Idoc packing in sap pi 7.3

Hi Gurus
i have check the check box with multiple idocs insinle message  in sender idoc adpter  which is running on java stack.
is idoc packing is supported in sap pi 7.3 in idoc_aae running on java stack.
if it is working on java stack please help me.

What is the error that you're getting...You can use Idoc packaging in java idoc adapter(IDOC_AAE). If you check multiple idocs in single XI message (IDOC xml) checkbox in the  Idoc sender communication channel, packaging will be activated.
Please refer this
Configuring PI 7.30 Java IDoc Adapter

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  • IDoc packing with PI 7.1 EHP1

    how does IDoc packing (EHP1) work within a IDoc sender channel? Has anybody already tried it? Can I simply recieve "collected" IDoc from ECC (e.g. invoic IDocs) which are not splitted by IDoc adapter? So that I do not have to use a collect BPM any more?

    > that means I have to "create" an IDoc sender channel to receive IDocs from ECC? How can I define whether IDocs should be received via this IDoc sender channel or via the "standard" IDoc adapter?
    Yes, you do have to create an IDOC sender channel.  The IDOC packaging option in the CC distinguishs a standard idoc channel from idoc channel with packaging.
    > How to define the IDoc package size when I don't know how many IDocs will be sent from ECC to PI?
    I would recommend you to watch the below video from the timeslot 00:45, you will

  • IDOC bundling & IDOC packing

    Can you explain with examples for IDOC bundling & IDOC packing

    IDoc bundling is like sending multiple IDoc ...
    Ex Scenario: U have file containing Multiple Sales order and for every sales order u are generating an IDoc so in the mapping u change the occurance of IDoc. Consider that the occurance of IDoc is 1-1 and now by exporting the IDoc and making changes to the occurance as 1- unbounded in the XSD. Now by importing this xsd we can send multiple IDoc this is IDoc bundling.
    IDOC Packaging on outbound side
    IDoc Packing is someting Viceversa to IDoc Bundling.
    Ex Scenario: Multiple IDoc each containing a Sales Order is sent to XI and we want a single file to be containg all the IDoc sales order details. So we collect all the IDoc sent by R/3 for a perticular time or condition and do a mapping to generate a single file.
    > 3) IDoc Bundling,
    Please provide points if helpful

  • Incomplete Idoc received in SAP R/3

    Hi XI Gurus
    I am working on a File to Idoc scenario and stuck because of a strange issue.
    The output Idoc structure sent from XI and as viewed in IDX5 / SXMB_MONI is as below
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         <IDOC BEGIN="1">
              <EDI_DC40 SEGMENT="1">
              <E1BPACHE09 SEGMENT="1">
    But the Idoc received in SAP R/3 as viewed in Transaction WE02 or table EDID4 has only one node E1BPACHE09
    and because rest of the nodes are missing SAP R/3 fails to process the Idoc .
    Any help to analyse the issue will be highly appreciated.

    Hi Lovein,
    What you can do is:
    1. Go to SXMB_MONI and take the output xml.
    2. Now go to your mapping under TEST tab and test the above mentioned output xml and see what is the output, i mean are you able to see all the desired output as per you mapping or not.
    3. If not then probabily you will get an error message, then try to find out the solution in your mapping only.
    4. If you are not able to do that, kindly send the error message, which you got in mapping.
    I hope this will solve your issue.
    ****Reward points, if found helpful. 

  • How to relate IDOC generated in sap through ALE from legacy system

    Hi all,
    can any one tell me how can relate an idoc generated in SAP with the new idoc generated in a legacy system. I mean how could I identify, which idoc is generated for a particular idoc in legacy system and vice versa.

    Thanks Suhas but when i am getting error message related to partnr profile when pressing this 'TRACE IDOC' button even with idoc in status 53.
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  • IDOC settings from sap r/3 to sap pi7.3

    Hi Guru,
    actual problem when i am triggering the idoc from ERP,it is trigeering to the abap stack in sap pi.but i am using idoc_aae adapter at sender side,the message is flowing from sap ERP to file but the message is seen in sxmb_moni,but actually it is not seen in moni .
    Please if any one have the idoc setting from sap erp to sap pi7.3. and iam using ICO configuration.
    Please help me

    Please go through the below link :
    Also in your software component version please check whether import of IDocs and RFCs are allowed
    from your respective ECC system, and check the ECC system parameters are correctlt maintained or not.
    Try out once.

  • Idoc lost from SAP R/3 to XI

    Hi experts,
    I have the following problem:
    sometimes an idoc fired from SAP (not through WE19) does not reach XI (I cannot see it in SXI_MONITOR). I've checked the following facts:
    1. SAP R/3 status of the idoc is 03 (direction outbound).
    2. SM58 produces no result.
    3. IDX5 produces no result for that idoc.
    4. 99,9% idocs of the same type fired in the same day work fine.
    Resending manually the same Idoc using WE19 gives no problem and the idoc reaches XI.
    any idea?
    Thanks a lot,

    You must see this in WE05 or BD87. Just release the idoc and have a look at we05 or bd87 and limit down the time where to search. in sm58 you can only see the idoc ith the system can not log on to the remote system. Did you check sm58 in the target system? did you check bd87 in the target system?

  • Idoc  b/w sap(r/3) and non sap system .

    hi gurus,
    how i pass an outbound idoc  b/w sap(r/3) and non sap system .
    which  function module we will use in this scenerio for inbound and outbound idoc both
    please guide me  with an example .

    Hi Pawan,
    Non SAP system should have RFC adapter in order to receive and send Idocs from/to SAP.
    If this is not your case, you should us a Integrator Middelware with RFC and standard adapters like SAP Exchange Infrastructure.
    If for example, your non SAP system is able to process data from flat files you can build next interface: SAP send Idocs to middleware that receive them using RFC adapter, middelware maps Idocs into flat file and send it to a one of non SAP system folder using FTP adapter. Non sap system triggers the flat file into its applications.
    Reward points if useful.

  • What is the Way of finding all standard IDOC avilable in SAP R/3 modulewise

    Dear Experts,
    How to know list of all avilable standard IDOCs present  in SAP R/3 Modulewise(i.e. HR,MM etc)?is there any standard tcode to  see all the standard IDOC(or we have to follow some other way) ?
    Eagerly looking for your valuable opinion.
    Rasmiraj Tripathy

    I am not sure that it is possible to see module wise.Just go through this we81,we82.

  • IDOC generation in SAP R/3

    I want to know how to generate the IDOC for MATMAS??

    Follow this simple procedure
    1) Send an outbound IDOC data(MATMAS) to a flat file on client1(SENDER).
    Create File Port (WE21) for outbound file.
    Maintain Distribution Model (BD64) for sender ->receiver system.
    Create Partner Profile (WE20) for logical system.
    You can use this program RBDSEMAT (t/code BD10) to generate IDoc MATMAS file(s).
    _ Then you can FTP the file(s) to receiver system.
    2) Upload the flat file as an IDOC on the inbound sytem
    which is Client2(RECIEVER).
    Create File Port (WE21) for inbound file.
    Maintain Distribution Model (BD64) for receiver -> sender system.
    Create Partner Profile (WE20) for logical system.
    You can use this program RSEINB00 to upload IDoc MATMAS file(s).
    Firstly attach your idoc to a process code.
    In the process cod you can tell the system that the specified program should be triggered whenever an idoc of that type comes to the system.
    Then you want to have a Z-function module for your idoc processing, if I understand correctly.The steps should be:
    1. Create a z function module for idoc inbound posting (copy from a function module idoc_input_*).
    2. Set Function Modules as Inbound: - Transaction BD51
    3. Assign Function Modules to Logical Messages and Idoc types:- Transaction WE57
    4. Create process codes : Transaction WE42, and link the z-function module.
    5. Create partner profile: transaction WE20 and attach the message type and process code.
    6. In the Z- function module, extract data from the idoc segments, do whatever processing you want to do, and then call BAPI_CREATE_SALES_ORDER_FROMDAT2.
    Try the Trasaction WE19 for testing your inbound and outbound IDOCs
    links that will help you
    IDOC Convertion
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  • Reg : Idoc Transfer From SAP R/3 to Gentran

    Hi Floks /
    Any body can transfer SAP R/3 idoc to external Sterling Gentran intgration suite . what are process steps required to sending and what are the transaction codes are available in Gentran and Sap .
    can u please help me out.

    See the below links
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    /people/prateek.shah/blog/2005/06/08/introduction-to-idoc-xi-file-scenario-and-complete-walk-through-for-starters - IDoc to File
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    see the below links to get more details about IDocs
    Troubleshooting of ALE Process - /people/raja.thangamani/blog/2007/07/19/troubleshooting-of-ale-process
    IDOC Convertion
    Please check this online document for ALE and IDoc.
    serialization /people/alessandro.guarneri/blog/2006/11/26/content-based-serialization-dynamic-queue-name-in-xi sDefinition/0,,sid21_gci852485,00.html - 45k - Cached - Similar pages
    Process codes in IDOC
    Check this link to find out the difference b/w ALE,IDOC and BAPI
    ---Split messages :

  • Receiving IDocs from non-SAP system ...

    Hello guys,
    I have problem with implementing IDoc-XI-IDoc scenario. The sender system is a subsystem (non-SAP system) sending IDocs but XI is not able to receive them. I thing the IDoc metadata can not be found.
    Logical system name of the sender is IF6020DEV. I registered the system in SLD. In Integration Directory I imported the Bussines System IF6020DEV to my scenario and I created communication channel of type Sender IDoc Adapter in it.
    In IDX2 I created new port called IF6020DEV and I copied needed metadata into the port. But it doesn't work. Probably I don't do it right because I'm beginner with SAP XI.
    Could you give me any advice how to configure XI for receiving IDocs from non-SAP system?
    Thank you in advance!

    Thank you very much. The issue described in refered discussion is almost same issue what I'm solving. Unfortunetally the described solution dosn't work for me.
    The sender system still returns following error. I know you probably won't understand it because you don't know the subsystem, but maybe you could get some idea what is wrong.
    05/29/09 16:09:19.482 idoup2 Logon...
    05/29/09 16:09:19.482 idoup2 RfcOpenEx (TRACE=1 CLIENT=110 USER=xxxxxx LANG=D LCHECK=1 GWHOST=xxxxxx GWSERV=3361 ASHOST=xxxxxxx SYSNR=61 PASSWD=<password>)
    05/29/09 16:09:19.529 idoup2 Logon RfcOpenEx result=1
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 Call to (IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS) failed (3)
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 Handle=1
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 key............:
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 status.........:
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 message........:IDoc-Adapter Eingang: Der Absenderport ist initial
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 internal status:
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 idoc_upload failed with rc=(3), try(2)
    05/29/09 16:09:20.607 idoup2 key............:IDoc-Adapter Eingang: Der Absend
    05/29/09 16:09:20.607 idoup2 status.........:EXCEPTION SYSTEM_FAILURE RAISED
    05/29/09 16:09:20.607 idoup2 message........:IDoc-Adapter Eingang: Der Absenderport ist initial
    05/29/09 16:09:20.607 idoup2 internal status:
    05/29/09 16:09:20.607 idoup2 idoc_upload failed with rc=(18), try(1)
    05/29/09 16:09:21.607 idoup2 Logoff...

  • HOWTO: Process IDocs To non-SAP receiver

    Hi Experts!
    Today our SAP R/3 sent the IDoc LOIPRO to non-SAP external system, called O2P.
    Now, we would like to send this IDoc (LOIPRO) to XI, and the XI sends the IDoc to the non-SAP external system.
    Then, our scenario will be:
    Step 1. The IDoc LOIPRO is sent from SAP R/3 to XI
    Step 2. Inside the XI, this message is routing and mapping to the
    IDoc LOIPRO too.
    Step 3. The XI sends the IDoc LOIPRO to the O2P (non-SAP external system).
    Well, until Step 2, everything is OK.
    But, we are having troubles to create an IDoc Adapter receiver to O2P (external system), because the O2P is a non-SAP system.
    So, how can we create the communication channel IDoc Adapter, if the receiver isn't a R/3 system ?
    All information will be welcome.
    Thanks a lot,

    You can achieve this by dealing with the Native IDOC structure via Integration server for Non-sap systems.
    In this case you can use the IDOC adapter to receive the IDOCs to Non-SAP system. Its like treating the receiver Non-SAP system as an SAP system only. For this Non-SAP system should be compatible enough and SAP certified to accept the IDOC structures..
    Refer similar kind of discussions and reference docs.
    Sending and Receiving IDOC from SAP to Non SAP system

  • Sending IDoc from Non-SAP system to XI

    Dear all,
       We have a non sap system which needs to send IDoc to XI, Please could you answer my following four questions
    1. What should be the values for the following fields in the IDoc control record
    e.g. RCVPRN = <logical system name of XI>
    2. How does XI decide which port(idx1) to be used when it receives an idoc
    3. The third party system is a non sap one, so it does not have a client no, so I would assume, I need to use another SAP system as a meta data provider, in that case, how would i tell XI to use that port when it receives IDocs from the non-SAP system ?
    4. In what step does XI use the logical system name of the Business system(in SLD)?
    Thanks in advance
    Edited by: Chidambaram Danus on Jan 25, 2008 2:21 PM

    there is bit wrong interpretation of the statement
    If the sender system is a non-SAP system, the sender service is identified from the logical system name of the sender port.
    If the sender system is nonSAP it indicates taht the data is coming to XI from non sap systems such as file, database, webservice etc. to XI and from XI it will pass to sap as IDOC inbound.
    For this you need to create the logical system in SAP (receiver) and pass on that value to IDOC header.
    You could maintain it in the Business service used for Sender system (nonSAP). here it will be available in the tabs ---> History.
    note : IDOC is the concept of data container in SAP, you will not be able to have the IDOCs in non sap systems...
    Edited by: Swarup Sawant on Jan 25, 2008 2:54 PM

  • Performance issue with custom IDOC download into SAP MII

    We have a custom IDOC which has ten fields. We take the data from these ten fields and insert into database. The issue is
    we have some where around 4500 idocs flowing into SAP MII and then from SAP MII to sql database. The time taken for these idocs is around 30 mins.
    Is there a way where we can improve the performance in terms of time taken?
    Additional information is
    MaxReaderThreadCount has been set to 5 in Configuration Management -> Infrastructure -> Application Resources
    sample idoc structure
    Please let us know if more information is needed.
    Manish Jain

    Hi Manish,
    My thinking about the queuing is that for each transaction, you are calling your database and passing in the IDoc content.  Depending upon your system, database, transactions, etc., you may be having to establish a connection between MII and the database each time you process an IDoc.  Each "handshake" takes a finite amount of time.  So queuing up the IDocs, establishing a single DB connection and processing large numbers of IDocs in a batch might reduce your processing time substantially.  Something worth investigating.
    I don't think that adding additional IDoc Listeners for different IDoc types will work if the source ECC system is the same for each type.  It will simply use the first one it finds and process all the types there.
    Additional threads may improve performance and is certainly a low risk, easily implemented test.  Just do it in small increments as you can add too many threads (check with the NW administrator) and lock up your NW system.
    And you may want to check with your DBA to see if there are limits on the connections which MII can establish for uploading the IDoc content (or for that matter, any other improvements to be made on the DB side).
    Edited by: Michael Appleby on Feb 10, 2012 2:37 PM

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