Ical sync with ios5 deleted laptop ical events

When I synced my iphone which has the new ios 5 with ical, for some reason this time it kept all my events on my iphone but deleted the events after the present date on my laptop calender. Does anyone know how to fix this??

I forgot to mention that this is an all-day event

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  • I got a new laptop (Macbook Pro) and my IPhone is synced with my previous laptop. I've recorded dozens of very long (un-emailable) Voice Memos over the last few weeks and need to get them from my IPhone onto my new laptop. How do I do this?

    I got a new laptop (Macbook Pro) and my IPhone is synced with my previous laptop (which I no longer have). I've recorded dozens of very long (un-emailable) Voice Memos over the last few weeks and need to get them from my IPhone onto my new laptop.
    How do I do this?
    (when I click on the Sync option I get the warning: "Are you sure you want to sync music? All existing songs and playlists on the iPhone will be replaced with songs and playlists from your iTunes library." I fear that if I click this I will lose all of my important Voice Memos as well)

    Just to add to what ChrisJ4203 said.  You can sync them to your new computer using iTunes by selecting to Include Voice Memos on the Music tab of your iTunes sync settings and syncing.  However, you still need to re-establish syncing with the new computer without iTunes erasing all the iTunes media from your phone (as the warning mentioned).
    If you copy your entire iTunes folder (not just your music) from your old computer to your new one, along with other non-iTunes media you may be syncing with iTunes (such as contacts, calendars and any photos synced to your phone from your old computer) by using migration assistant of following one of these methods: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4527, then when you sync again with your new computer it will recognize your phone and sync as it did before.  You will still have to authorize the new computer for any Apple IDs used to purchase from the iTunes and App stores (in iTunes>Store>Authorize this computer). 
    After that you can sync your voice memos to your computer as mentioned earlier.
    If you want to archive your voice memos before you do anything with iTunes, you can use a 3rd party program such as PhoneView or Touch Copy.

  • I don't have the original laptop my iphone was set up on. I have backed up all my data on icloud. If I sync with my new laptop and erase all my contents(restore to factory settings), can I then get it all from icloud?

    I don't have the original laptop my iphone was set up on. I have backed up all my data on icloud. If I sync with my new laptop and erase all my contents(restore to factory settings), can I then get it all from icloud?

    I have the same problem as the emails go to my iCloud account that I cannot access!!! I cannot answer the security questions as someone else must have set up my iCloud account. Nothing seems to work. It would be great if someone has some ideas as what can be done to recover the situation?

  • My iPhone 3gs was synced with my old laptop, i have just changed it what do I do?, my iPhone 3gs was synced with my old laptop, i have just changed it what do I do?

    my iPhone 3gs was synced with my old laptop, i have just changed it what do I do?, my iPhone 3gs was synced with my old laptop, i have just changed it now what do I do?

    Changed what?
    You got a new computer? Copy everything from your old computer, or your backup copy of your old computer, to your new one.
    You got a new iphone?
    iOS: Transferring information from your current ... - Support - Apple

  • Why won't my ipod sync with my new laptop?

    Why won't my ipod sync with my new laptop?

    Hi, Ms Rudy77.
    Thank you for the question.  You may find these articles helpful in syncing your iPod with your new computer. 
    iTunes Store: About authorization and deauthorization
    iTunes 11 for Windows: Set up syncing for iPod, iPhone, or iPad
    Jason H.

  • 1st ical sync with iphone...all events off by 2 hours

    Why? All ical events got transferred to my iphone but the time is off by 2 hours...all iphone events are showing up 2 hours later than when I originally scheduled them in my iMac ical program (the ical events on my iMac are still displaying at the correct time)
    Also, on my iphone, my 5 different ical calendars all synced, and all have a different color next to them, but the colors do not match the colors for the calendars created in ical on my iMac (ex: I created my dissertation calendar in red on my iMac but it shows up as orange on my iphone; I created my travel calendar in green on my iMac but it shows up as blue on my iphone, etc).
    Does anyone know why this happened and how to correct?

    Hey that worked! I was unaware of that setting on my iphone. Actually, I left time zone support turned on, but set the time zone for Denver (I'm on mountain time) instead of the Washington, DC zone it was set for.
    As far as the colors being off, we'll see if anyone else comes along with an idea for that one. (Too bad there's no setting to turn on for "keep the calendar colors the same!")
    In the meantime, THANKS!
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    After upgrading to IOS5, I cannot get my phone to sync with Yahoo's calendar. The e-mail and contacts are fine, but I've tried every which way I can think of, including using the cloud, and can not get it to work. It was working fine with the old operating system.

    This is a problem with Yahoo! Not with your phone or settings. I've been waiting for them to sort this out but decided to switch over to the Google calander instead of putting my life on hold. If you want to do this set up a gmail account for a calander. Go to your yahoo calander on line. Click on your calander title (eg. Bill's calander) then select edit calander export it as an iCal file to your desktop. Go back to google calendar and import the file you saved on the desktop. Your calander will now transfer to google. You will need to edit your all day events (google calander will assume they run from midnight to midnight) but once you have done this set up calander sync on your iPhone via gmail, dump the calander sync from yahoo and your up and syncing over the air again.

  • Deleted Items on my iPhone are not syncing with my deleted items in Outlook

    Prior to OS 3.0 whenever I deleted an item on my iPhone and then deleted it from the trash it would sync and do the same on my pc. I am using Outlook Exchange.
    My inbox, outbox and sent mail are all syncing. Just not the trash.
    My trash is showing as empty on iPhone and full on Outlook.

    i figured it out.... before syncing your phone to your macbook or whatever:
    -go into settings
    -select icloud
    -go to calendars
    -change the selector from ON to OFF
    -sync phone to computer
    -ical syncing with phone will now work like it did before iOS5 and iCloud, but in a good way

  • How do I sync with a replacement laptop without loosing app !!!data!!!

    I had to replace my old (broken) laptop that I used to sync my iPad with a new laptop. Since then I do not dare to sync my apps in fear of loosing the app data. I know that I can get the apps back anytime, but the data associated with the apps I can not afford to loose.
    The sync problem effectively prohibits me from upgrading to ios5 as well.
    And yes, I have transferred all purchases to the new laptop, both laptop and iPad have all app updates and therefore should be at same versions.
    Still, when activating app sync I get the message that everything will be erased, which I just can not afford.
    I read across a lot of answers in the communities to this topic, but none states that I will not loose my data...
    Any tip on how I can sync without loosing my data?

    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    For items you cannot get the above way use a third-party utility such as Phone to PC

  • My iphone 3GS will no longer sync with my HP laptop

    My iphone stopped syncing through Itunes with my HP laptop.  I don't know what happened.  This is mainly with my microsoft outlook.

    These are the symptoms of a loose or detached Flex Cable # 6 at the top of the Logic Board.

  • Will syncing with iTunes delete all my stuff?

    My computer crashed the other day. The HDD was destroyed and I had no choice but to buy a new one and install iTunes again. I still got my 2g Ipod Touch filled with valuable family photos, music and, of course, apps.
    Nedless to say these are things i would prefer not to loose.
    Now here is my question. Can I sync my Ipod Touch with my iTunes on my new computer? *Will I risk having all my data and apps deleted?* And if so is there any way I can transfer my apps to iTunes.
    I would very much want to upgrade to iOS 4.1 so I will have to sync my iPod to iTunes sooner or later.
    *Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!*

    iTunes can only be synced with one computer. If you sync your iPod with a different computer it will erase all items on your iPod. You will find some suggestions in a post by Zevoneer on how to transfer from iPod to computer here:

  • Sync with new windows laptop

    I had a laptop I used to Sync with my iPhone 5 and I no longer have access to it. I purchased a new laptop with Windows 8 and iTunes loaded but I need to have iPhone files (music, photos, videos, apps, etc.) to be transferred to the library. I believe in an older version of iTunes you could opt for the device have priority over the iTunes library but it doesn't seem to have that feature anymore (if it ever did).
    I downloaded a free app (AVGO) and backed up all the files (except for the apps!!!) to my laptop. It also gives you the option to export the files to iTunes library but I don't think it did! I don't have any Photos in iTunes (there's no option for Photos at all!) and my playlists don't show.
    Is there a painless way to sync the laptop to my iPhone 5? It is bizarre that iTunes does not provide that functionality! Thank you in advance

    Carolyn - thanks, but I had already authorized my new laptop.  When I try to Sync, essentially nothing happens - for about a second iTunes says it's synchronizing my iPod, which it recognizes as mine, but then the iPod immediately says it's ready to disconnect.  The iPod has about 65 gigabytes of songs on it and for several years, with my old, original laptop, when I synced, iTunes would update any new downloads and playlists onto the iPod.  Since I got the new laptop, I have about 2-3 GB of new music on it and a few new playlists and they won't update to my iPod.  I hate to have to "restore" the iPod, which I think overwrites everything on the iPod and would likely take 3-4 hours at the 1 song per second figure I've seen quoted, but if that's the only way to do it, I guess I can.  Any other suggestions? 

  • Syncing with ios5 erased my ipad, now what

    I was syncing my ipad to install ios5 and it erased my ipad back to nothing, now when i try to log in, it doesnt even recognize my card ro apple ID so i can't download any apps.
    What can i do

    This will explain how you can restore from a backup. Typically, iTunes will backup your iPad before an update and then sync all of your iTunes content back onto the device at the end of the process.
    If you had never synced with iTunes before you updated the iPad, that may be why the device was erased  - if there was no content in your iTunes library. You can download much of your purchased content again if it isn't in iTunes on your computer. You can read about that here.

  • HT1386 ipod touch 2nd gen won't sync with Windows 8 laptop

    Why won't my ipod touch 2nd gen sync with my Windows 8 laptop?  It worked last week, but not since latest Windows update on my laptop. Has anyone found a solution to this?

    Have you:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    I would start with               
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    New cable and different USB port?
    Runs this and see if the results help with determine the cause
    iTunes for Windows: Device Sync Tests

  • Can't sync with my new laptop

    I hope someone can help! I had iTunes on my home computer which my ex husband now has. I have since purchased a laptop & downloaded iTunes but cannot complete a sync with my iPhone4 - it keeps coming up with error messages like "This computer is no longer authorised for apps that are installed on the iPhone. Would you like to authorise this computer for items purchased from the iTunes Store". I click on "Authorise" & then I get another error message stating that this computer is already authorised & that this is the 2nd computer authorised. I try to update to the latest version of 4.3.3 but keep getting an error message that there was a problem downloading the software & that the network connection timed out. It gets up to about stage 4 of syncing (apps) & then crashes again. Can anyone help me please????

    Im having the EXACT same problem! Help!

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