If I already have episodes downloaded then buy a season pass will I be charged the whole price?

I have already bought tv episodes on a current tv series, but if I buy the season pass for that series will I be charged the full season pass price? Or will I just be charged with the episodes I do not have yet?

To quote a previous answer by AHXtreme42...
If you purchase a Season Pass for a TV show season, which you already own many or all of those episodes of that season, you WILL pay the full price for all of the episodes of the season, and it will probably download again the episodes you already have.
It doesn't work like complete my album, where you get the price off the songs you already bought.
So, to get the best deal, buy the season pass at the very start of the season.
If you already have lots of episodes for a season, it is best to purchase the rest of the episodes of the season individually, if the total cost of all of those individuals is less than the season pass price.

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