Idoc to File. Partner type as 'KU' and 'LI'.. Acheivable w/o using Party's?

Hi all,
Idoc to File scenario.
I have the receiver partner type as 'KU' and sender partner type as 'LI'.
I want to create the scenario without using party for these partner Types.
Is it possible for me to create the B2B scenario without using party's?
Is it mandatory that we need to use partys and Identifiers for these kind of scenarios?
Kindly let me know if anyone has idea on this.

Hi Seema,
I appreciate that you chose to go with the parties
That should be called a good design decision.......
Now answering your query regarding the party identifiers
Idoc to File :
For Sender Party (say party INTERNAL)
Agency : LD1_001
Scheme: ALE#LI
Name: 90000  (vendor number set in WE20 in the R/3)
For Receiver Party (say party EXTERNAL)
Agency: LDI_001 (SID_<client> BS as defined in SLD)
Scheme: ALE#KU#AG  (AG for partner function SP)
Name: 36  (customer number set in WE20 in the R/3
This will resolve the IDoc header data into the following XI SOAP header information:
Sender Party - INTERNAL
Sender Service - LD1_001 (say this is the business system defined for logical system SAPLD1
Receiver Party - EXTERNAL.
Though, you can determine the receiver party alongwith the Receiver Service later at RCV DETERMINATION step, as I have said earlier.
Yes, for outbound you have to maintain the identifiers for Sender Party type LI, but you can still skip the Receiver KU type and update the SOAP header at RCV DET step.
File to Idoc:
For Sender Party (say party INTERNAL)
Agency: LD1_001 (SID_<client>)
Scheme: ALE#KU#AG
Name: 36
For Receiver Party (say party EXTERNAL)
Because the RCVPRT value is LS , no need to set the Receiver Party for that.
But if you want to have some Receiver Party value for the same you can use Header Mapping in receiver agreement.
Mandatory Setup in Receiver IDoc Adapter:
Set the indicator -  Apply Control Record Values from Payload
Remember to set the Identifiers in the Identifiers Tab in Idoc channel.
Agency : LD1_001       Scehma : ALE#KU#AG
Agency: LD1_001        Schema : ALE#LS
I am not sure why this ALE#LS entry is required, but according to my experience if we don't have that entry, the Idoc Adapter throws error while converting the Receiver Party (considering you use party in the ID configuration for both Sender and Receiver).
Yes you are right, you can hard code the SNDPRN, RCVPRN values in the mapping and can take the values from payload...........for that set the following Indicators in Idoc channel:
Take Sender from Payload
Take Receiver from Payload
Let me know if you have any concerns or any additional observation you make while configuring the scenarios. Thanks.

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    Hi All,
               I have to configure Idoc to File scenario .This file needs to be posted in EDI Subsystem .My receiver partner type is LI.That means i need to use Party here.So please let me know the step by step solution to do this.Specially i want to know the configuration in Party Identifier and Receiver Communication channel Identifiers.
    How the control record values from idoc are transferred to EDI File structure and how will XI identify one of the many customers to post the file.
    All valuable suggestions will be rewarded the points.
    Please send me the documents for such scenario with screen shots.

    Let me see if I had you requirement correct.
    When the Idoc is sent from R3, sender partner type is LS and Receiver Partner Type is LI.
    If yes,
    1. Create a Party in ID.
    2. The Agency , Scheme and Identifier will have values,
    Agency --> Receiver Business System name or Business Service Name  to be used for File.
    Scheme --> ALE#LI
    Identiier --> Value of the RCVPRN field in the idoc control Record. Basically the Receiver Partner Name.
    All the Configuration In ID will use this Party as the Receiver Party and the corresponding Service asthe Receiver service.
    No need for a sender party as sender partner is LS.

  • Party in a scenario IDoc -- XI -- File.?

    Hi folks,
    I have a scenario IDoc <> XI <> File. Some IDOCs are LS, KU and LI type. Do I need a XI party to configure this scenario?
    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks for the quick answers
    Remember that I also have File -> XI -> IDoc.
    But, I still don't understand how SAP backend can distinguish the same IDOC for different partner types, ex. ORDERS05 type LS and/or KU. When the IDoc arrives the backend how it knows which type of IDoc is dealing?

  • Alerts-Idoc to File Scenario using BPM

    Dear all,
    At the sender side,I am sending 2 Idoc's orders03,orders04 Idocs I am Merging in to single at my mapping level and sending to the respective receivers.
    When even some error occurs at system level or application level,an alert must be sent to the respective valid receipents.
    My question is,when creating the  Alert Rule how to use the interfaces(orders03,04) (here I have multiple senders).
    Is Alert rule required in BPM scenario's?if not let me know how alerts would be triggered for bpm scenarios.

    Let me see if I had you requirement correct.
    When the Idoc is sent from R3, sender partner type is LS and Receiver Partner Type is LI.
    If yes,
    1. Create a Party in ID.
    2. The Agency , Scheme and Identifier will have values,
    Agency --> Receiver Business System name or Business Service Name  to be used for File.
    Scheme --> ALE#LI
    Identiier --> Value of the RCVPRN field in the idoc control Record. Basically the Receiver Partner Name.
    All the Configuration In ID will use this Party as the Receiver Party and the corresponding Service asthe Receiver service.
    No need for a sender party as sender partner is LS.

  • IDOC to FILE scenario With Screen shots

    CAN YOU PLEASE SEND US THE DETAILS OF IDOC to FILE scenario With Screen shots  and do  the needful for me

    Hi Surya,
    I thought i will just share a few basic thoughts that you need to take care while doing an IDOC to File Scenario. Just see if it helps you in anyways.
    While doing an IDOC -> XI -> File scenario, The Points to noted are:
    1. You don’t need a DT, MT or a message interface for the IDOC as it itself acts as the Message Interface.
    2. You import the IDOC and use the same in your mapping.
    3. In this configuration note that you don’t have a sender agreement as you don’t have a sender IDOC adapter.
    If it is that you wanted to send an IDOC from XI (File to IDOC) , then in this case:
    points 1 and 2 will remain, but the 3 will not. You will need a sender agreement for the file and a receiver agreement for the IDOC.
    IDOC -> File scenario ref:
    <a href="/people/prateek.shah/blog/2005/06/08/introduction-to-idoc-xi-file-scenario-and-complete-walk-through-for-starters scenario</a>
    File -> IDOC ref:
    <a href="/people/anish.abraham2/blog/2005/12/22/file-to-multiple-idocs-xslt-mapping to IDOC</a>
    To be able to trigger your IDOC from the SAP ISU system, you will have to set the partner profile in we20. Select your Business System (mostly under Logical system) and then create Outbound entries for whichever IDOC you want to trigger.
    You define your basic type also in your partner profile settings, Please go thru the following links to get a better idea about partner profile:
    Also, I would suggest that you go through this blog by michal if any issue arises,
    Also have a look at these forum threads...
    idoc to file scenario
    I hope this helps.
    Abhy Thomas

  • Error  Wrong partner type LS

    Hi All,
    I am doing IDOC to File Scenario where i am sending Purchase order details to third party system. When i create or change the PO it should generate ORDER05 idoc and send to PI. I configured output type to generate PO idoc but it is not generating idoc. Configured details is as below
    Output type :NEU
    In General tab:Access to conditions and multiple issuing is checked
    Default value
    Dispatch time: Send immediately
    Transmission medium: Distribution ALE
    Partner function: LS
    Processing routines:  Distribution( ALE )  RSNASTED  ALE_PROCESSING
    Partner function:Distribution( ALE )  LS  Logical System
    Procedure: RMBEF1 Purchase Order.
    I activated this procedure in SPRO Tcode
    In condition record
    I choosen  purchase org option and gave the following details.
    Pur Org: RS00
    Function: LS
    Partner: XXXXX001
    Medium :A
    Date: 4
    I did configuration in partner profile by adding orders details and message control details in in XXXXX001. I also configured Distribution model.
    When i create PO the above mentioned condition records are coming in the message type. when i check process log in me22 it says Wrong partner type LS   The message record of the message control contains a partner role with a partner type LS that cannot be used here. Only the 'KU' and 'LI' partner types are allowed
    i used this as reference
    www saptechnical com/Tutorials/ALE/AutoIDOCGen/AutomaticIDocGeneration2.htm
    I have searched entire SDN form no one has given correct answer. Please let me know what is the problem.

    Hi venkatesh,
       Here are the details of the ALE configuration for sending the IDOCS to FILE.
    1. RFC destination to XI system.
    2. Check the message type.
    3. create the logical system ( hope this is created if you are working in any projects )
    as this is a one time activity and is done by the basis team at the time of post installation process.
    LS ---> SAP
    3. define a port to send the IDOCS.
    4.  go to WE 20. create a partner profile. and provide the message type in the outbound parameters.
    and provide the port details.
    5. Create a CDM(BD64) and provide the details.
    1. Create an RFC connection to SAP system.
    2. Define the port details from IDX1
    3. upload the meta data from IDX2.
    go to WE19 and generate the IDOCS and see if the IDocs are sucessfully send to the port or not from WE02.
    Check in XI side if the IDocs hits or not.

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    Thanks for your reply, but PE partner function has partner type AU(contanct person). While creating sales order system is not accepting sales employee no which was created with PA30. i want sales employee should get commission on his customers sales order. I have been searching for this setting and posing questions in this form. Unfortunately i couldnot get proper answers. Can you tell me the configuration steps in detail.

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    I have forgotten what is the user area because it has disapear with the 9i version.
    The bean area allows you to put some java bean component inside your Forms module.
    Check out the demos available on the Forms OTN page

  • Idoc partner type LI to File Scenario.

    Hello Experts .
    I have the following scenario.
    IDOC partner type LI to xml (file).
    So we are not atlking about logical system here and we may have to use parties.
    But I am not sure as to how to go about this approach.
    For now we have Idoc coming into XI but failing after that .(Outbinding) error in reciver agreement (not to be confused with a cache issue .).
    But I understand it is because of the parties not defined properly.
    So I have defined a party and assigned my ECC system to the same.File was basically a service.Do I need to define another party for it or several other identifier
    Tried to follow How Tou2026
    Sample IDoc-XI
    Scenarios  document but it is to confusing.
    Kindly help

    Thanks for your reply.
    Well I have already tried this approach.
    That is
    Created a party :Sender_party.
    Identifiers :
    <sapid><client>   :*ALE#LI*  :<venderno>   actually ALE#LI #LF "otherwise I end up with party service not found.
    Receiver determination:
    sender party
    <BS/service> i.e. <sapid><client>     to  mail_service (for testing to see if I recieve a payload)
    Interafce determination
    sender party
    <BS/service> i.e. <sapid><client>     amd   <interface>  interface mapping
    Reciever agreement.
    mail_service  : reciever mail adapter.
    Error recieved.
    <!--  Technical Routing
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack>No receiver agreement found for sender -DMGCLNT400 to receiver Sender_Party-,urn:sap-com:document:sap:idoc:messages.Z_DELL_PO.ORDERS05.Z_DELL_POX</SAP:Stack>
    Kindly note nothing is wrong with cache .
    It is strange DMGCLNT400  is already assigned to the party . .

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