IDOC status 30 but partner profile is set to send immediately (04)

Hi guys,
I have a problem with idocs not being sent immediately... The outputs, the EDI partner profiles are all set up correctly...
it is configured to send immediately however, it's not doing so... prior to upgrade to ECC 6.0 it's working fine... now its not...
However, in BD87 thru manual release of IDocs, it is working fine...
Is there any changes to ECC 6.0 for this matter? or is there anything that needs to be set up other than those mentioned above in order for it to work in ECC 6.0?
Thanks a lot!

Mark, have you looked at the OSS notes? By 'IDOC status 30' it finds 300+ notes, this is really a wide-spread issue.
The most recent one is 150202, which actually recommends collecting the IDocs instead of having "send immediately" because it saves the RFC resources. This is not really an ABAP issue, so you might want to discuss this with your Basis admin.
Also, from my experience, even with "mission critical" processes the users, in fact, never feel any real difference between "immediate" and 5-10 min. Sometimes (due to a technical problem, for example) nothing goes on for 30+ min. and no one even notices.

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  • File to IDOC - issue with partner profile

    I have done File to IDOC scenario and tested it end to end successfully. For same have done all require configuration setting in R/3 like defining logical System and partner profile. And it sends new IDOC successfully in R/3 with status code 50 (IDoc added).
    But when I create new logical system and partner profile in R/3 and when I use same logical system in my above mention scenario then my new generate IDOC in R/3 return status code 56 (EDI: Partner profile inbound not available). But same scenario work fine with my earlier partner profile. Here I have done all require changes at adapter level like adapter specific identification and same new logical system I have update in SLD with my business system Logical System Name.

    Hi Bhavesh,
    Thanks for your reply.
    In control record, I checked with sender and receiver partner. In this sender partner is new partner profile which I have created with port details. Receiver partner has logical system name which I have mentioned in my SLD for my receiver business system. But in receiver partner don’t have any port details.
    But still it has same problem.

  • Inbound idoc testing via partner profile

    i want to test inbound idoc testing via partner profile.
    the problem is i its generating idoc no and giving a message like
    "idoc no 12453152.. is saved but cannot or shd not be processed".
    what does that mean ..
    how shd i veiw properties of partner p[rofiles

    i am getting thid message from we 19 ..
    in that i am creating a sales order...
    i am clicking on startinboung button on application tools bar.
    this is an information pop up window ..
    if i press f1 on that ..
    help says that ...may be you  cannot process the idoc immediatly...
    check for partner profiles

  • Inbound Idoc processing issues - Partner Profiles - error status 56

    Hello All,
    I'm having a little difficulty posting an idoc coming from MDM.  It's a CREMDM04 xml coming from an MDM system.  It is getting mapped through PI and is being split into ADRMAS02 and CREMAS04 Idocs.  The message is being passed through XI and being posted to the ECC system, but certain fields in the EDI_DC40 header table are not being populated correctly (i believe).  I'm using nothing but standard mapping/material from the SAP Business Content for XI.  After looking through the standard XSLTs i cannot find the field-to-field mapping where the fields below are being populated.
    The RCVPOR value (SAP[SID]) is correct when i view it in SOAP Header, but does not appear in the remote system under the receiver port for the inbound idoc.
    The RCVPRN value ([String Value]) is incorrect in the SOAP Header and does appear in the remote system under the receiver partner number for the inbound idoc.  How is the RCVPRN value being populated? 
    SOAP Header in IDocOutbound tag
      <SAP:RCVPRN>[String Value]</SAP:RCVPRN>
    I've been trying to trace down the string value for the RCVPRN, but i cannot find it anywhere.  Perhaps i'm just overlooking it?
    When i set the proper values (port = SAP<SIDofECC> and partner number = <LSnameof ECC>) using WE19 in the remote system then the partner profile is found and i'm left with different error to please specify an address group.
    Any help is very much appreciated! :-D

    Hi Jason ,
    Just check out if you have done the following steps most of us make minor mistake here ....... I think this would solve your problem
    We need to do the following settings in XI
    1) Create an RFC Destination to the Receiving System in transaction code (SM59)
    a) Choose create
    b) Specify the name of the RFC destination
    c) Select connection type as 3 and save
    d) In the technical settings tab enter the details SAP SID/URL and system number#
    e) Enter the Gateway host as same details above SID/URL
    f) Gateway service is 3300+system number#
    g) In the Logon /Security tab, enter the client, user & Password details of Destination system
    h) Test the connection and remote logon.Both should be succesful
    2) Create Port Using Transaction Code IDX1
    a) Select Create New button
    b) Enter the port name as SAP+SID (The starting char should be SAP)
    c) Enter the destination client
    d) Enter the RFC Destination created in XI towards R/3
    e) Save
    3) Load Meta Data for IDOC Using transaction Using Transaction (IDX2)
    a) Create new
    b) IDOC Message Type
    c) Enter port created in IDX1
    We need to do the following settings in R/3
    Logon to Sap R/3 System
    1) Create an RFC Destination to XI in transaction code (SM59)
    a) Choose create
    b) Specify the name of the RFC destination
    c) Select connection type as 3 and save
    d) In the technical settings tab enter the details SAP SID/URL and system number#
    e) Enter the Gateway host as same details above SID/URL
    f) Gateway service is 3300+system number#
    g) In the Logon /Security tab, enter the client, user & Password details of Destination system
    h) Test the connection and remote logon.Both must be succesful
    2) Create communication Port for Idoc processing Using Transaction(We21)
    a) First Select Transactional RFC and then click create button
    b) Enter the destination port name as SAP+SID (The starting char should be SAP)
    d) Enter the RFC Destination created in SAP R/3 towards other system.
    e) Save
    3) Create Partner Profile with Inbound Parameters (WE20)
    a) Create New
    b) Create the Partner no. name as same the logical system name of the destination system
    c) Select Partner type LS
    d) Enter details for Type: US/USER, Agent, and Lang
    Then Save
    e) Select Partner no. and LS which were create above
    f) Now we have to give some Inbound Parameters.So click on ADD TO Create Inbound Parameter
    g) Select Message type
    h) Double click on Message Type and Then Enter the details for Message Type and Process Code.
    I) save
    4) In Transaction SALE, Create Logical System
    a). Go to Basic Settings-> First Define logical systems
    and then assign logical systems
    b) Double click on Define the logical systems
    c) Give data for your Logicaal System and Name
    d) Now click on Save.Here one window may appear just click on Continue.Now the Logical System name is ready
    e) Assign the logical system name to the client
    do let me know if it helped
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  • IDOC is Getting Fail with - 56 Status EDI Partner profile not available

    I am trying to Post invoice Data into IDOC on ECC Side.
    My Scenario is File u2013 XI u2013 ECC(IDOC).
    But It is Getting Fail with 56 Status u201C EDI: Partner profile not available u201C
    On Control record I am getting this
    Port                       BLANKKKKKKKKKK
    Partner Number              CLNTDEC110      Logical system for Client
    Partn.Type       LS                    Logical system
    Function                                  BLANKKKKKKKKKK
    Port                            SAPDPI
    Partner number             CLNTSAMPLE
    Partn.Type                      LS         Logical system
    Partner Role                   BLANKKKKKKKKKK
    My configurations are Like this :----
    On ECC  Side  MY SID is DEC
    On ECC side I have two logical system in CLNTDPI100 for PI
                             CLNTDEC110 for ECC.
    I have Partner profile on ECC system on CLNTDPI100 logical system    - we20
    Added message type in inbound side of partner Profile (INVOIC-INVOIC02)
    ON SAP PI/ XI System  MY SID is DPI
    IDX 1 has Port name SAPDEC
    On Message mapping EDI_DC40 is mapping with constants with below given value
       <IDOC BEGIN="">
          <EDI_DC40 SEGMENT="">
             <TABNAM> </TABNAM>
             <IDOCTYP> </IDOCTYP>

    Check the following :
    in We 02 which  partner number is displayed just in the posted IDOC -> 2nd coloum in the IDOC list .and verify if the
    same you have in Partner profile. Actually this details comes from  ECC business system's logical system name which you give in SLD.
    in we 19  - take the error iDOC numner and  open the IDOC ->click on the first line -> check entries as you mentioned
    above  sender port should be PI port not need to check the partner profiles properly
    follow these steps
    1. create a RFC destination of tyoe H for Pi system- 2. create a Port  and assigen the RFC destination to it
    3 create logical system for PI BD54 PICLNT001 say , 4 with the same name create a partner profile in We20
        in parter profile  maintain the  inbbound message parameters  and add the PI port as receiver port in it .Give the basic type also .
    for sender details  in ur case PI : u have  port (defined in PI IDX1),patner number (LS defined in ECC PICLNT001), parter type LS.
    for  receiver  you have port defined (as above), partner number the logical system for ECC system.
    in we 19 ,, edit the control record as above and  go to the tab inbound processing and test the internal posting
    it should work fine. in the adapte specific attribuet for receiver ECC system , maitain the same LS name , if any wrong entry is
    there then change the LS in sld to poing to correct LS/
    refer this

  • Idoc: BS and Partner profile

    Hi Experts
    Does the partner profile created in R3 and the business system created in SLD needs to be the same for any idoc scenario. If yes why do we need to do so? and is it applicable for all types in partner profile?

    They do not need to be the same, but it may help with a complex landscape if they are.
    The systems are linked via hostname to SLD
    A standard naming convention is recomended across the landscape and applied through all connections.

  • Settings for IDoc Processing Maintain Partner Profile Manually

    Hi Everybody,
    I just wanted to maintain a partner profile for IDoc Outbound Processing in CRM7.0. The Partner Type is LS (Logical System).
    Now, when I'm creating an Outbound Parameter and want to save, I get an Error Message that the field package size must be > 0.
    The problem is, that there is no field Package Size. In older systems there is such a field under the field receiver port.
    Anyone any idea where is the missing field or another solution.
    Thanks and regards,
    When you get the error message, press enter several times and the field appears. Incredible.... but true.
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    Steps to do ALE Configuration with respect to IDOC:
    Configuration in R/3:
    1. Create a RFC destination using Transaction = SM59
    2. Create the ports using we21 and refer the port to the created RFC dest in above Step.
    3. Create a Logical System using Transaction BD54.
    4. Create a partner profile using transaction WE20.
    Also need to configure in XI:
    1. Create a RFC destination using Transaction = SM59
    2. Create the ports using Transaction IDX1 and refer the port to the created RFC dest in above Step.
    3. The port has to be displayed in the IDX2 transaction and we should be able to view the idoc’s which we imported through integration repository otherwise we have to manually import the idoc’s from IDX2 using the port created above
    Also refer to the link below for further details:

  • Inconsistent IDOC status some partner getting status 30 randomly ?

    I have developed customize IDOC and distribute to around 100+ receiver partner type KU. There is always idoc with status 30 in between randomly (not always the same KU).
    I have implemented below code :
    Base on note Note 150202 - ALE: IDoc outbound - IDocs remain in status 30
    One possible cause of this is a lock that is released too late:
    First, you execute the COMMIT WORK and then a DEQUEUE ALL or EDI_DOCUMENT_DEQUEUE_LATER.
    However, when you execute the COMMIT, the asynchronous processes are started that must first lock the IDoc again.
    Some forum mention using code below:
    IDoc status as 30
    Please advise ? is that the process is to fast ?
    Thank you in advance

    Hi Vinay parakala
    Schedule back ground job to program RSEOUT00 regularly to process the 30 status idoc....
    Your program generates the idoc ... and RSEOUT00 will process you idocs which are in 30 status...
    i hope  above info helps you
    Note: enter Message type BOMMAT in  program RSEOUT00

  • Partner profile not available while sending mail

    Hi Experts,
    I have used a customized program which is called by tcdoe va41, where once when i click on issue output to..
    I need to send email to the customer, but i get a message that Partner profile not available.
    Can any one help me in this issue

    you can create  the parnter profile using tcode WE20. hope it will help you .  

  • IDOC status 30 even if I set transfer IDoc immediately in we20

    Hi All,
    I am creating Bommat IDocs using 'MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE'  .I am getting the 30 status instead of getting status 3.
    Even   if I set transfer IDoc immediately in we20.
    Please let me know how to resolve this.

    Hi Vinay parakala
    Schedule back ground job to program RSEOUT00 regularly to process the 30 status idoc....
    Your program generates the idoc ... and RSEOUT00 will process you idocs which are in 30 status...
    i hope  above info helps you
    Note: enter Message type BOMMAT in  program RSEOUT00

  • Partner Profile not fnd (file-to-idoc)

    Idoc in r/3 failed with 56 error. Partner profile not found.
    partner profile was set up (between XI logical system and R/3 system) in R/3 server.
    Control record of idoc is showing sending system as MDMSBX01 with port SAPXI0. Actually, MDMSBX01 is the source sytem(file server). I can't even find this port SAPXI0 in IDX1. Not sure, how this got picked up.
    I was testing the scenario by using <b>"test message" in Integration Engine(RWB)</b> since I do not have access to FTP server. I am sure this is causing to pick up wrong source system(instead of XI server system as source). Please clarify.
    Below is XML message from MONI.
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!--  Response
    - <SAP:IDocOutbound xmlns:SAP="">
      <SAP:CIMTYP />
      <SAP:MESCOD />
      <SAP:MESFCT />
      <SAP:SNDPFC />
      <SAP:RCVPFC />
      <SAP:TEST />
      <SAP:SERIAL />
      <SAP:EXPRSS />
      <SAP:STD />
      <SAP:STDVRS />
      <SAP:OUTMOD />
      <SAP:SNDSAD />
      <SAP:SNDLAD />
      <SAP:RCVSAD />
      <SAP:RCVLAD />
      <SAP:STDMES />
      <SAP:REFINT />
      <SAP:REFGRP />
      <SAP:REFMES />

    as explained by Ahmad, see the Partner profile os created or not in , R3 system,
    At the same time in receiver Idoc adapter select the  apply control record from payload checkox .As per moni , the parner profile is in xml, so try to see the partner profile is created in R3 by TcWE21,check for inbound messgae type the said Idoc is existed or not and the corresponding process code is selected or not..

  • Partner Profile in Idoc

    Hi ,
      I have created a partner profile of type logical system. If i dont specify anything in the inbound parameters and send an idoc to this partner profile then how would the system respond.

    INBOUND processing the IDOCs are transferred to the interface and stored in te SAP system. The document data is generated in the course of workflow.
    In this section the SAP  system is made known to the upstream system (startrfc program parameters). Conversele, the upstream system is made known to the SAP System via the port definition.
    INBOUND Processing - Create Function Module.
    This function module is called when a message type, of the ZINVRV, comes into the receiving system.  This needs to be configured.  The function module is passed the IDOC as a parameter.
    Use the T.code WE19 to test inbound function module in debugging mode.
    Use the T.code EW05 to view the IDOCs and their statuses.
    Rewards if useful.

  • Idoc setup::Partner profile for Logical system

    HI All,
    I am using Idocs to transmit my invoice details from ECC to PI, but every time I do this for a new customer I have to setup a partner profile for the customer whose invoice is to be sent. I setup the partner profile using WE20, I setup the partner profile for partner type KU(Customer) in the we20,
    Is there any way we can setup partner profile for LS(Logical system) in we20 & I don't have to setup partner profile for each & every customer for which Idoc is to be generated.
    Please provide some useful information/help to handle this business scenario.
    Saurav Singh

    Hi Saurabh,
    Please refer SAP Note 1103146 and check.
    Please also refer the below link:-
    Thanks & regards,
    Rahul Verulkar

  • IDOC Partner Profile for Sales Orders

    What kind of Partner Profile should i create to receive Sales Orders by IDOC from external non-SAP system by RFC?

    I created Partner Profile type KU (Customer) with name AAA001.
    AAA001 is customer, created in VD01.
    Added to inbound parameters:
    - Message type - ORDERS
    - Process code - ORDE
    - Trigger immediately
    Testing in WE19:
    Sales Order is not created.
    IDOC has following status:
    EDI: Partner profile not available                                                                               
    Message no. E0 332                                                                               
    A partner profile could not be found with the following key:                                                                    
         /0000000000/  /                                                                               
    This involves the key fields of the table EDPP1:                                                                               
    -PARNUM  partner number                                      
         -PARTYP  partner type                                                                               
    Please check the EDI partner profiles.
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  • "error no:58" partner profile not maintained in idoc.

    Hi to all,
             i am new member to this site already searched forums for solution.
    can anyone help us out to solve the following error while simulating inbound idoc.Error:58 " partner profile not maintained"
    we tried with msg type CREMAS and DEBMAS.created partner profiles,rfc connection as procedural but same error results.
    also give some useful links to process idocs.
    we want ur valuable suggestions,thanks in advance.

    link for inbound idocs is given below
    Please check in the receiver side if the partner profile is configured correctly.
    Go through the link below in order to maintain partner profile.

Maybe you are looking for