[IDCS2-JS] Excluding Master Pages from Search

Is there a way to exclude text in the master page in search?
I'm running a script that will search a list of words that will search a book then insert page references for an index. But using app.search includes the master page, how can I limit the search?

Hi Jeff,
ah, I should have read this in your title.
I am afraid this property isn't available in CS2.
So you will have the check every found item, whether one of it's parents is a masterPage.

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  • Exclude Master Pages From RH8 Search

    Is there a way to exclude master pages from RH8 searches? There is no option in the Master Page properties as with topics.
    What I did: I created a Master Page to add a "Download PDF version" link to the PDF version of the Help, in the same way that  RJ Jacquez did in his "Web 2.0 Documentation using Adobe AIR and RoboHelp 8 OnDemand Recording" tutorial. The difference is that Jacquez's sample used an image as the link, while I used text.
    Problem: "Download PDF version" is prepended to all search results (in the context line).
    The obvious workaround is to replace the text with an image representation instead. But I thought I would ask the question about master pages and searches anyway.

    Hi Jason
    I think you misunderstood me. Note that Master Pages may be used in different ways.
    They may be used as a starting off point for a topic. You create the topic, and much like a Word template, the Master Page partially builds the topic by having certain elements already in place. From there forward, you customize the topic to your needs. Subsequent changes to the Master Page have zero effect on any topics created from them.
    They may also be used to configure a Header and a Footer. You then associate the Master Page with the Header, Footer or both to several or all topics to give the associated topics the Header or Footer information from the Master Page. In this case, subsequent changes to the Header or Footer in the Master Page DO actually appear in all associated topics.
    I was talking about the latter option. I wasn't suggesting you move things into the HTML Head area of the topic.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • How to Filter list/library view pages from Search Results?

    Hi All,
    Currently my search configuration is searching everything on a site collection. I have created custom scope for that.
    But I would like to remove the search results for list/library views. The search should only show the documents, pages (but not list/library view pages).
    Please guide me on this.
    Appreciate your help.
    Rahul Babar
    ASP.NET, C# 4.0, Sharepoint 2007/2010, Infopath 2007/2010 Developer http://sharepoint247.wordpress.com/

    Navigate to the site that contains the list or library that you want to change.
    Locate and click the list or library you want to customize.
    Click Site Actions, and then click Site Settings.
    Under Site Administration, click Site Libraries and lists.
    Click an item from the list, for example, Customize “Shared Documents.”
    On the List Settings page, under General Settings, click
    Advanced settings.
    In the Search section, under Allow items from this document library to appear in search results, select
    Yes to include all of the items in the list or library in search result or
    No to exclude all items from search results.

  • Replace vertical navigation in custom master page from snippet gallery

    I'm creating a new master page from seattle.master and I'm trying to implement a customized snippet from the snippet gallery into the master page code without success.  The following line is straight from a seattle.master page:
    <div id="sideNavBox" class="ms-dialogHidden ms-forceWrap ms-noList">
    From here, I see where I think the replacement snippet should go; however, there are discrepancies between the structure of the snippet and the code I'm replacing.  Also, the snippet from the gallery is calling some ASP registrations that I
    don't see in the original master page code.
    How can I insert my custom vertical navigation snippet into this master page? 

    You want to replace the entire <div id="sideNavBox" /> found in your custom HTML Master Page. Your custom vertical navigation will need to replace the entire container and all of its child controls.
    Your custom vertical navigation snippet should start similar to:
    <div data-name="QuickLaunch">
    <!--CS: Start Vertical Navigation Snippet-->
    <!--SPM:<%@Register Tagprefix="SharePoint" Namespace="Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls" Assembly="Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c"%>-->
    <!--SPM:<%@Register Tagprefix="PublishingNavigation" Namespace="Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Navigation" Assembly="Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c"%>-->
    <div id="sideNavBox" class="ms-dialogHidden ms-forceWrap ms-noList">
    Design Manager's snippet manager adds the Register tags into the snippet so that the snippet is self-contained. Your HTML Master Page likely contains these Register tags already but you can leave them as Design Manager will handle any duplicates for you.
    The structure of the snippet itself appears different because the seattle.html HTML Master Page includes modifications.
    Eric Overfield - PixelMill -
    ericoverfield.com -

  • Copy single master page from one document to another?

    The answer to a previously posted question seems to involve creating a document differently (than I had). A lot of work went into the creation of the master pages in the original document which I will now need to recreate in the new document. Is there a way I can copy one master page from one document to another?
    Many thanks,

    There are a number of ways to do this.
    Create a copy of the document you want to copy the Master page from. Delete all pages except for the one you want (but you have to leave Right and Left alone as FM must always have these two pages available).
    Open the new document and the one that you want to import the master pages from.
    In the new document:
    Import from Document: (select the document with the Master Page that you want)
    File > Import > Formats
    and select Page Layouts only.
    Note that Right/Left always come along for the ride.
    Alternative and probably best way to get a single Master Page:
    In new document, add a new Master Page and select "Empty".
    In the old document, on the desired Master Page, Select All on page (ctrl+A) and then copy (ctrl+v).
    In the new document on the new master page, paste (ctrl+v) to add the layout. Note: you may need to rotate the page first  if it isn't in the same orientation as in the old document.

  • Can I copy a Master Page from one document to another?

    Hi - this might be a basic question, but I haven't figured out the answer yet. I have one .muse site with a Master Page that I used... I want to use that same Master Page on another .muse site that I'm working on. Is there a way I can copy the Master Page from the finished site into the other one that I'm working on?? Any help is appreciated.

    Hi Blair,
    You should be able to do this by simply selecting (Ctrl+A) and copying (Ctrl+C) all content of the Master page of Site1 and Paste in Place (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V) in the Master page of Site2.

  • Exclude some pages from page numbering

    I create an RTF template to produce PDF output.
    I want to exclude some pages from the page numbering.
    Does someone know how this may be possible?
    Thanks for your assistance
    David DC

    I think I was "nearly" able to achieve what you want to achieve.
    I used Word 2003 - just in case and 5.6.x (hope it doesn't matter).
    You need to create two section breaks:
    Page 1
    --- Section Break ---
    Page2 - No page numbering
    --- Section Break
    Page 3- (which will show page number 2).
    For the first page you can pretty much hard code the page number.
    For the second page you go to the header and
    1) Select "unlink to previous" from the header/footer toolbar
    2) Remove the page numbering from the second page.
    For the third page (section 3) you go to the header and:
    1) Select "unlink to previous" from the header/footer toolbar
    2) Remove the previous header
    3) Insert the page number, select it with the cursor
    then select "Format Page Number" from the header/footer toolbar.
    4) In this dialog box you select under page numbering "start at": 2
    5) Insert the total number of pages, select the field with the cursor
    then select "Format Page Number" from the header/footer toolbar.
    6) In this dialog box you select under page numbering "start at": 2
    FUNNY - in Word it still stays Page 2 of 3 in the header of the third page, but
    when I run it with XML Publisher I get Page 2 of 2.
    So I get after the run for the page header of a 3 page document:
    Page 1 Header:
    Page 1 - NO PAGE TOTAL - I get to this later
    Page 2 Header:
    Page 3 Header:
    Page 2 of 2
    Now how do I get the correct page number onto the first page - I tried a trick and it worked...
    1) Insert a bookmark (ie. name test) behind the last word of your document - on the last page. Menu: Insert bookmark
    2) Go to the header of the header of the first page behind:
    Page 1 of
    3) Now select from the menu Insert: Referernce -> Cross reference.
    4) Select refernce type "Bookmark" ,
    Insert refence to "Page Number"
    Select reference to test.
    Worked for me... Let me know if that is what you wanted to achieve and if it works for you.

  • Restrict error pages,admin pages from search

    Hi Im using default search api i.e com.day.cq.wcm.foundation.Search
    however, with this Im not able to restrict error pages, admin pages from search
    but there is one function addPredicate , we can add the templates for those pages that we want to restrict
    addPredicate(new Predicate("mytype", "type").set("group.4_group.1_property", "jcr:content/cq:template"));
    addPredicate(new Predicate("mytype", "type").set("group.4_group.1_property.1_value","/apps/myapp/templates/adminpageone");  
    addPredicate(new Predicate("mytype", "type").set("group.4_group.1_property.and","true");
    addPredicate(new Predicate("mytype", "type").set("group.4_group.1_property.operation","unequals");
    but I need to know in which api this addPredicate method is there, in cq5 docs, it is found that
    this method addPredicate is present in SimpleSearchImpl which is present in the package com.day.cq.search.impl.SimpleSearchImpl,however when Im trying to import that package Im getting error saying that package is not valid .If this approach is not proper, please let me know how to restrict specific pages from search using the default com.day.cq.wcm.foundation.Search api.

    HOST:PORT/system/console/depfinder?plugin.find=com.day.cq.search.impl.SimpleSearchImpl&plu gin.submit=Find is not exported that why you get that error.
    Check http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/javadoc/com/day/cq/search/package-summary.html
    You need to use http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/javadoc/com/day/cq/search/SimpleSearch.html as a service.
    HOST:PORT/system/console/depfinder?plugin.find=com.day.cq.search.SimpleSearch&plugin.submi t=Find

  • How to exclude Web App from search results

    Search results link to a unstyled Web App instead to the actual page it resides in.
    Please do this:
    1. go to: http://kinship.businesscatalyst.com/
    2. search for "Michael" on the top global search
    3. on the search results page click on the name (link).
    4. you will see Michael's web app item not the actuall page it resides in (http://kinship.businesscatalyst.com/About/the-team)
    How to avoid getting web app results in search?

    Hi Micha
    Just add “&OT=35 “ at the end of the action in your search form:
    <form name=”xxxx” method=”post” action=”/Default.aspx?SiteSearchID=3566&amp;ID=/results&OT=35”>
    <div class=”search-box”><input type=”text” class= ............../>
    <input type=”submit” class=”cat_button” value=”search” />
    Here are the rest of the content types IDs, should you come across similar situations in the future:
    Web Pages = 1
    Literature = 6
    Announcements = 7
    FAQs = 9
    Forums = 43
    Blogs = 55
    Web Apps = 35
    Catalogs = 26
    Bookings = 48
    You can exclude multiple areas from a search, simply list them with commas: &OT=35,1,6

  • Saving master page in search template throws error "UserAgent not available, file operations may not be optimized"

    Hi Folks,
    I was trying to save basic search template master page "seattle.master" after making change to the template.
    I have added just "CompanyName" folder and update the line below in seattle.master.
    Change is this : <SharePoint:CssRegistration Name="Themable/CompanyName/corev15.css" runat="server"/>
    When I save it, and refresh page on browser, it shows "Something went wrong" error.
    ULS says the following error : "UserAgent not Available, file operation may not be optimized"
    Pls let us know if there is a solution.
    Any help Much appreciated !

    Hi Salman,
    Thanks for posting this issue, 
    Just remove this below given tag and check out. It might be happened that your control is conflicting with others. 
    Also, browse the below mentioned URL for more details
    I hope this is helpful to you. If this works, Please mark it as Answered.
    Dharmendra Singh (MCPD-EA | MCTS)
    Blog : http://sharepoint-community.net/profile/DharmendraSingh

  • Setting Custom Master page in search results page - Publishing site

    I have a publishing site, in which i have a custom Master page.
    However when doing the search in the site, the search results does not show the custom Master page.
    Is it possible to set the custom created Master page for the search results page? How to achieve this?

    Hi Venkat,
    The search page for a publishing site is a file available in the layouts folder (I believe it is the osssearchresults.aspx if you see the address bar). It is used by all web applications and site collections in your farm. So ideally you should not change
    it. I mean you can change it to point to your master page but it is bad practice ..
    I would instead do the following
    1. Create a custom search results web part page and place it in the site collection itself (one of the document libraries)
    2. Custom search results is not difficult because all search results pages are made of a set of Out of the box search results web parts. If you add the same webparts to your page as the default search results page, you have effectively created a copy of
    3. go to site settings --> search settings and change the search results page to your newly created page
    4. The newly created page by virtue of its location will automatically use the master page the rest of the site uses.
    I could not spend the time to try the above for you but I am sure the above will work.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Exclude HTML page from Webcache with ESI

    I would like to exclude a html page from cache using ESI.
    Somebody can show me the tags that I need to use?
    Thanks in advanced.

    It is possible to dynamically exclude pages from caching through Surrogate-Control . I couldn't get what you are trying to achieve by using ESI...

  • Modifying ExportAllStories to Exclude Master Pages

    I am using the ExportAllStories script that comes with Adobe InDesign CS 5. I would like to modify it so that it ignores items from the master pages.
    Any direction you can give would be most helpful.

    Are you talking about stories in text frames that are overriden from master pages, or that simply exist on master pages and show through?
    If we're talking about the latter, it's easy enough. Take this part of the script:
    for(myCounter = 0; myCounter < app.activeDocument.stories.length; myCounter++){
            myStory = app.activeDocument.stories.item(myCounter);
    and just add a check to see if the first text container associated with the story exists on a master page. Master pages have a documentOffset that is less than zero (generally -1, it seems). So add:
    if (myStory.textContainers[0].parentPage.documentOffset < 0) { continue; }
    and then that story will be skipped.

  • Get error message and it removes Master Page from Topic

    I get the following message sometimes when I edit a topic but definitely don't get near the header or footer.  Then as soon as I save the topic, I lose my Master Page connection to it.  And I have to go into Properties for that topic and pick the master page again!!  This started one day after using RoboHelp HTML for a month.  Does anyone else have this problem?

    Hello again
    Hmmm, wasn't exactly what I'd hoped to see. I can't really tell much from the image. Looks like it's an image of a topic and not the Master Page?
    Here's the deal. The only time you should be seeing the message you first posted is if you have a Master Page with a Header or Footer area defined. You then edit a topic where something causes the Header or Footer to change. The change to the Header or Footer is what triggers the message.
    As you say you aren't changing anything in the Header or Footer area, this suggests whatever is being used in the Header or Footer area is triggering the notification. That's why I'm interested in exactly what you have in the Master Page.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • How Unlink Master Pages from Each Other

    When I create a new master page, even if it isn't based on an existing one, changes I make in the order of layers in that master page are applied to the other master pages as well.  And when I change the order of layers in other master pages, the order changes in the new one.  Please help me unlink these.  I've found mentions that this can be done, but not specific instructions for how.  Thank you!!!!

    On your new master page, Shift+Command+Click on the item you want to change. You can then drag it to a new layer from within the layers pallet by dragging the colored dot next to the layer it's currently on to the layer you would like it to be on.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Firefox saves images to wrong location, but only when using "View Image"

    For a while, I have had the problem above. I can save images just fine if I don't use the "view image" function first, with the images going to the intended folders. Just to clarify, unlike some of similar problems I have seen described here, I am pe

  • Additional field in layout of material BOM

    Dear experts, I had a requirement that  i need to add a field of material master in bom display layout mode. Say for example as i execute the cs11 and display the bom i can add material type which is stored in material master so in this way i want to

  • I could never get it to report never being a server...

    I had posted the following at a different location: Background My windows laptop failed and my iMAC's hard drive was recalled recently.  During this time I decided to buy a MacBook Pro and migrate everthing from my Windows laptop.  I also bought Airp

  • Access denied error for Read user in sharepoint 2010

    Hello, In sharepoint 2010 subsite a user with Read permission getting Access Denied error while login.  Few points:    1. Master pages are approved not in pending status.    2. Site permissions are not inherited. Please suggest the way to resolve it.

  • Journals-General (132) Report - GLRGNJ - Adding Sequence Name field

    Hi I want to add a sequence name field(Formula column) in the layout module for the report GLRGNJ (Oracle GL module) but i can not see any output. I can see it in the log file. Can anyone suggest why i am unable to see the field in the report? Thanks