blocked.
    I've tested this several ways with a few different test calendars on the server, and it looks like this is so. There's a checkbox "events affect availability" when you right-click on the hosted calendars, but that option does not appear on the local ones.
    We want to encourage adoption of iCal using iCal Server to improve coordination at our company, but I doubt that few if any will put their personal calendars on the company server.
    Are we doing something wrong here? Or is this really a (giant) limitation of iCal?
    This is using iCal 3.0.4 from the OS 10.5.4 update, and iCal Server 10.5.3.
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    Ok, I guess I think I found the answers in the iPhone Users Guide on the Support site.
    If I understand correctly, it appears that iCal Server Calendars are considered read-only on iPhone. You can only accept meeting requests? I assume this because in the snippet below it says that "Subscribed Calendars" are read-only.
    This is from the iPhone User Guides under the "Calendar" section:
    Subscribing to Calendars
    You can subscribe to calendars that use the iCalendar (.ics) format. Many calendar- based services support calendar subscriptions, including Yahoo!, Google, and the Mac OS X iCal application.
    Subscribed calendars are read-only. You can read events from subscribed calendars on iPhone, but you can’t edit them or create new events.
    So, it appears I can't use the iCal Server as intended. I wanted to store the calendars in one location using the Calendar server. I originally had this all working by publishing the calendars to my apache server with WebDAV enabled. I thought I could get rid of that and use the Calendar server instead. Appears I was wrong..or am still misundersanding something.
    Also, i found out why I didn't have the "Default Calendar" option in Settings. It turns out that you have to have more than one calendar enabled on the phone and they have to writable. So, because I had all server subscribed calendars that option wasn't shown. As soon as i added NON-SERVER calendars that option reappeared.
    Is anyone else using the Snow Leopard Calendar server and iPhone?
    - Tim

  • Export a single calendar from iCal

    How do I export a single calendar from iCal? I have several calendars but only want to send someone one of them.

    Click on calendars, select calendar wchich you want to export then go to File>Export>Export... and save file on the desktop and then send file via email.
    But if by calendar you mean calendar Event, then double click on event and in "Add Invitation" field add email of the person which should have access to your event.

  • Can I set all existing events in a ICal Server calendar to 'private'?

    I am consolidating my calendar histories. I have been able to get everything in my iCal Server calendar. But what I'd like to do is set all events before a certain date to 'private' as public/private has been lost for all items. I do want them in the iCal Server and not in a local client side calendar.
    Is there a way to do this?

    Hi, Trevor!
    Did you consult the online DOM documentation for something like that?
    I found the following:
    http://help.adobe.com/livedocs/acrobat_sdk/10/Acrobat10_HTMLHelp/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/ww help.htm?href=JS_API_AcroJS.88…
    http://help.adobe.com/livedocs/acrobat_sdk/10/Acrobat10_HTMLHelp/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/ww help.htm?href=JS_API_AcroJS.88…
    Using AnnotRichMedia instead of media could be the key. Since media seems to be outdated, deprecated or something…
    I'm out in the dark like you are with Acrobat and JS. Just consulted some of my bookmarks pointing at the SDK of Acrobat.
    Some dummy-code:
    var myRichMediaObjects = myDoc.getAnnotsRichMedia(nPage);
    Properties of AnnotRichMedia object:
    http://help.adobe.com/livedocs/acrobat_sdk/10/Acrobat10_HTMLHelp/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/ww help.htm?href=JS_API_AcroJS.88…
    for(var n=0;n<myRichMediaObjects.length;n++){
    myRichMediaObjects[n].activated = false;
    Don't know much about the DOM here. Maybe there is no length property for the object that is returned by getAnnotsRichMedia() ??
    Did not try anything.

  • Reasons why iCal Server can't be my company's calendar server

    I want to believe. I don't want to use Exchange. But after testing iCal server and iCal 3 for a few days, I've found it's not going to cut it for us- a 60 person creative agency. Here's why:
    -There's no concept of "blocks time". So, let's say I don't want the office to know that I'm going to a job interview, but I do need to block out the time so nobody tries to schedule me to a meeting. In other systems, I can make a private event, and have it block time. In iCal, locally stored events (which are therefore private), are invisible to the network. I can't have my time reserved without announcing why. Sneaky code phrases are possible, but shouldn't be needed.
    Similarly, I can't define if an "all day" event keeps me busy or not. I'd be inclined to list a week's vacation as an all day event starting on Monday and ending on Friday. But for co-workers to see that I'm gone in scheduling, I have to list it as an event from 8A on Monday to 5P on Friday.
    -There isn't any group support. Perhaps I have a project team of the same 6 people. There's no way to group those 6 under a heading, and check their meeting availability all at once- you can only invite individuals. The Address Panel has 3 of the 4 headings of Directory.app, but no Groups. Every time this project team gets together, I have to add the same people.
    I would think I could make a group in Address Book, but that's not working.
    -Delegation is all or nothing. I can't delegate that co-workers can see one of my public calendars, but not the other.
    -The Availability Panel can't show what events are blocking someone's time. You have to have them turned on in the iCal view to know that.
    Please, please tell me there are just things I don't get about iCal3/iCal server, and if I just did things differently, I'd be OK. Is there something I'm missing, or is this really how it works?
    (This was also submitted to apple.com/feedback, and [email protected])

    Maximilian Reiss wrote:
    Hi - haven`t looked yet at point 1 and 4, but also dislike point 2 and 3. Actually, afaik point 2 (individual delegation) is just a iCal (client) GUI limitation. I think the server would support it.
    Group support regarding the client side is more or less there, just not in the new address panel. If you type the group name in the invitee field while editing an event you get the group.
    I hope you filed bugreports for that at bugreport.apple.com
    OK, here's another one. Window: Address Panel magically changes format for reasons I can't see. When I started this thread, I was in "Open Directory Lookup" mode of Address Panel. When you're here, you're only pulling addresses from OD.
    When I returned to playing with iCal this morning, Address Panel was bringing back Address Book entries. When it's this way, yes, you can have a group defined in Address Book, and use that group as a shortcut to invite multiple people.
    During the process of experimenting, Address Panel somehow reverted to Open Directory lookups. I'm not clear what controls this behavior.
    So, yes, you can use Window: Address Book to pull up AddressBook.app, and drag a group from there into your invitee window. But is there a more integrated way (where leaving iCal isn't required) to invite a local group?

  • Group calendars on 10.6.4 client machines no longer work with iCal Server

    After updating 2 client machines to 10.6.4 I realized my group calendars no longer work in iCal.
    I get "Server Responded With an Error" on all my group calendars, on both machines.
    Preferences>Accounts>Server Path reveles the server path has reverted back to a GUID "/principals/_uids_/GUID string/" .
    I change it back to "/principals/_uids_/wiki-GroupName/" and get it working again, but if I quit iCal and restart it again reverts back to the GUID.
    I've trashed all calendars in ~/Library/Calendars, and the Prefs. I also tried "/principals/wikis/GroupName/", but again it reverts.
    I booted to my 10.6.3 clone and have no problems with the group calendars there.
    (I'm running 10.6.4 Server)
    Is anyone else having this issue?
    Any ideas?

    Are you asking for an example of how to use calendarservermanageprincipals? While the tool is designed to help you configure privileges on resources and locations, it works fine for users. So I created a new user in Workgroup Manager to represent my Marketing department's calendars. I named this user "sharedmarketing".
    Then, I wanted to give staff read-only access to the calendar and give Marketing write access, so I executed these two commands:
    sudo calendarservermanageprincipals --add-write-proxy groups:marketing users:sharedmarketing
    sudo calendarservermanageprincipals --add-read-proxy groups:staff users:sharedmarketing
    I then imported the content from the Marketing Wiki calendar into this calendar and that was it!
    If I logged in directly to the sharedmarketing account (not necessary), and looked how the account was set to be delegated, it properly showed group names:
    There is no way to configure it like this using the iCal GUI, and this was I always felt that the management of privileges was the biggest obstacle in setting up iCal Server in this proper, supported fashion.
    Then, from the client, I can naturally access those group calendars:
    This is SO much easier to setup and maintain as each user only needs to have their ONE iCal account configured and they can just add the necessary groups, which is WAY easier than supplying users with crazy wiki-calendar URLs.

Maybe you are looking for

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