Idoc/message type related to su01 tcode fields?

hi experts,
when i create a user in su01,an idoc should get triggered.
are there any standard idoc / message type having fields related to this.
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Hi Charu,
You can use one of following IDoc types, depending on the action you want to perform on the user master record:
USERCHANGE     Change user
USERCLONE     Create User with Template in Another System
USERCREATE     BAPI to Create a User

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  • Enhanced Fields in IDoc Message Type CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE_M

    Dear Experts,
    I have enhanced the Business Transaction with EEWB and is used in Complaint Handling scneario. Now, I need to send the IDoc for the complaints. So, I have used the Message Type CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE_M for this. But this message type does not have the Custom Fields which were enhanced. When  I searched on the internet, I found the solutions to Re-generate the IDoc after adding fields in CRMXIF_CUSTOMER_H Segment. But when I try  to do that it is asking  for Access Key. I think there must be another way.
    Please guide me.
    Sreenivas Raju.

    Hey Sreenivas,
    Standard provided Idoc will not have segments for Z fields that you add using AET/EEWB. How did you try to regenerate Idoc? You need to use transaction BDFG to generate a custom Idoc.
    Follow the steps below.
    1. Create a Z function group.
    2. Run BDFG. Enter 'CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE' in parameter for function Module and press enter. It will list the available message types including 'CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE_M'
    3. Press Create button in application toolbar. A popup will come. Give a name for new message type. Another popup will come, give names for inbound/outbound functions using the Z FG you created, suitable development class and press enter.
    4. Now view your message type. Go to the idoc type and release it.
    5. Finally selecting your new Z message type, go to menu Edit->Idoc Type and Segment Type->Release. Release your objects. There may be a few popups, respond accordingly.
    6. Maintain partner profile settings. Process code will be APLI or APLM as per your need.
    Voila!! You have your new message type having segments for Z fields.
    Let me know the outcome.

  • Docu of Idoc message type CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE_M02 for service request

    We are using the customer interaction center / service desk in CRM 7.0 and want to send service calls from other systems to our CRM service desk.
    I've found that this should be possible via IDOC CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE_M02.
    Does someone has more documentation of this idoc message type (meaning of the fields, obligatory fields, ...) ?
    Thank you,

      Go to we19 t-code, there give messgae type CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE_M and then execute.
    Next screein beside EEIDC double click and give send and receiver port.
    After that clcck CRMXIF_BUSTRANS popup will open. Fill required fields.
    Then expand CRMXIF_BUSTRANSA do the same for all.
    After that click start oubound processing.
    For more information go to SPRO->CRM->CRM middleware and related componets->exchange data with external components->XIF adapters then click OVERVIEW documentation help. Then click CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE.
    You will get the information on outbond as well as inobound.
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  • Attribute extension generation to IDOC message type CRMXIF_IBASE_SAVE_M

    Various attributes have been defined and assigned to a set type using tcode COMM_ATTRSET.  The set type includes an entry in field CDB Table CDBD_ATTRVAL.  The Create API Append has been checked when including in a transport which generated the API append structure for the set type.  The set type has been assigned to a Category via tcode COMM_HIERARCHY.
    We are planning to use IDOC message type CRMXIF_IBASE_SAVE_M for the legacy data migration.  How do we include the new attributes?

    You have to use TCode BDFG  to generate a new Message Type . This will create a new Message type and a new Idoc type and will include the new Atributes.
    we have used to create a new Message type for our new fields in ACTIVITY_H ( extended through EEWB )
    Make sure , you refer to some OSS Note , which will tell you the steps to do so , As for first time user of BDFG  its very tricky.

  • How to chang the idoc  message type

    I want to change the idoc message type...because the idoc has the status 51...pls advice how to change
    I have tried it from we81 .......but i cant open the msg type ...when i double click on it.

    This may help u
    Steps To Create Custom IDOC
    1.Create Segment Type (WE31)
    Go to Transaction code WE31
    Enter Segment type, click on Create
    Give Description
    Enter the Necessary Fields & Data Elements for those Fields.
    Save the Changes.
    2.Create Idoc Type (WE30)
    Go to transaction code WE30
    Enter the Object Name, select Basic type and click Create icon
    Select the create new option and enter a description for your basic IDOC type and press enter
    Select the IDOC Name and click Create icon
    The system prompts us to enter a segment type and its attributes
    Choose the appropriate values and press Enter
    The system transfers the name of the segment type to the IDOC editor.
    Follow these steps to add more number of segments to Parent or as Parent-child relation
    Save it and go back
    Go to Edit -> Set release
    3.Create Message Type (WE81)
    Go to transaction code WE81
    Change the details from Display mode to Change modenAfter selection, the system will give this message u201CThe table is cross-client (see Help for further info)u201D. Press EnternClick New Entries to create new Message Type
    Fill details
    Save it and go back
    4.Assign Idoc Type to Message Type (WE82)
    Go to transaction code WE82
    Change the details from Display mode to Change moden After selection, the system will give this message u201CThe table is cross-client (see Help for further info)u201D. Press Enter.
    Click New Entries to create new Message Type.
    Fill details
    Save it and go back

  • How to get the segment  detials of IDoc message type.

    Dear Friends,
    I  want to write function module , which takes the IDOC  message type  as an input and returns all the segment fields in response.
    Basically I want to get the XML schema of a IDOC message type and need to expose these details toa 3rd party application to use.
    Dear experts ,Please do give me some ideas how to achieve this .
    like tables from where i can get these details or u feel any other goos way of doing the same.

    Hello experts,
    Please participate .........
    To redefine my objective I will say:--
    I am trying to do some thing very similar that is there in XI .
    You might have seen the way IDOCs are shown while mapping an idoc structure.
    Its like you select a message type and u get all the list of  Idoc Structure shown .
    I am really relying on you people.
    thx ,

  • IDOC Message type  ACC_DOCUMENT -  Same Client different company Code

    Hi guys ,
    I need your advice , I´m trying to create an IDOC to send my accounting  postings via IDOC from one company to other in the same client  , I did I think the whole process to achive that ,  meaning I went to tnx : SALE , SM59, WE21  but now in BD64 im facing the following problem  : in the message type box , i filled the fields like this :
    Model view       TEST                          
    Sender             GCQCLNT100                     
    Receiver           GCQCLNT100                     
    Message Type  ACC_DOCUMENT 
    but I got the error : Client and server must be different. !! , so I dont know what to do now ,  any advice ?  Im not sure if  I need a Distribution model for what I want to do ? or maybe i can´t send idocs in the same client ??
    thank you Guys.

    When I stored an IDOC with the IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS  function, I believe I only had the receiver configured.
    I created the idoc table, control structure, etc., did the save with the FM above...then the receive side had a process code and standard FM....

  • Contract creation in Backend with Idoc message type BLAORD

    We are creating Backend contracts from the Bidding engine functionality. We only want to create backend contracts and did the necesary configuration.
    We did not yet implement BADI:
    In SAP R/3 Backend system (Version 46C) we see SAP is trying to create a contract via Idoc message Type: BLAORD.
    In the trx BD87 in the backend we get status 51 :
    Mesage number: 00 055
    "Make an entry in all required fields"
    In the segments of the Idoc however we do not see which field is missing!
    How can we best analise this problem. Or maybe anyone can give us a a hint what is missing.
    Thanks for any reply.

    Hello RRK,
    In ref. to your mentioning to change the backend configuration from WKK to MKK might not be as easy to do for organizations.  As those configurations effect the overall creation of purchasing document types in R/3. 
    The Key issue is why the "Target Value" in the Header of the SRM GOA does not get transferred to the R/3 contract.  That's why the issue is still there. 
    Were you guys able to figure out why that was missing? In the BLAORD IDoc the Target Value seems to not get transferred from SRM - its 0.00 if the IDoc is reviewed in WE19.  This seems to be the problem.
    Just wanted to know if you see the same issue in ur system.

  • IDOC message type or bapi to create CRM Product hierarchy

    hi all,
    I tried to tranfer the Product hierarchy to CRM using LSMW, it could not transftered by batch input and I could not find any IDOC message type or bapi to create Product hierarchy. it seemed that I could not using LSMW?
    i also found that many BAPIs in CRM were not related with ALE we can not use LSMW using IDOC or BAPI to transfer data?  i will very appreciate anyone who can tell me to solve such problem, especially tranfer data to CRM. thanks so much!

    hi Ramgopal,
    u can check the  bapi-<b>BUS1112</b> for cost center, and from the methods what ever u want u can take based upon requirement
    if u find it useful plz mark the points.
    <b>check the IDOC method with message type COSMAS and basic type COSMAS1</b>
    it should workout now
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  • Several deliveries are created through IDOC message type DESADV.

    Hi Gurus,
    Do you happen to know why in IDOC, message type DESADV, FM BORES_IDOC_INPUT_DESADV1, several inbound deliveries are created? What could have been tha reason for the split? One strange thing is, we tried to create an inbound delivery manually using the same material or data in idoc but only one delivery were created. No split occurred.
    I tried to investigate and i found out that Idoc uses FM GN_DELIVERY_CREATE while manual creation uses GN_DELIVERY_CREATE_FOR_DIALOG. Do they have difference?
    I hope someone can help me on this.
    Thanks in advance!

    Answer is pure assumption.
    LIKP-ZUKRL is the field used for delivery split, pls check whether you are passing any value for the same
    Madhan D

  • How link customize IDOC message type with FM ?

    I have created new IDOC message type ZCOST and FM ZMASTERIDOC_CREATE_COST. (Outbound).
    Please advise how link the message type and FM ? so everytime i am executing BD21 with message type ZCOST the program always calling FM ZMASTERIDOC_CREATE_COST to generate the IDOC.
    Thank You and Best Regards

    You need to link Mssage type, IDOC type and the FM (also extension idoc type if exits) in TCODE: WE57 --> go to change mode
    --> then new entries --> even you need to gove the direction inbound/outbound.
    Also you need to create a outbound custom process code in WE41. and link the FM to the process code.
    This process code shold be assigned to the partner profile in we20 in outbound parameters -> so you FM will be picked up qutomatically.
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  • Message types related to MM module

    hi friends,
    I want to know the standard masters for MM modules.
    according to the masters i want to know the Message types.
    can anyone give the t code for searching the message types.
    i am searching by using WE81,
    i got the no of message types but i can't find which message type related to Master data.
    can any one give me proper solution.
    thanks in advance.

    hi punit,
    thanks for responding for my thread.
    solved the problem my self only..
    here i am giving the list of master data message types/ IDocs .

  • IDOC message type and message code and function?

      anyone can explain with example what is IDOC message type and message code and function? how it is used?

    An IDoc type can be implemented for various "logical" messages; one message can also be assigned to different IDoc types (m:n relationship).
    The message is defined by the values for message type (required), message code (optional) and message function (optional). These three fields belong to the key fields in the partner profiles, which are used, for example, to determine inbound processing. If the 'Message type' field is not maintained (e.g. in the case of a control record from Release 2.1, in which MESTYP did not exist), the IDoc Interface uses the value from STDMES (EDI message type).
    If possible, the descriptions of the message type should be linked to the corresponding EDI message type.
    The message ORDERS (= message type) identifies purchase orders (outbound) and sales orders (inbound).
    Message code or Process Code for Inbound Processing
    Code which identifies a process type.
    The process type determines which process is used to convert an IDoc to an SAP document.
    Process code for outbound processing
    Code which identifies the type of data which is to be sent via the IDoc interface.
    Using the process code, the IDoc interface finds the application selection module which converts the SAP document into an IDoc.
    The process code is only used with applications which perform outbound processing via Message Control (NAST).
    Thanks & Regards

  • IDOC message type for "Site" in SAP Retail module?

    Hi All,
    We have the need to transfer master data (through master data change pointers) of Retail Sites within the SAP Retail module (transaction:  WB01, WB02).  Does anyone know if there's an IDOC message/type already associated with this?  Thanks in advance for your help!

    please read SAP notes 892103 and 551035.
    The correct IDOC type should be FIDCC1 / FIDCC2.
    Best regards,


    I'm currently working on a CRM data migration project. I'm using the IDOC Message Type: <b>CRMXIF_PARTNER_REL_SAVE_M</b> to map data into contact relationship structures.
    The problem I am having is the above interface works with SAP standard <b>BUR001</b> type contact relationships. But a copy was taken of <b>BUR001(is contact person for) => ZUR001 (former contact person of)</b>. This allows you to add a date range: <b>DATE_TO - DATE_FROM</b>. Using the above interface I am able to map these dates to the <b>ZUR001</b> type relationships.
    All the other data I try and map  i.e Function, Telephone No, Fax No ect.. will not map. I'm at a loss as to why not?
    note: running CRM 4.0
    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
        Philip Johannesen

    Thanks Saquib, the OSS note was very informative.
    Do you know where I can find <b>" In addition, you can find DXWB/LSMW examples under which you can install in a CRM system and use as models."?</b>
    I've looked under the new link <b>""</b>. But have been unable to find any examples.
    I've awarded points as promised.
       Philip Johannesen

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