ICloud icon is grayed out!

I installed iOS 5 last night, and after I restore my iPhone apps and settings, the iCloud preferences icon (as well as the email accounts and Twitter preference icon) is "grayed-out", and is not functional.  I have restored the iPhone twice before, and I continue to have this problem. My 1st Gen iPad is NOT having this problem, and I appear to have migrated my .me account to iCloud without incident.  HELP?  Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks very much for that tip.
Went to the Apple store and they recommended me to reset my phone which worked for a while but in the end I had to reinstall eveything, which ment I lost all my setting etc.
Perhaps the Geniuses could make a note of this tip.

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  • I accidentally quit my CC on my Macbook pro and now the cloud icon is grayed out and every time I hover over it with the mouse I get the spinning beach ball of death on the icon. I have no idea how to open it because when I use spotlight search to open it

    I accidentally quit my CC on my Macbook pro and now the cloud icon is grayed out and every time I hover over it with the mouse I get the spinning beach ball of death on the icon. I have no idea how to open it because when I use spotlight search to open it it gives me a message saying "Creative Cloud is not open anymore" help!

    Since you didn't include any pertinent info such as the Mac model and OS version you are running, here is some general information:
    Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup
    Depending on which OS yours came with originally - and which OS you are now running - you would either need your original install disks - you can call Apple for replacements by giving them your serial number. Or you may be able to reinstall the OS by using recovery (again, depends on which model/which OS).

  • "Export audio of selected range markers to separate files" icon is grayed out in Markers window. Tracks show start times but no end times, yet duration is calculated.

    I have one big wav file of segued tracks as a mixdown and inserted CD markers where I want marked tracks. "Export audio of selected range markers to separate files" icon is grayed out in Markers window. Tracks show start times but no end times, yet duration is calculated. Why can't I export these marked portions as separate files?

    the markers durations need to be configured, there is an easy way to do this using your existing markers.  click the start time of marker 2, this should change to edit mode to type in a new number, just copy the numbers cmd/ctrl+c. then click the end time of marker 1 and paste, cmd/ctrl+v.  now repeat for the rest of the markers, and on the last one enter a value for the end time or click and drag on the duration to manually extend it. once all the markers have a duration, the button should be active to export.

  • Google map icon is grayed out and says waiting. It will not work.

    I have used Google Maps many times on my ipad but this past week on a trip it quit working. The icon is grayed out and says "waiting". Some of the other icons  such as Facebook are doing the same thing.
    Thanks for the help.

    Problem was solved after I updated the software.

  • Junk icon is grayed out ?

    Does anyone have any idea why the Junk icon is grayed out on my boss's MacBook Air? As far as I know, he's never been able to use it. Is there a way to change it?

    Hopefully I'll also figure out how to unmark my comment as correct and mark yours as such. Thanks again.

  • HT4759 How do I change the Apple ID in iCloud?    I changed my Apple ID but when I am in settings in iCloud it is grayed out and still has the old Apple ID and I don't know how to change to the new id

    How do I change my Apple ID in iCloud.      I changed my Apple ID but when I go to settings iCloud the old id is grayed out and won't let me change it now because my password is for the new id but I can out the new id in the Apple ID spot

    Does it show a Delete Account option at the bottom of Settings > iCloud?  What happens if you hit that?

  • Edit Icon button grayed out.

    When I go to edit the icon picture for some, but not all, of my Keyword Tags, the Edit Icon button is grayed out and unavailable. Did I do something incorrect when creating these Keyword Tags? Other Tags can be changed but not all of them.

    No, PSE 6 and later never displays an icon for a sub-category.  If you accidentally created a sub-category where a leaf keyword tag will do, change the sub-category to a keyword tag by right-clicking it, and then you'll be able to assign an icon.  But if you change the keyword tag back to a sub-category, the icon will disappear. 
    None of that design seems very well thought out.

  • Abode Reader X Save Icon is grayed out.

    I have a Lenovo x220 running Windows 7 and when I open a pdf in Adobe Reader X, it won't let me just "save". I can "save as" but I can not just save. The icon for saving is also grayed out. When I hit Ctrl + S, nothing happens. It will save under "save as" just fine though.

    What I've been doing is using the keyboard command Ctrl+Shift+S, which brings up the Save As... dialog box.
    Like thinksink, I receive PDFs by email.  I scan documents using our printer/scanner/fax machine, and it sends the documents to my email account as PDF files.  By default, the documents are named "scan.pdf", and it is inconvenient to type in a different document title before sending.  So, when scan.pdf arrives in my inbox, I open the file to ensure that the document has scanned correctly, and if it has, I save it to the appropriate folder on my drive.
    In Reader 9, I could click the Save... button (which was NOT greyed out), and the Save As... dialog box would open.  I think the first time I did that, I was shown a warning that changes to the document could not be saved and if I wanted to save it, I would have to save it to a  file with a different name.  Since this is exactly what I intended to do, everything worked great.  And, I didn't have to see the warning every time because there was a "Don't show me this again" check box.
    Another related annoying change from Reader 9 is that Reader X doesn't remember what folder I saved the last document to.  In the Save As... dialog box, the saving process for each document always starts in the temporary folder that Outlook stores attachments in, and I have to work my way through the directory tree to save each file.  This occurs even when I leave the application running and just close the last document.

  • No audio. sound icon suddenly grayed out

    A week or so after installing the Yosemite update, my macbook air went totally silent. The sound icon grayed out and the sound buttons show up a cross sign and there is basically no sound. Went to sound preferences and there is nothing in the output and input sections and the mute box is ticked and grey(can't be changed). What to do? this is ridiculous!

    If there's a red light visible in the headphone socket, it indicates that the leaf switch is stuck. The leaf is pushed aside by the headphone jack as it's inserted and cuts off sound to the internal speakers.
    Try inserting and removing the headphone plug a few (dozen) times.
    If that doesn't work, you can attempt to tease the switch back with a non-conducting probe (plastic toothpick or similar).
    And be careful; the leaf is fragile and it's an expensive bit to get to and replace, in fact on some models it's directly on the logic board.
    Not sure how true it is, but at least one correspondent claims to have fixed it by cleaning the red laser with a Q-tip, on the theory that dirt on the end may fool the system into thinking a jack is inserted. Not convinced myself, but no harm trying it if you can't sort it the other way.

  • Delete photos on icloud trash can grayed out

    I am desperate to delete old duplicate and junk photos from my istream, or whatever it's called, where my photos are stored on the icloud. When I follow apple's instructions, the trash can button is grayed out. Same thing happens in my husband's iphone. Checked settings. Look ok. I need to clean out the tons of old stuff so I can upload current photos. Help appreciated. I am NOT an Apple expert so step by step help appreciated. Have iphone4 with ios 6.

    Unless you have photos on some other service, like Dropbox, or you have a special photo app on the device that keeps its own copies of photos and possibly uses icloud to store them (not likely), icloud does not store your photos unless they are part of a backup.  If you see them on the iphone, then they are stored on the iphone.
    To get photos that were synced to the device from a computer (using itunes), then use itunes again and deselect the photos you don't want synced.  Then sync the device with itunes and the photos will be deleted from the device.

  • Previous downloaded Icloud songs are grayed out and won't play on the computer or download to my Ipod ???

    I know this is probably  a frequent question but I am having trouble finding a solid solution. I had Icloud songs on my computer but recently they went gray and won't play or download to my Ipod. Any help???

    Hi sweatt,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    You may find these steps helpful for resolving the issue you're encountering:
    iTunes Store: Troubleshooting iTunes Match
    Songs containing DRM (Digital Rights Management) may not appear, or may appear grayed out in iCloud. This can occur if your computer is not authorized for playback of that content. Try authorizing your computer, then manually update iTunes Match.
    To determine what Apple ID your computer needs to be authorized for, locate and select the song in your iTunes library.
    Choose File > Get Info.
    In the Summary tab, locate the Account Name field in the right column and write it down.
    Click OK.
    Choose Store > Authorize this Computer.
    Type in the account name from the Summary field and its password. Click Authorize.
    Choose Store > Update iTunes Match.

  • NE icon is grayed-out (unknown) on CTC Network view

    My network consists of 2 15454s connected by a UPSR OC48. Each 454 also has a subtended OC12 15327 attached to it. In the CTC GUI, all NEs are green/green and provisionable.
    I recently relocated one 327 from a 454 and connected it to the other 454. The result was one 454 by itself and the second 454 having 2 subtended 327s attached to it. The relocated 327 (its name also changed) now shows up in the CTC GUI as grayed-out (UNKNOWN). When double-clicked, CTC reports uninitialized. If I login to CTC at the location of the relocated 327, all the other NEs appear grayed-out (UNKNOWN) and cannot be reached for access. I have cleared the CTC cache and deleted and reinserted the node to no avail. What have I missed?

    If you could provide your IP setup it would be most helpfull. There are all kinds of reasons for being unable to see a node. Make sure, as Moses stated, that the usernames and Passwords are exactly alike; but most likly there is an IP routing problem. A quick "plan b" when you get a node hosed up is to turn on proxy in the node that you are logged into (usually the GNE)(If running R5.xx, it the proxy only checkbox), BUT BE WARNED, ON LARGE NETWORK THIS CAN CAUSE SDCC CONGESTION! (Necessary warning). Give it a few minutes and most likely you will see the node pop up, then you call look at all the nodes and check all the IP address, Gatways, and subnetmasks. After the problem is fixed, turn proxy back off.
    Also what revision software are you running?
    Hope this helps,

  • Using iTunesU, all GET ALL icons are grayed-out!!!

    Dear iTune Friends,
    I have been recently downloading courses from iTunesU, until recently when...
    I discovered that after double-clicking the course-photo, the GET ALL icon appears normally. But after a few seconds, it turns gray and will not respond to any or all mouse-clicks.
    It happens every where that I go, Arizona State, Stanford, The Open University, Yale and even Oxford.
    I am using iTunes 10.1.1 and Mac OSX 10.6.6.
    Not a single thing has changed, it suddenly began happening and Apple Tech is, as usual, non-responsive.
    Could someone please direct me onto the correct pathway for resolution?
    Best Regards,
    Robert O. Cobb, PhD

    There are already about 3 threads on this. Known issue and we're working on a fix/update for it.

  • My Creative Cloud icon is grayed out

    How do I reactivate? I get a spin-wheel when I hover over it

    We apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing you. We are in the process of moving the Creative Cloud Connection application out of preview and will have the fully integrated version available by June 17th. You can access your files locally on your machine in the Creative Cloud folder or you can continue to manually upload them to our shared file storage at Creative.Adobe.com until the sync becomes available'
    Please Check your Private Message InBox!

  • My Iphone 4s wifi icon is grayed out/ disabled I have tried the resolutions suggested to me on the Iphone website but still not working. Any ideas what the issue is?

    Any help would be appreciated!!

    Start with the steps in http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1559 and if that doesn't help, some have found it works if you:
    Settings > Airplane Mode ON and Do Not Disturb ON
    Power down and wait 5-10 minutes
    Power up
    Settings > Airplane Mode OFF and Do Not Disturb OFF
    Now try WiFi again.
    If none of this helps, visit the Apple store genius bar and have the techs test it.

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