IDOC for inbound delivery

Hi Gurus,
Pls help me to understand this functionality:
Shipments destined for a Distribution Center will generate ASNu2019s(advance shipping notification) to alert the Distribution Center  to the upcoming receipt.
There are two variations of the transaction that will initiate the ASN:
u2022  Receipt of an ASN from a vendor to a Distribution Center  will result in the creation of an Inbound Delivery.  That Inbound Delivery must be sent to WM via  IDOC.
u2022  Shipments from Distribution Center to DC will create an Outbound Delivery from the u201CClose Loadu201D process in Warehouse M.  Creation of the Outbound Delivery to another DC is the trigger for the IDOC to WM.
The IDOC to be used could be a variation of the DELVRY03.
My doubts includes:
1. can I use one idoc for both the scenarios?
2. both are outbound idocs or not?
3. Any suggestions how to do this?

Shibu David wrote:
> My doubts includes:
> 1. can I use one idoc for both the scenarios?
Yes you can use IDOC DELVRY03 for both scenarios
Shibu David wrote:
> 2. both are outbound idocs or not?
ASN sent to DC will be outbound message.
ASN received by DC, which creates Inbound delivery is inbound message.
Shibu David wrote:
> 3. Any suggestions how to do this?
As far as I know message type used in SAP for ASN is DESADV.
For inbound ASN use process code DELS and for outbound use DELV

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  • Idoc - for inbound delivery order confirmation

    Can some body give me the idoc for Inbound SO Delivery Order Confirmation and if any BAPI method is there to create Delivery order confirmation.
    With Regards

    Hi Vasu,
    Below is the link to find out the IDOC name for ur Inbound IDOC scnario
    Hope this willl help you.
    Reward if helpful.

  • Mandatory fields for inbound delivery idocs

    hi all
    i want to generate inbound idocs for inbound delivery ASN
    i am using message type DESADV and idoc type /AFS/DELVRY03
    in order to generate inbound idoc what are mandatory values i have to pass to the idocs

    I created inbound idoc for ASN Inbound delivery in test mode we19
    i got idoc with status 62, when i am trying to process the idoc in bd87, its allowing me
    is there any other way to process the idocs , so that status will be 53

  • SAP System inconsistency for Inbound delivery / MIGO and a "sap note"

    Hello Friends ,
    After following SAP instruction on how to remove the inconsistency between posting GR through MIGO (Inv. mang.) and the reflection of the goods movement status in the inbound delivery document - done that using sap note 570991
    the problem is that the system start behaving in a weird way throwing unjustified Error messages for any suggested goods receipt using MIGO with reference to inbound
    for example after creating an inbound delivery document and trying to post it via migo , an error will pop up
    - Inbound delivery storage location cannot be changed to here Message no. VLA316
    the thing is i didn't even maintain any storage location entry up to that point and yet i cannot post any stock !!
    also another error  like
    - Inbound delivery batch cannot be changed to *** here
    which doesn't make any sense because there is not batches in the inbound document !!
    i think this behavior is coming from the "Document Flow Update for Stock Postings" inbound  indicator  at the shipping parameter at client level customization
    i need help on  how to overcome this annoying SAP Bug/Problem specially i am in a post go live critical situation

       The messages you mentioned were introduced to avoid inconsistency between inbound delivery and IM, through the note:  1050944 - GR for inbound delivery using inventory mgmt as of ECC 6.00
       If the messages are issued incorrectly, then you may check for SAP notes (I couldnt find anything relevant) or raise an OSS ticket to SAP.

  • New Condition TAble for Inbound Delivery

    i want to maintain a new Condition table for the Inbound delivery picking with the combination of _Delivery type/Plant
    so that the Inbound created for the particular plant alone uses the particular output type.
    Where in IMG can i configure the new Condition table for this combination for the Inbound delivery ?

    Go to SPRO > Logistics Execution > Shipping > Basic Shipping Functions > Output Control > Output Determination > Maintain Output Determination for Inbound Deliveries > Here perform following;
    - Define Condition Table for Inbound Delivery
    - Define Output Types for Inbound Delivery
    - Define Access Sequence for Inbound Delivery
    - Maintain Output Determination Procedure
    - Assign Output Determination Procedures

  • Issue at the time of creation of transfer order for inbound delivery

    I am facing one issue at the time of creation of transfer order for inbound delivery.
    If I create inbound delivery for purchase order with account assignment as 'M' (Ind. cust. w/o KD-CO), inbound delivery is not updated. Also document flow for inbounde delivery s not updated. I can create N number of transfer orders for on inbound delivery. Need help to resolve issue.
    If I create inbound delivery for purchase order with account assignment other than 'M' (Ind. cust. w/o KD-CO), inbound delivery and document flow is updated.
    Thanks and Regards,

    In OMS2 t-code
    for your material type and  plant ,you have to mark value based and qunaity based updation mark
    kailas Ugale

  • Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery before Transfer Order

    Hello Experts,
    Below is the normal process in case of GR via inbound delivery.
    PO -> Inbound Delivery -> TO -> Confirm TO -> Post Goods Receipt in Delivery.
    My client wants as per the normal Purchase Order cycle as below.
    PO -> Inbound Delivery -> Post goods receipt in Delivery -> TO - > Confirm TO.
    I have found some config for this as per below path.
    Logistics - General -> Handling Unit Management -> Basics -> Delivery -> Define Sequence of Transfer Order - Goods Receipt.
    I have done these settings but still it is not working.
    I have couple of questions here.
    1. Are there some more settings required?
    2. Why SAP has designed this process in such a way for inbound delivery.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I am working with non HU managed storage location. Can I still use this settings & process for inbound delivery?
    I am stuck with one more question. SAP is not allowing me to create Inbound delivery for QM active materials.
    The message it is saying is ....
    Material CH-1440 1000 cannot be used in inbound delivery because QM is active
    Message no. L9528
    QM is active for material CH-1440 in plant 1000. As a result, the material cannot be used in an inbound delivery item because the item is relevant for picking and because WM is active for the item.
    This process is not supported in the current release.
    Execute the putaway using a goods receipt posting with subsequent
    putaway in the Warehouse Management system.
    Can you please help me with this one also?

  • Creation of Transfer Order for Inbound Delivery

    I am using L_TO_CREATE_DN for creation of a TO for Inbound Delivery.
    I am getting this message."""Item 180000166 000010 does not exist or is not relevant for picking"""
    The delivery is having Ware House number so i think it is relevent for picking... It is having an item 10 also. I dont know why this message is coming.
    Can anyone please let me know how to get rid of this error and create a TO for the inbound delivery.

    Hi Rakesh,
        Pad the delivery number with a 0 in front and check.
    like, instead of 180000166, pass 0180000166.

  • Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery through MIGO

    Hi All,
    Can anyone pl. explain me in steps the process of GR for Inbound Delivery from MIGO transaction.
    Also I need the process of reversing this goods receipt done.
    For certain inbound deliveries a dump occurs in the program SAPLIE01 in 'EQUIPMENT_ADAPT_BUSVIEWS' fn module.
    I need to analyse the reason for the dump. Here is the extract from the dump
      keine Equidaten vorhanden => EXCEPTION
    --->       RAISE ERR_ADAPT_BUSVIEWS . ENDIF.                     </b>                                          
    Advance Thanks

    Hi Sanjay and Srikanth,
    Thank you for the correction. I was just wondering over this number.
    Sanjay, regd the release level, it is 0017 for SAP_APPL.
    In brief, when GR is done for an inbound delivery, a fn moudle equipment_adapt_busviews is called, in which if the equipment data of the material (wa_equi) is initial, it gives dump.
    1. This fn module is called 3 or 4 times while the posting is done through MIGO
    2. In the 4th call, the parameter wa_equi is initial - which gives the dump.
    3. While debugging, when I reach this point,if I restart the debugging, I find that the posting is completed !!!! (so something happening after posting of GR gives the dump)
    4. I have to reverse this GR for replicating the same again.
    Any further clues !!

  • Function Module / BAPI for Inbound Delivery from Purchase Order

    I need to create an inbound delivery from Purchase Order items and am looking out for some Function Module or BAPI for the same.
    The requirement is that i should be able to specify selected line items from PO for delivery.
    I tried the BDC method for VL31N , but the particular item selection is problem, since by default it shows all the items of PO and i want only selected items.
    Do reply.
    Thanks in advance.

    check these and their documentations.
    BAPI_INB_DELIVERY_CHANGE       Change inbound delivery
    BAPI_INB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC  BAPI for inbound delivery verification from a decentralized system
    BAPI_INB_DELIVERY_SAVEREPLICA  BAPI Function Module for Replication of Inbound Deliveries

  • Use WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2 for Inbound Delivery HU Update?

    Hello all,
    I have used WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2 to successfully update Handling units to Outbound delivery and also perform batch split.
    Can the same FM be used to update Inbound delivery with Handling units. I will be uploading the HU's through excel file.
    Please advice.

    Below is code for Inbound Delivery With HU, it worked for me.
      gs_head-DELIV_DATE = sy-datum.
    gs_head-DELIV_TIME = sy-uzeit.
    gs_item-DELIV_ITEM = p_item1.
    gs_item-MATERIAL = p_matnr1.
    gs_item-DELIV_QTY = p_quan.
    gs_item-UNIT = 'EA'.
    gs_item-PO_NUMBER = p_po.
    gs_item-PO_ITEM = 10.
    APPEND gs_item TO gt_item.
        IS_INB_DELIVERY_HEADER = gs_head
        EF_DELIVERY            = gv_vbeln
        IT_INB_DELIVERY_DETAIL = gt_item
        RETURN                 = gt_ret1.
    gs_refobj-OBJECT = 03.
    gs_refobj-OBJKEY = gv_vbeln.
    gs_humain-vhilm = p_matnr2.
    gs_humain-STATUS = '0010'.
    gs_itempr1-VELIN = 1.
    gs_itempr1-QUANTITY = p_quan.
    gs_itempr1-meins = 'EA'.
    gs_itempr1-matnr = p_matnr1.
    gs_itempr1-werks = p_plant.
        I_HU_ID               = gv_huid (Blank)
        I_NEW_HU              = 'X'
        I_UPDATE_DB           = 'X'
        I_CREATE_HU           = 'X'
        I_REFERENCE_OBJECT    = gs_refobj
        I_HU_HEADER_MAIN      = gs_humain
        I_SAVE_STEP           = 'ITEM'
        I_PACK_ACTIVITY       = 'MAT'
        I_DELIVERY_TYPE       = '7'
        I_PACK_TYPE           = 'MAT'
        IS_ITEM_PROPOSAL      = gs_itempr1
        O_HU_REF_ID           = gs_erefid
        O_HU_HEADER           = gt_eheader
        O_HU_ITEMS            = gt_eitem
        O_HU_MESSAGES         = gt_emsg[]
        ET_CREATED_HUS        = gt_ehus[]
        INPUT_MISSING         = 1
        NOT_POSSIBLE          = 2
        HEADER_ERROR          = 3
        ITEM_ERROR            = 4
        SERIAL_NR_ERROR       = 5
        FATAL_ERROR           = 6
        OPERATION_FAILED      = 7
        OTHERS                = 9.
      ls_vbkok_wa-vbeln_vl  = gv_vbeln.
      ls_vbkok_wa-vbeln = gv_vbeln.
      ls_vbkok_wa-VBTYP_VL = 7.
      ls_vbkok_wa-wabuc = 'X'.
      ls_vbkok_wa-spe_auto_gr = 'X'.
      ls_vbkok_wa-kzebu = 'X'.
      lt_verko-exidv = gs_vekp-exidv.
      lt_verko-exida = 'E'.
      lt_verko-magrv = 'YB01'.
      lt_verko-werks = p_plant.
      lt_verko-STATUS = '0010'.
      APPEND lt_verko.
      lt_verpo-venum = gs_vekp-venum.
      lt_verpo-exidv_ob = gs_vekp-exidv.
      lt_verpo-exidv = gs_vekp-exidv.
      lt_verpo-velin = '1'.
      lt_verpo-vbeln = gv_vbeln.
      lt_verpo-POSNR = p_item1 .
      lt_verpo-TMENG = p_quan.
      lt_verpo-VRKME = 'EA'.
      lt_verpo-MATNR = p_matnr1.
      lt_verpo-werks = p_plant.
      APPEND lt_verpo.
      lt_vbpok-vbeln_vl = gv_vbeln.
      lt_vbpok-posnr_vl = p_item1.
      lt_vbpok-vbeln = gv_vbeln.
      lt_vbpok-posnn = p_item1.
      lt_vbpok-pikmg = p_quan.
      lt_vbpok-matnr = p_matnr1.
      lt_vbpok-werks = p_plant.
      lt_vbpok-pstyv = 'ELP'.
      APPEND lt_vbpok.
      lt_repack-SOURCEHU = gs_vekp-exidv.
      lt_repack-DESTHU = gs_vekp-exidv.
      lt_repack-PACK_QTY = p_quan.
      lt_repack-BASE_UOM = 'EA'.
      lt_repack-MATERIAL = p_matnr1.
      lt_repack-PLANT = p_plant.
      lt_repack-DELIV_NUMB = gv_vbeln.
      lt_repack-DELIV_ITEM = p_item1.
      APPEND lt_repack.
          VBKOK_WA               = ls_vbkok_wa
          DELIVERY               = gv_vbeln
          update_picking         = 'X'
          no_messages_update_1   = 'X'
          synchron               = 'X'
          commit                 = ' '
          NICHT_SPERREN_1        = 'Y'
          if_database_update_1   = '1'
          if_error_messages_send = 'X'
          PROT                   = lt_prot
          VERKO_TAB              = lt_verko
          VERPO_TAB              = lt_verpo
          IT_REPACK = lt_repack.
    Shankar Darbha

  • BAPI For Inbound Delivery using Purchase Order Number

    Hi All,
    Is there any BAPI for posting Inbound Delivery (VL31N) using Purchase Order as reference.

    Not sure what it has to do with enhancements and modifications, but there is no such BAPI:
    FYI all BAPIs may be viewed in BAPI transaction.

  • VL09 Authorization issue for Inbound Delivery

    Dear Experts,,
    When we reverse the goods movement in VL09, authorization check is made for Goods receiving/Shipping Point.
    This is fine for outbound delivery because we always have a shipping point defined.
    However, most of the Inbound Deliveries have no Goods Receiving/Shipping Point. 
    So, if we give the authorization for u201CBlanku201D receiving point = "  ", the user can reverse goods movement for any inbound delivery.
    How can we restrict this? 
    Please suggest your valuable inputs

    most of the Inbound Deliveries have no Goods Receiving/Shipping Point.
    If you doing inbound delivery by VL10B, then you should specify shipping point.
    Define shipping point for inbound delivery and maintain authorization

  • Missing items in the IDoc for the delivery

    Hi to all,
    Sorry if not posting in the right forum.
    In my customer's scenario, an IDoc is created against a delivery (via the delivery output), and sent via ALE to a distant warehouse system, for picking and GI posting (basic type SHPMNT03).
    For some times, the IDoc created against deliveries including BOMs is missing the main item of the BOM (though the BOM main item is in the delivery).
    Consequently, the integration in the distant system is failing, because the higher-level item referenced in the BOM sub-items is missing.
    Surprisingly, re-triggering the delivery output does re-generate a complete IDoc, where the segment for the main item is back.
    I looked almost everywhere, did many searches in OSS (on SHPMNT03, on HIPOS, on E1ELD24 - segment name in the IDoc -, on "Missing items in the IDoc for the delivery", etc...), I even simply googled the web, but I can't even figure out what is the cause for this (I imagined it could be caused by a missing commit in the program generating the IDoc, but don't know whether this make sense).
    Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance and best regards
    Edited by: Yan Loiseau on Jul 8, 2010 12:52 PM
    Edited by: Yan Loiseau on Jul 8, 2010 12:56 PM

    Hello Yan
    Jelena is right, you are better off taking it up with SAP. I also did not find any relevant OSS notes.
    However the issue, according to my reading, is in the following areas:
    1) LV56KF05: INCLUDE LV56KF62 .  " FILL_E1EDL24"
    This fills the EIEDL24 segment, may be the main item is filled  initially and overwritten later.
    2) Function Module: IDOC_OUTPUT_DELVRY
    You can look at the following OSS notes (though not fully relevant)  for some clues:
    810981 - Reference data missing in DESADV IDoc from decentralized WMS
    537470 - BOM + batch split in decentralized WMS, confirmation fails
    752921 - VL563: Higher-level item does not exist
    705086 - Higher-level item does not refer to existing item
    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • Transfer Order for Inbound delivery with multiple line items...

    Hi All,
    <The flow of my report pgm is >
    PO creation using Transaction - me21n
    My report pick the PO created as per date given in selection screen-
    Creates outbound Deliveries using BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_STO
    Create Transfer order FM L_TO_CREATE_DN
    Confirm Transfer order FM L_TO_CONFIRM
    GI is done - Inbound delivery is created
    Create Transfer order FM L_TO_CREATE_DN for Inbound delivery
    Confirm Transfer order FM L_TO_CONFIRM
    Goods receipt.
    If PO is having one item - the entire flow is working perfectly.
    if my PO is having multiple items,
    While creating TO for inbound deliveeies - i am facing the error.
    Before calling FM,
    I am assigining these values like
    wa_delit-nlpla  = wa_ltap_vb-vlpla.    "Source Storage Bin To Destination Bin
          wa_delit-nltyp  = wa_ltap_vb-vltyp.    "Source Storage Type To Destination Storage type
          wa_delit-anfme  = wa_ltap_vb-nsolm.    "Actual destination quantity
          wa_delit-letyp  = wa_ltap_vb-letyp.    "Storage Unit Type
          wa_delit-altme  = wa_ltap_vb-meins.    "Unit of measure
          LOOP AT i_lips INTO wa_lips WHERE vbeln = WA_VBFA-IN_DELIV.
            wa_delit-posnr =  wa_lips-posnr.
            APPEND wa_delit TO it_delit.
    As i am appending i am getting 2 line items in the tabke it_delit.
    Function module :
       i_lgnum                         = l_lgnum
       i_vbeln                         = wa_vbfa-in_deliv
       i_commit_work                   = 'X'
       i_bname                         = sy-uname
       it_delit                        = it_delit
       e_tanum                         = gv_tonum_1
       t_ltap_vb                       = i_ltap_vb_1
       foreign_lock                     = 1
       dn_completed                     = 2
       partial_delivery_forbidden       = 3
       xfeld_wrong                      = 4
       ldest_wrong                      = 5
       drukz_wrong                      = 6
       dn_wrong                         = 7
       squit_forbidden                  = 8
       no_to_created                    = 9
       teilk_wrong                      = 10
       update_without_commit            = 11
       no_authority                     = 12
       no_picking_allowed               = 13
       dn_hu_not_choosable              = 14
       input_error                      = 15
       error_message = 16
       OTHERS = 32.
    Here i am getting as input error, i need to create only one TO for multplie items
    If i pass this i a loop - then it will create 2 Transfer order which is WRONG please help me to over come this error.
    Edited by: Senthil Kumar on Dec 7, 2009 3:29 PM

    Please check FM L_TO_CREATE_MULTIPLE.
    Ferry Lianto

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