Identifying AS2 Inbound Message...

Hi Experts,
I am doing AS2 -> IDOC Scenario. We are getting Six different AS2 Messages and in the receiver 6 different IDOCs will be created.
In the AS2 Sender Communcation Channel, how to identify the Particular Message. I know it is possible thur the Message Subject. But my client is sending the message without Message Subject.
Any ideas on Identifying the Payload without Message Subject...
Thanks in Advance..

Hi Seshagiri,
Thanks for your input.
In the Sender AS2 Communication Channel, there will be no option of giving the folder name and IP Address. How we can achive this....
I know this should be happend with the help of Message subject. But my client is sending the AS2 Message without Message Subject....
Any other clues friends,

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  • As2 Inbound message processing

    Am trying process custom xml using AS2 protocol but facing error while document Identifaction.It is throwing error as B2B-50547 Agreement not found for trading partners: FromTP null, ToTP MyCompany
    Here is what I have done.
    Created Custom document definition using B2B console Admin tab.Also selected doc tpe as XML and under xml tab below provided Xpath expression with appropriate value for document identification.
    Xpath Identification Expression : //*[local-name()='type']/text() =======Identification Value as "XYZ"
    Created Host and remote trading partner and deployed Agreement.Remote TP will post xml message to Host TP(will write to a file using File channel) which is Inbound transaction using default http listener(/b2b/httpReceiver).
    Sample xml posted to b2b http listener
    Please help me to resolve above.
    Also I wanted to convert this custom xml to EDI 4010 document to send to another trading partner.Please let me know how to translte to EDI document.Should it be something like below or can I do it without using composite?
    RemoteTP1---------cusom xml over http listenr------------------->HostTP-----SOA Composite(to translate custom xml to EDI xml)----->HostTP----------------->Remote TP2(EDI format)

    Hi Ismail,
    I was initiating transaction by posting xml message over default http receiver(http://host:port/b2b/httpReceiver).I am not really sure how to pass AS2-From while posting message.
    Here is wire message
    Message Id
    Business Message
    Packed Message
    Packed Message
    Protocol Message Id
    Refer To Protocol Message Id
    Protocol Collaboration Id
    Protocol Transport Binding
    User-Agent=Apache-HttpClient/4.2.3 (java 1.5) Host=xxxxapp01:8001 Connection=keep-alive Content-Type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Length=385 MSG_RECEIVED_TIME=Thu Jun 27 17:05:02 EDT 2013
    Message Digest
    Message Digest
    Digest Algorithm
    Transport Protocol
    Transport Protocol Version
    Transport Headers
    User-Agent=Apache-HttpClient/4.2.3 (java 1.5) Host=xxxsoaapp01:8001 Connection=keep-alive Content-Type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Length=385 MSG_RECEIVED_TIME=Thu Jun 27 17:05:02 EDT 2013
    Error Code
    Error Description
    Error Text
    Message Size

  • Error receiving AS2 message from partner: B2B-50037:  B2B inbound message processing error

    We are setting a new trading partner and when we started document transmissions we are getting errors on the inbound messages: B2B-50037:  B2B inbound message processing error.
    The attachment shows the relevant lines from the soa log and diagnostic log files.  Here is the error detail that shows:
    [URI: /b2b/httpreceiver] Error -:  B2B-50037:  B2B inbound message processing error[[
    Error -:  B2B-50037:  B2B inbound message processing error
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessageImpl(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessage(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.transport.InterfaceListener.onMessageLocal(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.transport.InterfaceListener.onMessage(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.transport.basic.TransportServlet.doPost(
            at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
            at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.StubSecurityHelper$
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.StubSecurityHelper.invokeServlet(
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.ServletStubImpl.execute(
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.TailFilter.doFilter(
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.FilterChainImpl.doFilter(
            at Method)
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.FilterChainImpl.doFilter(
            at oracle.dms.servlet.DMSServletFilter.doFilter(
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.FilterChainImpl.doFilter(
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext$ServletInvocationAction.wrapRun(
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext$
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.securedExecute(
            at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.execute(
    From the b2b_wire_message we get these Protocol_Transport_BINDINGS:
    Date=Fri, 26 Sep 2014 05:46:17 +0000
    Disposition-Notification-Options=signed-receipt-protocol=optional, pkcs7-signature; signed-receipt-micalg=optional, sha1
    Message-ID=<[email protected]>
    MSG_RECEIVED_TIME=Fri Sep 26 00:46:17 CDT 2014
    Content-Type=application/pkcs7-mime; smime-type=enveloped-data; name=smime.p7m
    User-Agent=e-integration AS2 Server V 6.1.8
    EDIINT-Features=multiple-attachments, CEM
    The message creates a wire message, business message, and an application message.
    What doesn't happen is no MDN gets sent back to the partner.  It should be a synchronous MDN.
    We have double checked the certificates on both ends and they are OK.
    The document and Agreement get recognized OK:
    Refer To Message
    Refer To Message
    Sender Type
    AS2 Identifier
    Sender Value
    K. . .
    Receiver Type
    AS2 Identifier
    Receiver Value
    accobr. . .
    K. . . l
    ACCO . . .
    Agreement Id
    K. . .l_EDI_X12_4010_856_856Def_Inbound
    K. . .l_EDI_X12_4010_856_856Def_Inbound
    Document Type
    Document Protocol
    Document Version
    Message Type
    Acknowledgement Mode
    Response Mode
    Send Time Stamp
    09/26/2014 12:46:17 AM
    Receive Time Stamp
    09/26/2014 12:46:17 AM
    The error is vague enough to provide little or no help in locating the root cause of the issue.
    Any assistance in providing information on how to get this working would be greatly appreciated.
    We do have dozens of other AS2 partners working in this instance just foe reference.  We are just having issues with this new partner setup.
    Thank you.

    I am observing the Ack Mode is set as "SYNC" . This is selected by default. This option is available in the channel configuration section
    If the usecase is not SYNC, please change as ASYNC and test. It should work.

  • EDI Message Type for Credit Memo inbound message

    Hi Experts ,
    We have ECC6.04.
    We configured Incoming vendor invoice idoc ( Message Type - INVOIC, Basic type  - INVOIC02)  which is working fine. We also have Credir Memo incoming message ( Message Type - GSVERF , Basic type  - GSVERF03 , Processing code-  GSVE , FM-IDOC_INPUT_GSVERF_START and assigned this FM to Object Type-  BUS2094)
    I am using same IdoC in WE19 that of Invoice, which successfully posted and editing the BSART as CRME and entering the Messgae type GSVERF , but when I am posting it system is giving error
    No record exists in T661W for vendor 2000001 , plant , unloading pointMessage no. V4032
    The system could not determine a sold-to party as no record has been specified in Table T661W for the displayed supplier, plant, and unloading point values.
    System Response
    IDOCS processing is terminated.
    Please create a record in Table T661W for the above values and restart the IDOCS planning from electronic mail.
    EDI: Syntax error in IDoc (segment cannot be identified)Message no. E0078
    The segment E1EDK04 does not occur at the current level of the basic type GSVERF03 (extension ).
    This error can have several reasons:
    The segment E1EDK04 is assigned to a group whose header segment does not occur.
    The segment E1EDK04 does not exist in the syntax description of the basic type GSVERF03 (extension ).
    The sequence of segments in the group in which the segment appears is incorrect.
    Previous errors ('mandatory' segment or group missing) may be due to this error.
    Please check the IDoc or the syntax description of the basic type GSVERF03 (extension ).
    Th table T661W  is for Vendor, partner decribtion, Sold to party, Unlaoding Point. So I am not getting whsy sold to part relevant table ssytem is asking to make entry ?
    Can anyone please suggest/help me what is the problem and solution on this ?

    Hi ,
    Currently we are using Message Type - GSVERF , Basic type - GSVERF03 , Processing code- GSVE , FM-IDOC_INPUT_GSVERF_START and assigned this FM to Object Type- BUS2094)..which is giving above error. I just found that process code GSVE is for Outbound message
    Can any one suggest /  confirm what should  be exact Message Type , Basis Type, Process code  and Funct. Module requiered  for processing EDI inbound message in MM - Logistics Inv Varification ? 

  • Inbound Message Fails with Send Exp"

    We are on and tryting to test (ebms ) outbound/inbound messaging with a trading partner. The outbound from us to TP works great, but on inbound from the TP we are seing the following errors: (This works on
    Machine Info: (
    Description: B2B adapter general error
    Error -: AIP-50031: B2B adapter general error: Error -: AIP-50025: Repository error : Error -: AIP-50547: Trading partner agreement not found for the given input values: From party[NAME] "DEST Partnre", To party[NAME] "SOURCE Partner", Business action name "SendResponseEnd"; also verify agreement effectiveToDate
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessage(
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.engine.Engine.incomingContinueProcess(
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.engine.Engine.handleMessageEvent(
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.engine.Engine.processEvents(
    Caused by: Error -: AIP-50025: Repository error : Error -: AIP-50547: Trading partner agreement not found for the given input values: From party[NAME] "DEST Partner", To party[NAME] "SOURCE Partner", Business action name "SendResponseEnd"; also verify agreement effectiveToDate
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.tpa.RepoDataAccessor.getAgreementNameByBaTPType(
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.tpa.TPAIdentifier.identifyTPA(
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.tpa.TPAProcessor.processTPA(
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.tpa.TPAProcessor.processIncomingTPA(
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.engine.Engine.handleExceptionBeforeIncomingTPA(
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessage(
         ... 6 more
    Caused by: Error -: AIP-50547: Trading partner agreement not found for the given input values: From party[NAME] "DEST Partner", To party[NAME] "SOURCE Partner", Business action name "SendResponseEnd"; also verify agreement effectiveToDate
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.tpa.RepoDataAccessor.getAgreementNameByBaTPName(
         at oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.tpa.RepoDataAccessor.getAgreementNameByBaTPType(
         ... 11 more
    Any ideas on what is different in the newer version of B2B

    Hi Ramesh,
    Found this issue- in the new release the Business Action name and choreography name must match to work with TP on custom document over ebms.
    We still have issues,,, the TP's that are working currently on are no more working. For example:
    The following wire envelope was sent from one of our TP:
    Content-ID: <1dac9c73-bba3-4fc3-a756-0134872b03d2ebxml-Header>
    Content-Type: text/xml
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?><soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:eb="" xmlns:xlink="" xsi:schemaLocation=""><soapenv:Header xsi:schemaLocation=""><eb:MessageHeader eb:version="2.0" soapenv:mustUnderstand="1"><eb:From xmlns:axis2ns1561=""><eb:PartyId xmlns:axis2ns1562="" axis2ns1562:type="DUNS+4">8097318700000</eb:PartyId></eb:From><eb:To xmlns:axis2ns1563=""><eb:PartyId xmlns:axis2ns1564="" axis2ns1564:type="DUNS">0070367590000</eb:PartyId></eb:To><eb:CPAId xmlns:axis2ns1565="">OrderCreate</eb:CPAId><eb:ConversationId xmlns:axis2ns1566="">7229ce0c-4b6a-419c-b301-ef28708fda68</eb:ConversationId><eb:Service xmlns:axis2ns1567="">uri:OrderCreate</eb:Service><eb:Action xmlns:axis2ns1568="">SendResponseEnd</eb:Action><eb:MessageData xmlns:axis2ns1571=""><eb:MessageId xmlns:axis2ns1572="">1dac9c73-bba3-4fc3-a756-0134872b03d2</eb:MessageId><eb:Timestamp xmlns:axis2ns1573="">2008-05-28T10:33:55Z</eb:Timestamp></eb:MessageData><eb:DuplicateElimination xmlns:axis2ns1574="" /></eb:MessageHeader><eb:AckRequested eb:signed="false" eb:version="2.0" soapenv:mustUnderstand="1" /></soapenv:Header><soapenv:Body><eb:Manifest eb:id="Manifest" eb:version="2.0"><eb:Reference eb:id="Payload-1" xlink:href="1dac9c73-bba3-4fc3-a756-0134872b03d2-body1" xlink:type="simple" /></eb:Manifest></soapenv:Body></soapenv:Envelope>
    On the Ack, B2B is sending the following:
    Content-Type: text/xml
    Content-ID: <ebxheader-0A27EBC811A2FF31B3B00000C6520000>
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <env:Envelope xmlns:env="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:eb="" xsi:schemaLocation=""><env:Header><eb:MessageHeader env:mustUnderstand="1" eb:version="2.0"><eb:From><eb:PartyId eb:type="ebMS Identifier">0070367590000</eb:PartyId></eb:From><eb:To><eb:PartyId eb:type="ebMS Identifier">8097318700000</eb:PartyId></eb:To><eb:CPAId>SendResponseEnd</eb:CPAId><eb:ConversationId>7229ce0c-4b6a-419c-b301-ef28708fda68</eb:ConversationId><eb:Service>urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-msg:service</eb:Service><eb:Action>Acknowledgment</eb:Action><eb:MessageData><eb:MessageId>Helena Operating [email protected]</eb:MessageId><eb:Timestamp>2008-05-28T14:33:58.000Z</eb:Timestamp><eb:RefToMessageId>1dac9c73-bba3-4fc3-a756-0134872b03d2</eb:RefToMessageId></eb:MessageData></eb:MessageHeader><eb:Acknowledgment env:actor="urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-msg:actor:toPartyMSH" env:mustUnderstand="1" eb:version="2.0"><eb:Timestamp>2008-05-28T14:33:58.000Z</eb:Timestamp><eb:RefToMessageId>1dac9c73-bba3-4fc3-a756-0134872b03d2</eb:RefToMessageId></eb:Acknowledgment></env:Header><env:Body/></env:Envelope>
    They send us Service: uri:orderCreate; Action: SendResponseEnd; CPAID: OrderCreate.
    We send in the Ack:
    Service: urn:oasis:name:tc:ebxml-msg:sercice; Action:Acknowledgment: CPAID:SendResponseEnd
    Where is it pulling the CPAID? or why is it using the Business Action Name?
    The message shows complete on our side, but does not get completed on TP side, and since they are they are the initiator they retry 2 times befoer they stop and this is causing duplicte errors on our side. They are using Nexus ebms engine.
    Any info on this is appreciated. We are using ebms 2.0

  • [svn] 1751: Bug: BLZ-174 - MessageClient.testMessage() is incorrectly doing a string compare for the subtopic header of an inbound message against the subtopic value (which may contain wildcards) that the Consumer is using.

    Revision: 1751
    Author: [email protected]
    Date: 2008-05-15 14:21:43 -0700 (Thu, 15 May 2008)
    Log Message:
    Bug: BLZ-174 - MessageClient.testMessage() is incorrectly doing a string compare for the subtopic header of an inbound message against the subtopic value (which may contain wildcards) that the Consumer is using.
    QA: No - customer verified the fix.
    Doc: No
    Ticket Links:
    Modified Paths:

    If you create a metadatatype with a single metdata block, and you reference that in your vm/cm cell attribute using a *one* based index, Excel seems to see the link and it honors it when saving the spreadsheet.
    So, I ended up with something like:
    <c ... cm="1"/> (I'm dealing with cell metadata, but the concept is equivalente to value metadata)
    <metadataTypes count="1">
      <metadataType name="MyMetaType" .../>
    <futureMetadata count="1" name="MyMetaType">
    uri="http://example" xmlns:x="http://example"><x:val>87</x:val></ext></extLst>
    <cellMetadata count="1">
    t="1" v="0"/></bk> <!-- this is what gets referenced as cm=1 on the cell -->
    Hope this helps. 

  • PI 7.1 Adapter Module Development - Identify SOAP Fault Message

    Hi Experts,</br>
    here's a PI 7.1 Adapter Module Development issue I hope you can help me to resolve. It's about identifying SOAP fault messages.</br>
    Scenario at a glance:</br>
    Adapter Modules placed in the modules chain at request and response time in a synchronous Scenario:</br>
    - Request: SOAP Axis to RFC </br>
    - Response and Fault Response: RFC to SOAP Axis</br>
    The issue is how to identify SOAP fault message in SOAP Axis Adapter Module in the response message:</br>
    The client gets SOAP fault messages like the follwong one:</br>
             <faultstring>Server Error</faultstring>
                <ns1:exception xmlns:ns1="">
                   <ns1:errortext>bla bla bla ...</ns1:errortext>
    But when trying to access the tags faultcode and/or faultstring in the adapter module via xPath expressions I do not get them. Obviously the SOAP Fault tags are built AFTER the adapter module has been passed. So my question is:</br>
    How can I clearly/uniquely detect a SOAP fault response message (and distinguish it from a "normal" response message) in my SOAP Axis Adapter Module?</br>
    I tried it the following way:</br>
    // Check Message Payload for SOAP Fault Message via xPath expressions</br>
    // SOAP Fault Code</br>
    zv_xPression = zc_constXPattern.replaceFirst("&", "faultcode");</br>
    zv_soapFaultCode = XPathAPI.eval(zv_doc, (String) zv_xPression).toString();</br>
    // SOAP Fault String</br>
    zv_xPression = zc_constXPattern.replaceFirst("&", "faultstring");</br>
    zv_soapFaultString = XPathAPI.eval(zv_doc, (String) zv_xPression).toString();</br>
    // check for SOAP Fault Message</br>
    if (zv_soapFaultCode.equals("") && zv_soapFaultString.equals("")) {</br>
         // Create Audit Log entry - NOT a SOAP Fault Message</br>
         zv_msgText = zc_constModuleName + " 0190: xPath - OK! This message is NOT a SOAP Fault Message";</br>
         zv_audit.addAuditLogEntry(zv_msgKey, AuditLogStatus.SUCCESS, zv_msgText);</br>
         zv_faultCheck = false;</br>
    else {</br>
         // Create Audit Log entry - SOAP Fault Message</br>
         zv_msgText = zc_constModuleName </br>
              + " 0200: xPath - this message is a SOAP Fault Message. " </br>
              + " - Faultcode is: " + zv_soapFaultCode </br>
              + " - Faultstring is: " + zv_soapFaultString; </br>
         zv_audit.addAuditLogEntry(zv_msgKey, AuditLogStatus.ERROR, zv_msgText);</br>
    But zv_soapFaultCode and zv_soapFaultString are always empty (with other payload tags this coding works fine).</br>
    Any ideas? </br></br>
    Thanx very much in advance!</br></br>

    Hi Alex!
    Like already mentioned I solved my problem by identifying the SOAP exception with the messageClass attribute of the PI message header. Acess code:
    try {
    String zv_msgClass = zv_piMsg.getMessageClass().toString();
    } catch (Exception e) {
    zv_msgText = zc_constModuleName
    + " E0110: Message processing terminated."
    + " Reason: Error while getting MessageClass "
    + zv_dataSource
    + e;
    // create trace and audit log entry (severity ERROR) for exception
    zv_location.errorT(ZV_SIGNATURE, zv_msgText);
    zv_audit.addAuditLogEntry(zv_msgKey, AuditLogStatus.ERROR, zv_msgText);
    ModuleException me = new ModuleException(e);
    zv_location.throwing(ZV_SIGNATURE, me);
    throw me;
    }     // end of try-catch-block
    But I do not think this will solve your problem. I am almost sure, that something in your Axis configuration is wrong/missing. If a handler cannot be instatiated then it really may be missing. Have a look at defaultTrace.trc. Maybe you will find more suitable information about the root cause of your problem. Also have a look at NWA under software components and/or application modules if you can find/see your modules.
    But there is a general issue when trying to catch PI fault messages. If e.g. the requestor tries to login with wrong userid/pasword, then you will have no chance to catch this kind of error - at least as far as I know. Because in this very early stage of PI message processing no module is called.
    One last question: Did you develop your own Adapter or just an adapter module? In the first case: Is your adapter started and healthy? Have a look at RWB -> communication channel monitoring.

  • Handling inbound messages in B2B

    Dear All
    I have problem configurating B2B to receive any inbound message from the IP_IN_QUEUE, local directory or ftp. Basically, the remote partner transport just doesn't go and pick up the incoming messages. All outbound messages work fine. I am using the HL7 protocol.
    I have tried to set oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.DocumentRouting=true as recommended in the manual but it doesn't help.
    Just wondering any other setting I need to change before the engine is able to pick up inbound messages.
    Thanks in advance,

    Dear all,
    I can finally recieve an inbound HL7 with MLLP. One strange thing I find is that the Win32 version does not have the option for entering the "MLLP ID". However, I Still do not have much luck with inbound file.
    I now have other questions. We want to setup a B2B server to receive all HL7 messages. As the B2B server would process all incoming messages and put it in the IP_IN_QUEUE, how would the BPEL processes know which message they should pickup from the queue? I read something about the document routing ID but it seems that HL7 doesn't have this feature.
    Another question, is it possible to adjust the frequency of the B2B server to poll the outbound queue for jobs? We have applications that require very fast response and the current setting just do not serve our needs.
    Finally, is it that if we want an inbound queue services in B2B, how long does it take for the feature to be included in the service?
    Thank you very much for you help,

  • MDM adapter Non-XML Inbound Messaging

    Hi all,
    I have a scenario where I transport a csv file via PI (NW711_05_REL) to MDM using the File adapter (sender) and MDM adapter 7.1 7.1 (receiver).
    The message is sent through to the MDM port fine, and it seems to choose xml as default file type and PI MSG ID as file name.
    This results in an xml file with csv content.
    As I want to put the file on the port with its original file type (csv) and name, I need to tweak the MDM adapter a bit. For this I have tried to find MDM specific modules, but have been unable to do so.
    I have found a u201Cwork aroundu201D by using u201CSet Adapter Specific Message Attributeu201D on the sender file adapter u2013 described on
    Configuring the sender file adapter as described in i am able to set the "FileName" attribute in dynamic configuration.
    This enables me to get some of the desired effect, as the file on the MDM port is now a csv file u2013 half way there!! However the file name remains PI MSG ID...
    Am I missing something here or is the adapter not working as intended? I donu2019t understand why it should only use the file type when the entire filename and type is there. I would assume that the entire filename and extension would be used in the MDM port.
    I have tried achieving the desired result by using the "AF_Modules/DynamicConfigurationBean" on a JMS adapter, but the result is the same.
    I would like to avoid developing my own custom module to handle this, as it seems like it should be possible to handle in a more standard way.
    I hope someone out there can help me out, and hope to see a lot of good replies.
    Best Regards,

    have you gone thur these settings?
    Non-XML Inbound Messaging
    When the backend system uses the PI File Adapter sender as the communication channel to deliver messages to the PI server, and the receiving MDM channel corresponds to an inbound MDM port of type other than XML (for example, Flat text file), then you must enable the File Adapter Specific Message Attribute named File Name as follows:
           1.      Edit the corresponding File Adapter sender communication channel.
           2.      In the Advanced tab, choose Set Adapter Specific Message Attribute.
           3.      Choose the File Name.
           4.      Save and activate the changes.

  • [URGENT] Get Inbound Message in EBS Using XML Gateway + SOAP

    Hi experts,
    I want to ask you about how to process the inbound message using XML Gateway and SOAP protocol.
    I have 2 EBS instances, let's called it A (source) and B (destination).
    FYI, I'm following this ebook: "Oracle E-Business Suite Development and Extensibility Handbook" in chapter 12 regarding Oracle XML Gateway.
    So I don't use BPEL PM to do this.
    I'm just using EBS with XML Gateway and Integrated SOA Gateway responsibilities.
    When I tried to send the XML from A to B using OXTA, it's success, the data can be processed in B and could store in the database.
    But when I tried to use SOAP, the XML message that has been sent from A is success, and when I check it on B (Integrated SOA Gateway -> SOA Monitor), the message is in there and I can see the SOAP request and response as well.
    SOAP request:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <env:Envelope xmlns:env="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:wsu="">
    - <env:Header>
    - <ns0:XMLGateway_Header>
    - <env:Body>
    <ns0:ReceiveDocument xsi:type="xsd:string"><ORDER_DETAILS_XO xmlns=""> <ORDER> <ORDNO>100002</ORDNO> <ORDWT>100002</ORDWT> <RDATE/> <CITY>JAKARTA</CITY> <ZIP>17121</ZIP> </ORDER> </ORDER_DETAILS_XO></ns0:ReceiveDocument>
    SOAP response:
    - <env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
    <env:Header />
    - <env:Body>
    - <ReceiveDocument_Response xmlns="">
    <ResponseCode xmlns="">200</ResponseCode>
    <ResponseMsgId xmlns="">BD4EAD91E76051D5E0440021287448DA</ResponseMsgId>
    <ResponseInfo xmlns="">Document received and pushed into queue for asynchronous processing. Enqueued message id is 'BD4EAD91E76051D5E0440021287448DA'.</ResponseInfo>
    But the problem is the message that has been got in B can't store into the database yet.
    I had already changed the Queue in the XML Gateway -> Define Transaction, from APPLSYS.ECX_IN_OAG_Q (this is for OXTA) to APPLSYS.WF_WS_JMS_IN.
    After I invoke the webservice and the SOAP message has been got in B, I checked APPLSYS.WF_WS_JMS_IN in database and there is 1 record, the value of USER_DATA column is:
    ((, , , , , , ((BES_EVENT_NAME, 100,, , 27), (BES_EVENT_KEY, 100, 796550960, , 27), (BES_PRIORITY, 200, , 1, 23), (BES_FROM_AGENT, 100, [email protected], , 27), (BES_TO_AGENT, 100, [email protected], , 27), (MSG_ID, 100, 1334117503435, , 27), (ECX_MESSAGE_TYPE, 100, XML, , 27), (ECX_MESSAGE_STANDARD, 100, OAG, , 27), (ECX_PARTY_SITE_ID, 100, 142, , 27), (WS_PORT_OPERATION, 100, ReceiveDocument, , 27), (ECX_TRIGGER_ID, 100, 7101, , 27), (UserId, 100, 3020, , 27), (ECX_USERNAME, 100, CONS.ADE, , 27), (ECX_TRANSACTION_SUBTYPE, 100, ORDER_DETAILS_XO, , 27), (ECX_PASSWORD, 100, CONS.ADE, , 27), (ECX_DOCUMENT_NUMBER, 100, 9285, , 27), (BES_PAYLOAD_OBJECT, 100, false, , 27), (ECX_ATTACHMENTS, 100, , , 27), (ECX_TRANSACTION_TYPE, 100, XKLB, , 27), , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )), 0, , )
    When I tried to select APPLSYS.WF_WS_JMS_IN for the 2nd time, there is no result, which means the business event has been triggered, right?
    So in this point I still don't have any idea why the process is (likely) ended after enter the Queue and the message can't store into B's database yet.
    Do I miss any setup when changing from OXTA into SOAP protocol to send XML message?
    Any urgent help most appreciated.
    Best Regards,

    Did you ever get any answers to this? We are thinking about the same thing.
    [email protected]

  • SOAP version for B2B HTTP inbound message in SOA Suite

    Is there a way to find out the SOAP version supported by B2B HTTP inbound message in SOA Suite Has there been a upgrade of SOAP version to SOAP 1.2?
    The reason behind this assumption is because we are facing following error when an external service posts an XML message enclosed in SOAP envelope (SOAP 1.1) to B2B Sync Receiver Servlet:
    Mime Header Content-Type: text/xml requires SOAP envelope namespace
    Since SOAP headers are already added in the message we are not expecing to face such issue. As per my understanding this issue maybe seen when there is a SOAP version mismatch.
    Moreover, this issue is not seen when this external service posts the same SOAP message to B2B Sync Receiver of SOA suite
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    I resolved the issue by myself, The connection factory which I was referring was duplicated. Hence messages were not dequeueing.
    I would be able to found the issues by creating a similar test case scenario.

  • B2B-50037: B2B inbound message processing error

    We are trying to implement B2B with Customer EDI X12 850 Inbound with SOA
    Application server Version (weblogic)
    Hitting the following error in the logs
    MDS-00013: no metadata found for metadata object "/soa/b2b/EDI_X12/4010/850/New/8504010Viterra.ecs"
    Was successful in overcoming all the usual obstacles of finding the TP, Document Type, protocol etc...However hitting the above error. 8504010Viterra.ecs is a custom spec builder document we created and "8504010Viterra.ecs" was browsed from the windows PC into the Document Type B2B set up. I am willing to use a seeded ecs file but do not know how to find one for X12 850 4010 version....?
    Went through one SR that asks you upload a group ECS file but that did not help in our case....Following was the SR
    "B2B-50037 B2B INBOUND MESSAGE PROCESSING" Error with EDIX12 And DEF 830 VER 200\0 [ID 1357136.1]
    Please help
    Now at the agreement level, if we set the translate to No and Validate to No then B2B completes normally but we do want B2B to translate the file so that we can get it in XML form for us to transform and process it in BPEL
    Any help or hint is really appreciated!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I cannot thank you enough for this
    I was playing around so much with the document type, the protocol version etc. that i must have inadvertently messed up the repository. I took the export of the data as you suggested, purged the design repository and reimported the zip. I also had to restart the server since the ftp was not kicking in...& wholla! the message got translated into XML and went into the queue
    Thanks again
    Gopal Iyer
    Edited by: ghiyer on Nov 10, 2011 10:07 AM

  • B2B-50037: B2B inbound message processing error  java.lang.NullPointerException

    Can anyone help me with this problem.
    I'm new here.
    Oracle SOA Server version
    Got this error message after I put Ignore Correlation true.
    [2013-08-12T14:05:26.668+02:00] [MS_KETEN_SOA_01] [NOTIFICATION] [] [oracle.soa.b2b.engine] [tid: DaemonWorkThread: '17' of WorkManager: 'wm/SOAWorkManager'] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000K1mQe8WAdL9_rdH7iY1I2CVn0000Lc,0] [APP: soa-infra] Engine: processIncomingMessageImpl: Message id = 0A253556140726AA60A000003E11ADD0-1 FromParty = JD0021_OTA Doctype = ScanDocumenten version = 1.0
    [2013-08-12T14:05:26.712+02:00] [MS_KETEN_SOA_01] [ERROR] [] [oracle.soa.b2b.engine] [tid: DaemonWorkThread: '17' of WorkManager: 'wm/SOAWorkManager'] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000K1mQe8WAdL9_rdH7iY1I2CVn0000Lc,0] [APP: soa-infra]     [[
            at oracle.tip.b2b.msgproc.Acknowledgment.createAckMsg(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.msgproc.Acknowledgment.asyncOutgoingAck(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.msgproc.Request.handleAck(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessageImpl(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessage(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.incomingContinueProcess(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.handleMessageEvent(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processEvents(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.ThreadWorkExecutor.processEvent(
            at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.executor.WorkManagerExecutor$
    [2013-08-12T14:05:26.720+02:00] [MS_KETEN_SOA_01] [ERROR] [] [oracle.soa.b2b.engine] [tid: DaemonWorkThread: '17' of WorkManager: 'wm/SOAWorkManager'] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000K1mQe8WAdL9_rdH7iY1I2CVn0000Lc,0] [APP: soa-infra] Error -:  B2B-50037:  B2B inbound message processing error[[
    Error -:  B2B-50037:  B2B inbound message processing error
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessageImpl(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessage(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.incomingContinueProcess(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.handleMessageEvent(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processEvents(
            at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.ThreadWorkExecutor.processEvent(
            at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.executor.WorkManagerExecutor$

    It is a Defect 17324828 has been created. Details for this defect maybe viewed in Oracle Support Portal , we will update you the status as soon as we have more information.
    I found ,Bug 16713853 : BTMLR: IGNORE CORRELATION AS TRUE IN ADMIN COFIGURATION GIVES NULLPOINTER ERROR for this issue in 11G , As of now development team is still working to fix this , i will raise a New BUG and involve development team for this issue

  • EDIFACT D98A Inbound Message Processing Error

    I have been setting up an EDI B2B G/W using 11g B2B PS3 (Host & Partner). I have created the ECS, XSD and XML files using the B2B Document Editor and have completed the partner setup for D98A Purchase Order.
    I had the issues when I posted the PO where the Host is unable to pick up the agreements and I was getting B2B-51507 Payload Validation Error and the message was failling at the B2B Host.
    Later I changed the payload in-line with the below thread and removed the Internal Properties
    upon which the messages was sent to RemoteTP but failed with B2B-50037: B2B inbound message processing error
    When I analyzed further I could see the InternalPropertes sent by the Host to the RemoteTP are with empty values.
    I would like to understand the point of removing the InternalProperties and why B2B Host is not sending it in the right format to the other B2B.
    I am pasting the file that is been received at the RemoteTP which failed with B2B-50037: B2B inbound message processing error
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Transaction-CONTRL xmlns="urn:oracle:integration:b2b:9FF110DDDB0C424F8B4C5A0F73EF6547" xmlns:xsi="" XDataVersion="1.0" Standard="EDIFACT" Version="D3" CreatedDate="2013-05-31T13:41:20" CreatedBy="XEngine_2133" GUID="{65236268-C9EF-11E2-BC04-E4115BAD2692}"><Internal-Properties><Data-Structure Name="Interchange"><Lookup Name="InterchangeControlVersion">1</Lookup><Lookup Name="InterchangeReceiverID"> </Lookup><Lookup Name="InterchangeReceiverQual"></Lookup><Lookup Name="InterchangeSenderID"> </Lookup><Lookup Name="InterchangeSenderQual"></Lookup><Lookup Name="Standard">EDIFACT</Lookup><Property Name="InterchangeSyntaxVersion">1</Property><Property Name="ReleaseCharacter">0x3f</Property><Data-Structure Name="Group"><Lookup Name="GroupID">CONTRL</Lookup><Lookup Name="GroupReceiverID"> </Lookup><Lookup Name="GroupReceiverQual"></Lookup><Lookup Name="GroupReleaseNumber">3</Lookup><Lookup Name="GroupSenderID"> </Lookup><Lookup Name="GroupSenderQual"></Lookup><Lookup Name="GroupVersion">D</Lookup><Property Name="GroupID">CONTRL</Property><Data-Structure Name="Transaction"><Lookup Name="TransactionID">CONTRL</Lookup><Lookup Name="TransactionMessageReleaseNumber">3</Lookup><Lookup Name="TransactionMessageVersionNumber">D</Lookup></Data-Structure></Data-Structure></Data-Structure></Internal-Properties><Segment-UNH><Element-0062>#ControlNumber(Transaction)#</Element-0062><Composite-S009><Element-0065>CONTRL</Element-0065><Element-0052>D</Element-0052><Element-0054>3</Element-0054><Element-0051>UN</Element-0051></Composite-S009></Segment-UNH><Segment-UCI><Element-0020>1051</Element-0020><Composite-S002><Element-0004> </Element-0004></Composite-S002><Composite-S003><Element-0010> </Element-0010></Composite-S003><Element-0083>4</Element-0083></Segment-UCI><Loop-Group_3><Segment-UCF><Element-0048>1051</Element-0048><Composite-S006><Element-0040> </Element-0040></Composite-S006><Composite-S007><Element-0044> </Element-0044></Composite-S007><Element-0083>4</Element-0083></Segment-UCF><Loop-Group_4><Segment-UCM><Element-0062>1</Element-0062><Composite-S009><Element-0065>ORDERS</Element-0065><Element-0052>D</Element-0052><Element-0054>98A</Element-0054><Element-0051>AA</Element-0051></Composite-S009><Element-0083>4</Element-0083><Element-0085>18</Element-0085></Segment-UCM></Loop-Group_4></Loop-Group_3><Segment-UNT><Element-0074>5</Element-0074><Element-0062>#ControlNumber(Transaction)#</Element-0062></Segment-UNT></Transaction-CONTRL>
    Has anyone encountered such issues? Is there any additional properties that are needed to be configured?

    Hi Anuj
    this is the stack trace
    <02-Jun-2013 12:50:47 o'clock BST> <Error> <oracle.soa.b2b.engine> <BEA-000000> <Error -: B2B-50037: B2B inbound message processing error
    Error -: B2B-50037: B2B inbound message processing error
    at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessageImpl(
    at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessage(
    at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.incomingContinueProcess(
    at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.handleMessageEvent(
    at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processEvents(
    at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.ThreadWorkExecutor.processEvent(
    at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.executor.WorkManagerExecutor$
    the xml i posted is the one that is logged by the remote TP in the trace logs before the error occurrence,

  • Loading to database with XML Inbound Message

    We need to recibe XML invoices from suppliers using XML Gateway, we have a DTD and Message Map based on the XML structure defined by Treasury, when we process the XML using ECX_INBOUND  the Transaction Monitor shows the processing Status Success but no data is loaded to DB.
    The custum map is calling the action to insert into Database Table as a Post Process Activity on the Target database tables.
    we kindly asking for help because we have no idea what that is failing.

    I have encountered the same situation while following the example:
    Step by Step Guide to Creating an Inbound XML Gateway Transaction for Applications 11i [ID 329903.1]
    My inbound messages were received and en-queued, then they were de-queued, but now they just had "Pending" status in the transaction monitor. The post-process action does not occur at all.
    All the Workflow agent listeners are up and running. However, I do see an error in the log:
    Module: wf.plsql.WF_EVENT.GetSourceAgentGUID.Error
    Message Text: Specified source agent row does not exist in database. Setting to NULL.
    Any thoughts?

Maybe you are looking for