ICC Profiles in the new Camera Profile Editor

Hi Folks,
I'm wondering if anyone knows why we aren't (yet) able to assign ICC profiles directly in the Camera Raw module, rather than working from the profile editor? Is this essentially a proprietary technology or trademark issue, and thus not something to be implemented into ACR in the future?
By all means, feel free to add any background to this conversation that you wish - I'm admittedly ignorant on the trade issues involved here, and certainly don't wish to add any ill will. Just looking to understand how these (still) emergent technologies are shaking out and interfacing with the ACR workflow.

Ah, indeed. Thanks R.
And for those interested, here's a great response, courtesy of the one and only Mr. F:
That said, all other follow-ups welcomed, though my own question is answered.

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    Ok, so what am I doing wrong?  I've downloaded the new camera raw 4.6 plugin for pse6 and It isn't updating!  Can someone help me???  I'm obviously doing something wrong - if you could walk me through the steps I'd greatly appreciate it!

    sorry I wasn't clear - I got it figured out.

  • How to get the new camera raw 7.2 update?

    most of our company computers are offline.
    so how do we get the new camera raw 7.2 update?
    until now they were always released as manual downloads.... now i have to read this from adobes blog:
    Camera Raw 7.2 – Please use the update mechanism in Photoshop CS6
    does that mean there will be no manual update anymore or is it not up yet?

    Thanks for the link, Anthony, and yes, I have already seen that.  But I don't need the description or justification to know that it represents a step backward in image quality.  Admittedly a small one, but a step nonetheless.
    Let me be direct:  The color-fringing that occurs on edges that concerns me is not addressed by the new implementation.  Specifically, the colored remnants from de-Bayering (what some call de-mosaicing) are what bother me.
    My point is that the old simple Defringe setting, set to All Edges, worked very nicely to fight this common aberration.  There's a thread around here somewhere in which I visually demonstrated the differences.
    Here are the important points:
    The new Defringe feature, even thyough it has more controls, simply CANNOT be configured to remove those same de-Bayering colored remnants as effectively as the old, simple Defringe: All Edges setting did.  Thus the new implementation is not a superset of the functionality of the old.
    When one tries to configure the new implementation to reduce de-Bayering color remnants - even with minimal settings - the negative side effects of the new method are much greater and more visible, making it unacceptable to be made a default setting.
    It's worth pointing out that the old Defringe feature isn't available even under the PV2010 setting. The way the new Defringe feature was implemented represents a departure from Adobe's philosophy of maintaining compatibility with old settings.
    It shouldn't have been strictly necessary to remove the old Defringe feature as it was implemented to add the new implementation, which addresses an entirely different (though nearby) set of aberrations.  If necessary to avoid confusion or coding difficulties  it COULD have been renamed, though internally it could still work the same.  Or it could have been made an either/or setting.  Personally I think it would be nicest to be able to combine the two - old and new Defringe features - as needed. 
    As it is, for the above reasons - and the fact that the newest versions run slower - I've dropped back to using Camera Raw 7.0, which is an acceptable workaround for me for now as I still use a camera that version understands.  But of course that's not a viable long-term strategy.  If Adobe doesn't see fit to restore this feature I've only put off the inevitable image quality degradation until Camera Raw 8 and Photoshop CS7.

  • Why is the arrow changed in a cross in the new Camera Raw?

    Why is the arrow changed in a cross in the new Camera Raw? The arrow pointed exact on the chosen place. The cross hides your choice too much.

    Hi fonsmm sim,
    You are at wrong forum, post your question at http://forums.adobe.com/community/cameraraw

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    Hello friends I just updated the new camera raw plun in for Photo Shop CS2
    I also have received teh DNG where do I place the plugs in I just down loaded

    The DNG Converter is NOT a plug-in. It's a stand-alone application, and you can put it wherever you want: in the applications folder, on your desktop etc.
    Make sure you download version 4.2 of the DNG Converter.
    As for the ACR plug-in, you need version 3.7. Later versions of ACR DO NOT work with CS2.
    You put it exactly where the obsolete ACR plug-in is installed by default when you first install Photoshop.
    Exactly where depends on your platform, Macintosh or Windows. There are very precise instructions on the page where you download the updates. Read them.
    Also read the FAQs on this forum.

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    How do i download the new B2B Document Editor tool?

    You can download it from otn.
    It is available as part of Application Server Integration option.
    The CD3 is actually the Document Editor Tool.

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    Read the manual.
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    Go to Solution.

    Don't waste your money on an adapter even though they do exist. Much better to buy modern lenses which incorporate Auto Focus. The new cameras DON'T have a focus aid such as a split screen or whatever your film body had.
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  • ICC profile editor

    Hi. Anyone knows an ICC (ICM) profile editor (by Adobe or - in lack thereof - any other, preferably freeware) to fine-tune an ICC profile created by a calibration device ? Thanks.

    @PeterFigen: I know, they shouldn't be edited. Datacolor already exchanged the device, same results. We have problems on several different monitor brands. I feel, Datacolor's calibration doesn't do a good job. Thanks for suggesting ProfileMaker5's Edit Module, I'll try that out.
    @Glenn_UK: Thanks for confirming that Photoshop has no such capabilities. And I admit, I didn't quite understand the article I was linking to. I just read "Open Photoshop ... Save as a copy, and create a new icc profile with this file" So I thought, maybe Photoshop has a function I'm not aware of. The problem I experience is that the monitor - after calibration - has a slight green cast (when compared to an industrial greyscale chart). So basically, I wanted to bend the green gamma curve a bit down. I know, that this is not a solution, but I have to get a job done and need this as a temporary fix in the meanwhile ... better than nothing. I will study other calibration devices afterwards, I just don't have the time right now for this work unfortunately.
    @GustavoSanchez+Glenn: Thanks for suggesting BasICColor Display4. I'll look into that.
    @Freeagtent: I work on an Eizo Flexscan Monitor. It has several predefined working modes: Text, Picture, Movie, Custom, sRGB. Obviously exluding the first three, I settled for sRGB, because in this mode I can only adjust the backlight, nothing else and I thought - or at least hoped - that it would be closest to my calibration target (sRGB) and thus make me achieve the best calibration results (because the less the display output has to be "corrected"/"adjusted", the better). Also, in custom mode, I have several settings and therefore more possibilities to do something "wrong" ... so I thought I stick to sRGB, because there are no parameters and the SpyderCalibration has no parameters in that case either, so at least there's no possiblity for a user-error.
    And thanks for thinking about it, but yes, my monitor is warmed up >1 hour and I have the ambient light detection set to off (as suggested by Datacolor's support). I have filed a ticket with them more than 1 month ago and every once in a while I get messages, saying they are sorry, they are still evaluating the problem on it on different systems/monitors, so judging from that, I guess they might have a production problem.

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    I was hoping the new iPad camera would have a flash.  I take a lot of photos for work and would like to use my iPad. Is there an aftermarket flash?

    Camera stores used to sell hand held flash "guns" that were independent of cameras. I'm sure such things still exist.It would probably be easier to use a proper camera, though. I have a Sony digital P&S that takes very nice pictures which are easily transferred to the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit.

  • IPod Nano using the new Camera Connector

    I resently purchased an iPod Nano and a new Camera Connector direct from Apple. Before I did this I checked the compatability issue with both the camera and the camera connector, and with the Nano and the camera connector. All the adds at the Apple store state that the camera connector works with all ipods that have a color screen. When I connect them the screen on the ipod states "The currently attached accessory is not supported by this iPod". They advertise that you can store 25,000 photos in a Nano. Did I waste my money on a Nano and camera connector. (I already had a 4G 20GB iPod with an older Belkin Camera connector)

    Yes, you may have wasted your money on the camera connector. The problem is that the camera connector has been out for a while and, at the time it was made, the only color iPods were full sized ones, and the camera worked with them. So, what they advertised was true up to the time until the Nano was released.
    Now, Apple has released the Nano, which technically is a color iPod, and it dosen't work with the camera connector. The problem is that they haven't changed the advertising for other products to account for limitations of the Nano yet.

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    It is in the manual:
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    Guys ,
    As you know that ive reflashed my device few days ago. And installed CSSU. No Vostok and not overclocked yet.
    So ive just open my camera to take a picture. But it got stuck..I mean i can shoot the first pic. But i when i shoot the second pic, the cam get stuck with the taken picture. I dont know how to explain it..
    And i have to manually kill the camera-ui from xterm (killall camera-ui) if i wanna take another pic. But again it stuck with the second shoot.
    **This is what ive got when i try to manually run the camera-ui
    **Also i tried e-installin it. 
    apt-get install --reinstall camera-ui
    But no luck..
    **I didnt had this prob before reflashing. Also theres no FCAM drivers or another cam app installed. 
    **Sooo help please....? =/
    Url for a videos of this(Coz i cant explain the prob correctly..).Sorry about the bad quality. 
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    wait wait wait before you reflash or anything, firest of all the modified camera ui in the cssu is outdated, so here is an updated version .
    first of all it looks like you have an icons problem, so download an icon pack that can replace the original one, so use the symbian-anna icon pack .
    than download this file and place it in MyDocs .
    than open xterm and type :
    sudo gainroot
    cd /usr/bin
    tar -xzf /home/user/MyDocs/camera-ui.tar.gz
    and that will update your camera-ui .
    new binary uses some extra icons. download them, unzip them and You have to put them
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  • Photoshop Elements 10  plug-in required for the new Camera RAW file format used by the new Canon 6D

    I have a new Canon 6D and prefer to use Camera RAW.  This new file format is not compatable with Elements 10.  A new plug-in maybe is required.
    Can anyone help?

    I can't find Canon 6D in the list of supported cameras for even ACR 7.3. I would thus suggest you converting your raw files to dng using dng convertor tool and then open the dng files in ACR.
    Download and install the free Adobe DNG converter to convert your raw files to the Adobe universal Raw format and the files will open in all versions of PSE (keep your original raw files as backups and for use in the manufacturers software)
    Windows download click here DNG Converter 7.2
    Mac download click here DNG Converter 7.2
    You can convert a whole folder of raw images in one click. See this quick video tutorial:
    You Tube click here for DNG Converter tutorial
    Source: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4893342#4893342 curtsey of 99jon

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