If I upgrade my Mac mini to Lion, can I still boot from Snow Leopard on another drive/partition?

If I upgrade my Mac mini to Lion, can I still boot from Snow Leopard if it is on another partition/drive?


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  • Why can't brand new MacBookPro9,1 (OEM Mountain-Lion) boot from Snow Leopard on external drive, or internal partition?

    Why can't brand new MacBookPro9,1 (OEM Mountain-Lion) boot from Snow Leopard on external drive, or internal partition?
    Is this because of hardware changes? Or firmware changes? Or is it just and Apple Inc. administrative fiat?

    @Steve Holton: Sorry Steve, but you're wrong about that one . I'm using 10.8 (purchased and downloaded) on the internal HD of this MBP8,3 (2.2 GHz, 17"), and I am also able to boot into 10.7.4 and 10.6.8 from external FW800 partitions.
    However, I DO have problems with my MBP9,1. It came with 10.7.4 installed and ran fine. Then I purchased and installed 10.8. It ran fine but could no longer boot from 10.7.4 on an external partition. I then reinstalled 10.7.4 on the internal HD and discovered that it is still unable to boot (even 10.7.4) from an external FW800 partition.
    One of Apple's Senior Support Advisors has done some remote troubleshooting but the case is still open and unresolved. An earlier Apple Support case suggested that when, I installed the downloaded copy of 10.8, there had been a "firmware update" (behind the scenes) that is now causing the problems with booting from my external partition(s). This apparently is "a bug": it is not what is supposed to happen.
    So - I believe - "the problem" really has nothing to do with hardware capability. It is strictly about Apple's strategy for "managing its future customer base". If you don't like it - use something else - I am seriously considering Ubuntu as an alternative.
    If there's a hidden caveat in all this it's probably "Read Appple's Licence Agreement VERY Carefully".

  • Reinstalled maverick on Mac mini 2010 now can't restore files from previous backups

    Reinstalled maverick on Mac mini 2010 now can't restore files from previous backups can't even roll back to previous setup

    This is typical Mavericks.
    Was the old backup taken from Mavericks install?
    Did you already start TM from the new install and thus totally foul up and corrupt your old backup?
    You will need to try migrate assistant.. and if that fails you will need to manually pull your files from the old backup if you can still access them.
    See Q15 here.

  • Is MacBookPro Upgradeable to Lion since it still ships with Snow Leopard, Is MacBookPro Upgradeable to Lion since it still ships with Snow Leopard

    I know that Apple can't preannounce product but I don't understand why the MacBook Pro still ships with Snow Leopard when Lion available and ships with the MacBook Air. Will the MacBook Pro be upgradeable to Lion?

    Hi William,
    Certainly. For now, though, I'd consider it a bonus that it can boot into/run with either SL or Lion, and Lion is included with any Mac purchased at this time.

  • How can I share files from Snow Leopard to Lion?

    I have an iMac running 10.6.8 with file sharing turned on. (I've tried AFP and SMB).
    I am trying to connect to the iMac on my LAN using a Macbook Pro with 10.7.5.
    I am immediately prompted to authenticate – so I am confident a connection is being made (I am also able to ping) – but when I enter my user credentials from the iMac, I get the spinner (not the beach ball) basically forever. I've let it go for several minutes and nothing ever happens.
    This article seems related, but following the procedure in it did not help:
    Has anybody been able to file share from Snow Leopard to Lion or Mountain Lion?

    VikingOSX wrote:
    You have heeded the caution about turning off the firewall, you are on the same subnet, and you have verified that the shared user is enabled on the iMac with the correct authorization and permissions? Password has to be that of the user account on the iMac?
    The firewall is off on both computers.
    How can I werify the shared user is enabled on the iMac with the correct authorization and permission? It does not seem like sharing is configured per user. The user is my normal user account which I use when logged into that machine for everything. I am using those credentials when trying to connect from the Macbook Pro. In the past I did this frequently without trouble. I am not sure when the problem started but the only thing that has changed was I got a newer Macbook Pro last year with Lion.
    If you grow weary of this, you might just bring the Macbook Pro over to the iMac and use Target Disk Mode to mount that iMac on your Macbook Pro as a desktop disk. Then drag and drop. No a long term solution.
    This is not practical for me as I frquently have need to work from another room using the Macbook Pro and with files that typically live on the iMac (and get backed up from that location). I am making due with Dropbox for now, but the reason I have been driven to post here is that I am looking for the long term solution.
    Thanks for feedback. Let me know if you have any additional thoughts.

  • Mac Mini Server (Late 2009) - Won't boot from Windows USB/DVD

    Hello all,
    I have a Late 2009 Mac Mini Server (Macmini 3,1) with OS X Lion.
    I have created a Bootcamp Windows Partition on one the 500GB Disk using Bootcamp 4.0.
    After the partition is created, I have tried installing Windows 7 using the Bootable USB method as well as using the CD Drive from the attached SuperDrive.
    But all I encounter is either the blinking cursor or after the "Starting Windows" logo, a BSOD.
    Any tips/help on how to proceed?
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the reply.
    I did use BC to create the USB stick. I also tried to create the USB on a WIndows Machine (just in case). But still can't boot from USB. What's the WIndows Utility you mentioned?
    Also, according to the this LINK, The firmware for Macmini 3,1 should be MM31.0081.B06 (EFI 1.2).
    However, the BOOT ROM info on my mac mini says MM31.00AD.B00 and I can't seem to update the EFI Firmware. I get a message "This computer does not need this update" when I try to run the MacminiEFIupdate.pkg

  • Uninstallation of Mac OS X Lion and installation of OS X Snow Leopard

    Good evening,
    my question is about uninstallation of Mac OS X Lion back to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I used to backup Time Capsule and i want to install the Time Capsule software, which I used while I had Snow Leopard. Now I can´t install the software because the OS X software version is to high. So I decided to install back the OS X Snow Leopard. When I opened the installation aplication it couldn´t be installed because the version of the installation aplication is to high. So I want to ask if there is any way to uninstall the OS X Lion and install back the Mac OS X Snow Leoprad?
    Thanks for the anwser

    Downgrade OS X Lion To Snow Leopard [Video How-To]
    http://www.cultofmac.com/110614/downgrade-os-x-lion-to-snow-leopard-video-how-to /

  • Mac OS X Lion Mailboxes cannot be read in Snow Leopard mail.

    Yesterday I made a backup of my Mail folder from the User Library, because I wanted to remove Lion by the usage of the Factory Disks, because Lion is too slow responsive. Now I am back to Snow Leopard, but I figured out that unlike Snow Leopard, Lion created a subfolder named V2 (which I suppose stands for Version 2). When I import my mailboxes back to Leopard Mail, It brings all the mailbox folders structure but without the contents (emails)!!!...
    Any ideas?

    You cannot go backwards. If you wish to recover your mail, your only option is to reinstall Lion. At that point, you can either resolve whatever problem you were having, or export your mail so that you can use it in Snow Leopard.

  • Will the 2012 Mac Pro boot from Snow Leopard?

    I'm contemplating upgrading my 2008, 8 core intel mac and getting a refurbished 2012 12 core 2.4 ghz mac pro. My plan, regardless of what future mac I purchased, was to keep my old maching ONLY becuase there are times I need to access my old Retrospect backups. Retrospect only works in OS 10.6.8, that is, the version of Retrospect that allows me to access my crusty old backups ;-). These backups are old client projects and can generate me $ from time to time. Anyway, I was toying with the idea of getting a newer mac, and, in the event it would actually boot from this old hard drive with 10.6.7, I would then sell the old mac. Does anyone have the answer to this?

    No. It can only boot from the OS X version it comes with. The 2012 MP requires a version of Lion. Snow Leopard does run on the 2010 model.

  • Late 2008 mbp - installed new ssd - trying to boot from snow leopard iso on flash drive - says 'cannot install mac os on this computer'

    Hello -
    I just installed a new M500 Crucial ssd in my late 2008 mbp - everything was working fine on old hard drive (running snow leopard) but was getting slow and wanted to upgrade - i lost my snow leopard disk when moving from hawaii so i found an iso online - using a flash drive i partitioned the disk and made the bootable image on flash drive - formatted as extended/journaled - switched out the hard drives - plugged in the flash drive - started the comp - held option - install begins to boot - choose language - all is fine - choose english - next step window pops up saying 'cannot install os on this computer' - click on utility but all options are greyed out - disk util is greyed out - only options it gives is to start from backup or restart - real confused here - all help appreciated - thanks in advance and happy new year!

    Snow Leopard comes in discs only.  The USB drive may be a counterfeit and/or corrupt.  There are two options for you: 
    Get replacement original OSX installation disks from Apple customer service.  Have your MBP serial number ready and there is a charge.
    Or two, purchase a Snow Leopard disk from the Apple online store:

  • I upgrade my Mac mini to lion and after it was installed , there was no output signal on my Mac mini , what can i do??

    What can i do ?? It seems that the only thing that doesnt work its the output

    I already fix it you just have yo turn on your mac and press and hold command + option + p+ r and just wait until the screen comes up and that it

  • Upgrade to Lion from Snow Leopard using a different time machine disk

    I have just purchased a new 2011 iMac which has got OSX Lion (10.7.2) installed on it. I have set up all my basic data on it. And I have set up 3 administrator user accounts on it to be shared between me, my dad and my wife.
    I also own a 2010 Mac Mini with HDMI connected to my television which has the Latest Snow Leopard OSX installed in it. It has only a single user - me.
    So that leads to the following questions:
    1) Is it possible to take a time machine backup of the new iMac which has Lion and use it via the migration assistant on the Mac Mini (Snow leopard) to upgrade the mac mini to Lion and have all my settings on the iMac on the mac mini?
    2) Will there be any compatibility issues of transferring from iMac to Mac Mini?
    3) Will i get my 3 administrator user setup on the mac mini as well in case above is possible?
    Thank you for any help and advise.

    Quick answers.
    1. no
    2. yes
    3. no
    Your only option is to install Lion onto the mini and then set up the other accounts.

  • On the mac mini 2011 how can I run windows 7 without the optical drive, On the mac mini 2011 how can I run windows 7 without the optical drive

    On the mac mini 2011 how can I run windows 7pm bootcamp without an optical drive.  I watch lots of football on sop cast and other such windows based programmes but can't work out how to do it.

    Actually Windows can be installed and booted from an external drive if the drive is connected eSATA (external SATA), since the drive is treated as if it's an internal HDD. I used the same method previously to dual-boot from 2 different HDD instead of partitioning.
    Most PC motherboards come with them as standard so it's pretty much plug and play but I don't recall seeing a recent Mac with eSATA connectivity though, so that might not be an option for you.

  • I currently run Mac Pro with three hard drives. Can I dual boot or even triple boot with Snow Leaopard on one drive and Mountain Lion or Lion on others?

    I currently run Mac Pro with three hard drives. Can I dual boot or even triple boot with Snow Leopard on one drive and Mountain Lion or Lion on others?
    I need to keep Snow Leopard so that I can run some old softward.

    If you are careful you can put at least two on one drive, having Recovery from Lion and Mountain Lion on their own drives though.
    CCC can clone Lion Recovery - great for moving or backup.

  • Mac Pro will not boot with Snow Leopard - need help!

    I have had a lot of issues with Snow Leopard since I upgraded from 10.5.8. Most of my problems started after installing Office 2007. I finally wiped the hard drive and reinstalled everything. No problems until last week. Start up was taking longer and had to reboot a couple of times because of grey screen. So I would just put computer to sleep. Yesterday the computer was frozen on screen saver with scrambled rows of pixels on screen two and the main monitor had a frozen image.
    I initially pulled all peripherals out and pulled the power plug for 5 minutes. I have left the peripherals out and pulled the second monitor as well. I tried pulling the power plug during a few more starts but nothing gets me to a complete start up screen.
    I have tried resetting PRAM and VRAM and tried a safe boot. I tried booting from Snow Leopard and my Leopard disk stayed on either a blue or gray screen with spinning beach ball (on gray screen).
    Put original install disk in and booted from using D to check the hardware. Good news is that the hardware test was OK. I did the extended test.
    All different kind of start up problems.
    - Some start with start up sound goes to Apple logo to blue screen to grey screen with beachball
    - Some start ups with no initial sound then Apple logo to blue screen to grey screen with no cursor or beachball
    - Some start ups with no sound to gray screen to blue screen to grey screen.
    I have no problem wiping the HD1 again but I can't even get the OS disk to be recognized with holding the C key during start up. This last time it went to a blue screen (holding the C key) and a cursor.
    I don't know what else to do - Please help!!!

    There are lists (MacIntouch and MacFixit) of hardware / software support issues with 10.6. Accelerateyourmac is another place to watch.
    There were some really long threads back in Sept about printer driver support.
    The 7300 firmware was more about Windows support; those cards are failing and dropping like flies (how DO they know 3 yrs has expired anyway?) and they don't support SL features like OpenCL etc so I'd invest in ATI 4870, best graphic card and works in all models Mac Pro.
    Lots and lots of bootable clones for backup. Never need to wipe and install again.

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