ICloud Usage In The Enterprise

Forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong location, but it seemed to be the best suited area...
With the announcement of iCloud, I've been trying to find information on how it will be managed on devices that are used in the enterprise? The company I work for has approximately 200 iPad users and 300 iPhone 4 users that sync their corporate mail, calendar and contacts to their devices.
Each of these users has tethered their device to their own personal iTunes account so they can add music, apps, video, etc to the device as they wish. We secure these devices using a MobileIron appliance along with Apple MDM certificates that allow us to implement security policies on the devices.
If these users choose to sign up for iCloud, does anyone yet know if it will only allow your me.com account to sync to the cloud? The last thing we would want is for these users to have their corporate mail/contacts/calendars synched to the devices and then simultaneously synched up to iCloud.
Anyone have any suggestions on how we might combat this? Or if it will even be possible to sync accounts via iCloud for anything other than me.com accounts? Thanks!

HI All,
Actually I face the same problem, only mine is using Apple MDM on Lion Server. We plan to deploy 2000 or more iphone 3gs on company cost. Currently in progress and already around 900 devices live using inhouse corporate application.
Our challenge is on security administration things. Wondering if there is somekind like iCloud that we can use in corporate to track the location in case of lost. we are now experiencing already two device lost on duty.
Currently all devices that we already deployed are registered to iCloud using one Apple-ID, no problem on registration process. However when I open iCloud, only limited devices was listed, I think just about 90 devices on the list. Unfortunately the two devices that reported lost are not on the list. So I feel hopeless now.
While MDM can only do Wipe and other things, but can not tracking the location.
Appreciate if someone can give me a clue the alternative to overcome those issue. Thanks.

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    What is the cost for iCloud usage?

    Here you go:
    You can purchase the following amounts of iCloud storage:
    10 additional GB (15 GB total): $20/year
    20 additional GB (25 GB total): $40/year
    50 additional GB (55 GB total): $100/year
    For more info please check: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4874

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    Look, this is the result of instructions:
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  • See my iCloud usage

    where can i see and edit my icloud usage?

    To remove things from icloud:
    Settings>icloud.  Turn off data storage for the listed apps by sliding switch to off.
    Settings>icloud>Storage & Backups>Manage storage, tap the device of interest,  click Delete Backup.
    To see how much memory is used by app data,  Settings>icloud>Storage & Backups, look in the Documents & Data section.

  • HT4859 My iPhone 4 says I have 4.9 GB of my free 5 GB iCloud storage available. Yet when I try to back up to iCloud I get the message that his iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available. What am I doing wrong??

    My iPhone 4 says I have 4.9 GB of my free 5 GB iCloud storage available, but when I try to back up the phone to iCloud I get the message that I do not have enough storage to back up this device. What am I doing wrong??

    Import them to your computer as discussed here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083, then either delete them from your phone or exclude the camera roll from your iCloud backup by going to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>Manage Storage, tap the name of your phone under Backups, then turn Camera Roll to Off under Backup Options.
    Also check Settings>General>Usage to see how much availble space is on your phone.  If you have to delete apps in order to take photos, you may be out of space on your phone.  If so, you need to delete something in order to create more space.

  • HT1766 iPhone 4s; Is it possible to sync apps to icloud without using the touchscreen?

    I've been using my iphone 4S with a cracked screen for over three months now (it fell on a tile floor hitting the top front corner first, 5 weeks after I got it) without any issues. Tonight I dropped it from a height of about 8 inches and the part of the face that was cracked made first contact with something that was on a table I was standing at, jamming it further into the phone. When I picked it up I noticed a small piece had also fallen out near an intersection of the cracks. The touchscreen is now completely black.
    My question: Is it possible to sync my apps to the icloud without using the iphone touchscreen? I plan I getting a new phone and had my icloud setup to sync my mail, contacts and calendars. I've been able to download all my pictures and video to my computer.

    Getting/reinstalling the apps isn't a problem. I'm only concerned with the data that is stored within them. For instance I have a mileage tracker I've been using but haven't uploaded the data from the phone to back it up anywhere. I'd like to do that before getting a new phone but I can't see what i'm doing due to the screen not working.
    The phone is actually still working and I've been able to use Siri to make calls and send texts without a working screen. The screen still accepts inputs apparently so if I could return settings to factory settings I could theoretically use another phone side by side to show me exactly where I need to touch and when to back up my applications to iClould.
    Going forward, I actually had ordered another case before my accident as my current case doesn't provide enough protection. It'd be nice if Apple actually made an iphone that didn't need such band-aids for normal usage.

  • TS4009 Why am I receiving emails saying that I have exceeded my iCloud storage, when the methods above show that I am using  4Gb of the 50Gb I have paid for?

    Why am I receiving emails saying that I have exceeded my iCloud storage, when the methods above show that I am using  <4Gb of the 50Gb I have paid for?

    The problem could be that you don't have enough storage on the device itself, not on iCloud.  Go to Settings>General>Usage to see how much "Storage" you have available.  Farther down the list is the available storage on iCloud.
    Also check:
    Go to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backups>Manage Storage; there, tap the device you need info on and the resulting screen lists Backup Options with which apps store data on iCloud.
    A device needs many MB of storage in order to perform a backup to iCloud.
    Also see:  http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4847

  • OIM: Extending Security Outside of the Enterprise

    o.k., long story short, we have an installation of OIM 10.1.4 governing our enterprise security. we have many custom Java J2EE applications registered as Partner Applications on the domain, some using the SSO SDK, and others using MOD_OSSO. everything is working just fine within the enterprise, on our primary security domain. so, pretending our domain is "secure.com", we have "https://app1.secure.com", "https://anotherapp.secure.com", etc., and everyone is playing nicely together.
    however, as our company grows and expands, we are starting to get requests from external organizations to integrate via SSO with our security enterprise. again, they are outside of our enterprise, with completely different servers and applications, and would not / could not be on our "secure.com" domain. i don't know all the details, but their applications have their own internal user base, security, etc...
    now, i do understand there would be issues around synchronizing user stores, etc., but putting that aside for a minute... is there any way to "extend the reach" of our enterprise security (using Oracle technologies or other...), such that once someone has presented valid credentials on our "secure.com" server, i could return them to "othercompany.com" as a valid user...?
    obviously, i can think of Java code i could write that passes an encrypted value around, like Oracle does, but writing my own security code doesn't necessarily sound like a promising option, especially when experts have already written software like this.
    so, given a primary user store at our location, and federated user stores elsewhere on other domains, how might i extend our enterprise security and SSO infrastructure safely outside our network?

    Hi rhoward,
    In most cases, I would say, from a practical standpoint, the answer to your question is "yes".
    I suppose that it might be possible to cobble together your own federation endpoint :)...
    The thing is that OASIS specifies a number of different "profiles" (=~usage scenarios), and some of them can get pretty complicated, with re-directs going all over the place.
    The benefit of using a commercial federation "product" would be that assuming you picked the right one, it would provide the pieces for all of the profiles that you need to support (I don't know which ones, because that will depend on what you need).
    It's been awhile since I've worked directly in the federation space, but there were basically 3 "players" awhile ago, Oracle (OIF), RSA (FIM) and Ping Identity. Sun had a federation product as part of their "FAM" product line, but I don't know what the status of that is now.
    So, it all depends on what you need. FYI, among the OASIS profiles, the XASP is probably the least complicated, basically just a request-response, but integrating that into a WAM can be a challenge.

  • Where to download the Enterprise-R5-x86-dvd.iso

    I have went to the Oracle E-delivery site to download Oracle EL 4 and 5 but never see an option to download a dvd iso, just 4-5 iso for cds when I try to mount disk1.iso via the instruction it errors not able to find a particular directory. The example uses the Enterprise-R5-x86-dvd.iso as an example. Does anyone know where i can download this?
    BTW, the error i get when running virt-install is:
    ERROR: Invalid NFS location given: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/xen/xennfs.u4_7vU/images/xen/vmlinuz'
    Message was edited by:

    Did u intend to create a vm by manager with a oel4 or oel5 iso? In that case,there may 2 workarounds for u if you've not got a dvd iso,
    1.Simply extract all of the contents from cd1-cd5 to a given directory,next,export that directory by a nfs/http service to support a pvm installation.
    2.As dyno commented,burn these several CDs to a dvd manually,here I just recommend following scripts for u as a cd2dvd tool(help to create a bootable DVD iso of a Oralce Enterprise Linux or Redhat Linux). you could simply copy/paste these free codes,then save as cd2dvd.sh,what's more,it is pretty easy to use,plz enjoy:)
    ==========code starts here===============
    # No warranties, Have fun.
    if [ $# -lt 2 ]; then
    echo "Usage: `basename $0` source /destination/DVD.iso"
    echo ""
    echo " The 'source' can be either a directory containing a single"
    echo " set of isos, or an exploded tree like an ftp site."
    exit 1
    cleanup() {
    [ ${LOOP:=/tmp/loop} = "/" ] && echo "LOOP mount point = \/, dying!" && exit
    [ -d $LOOP ] && rm -rf $LOOP
    [ ${DVD:=~/mkrhdvd} = "/" ] && echo "DVD data location is \/, dying!" && exit
    [ -d $DVD ] && rm -rf $DVD
    mkdir -p $LOOP
    mkdir -p $DVD
    if [ !`ls $1/*.iso 2>&1>/dev/null ; echo $?` ]; then
    echo "Found ISO CD images..."
    CDS=`expr 0`
    for f in `ls $1/*.iso`; do
    mount -o loop $f $LOOP
    cp -av $LOOP/* $DVD
    if [ -f $LOOP/.discinfo ]; then
    cp -av $LOOP/.discinfo $DVD
    CDS=`expr $CDS + 1`
    if [ $CDS != 1 ] ; then
    DISKS=`echo ${DISKS},${CDS}`
    umount $LOOP
    if [ -e $DVD/.discinfo ]; then
    awk '{ if ( NR == 4 ) { print disks } else { print ; } }' disks="$DISKS" $DVD/.discinfo > $DVD/.discinfo.new
    mv $DVD/.discinfo.new $DVD/.discinfo
    echo "Found FTP-like tree..."
    cp -av $1/* $DVD
    [ -e $1/.discinfo ] && cp -av $1/.discinfo $DVD
    rm -rf $DVD/isolinux/boot.cat
    find $DVD -name TRANS.TBL | xargs rm -f
    cd $DVD
    mkisofs -J -R -v -T -o $2 -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/boot.cat -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table .
    /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/implantisomd5 --force $2
    echo ""
    echo "Process Complete!"
    echo ""
    ==========code ends here===============

  • Airprint in the Enterprise across subnets [Solution]

    This is a message to help folks figure out how to setup
    Airprint across wired/wireless subnets. Hopefully it will help a few people.
    Airprint was designed to work with Bonjour on a local subnet/broadcast domain.
    To print in the enterprise where we have wired/wireless infrastructure,
    we need to use a DNS server to find the printer resources
    Our internal domain is: foocompany.com
    We create a new subdomain: bonjour.foocompany.com
    Creating a new subdomain allows up to apply DNS views so we can show print/bonjour services in
    close proximity of the user.
    You have a CUPS printer server (linux/apple) running at printserver.bonjour.foocompany.com
    1. Setup a DNS server
    If you setting up a test domain server, you can setup forwarding to your primary production server.
    This way all DNS queries continue to work
    In your named.conf file setup forwarding
    options {
    forward first;
    allow-query-cache { any; }; // Allow client queries from other subnet to query from cache
    Create a new zone, "bonjour.foocompany.com"
    zone "bonjour.foocompany.com." { type master; file "/etc/bind/db.home"; };
    zone "foocompany.com" { type forward; forward only; forwarders { YOURTOPNAMESERVER_IPADDR; YOURTOPNAMESERVER_IPADDR2; }; };
    Create the following entries to support bonjour browsing
    lb.dns-sd.udp IN PTR @
    b.dns-sd.udp IN PTR @
    dr.dns-sd.udp IN PTR @
    db.dns-sd.udp IN PTR @
    cf.dns-sd.udp IN PTR @
    printserver IN A
    # For every printer queue defined at the printer server you need to create a TXT and SRV entry
    # The visual printer name that show up in the iOS listbox will be the part before .ipp.tcp, example "hpv8a", "hpv8acolor"
    # _ipp and _printer seem to be equivalents, either seem to work on iOS.
    # Printer 1
    cups._sub._ipp.tcp IN PTR hpv8a.ipp.tcp
    universal._sub._ipp.tcp IN PTR hpv8a.ipp.tcp
    #Printer 2
    cups._sub._ipp.tcp IN PTR hpv8acolor.printer.tcp
    universal._sub._ipp.tcp IN PTR hpv8acolor.printer.tcp
    hpv8a.ipp.tcp IN SRV 0 0 631 printserver
    hpv8acolor.printer.tcp IN SRV 0 0 631 printserver
    # The "adminurl" points to the printer queue url on the CUPS server
    # The "rp" key points to the queue name as well
    hpv8a.ipp.tcp IN TXT ( "txtvers=1" "qtotl=1" "rp=printers/V8A08A246LJ" "adminurl=http://printserver:631/printers/V8A_08A24
    6_LJ" "ty=HP Laserjet V8A" "product=(HP LaserJet 4200)" "transparent=t" "copies=t" "duplex=t" "color=f" "pdl=application/octet-stream,
    application/pdf,application/postscript,image/jpeg,image/png,image/urf" "URF=W8,SRGB24,CP1,RS600" )
    hpv8acolor.printer.tcp IN TXT ( "txtvers=1" "qtotl=1" "rp=printers/V8A08A246_ColorLJ" "adminurl=http://printserver:
    631/printers/V8A08A246_ColorLJ" "ty=HP Laserjet V8A Color" "product=(HP color LaserJet 4650)" "transparent=t" "copies=t" "duplex=t" "
    color=t" "pdl=application/octet-stream,application/pdf,application/postscript,image/jpeg ,image/png,image/urf" "printer-type=0x801046" "URF=
    W8,SRGB24,CP1,RS600" )
    ####Printer TEMPLATE
    #cups._sub._ipp.tcp IN PTR NAMEX.printer.tcp
    #universal._sub._ipp.tcp IN PTR NAMEX.printer.tcp
    #NAMEX.ipp.tcp IN TXT ( "txtvers=1" "qtotl=1" "rp=printers/QUEUENAME"
    # "adminurl=http://PRINTSERVERDNSNAME:631/printers/QUEUENAME"
    # "ty=Printer name"
    # "product=(Printer PPD model line)" "transparent=t" "copies=t" "duplex=t" "color=f"
    # "pdl=application/octet-stream,application/pdf,application/postscript,image/jpeg ,image/png,image/urf"
    # "URF=W8,SRGB24,CP1,RS600" )
    2. Setup CUPS
    Add printers to the CUPS server.
    Enable access to the printer queue from remote machines,
    GUI: "System->Admin->Printing->Server->Server Setting: Allow printing from the internet"
    Also make sure the following lines are present in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
    # Allow remote access
    Port 631
    Listen /var/run/cups/cups.sock
    AccessLog syslog
    AccessLogLevel all
    LogLevel debug
    MaxLogSize 0
    SystemGroup lpadmin
    # Enable printer sharing and shared printers.
    Browsing On
    BrowseOrder allow,deny
    BrowseAllow all
    BrowseRemoteProtocols CUPS
    BrowseAddress @LOCAL
    BrowseLocalProtocols CUPS dnssd
    BrowseProtocols all
    DefaultAuthType Basic
    3. Change iPAD configs
    Add your DNS server as the first DNS server in the network settting page.
    Add "bonjour.foocompany.com" to the DNS domains to search
    4. Test printing
    Open up Photos application.
    Select a picture
    Select "Send To->Print"
    Select "Printer", now a list of printer names should show up as defined in the DNS server
    Select a printer and hit "Print"
    Fast task switch to Print Center to verify print job is being sent
    Ashish Desai
    Security Architect
    Fidelity Investments
    email: [email protected]

    Update for ios 8:
    With ios 8 it appears that _printer and _ipp are no longer equivalent. For this to work it looks like you have to use _ipp._tcp
    Also - the underscore characters are important and they are missing from the example above.
    Last - you can use the "note" field to add a second line that is displayed in smaller text below the printer name in ios 8.
    Here is an updated template:
    ####Printer TEMPLATE
    cups._sub._ipp._tcp IN PTR NAMEX._ipp._tcp
    universal._sub._ipp._tcp IN PTR NAMEX._ipp._tcp
    NAMEX._ipp._tcp IN TXT ( "txtvers=1" "qtotl=1" "rp=printers/QUEUENAME"
    "note=more info about printer"
    "ty=Printer name"
    "product=(Printer PPD model line)" "transparent=t" "copies=t" "duplex=t" "color=f"
    "pdl=application/octet-stream,application/pdf,application/postscript,image/jpeg ,image/png,image/urf"
    "URF=W8,SRGB24,CP1,RS600" )

  • How can i split up icloud account. its the same for my wife and i but i would like 2 separate accounts. we both have iphone 4

    my wife and i both have iphone 4. they were set up with 1 icloud account. we now both have separate apple id's. I would like to set up a different icloud account on my phone with my apple id and password separate from my wife.

    Decide which iPhone will be keeping the current iCloud account.  On the one that will be changing accounts, if you have any photos in photo stream that are not in your camera roll or backed up somewhere else save these to your camera roll by opening the photo stream album in the thumbnail view, tapping Edit, then tap all the photos you want to save, tap Share and tap Save to Camera Roll.  If you are syncing Notes with iCloud, you'll also have to email your notes to yourself so they can be recreated in the new account as they cannot be migrated.
    Once this is done, go to Settings>iCloud, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Account.  (This will only delete the account from this phone, not from iCloud.  The phone that will be keeping the account will not be effected by this.)  When prompted about what to do with the iCloud data, be sure to select Keep On My iPhone.  Next, set up a new iCloud account using a different Apple ID (if you don't have one, tap Get a Free Apple ID at the bottom).  Then turn iCloud data syncing for contacts, etc. back to On, and when prompted about merging with iCloud, choose Merge.  This will upload the data to the new account.
    Finally, to un-merge the data you will then have to go to icloud.com on your computer and sign into each iCloud account separately and manually delete the data you don't want (such as deleting your wife's data from your account, and vice versa).

  • How can I access my iCloud account on the web from my phone

    how can I access my iCloud account on the web from my phone
    iPhone 5 iOS 8.3
    I have iCloud turned on, location services on, find my phone works but when I try to access iCloud via Safari on the phone it takes me to a page Apple.com,
    iCloud then three options
    set up iCloud on my phone (i have)
    Install Find my phone, it is installed and it works from my MBP
    or install find my friends, I don't need that I have no friends.
    my calendars and contacts and bookmarks and all are all sync'd and working on the phone, but i thought if I typed in iCloud.com on the phone in Safari I would go to my iCloud web page that looks like this on my Mac.
    Is that NOT how iCloud should/would look on my phone via Safari?
    This is maybe a dumb question after 3+ year of iPhone'ing
    thank you for clarifying or helping me to understand

    I've been playing with a Galaxy here at work and here's what I've found so far - please feel free to jump in and suggest alternative methods to configure or access the various icloud components.
    So the original Q: Can you access your icloud account on Android?
    Not entirely: the website can't be used from an android browser (not properly - even with Dolphin HD and posing as different browsers it won't load correctly.  So Find my iphone is out, so is the address book or looking at your e-mail or calendar just in a browser window
    I was able to setup my e-mail using the IMAP settings published here:
    Be sure to setup the account manually - and note if you have trouble using SSL try TLS (that worked for me)
    Address book is a no go so you'll have to use iTunes to sync all your contacts over to Gmail - if you still have an iPad it means managing contacts in two places though .  Same goes for your calendar - transfer it to Gmail and forget about iCloud's calendar.  Nice instructions here: http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-20064060-285/how-to-switch-from-iphone-to-an droid/
    iWork is an Apple proprietary bit so don't expect much there.
    So in my case, if I'm really going to make the switch to a Galaxy from my iPhone it really means I'm going to have to switch to using google as the backend.  The timing to swap over to a galaxy/android phone is not the greatest - given that I'd have to give up my Apple addiction (syncing photos and itunes and losing access to my device tracking).  Plus I still have an iPad and a mac and like living in the Apple ecosystem.  I think I'll wait and see what the new iPhone looks like before I commit

  • I'm trying to upgrade my iCloud storage for the new price.

    I'm trying to upgrade my iCloud storage for the new price, but it doesn't gives me the option of 20G for $0.99 a month.
    How can I get 20g for $0.99 a month?

    have you read the message in the panel? Something is wrong with your credit card. Perhaps you have to enter a new date of expiration.
    In the small print it says, there is still a purchase, that needs paying,"Ugly Heart" with an amount of R 9.99. And "We were unable to authorise your credit card for this purchase".  You will first have to update your Billing Information before you can proceed to make a new purchase for upgraded storage.  Click "Account Details" in the iCloud panel.
    -- Léonie
    If you cannot fix the account from the iCloud panel, open iTunes and sign into the "Store" menu, Then use the "Store > View account" item there to check for problems with your Billing Information.

  • Implementing the Enterprise Support in Solution Manager

    Hi Experts,
    Can anybody tell me what are the pre requisites to implement Enterprise support in solution manager?
    Also let me know what are steps involved in implementing the enterprise support.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hello Hari,
    In order to implement Enterprise Support your organization should registered as a Value Added Reseller(VAR) with SAP. You can get all the required documentation under https://websmp104.sap-ag.de/solutionmanager --> Information for VARs, ASPs and AHPs which is in the left hand side of the page. However, you need to have a S-user ID of the VAR.
    The following are the steps need to perform in implementing the Enterprise Support firmly known as Service Desk for VARs.
    1. SAP Solution Manager basic settings (IMG)
      a) Initial Configuration Part I
      b) Maintain Profile Parameters
      c) Maintain Logical Systems
      d) Maintain SAP Customer Numbers
      e) Initial Configuration Part II
         1) Activate BC Set
             a) Activate Service Desk BC Set
             b) Activate Issue Monitoring BC set
             c) Set-up Maintainance optimizer
             d) Change online Documentation Settings
             e) Activate Solution Manager Services
             f) Activate integration with change request Managemnt
             g) Define service desk connection in Solution Manager
       2)Get components for SAP Service Market place
            a) Get SAP Components
       3) Get Service Desk Screen Profile
           a)generate Business Partener Screen
       4)Copy By price list
           a)activate Service Desk BC Set
           b)Activate Issue Monitoring BC set
           c)Set-up Maintainance optimizer
          f) Business Add-In for RFC Connections with several SAP customers
          g) Business Add-In for RFC Connection of Several SAP Cust. no.
          h) Set-Up SAP Support Connection for Customers
          i) Assign S-user for SAP Support Portal functionality
          j) Schedule Background Jobs
          k) Set-Up System Landscape
          l) Create Key Users
          m) Create Message Processor
    2. Multiple SAP Customer Numbers
          a) Business Add-In for RFC Connections with several SAP customer numbers
          b) Set-Up SAP Support Connection for Customers
    3. Data transfer from SAP
          a) Data Transfer from SAP
    4. Create u201COrganizationu201D Business Partner
    5. Service Provider function (IMG)
          a) Business Add-In for RFC Connections with several SAP customer numbers
          b) Business Add-In for Text Authorization Check
          c) Activate BC Set for Service Provider
          d) Activate Text Types
          e) Adjust Service Desk Roles for Service Provider Menu
    6. Service Provider: Value-Added Reseller (VAR)
          a) Business Add-In to Process Actions (Post-Processing Framework)
         b) Activate BC Sets for Configuration
         c) Create Hierarchy and Product Category
         d) Set-Up Subcategories
         e) Create Business Partner as Person Automatically
         f) Set-Up Automatic Confirmation of Messages
        g) Maintain Business Partner Call Times
        h) Set-Up Incident Management Work Center
    7. Work Center (Web UI)
        a) Activate Solution Manager Services
        b) Assign Work Center Roles to Users
    Hope it helps.

  • Too many columns to be shown in the Enterprise Manager 11g?

    we are having some problems with the Enterprise Manager 11g. When we want to VIEW DATA of a specific table, we get this exception. We think that our table has too many columns to be displayed. If we delete some of the columns, the data is shown in the enterprise manager. But this cannot be a solution for us. Can you help us with this point?
    2009-08-03 10:07:04,210 [EMUI_10_07_04_/console/database/schema/displayContents] ERROR svlt.PageHandler handleRequest.639 - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -128
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -128
         at oracle.sysman.emo.adm.DBObjectsMCWInfo.getSqlTimestampIndexes(DBObjectsMCWInfo.java:194)
         at oracle.sysman.emo.adm.schema.TableViewDataBrowsingDataSource.executeQuery(TableViewDataBrowsingDataSource.java:167)
         at oracle.sysman.emo.adm.DatabaseObjectsDataSource.populate(DatabaseObjectsDataSource.java:201)
         at oracle.sysman.emo.adm.DatabaseObjectsDataSource.populate(DatabaseObjectsDataSource.java:151)
         at oracle.sysman.emo.adm.schema.DisplayContentsObject.populate(DisplayContentsObject.java:369)
         at oracle.sysman.db.adm.schm.DisplayContentsController.onDisplayAllRows(DisplayContentsController.java:303)
         at oracle.sysman.db.adm.schm.DisplayContentsController.onDisplayContents(DisplayContentsController.java:290)
         at oracle.sysman.db.adm.schm.DisplayContentsController.onEvent(DisplayContentsController.java:136)
         at oracle.sysman.db.adm.DBController.handleEvent(DBController.java:3431)
         at oracle.sysman.emSDK.svlt.PageHandler.handleRequest(PageHandler.java:577)
         at oracle.sysman.db.adm.RootController.handleRequest(RootController.java:205)
         at oracle.sysman.db.adm.DBControllerResolver.handleRequest(DBControllerResolver.java:121)
         at oracle.sysman.emSDK.svlt.EMServlet.myDoGet(EMServlet.java:781)
         at oracle.sysman.emSDK.svlt.EMServlet.doGet(EMServlet.java:337)
         at oracle.sysman.eml.app.Console.doGet(Console.java:318)
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:743)
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:856)
         at com.evermind.server.http.ResourceFilterChain.doFilter(ResourceFilterChain.java:64)
         at oracle.sysman.eml.app.EMRepLoginFilter.doFilter(EMRepLoginFilter.java:109)
         at com.evermind.server.http.EvermindFilterChain.doFilter(EvermindFilterChain.java:15)
         at oracle.sysman.db.adm.inst.HandleRepDownFilter.doFilter(HandleRepDownFilter.java:153)
         at com.evermind.server.http.EvermindFilterChain.doFilter(EvermindFilterChain.java:17)
         at oracle.sysman.eml.app.BrowserVersionFilter.doFilter(BrowserVersionFilter.java:122)
         at com.evermind.server.http.EvermindFilterChain.doFilter(EvermindFilterChain.java:17)
         at oracle.sysman.emSDK.svlt.EMRedirectFilter.doFilter(EMRedirectFilter.java:102)
         at com.evermind.server.http.EvermindFilterChain.doFilter(EvermindFilterChain.java:17)
         at oracle.sysman.eml.app.ContextInitFilter.doFilter(ContextInitFilter.java:336)
         at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.invoke(ServletRequestDispatcher.java:627)
         at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.forwardInternal(ServletRequestDispatcher.java:376)
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.doProcessRequest(HttpRequestHandler.java:870)
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.processRequest(HttpRequestHandler.java:451)
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.serveOneRequest(HttpRequestHandler.java:218)
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.run(HttpRequestHandler.java:119)
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.run(HttpRequestHandler.java:112)
         at oracle.oc4j.network.ServerSocketReadHandler$SafeRunnable.run(ServerSocketReadHandler.java:260)
         at com.evermind.util.ReleasableResourcePooledExecutor$MyWorker.run(ReleasableResourcePooledExecutor.java:303)
         at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:595)When we select the table via SQL, everything works fine.

    I'm Galit from the QE team of VIN.
    All the things that you've described are correct.
    It is actually an edge case where the only VM, that the manual App can be managed from its Map view, was removed from the App.
    The Manual App management is as designed, and may be changed in the future.
    There are 2 ways to overcome this situation:
    1.You can, as you stated, create another Manual App with similar name and remain with the "Zombie App".
    2. To run a specific command that will remove the Zombie App from the DB.
    Please note that option no. 2 involves using an API that we do not publish.
    If you would like to use option no. 2 contact me in private and we will see about supplying the relevant commands to run in order to delete the "zombie" application.
    Galit Gutman

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