If / then calculation based on dropdown list value in repeating row

I am new to Livecycle. I have created a repeating row in a form. The last field in the repeating row is a numeric field that = the product of two previous fields in the row (NumericField1 *  Numeric Field2). I also have a DropDownList1 near the beginning of the row (third column) that contains variable categories for that calculation row, e.g. Advertising, Office Supplies, Entertainment. I would like to create numeric fields in the form (perhaps in a footer row?) that contain sums of the subtotals of each row, depending on the category selected in DropDownList1. In other words I need to create a subtotal field for all calculations beginning with the category of Advertising, another for Office Supplies, another for Entertainment.
From what I understand I need to list the variables first, then create an if/then calculation but I am not sure about the steps involved in creating the script.

NumericField3 is the name of the field containing the product of NumericField1 * NumericField2. I have created a NumericField8 in the form with the following calculation in FormCalc:
if(Table1.Row.DropDownList1.rawValue == "ADVERTISING") then
end if
That's not helping. I think I need to designate variables before the if/then script, yes? Would I need to use a resolve command, a getfield command, or . . .? Can anyone help?
Thanks, in advance,

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  • Populate cc field based on dropdown list values

    I know this question has been posted before, but I'm very new at this, and the answers I've found so far are over my head.
    I'm trying to create a submit button that will not only e-mail to a specific address, but also carbon copy someone when their name is selected in a drop-down list on the form.
    I don't know much about javascript - and that seems to be the way to get this done - but I don't know the syntax or where to enter the JS to get this functionality. The field I am using is called 'Supervisor1', and I've assigned values (e-mail addresses) to each of the names in the drop-down.
    Can someone help me get this done?
    Thanks in advance!

    this scenario is not covered by the macro, but it's not that complicated to handle.
    1. Select the button with the script you generated with the macro.
    2. Now wrap the mail function into an if-expression.
    This sample checks if var0 or var1 is null.
    var var0 = xfa.resolveNode("Formular1.#subform.Dropdown1").rawValue;
    var var1 = xfa.resolveNode("Formular1.#subform.Textfield1").rawValue;
    if (var0 === null || var1 === null) {
              xfa.host.messageBox("Please select an item from the drop down box first!");
    } else {
                        bUI: false,
                        cTo: var1,
                        cCc: var0,
                        cBcc: '',
                        cSubject: 'Testmail',
                        cMsg: 'Hello,\n\nhere is the final form data. \n\nKind regards\nMe'

  • Max length of Dropdown list value

    I wanted to know the maximum length that a dropdown list value can have in an offline Adobe form. Any help would be appreciated.

    Its always better to keep the no: of values in the drop down to hundreds.
    If you are running to 1000's, go for some other options like asking the user to enter the value and then do the check for that specific value. Also, usability of the drop down will be worse, if it has more values (just think of you selecting a value from a list of 10000 values - sorted or not).
    It may also result in the scroll bar growing so thin that it disappears, do try it out yourselves by increasing the values to about 130000 [:)].
    Thanks and Best Regards,

  • Me21n change line item dropdown list value

    hi experts,
    i have a requirement to automatically remove the aulty po line item when user click on CHECK or SAVE button, i done this by removing the record from ETT[] and POT[] at ENHANCEMENT-POINT mm06ef0p_pruefen_01 SPOTS es_mm06ef0p_pruefen INCLUDE BOUND.
    it is working fine except one scenario which is, if the faulty line item is 00020, and the line item dropdown list is selected line item 20, after i removed the record from POT[], it hits abap runtime error. when i check at debugger, it is caused by system will look for line item 00020 ( follow dropdown list value ) but the record is removed, so come to error... it is working fine if the dropdown list is selected line item 10.
    so i am looking for a way to change the dropdown list value.
    or you all have some other suggestion?
    please help... i need it urgently coz i have been solving the problem for 2 weeks....
    thanks a lot

    generally it's not a good idea to delete item without using standard method. You can see one example why it is usually complicated. Maybe I have a workaround for you. You can try to use BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST. There is a method CHECK where you get reference to PO header. You can easily get references to your items by calling method GET_ITEMS. So you will perform your check for each item and for wrong items you will call method INVALIDATE. This item will be marked as invalid and it will not be posted. Here I do not know how it will be displayed to user. Maybe the user will have to delete this item manually.

  • Return a value based on dropdown list

    I am a newbie in making PDF form and had recently started working with Live cyle to create a fillable form and managed to create a usable one patterned with the sample Purchase Order Form (by trial and error) which came along with the installation. Can somebody please help me with this form.  I have a dropdown list on the ITEMS column and want it to automatically display the unit price of the item selected from the drop down list. By the way I managed to make the table flowable.


  • Freight Calculation based on the net value of the Line item

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    I have one requirement for Freight calculation(Sales order is created through an IDOC) :
    In the idoc,we will receive a freight dollar amount - which will be the total amount of freight.(example 100)
    We will also receive sales dollar for each line item ,which is then passed to the pricing procedure, for a total amount of sales for that Sales order.
    (examples below, for a total of 1500)
    The 100  is to be posted to a freight G/L account.
    The 100 is further divided by each profit center  of the materials on the Sales order.
    The freight is split out amongst the  profit center , based on the net value of the line item.
    Freight value to be allocated = Line item value/total value of the sales order * Freight amount.
    Total of the sales order =1500
         Line item value     Freight value calculation     Profit center
    Material A:      800          800/1500*100  = 53     Profit center A
    Material B:     500          500/1500*100  = 33     Profit center B
    Material C:      200          200/1500*100  = 13     Profit center C
    Please let me know how to achieve this functionality in pricing procedure or what changes i need to make in Freight condition type.
    Thanks in advance,
    Bhakar Saha

    Were you able to resolve this issue of allocating freight costs to line items/profit centers using the net value of the line items?

  • Delete in database based on multiselect list values

    I have a selectlist in Apex and a function in the database to do some delete based on the selected value from the select list.
    FUNCTION delete_batch (v_batch VARCHAR2) RETURN VARCHAR2
    IF v_batch like 'M%'
       RETURN ('A monthrun cannot be deleted');
       DELETE FROM so_disco_pa
       WHERE  batch = v_batch
       DELETE FROM so_batch_pa
       WHERE  batch = v_batch
       RETURN ('Batch '||v_batch||' has been deleted');
    END IF;
        RETURN ('Batch could not be deleted');
    END delete_batch;The package function is called when the delete button is clicked with following process:
    x   varchar2(100);
    x := pa_control.delete_batch (:P3_BATCH);
    :F105_MESSAGE := x;
    END;Now I want to change the selectlist to a multiselect list so that multiple batches can be deleted.
    How do I change my procedure and process to delete batches based on the selected values?

    I got this so far, but only the first batch selected in the list is being deleted. The other selected batch values are not deleted.
    Some help please.
    FUNCTION delete_batch (v_batch VARCHAR2) RETURN varchar2
    T Apex_application_global.vc_arr2;
    T := apex_util.string_to_table(v_batch);
    For I in 1..t.count loop
    IF  t(i) like 'M%'
       RETURN ('A monthrun cannot be deleted');
       DELETE FROM so_disco_pa
       WHERE  batch = t(i)
       DELETE FROM so_batch_pa
       WHERE  batch = t(i)
       RETURN ('Batch '||v_batch||' has been deleted');
    END IF;
    end loop;
        RETURN ('Batch could not be deleted');
    END delete_batch;

  • Problem in mapping dropdown list  values with the queries

    I am building a simple applicaittion of currency conversion.
    The scenario :
    I have a input form with a dropdown list and a input field to enter the amount
    I have created the drop down list with the respective details
    Value   Desc
    1          dollarToeuro
    2          euroTodollar 
    when the user selects the first option in the drop down list and then enters the value and gives a submit -> the conversion takes place
    but evrytime i select the second option --> the application hangs..
    i have given a guard condition in the submit action for each if the query as LIKE(@option,"1") OR LIKE(@option,"2") for the respective queries.
    Please can someone tell me where i am going wrong???

    Hi ,
    what is the need of ur gaurd condition there?
    and try to run the model without that guard condition.

  • Calculating based on a previous value when initial column values differ from the rest

    Let me preface this by saying I am new to the BO world. I'm trying to build a report/chart that tracks incoming loads. The first supply on hand value is pulled from the database and each successive supply on hand is based on the previous row's values.
    In the supply arriving column below, the iniital value differs from the rest using the formula:
         =If [Row Number]=1 Then [First Supply Arriving] Else [Supply Arriving]
    The supply on hand uses the same idea, but is where I'm running into problems. The first column value should be [Supply On Hand], easy enough. Each successive column value needs to follow this equation:
         Previous([Supply On Hand] (this won't always be [Supply On Hand] though, only for the second row essentially - problem 1) + Previous([Supply Arriving] (same as problem 1, where this is first supple arriving for the second row and then supply arriving moving forward) - [Usage Rate]
    If someone could help me in getting the calculation to pull the previous values correctly without making a ton of variables, I'd greatly appreciate it. We just upgraded to 4.1

    Yes, the supply on hand and the supply arriving from the previous row need added together. The usage rate, which is a constant is then subtracted from that. The result is the on hand total for the next day.
    For example:
    On Hand
    Usage Rate

  • Generate Comp based on dropdown list and checkbox selection?

    I currently have a dropdown list with three sizing options in it. Then I have two check mark boxes, one if checked ideally would create the template at its normal composition size and if the other checkbox is checked it would inverse the widthxheight of the composition size. Then below that I have a "generate" button that I want to be able to click and depending on my selections it creates the comp.
    It sounds like I need some sort of if then statement but I'm having a hard time putting the two together. See below what I have so far.
    There may be parts missing but I have it all working in a decibel pallate currently. I just don't have the functionality tied to a button yet.
    Any help would be much appreciated!!!
    (also I don't know how to format the extend script on here so apologies for that)
    // palette controls
    templateGen.VerticalCheckbox     = new Object();
    templateGen.HorizontalCheckbox    = new Object();
    // define values for the controls
    templateGen.comLookup            = new Object();
    templateGen.compLookup          = 'Template1';
    templateGen.compLookup          = 'Template2';
    templateGen.compLookup          = 'Template3';
    function templateGen_getHashValues(hash)
      var ary = new Array();
      for (k in hash) {
      return ary;
    // "composition" menu
       var panelGrp1 = templateGen.palette.add('Panel', undefined, 'Comp Templates');
      compGrp1 = panelGrp1.add('group', undefined, 'Templates List');
      compGrp2 = panelGrp1.add('group', undefined, 'Orientation');
      compGrp3 = panelGrp1.add('group', undefined, 'Generate');
      templateGen.compList                                             = compGrp1.add('dropdownlist', LIST_DIMENSIONS, templateGen_getHashValues(bapple.compLookup));
      templateGen.compList.helpTip                                = "Choose the type device template you want here. All comps are 60fps.";
      templateGen.compList.selection                             = 'Template1';
      templateGen.compList.graphics.foregroundColor  = darkColorBrush;
      templateGen.VerticalCheckbox                           = compGrp2.add('checkbox', undefined, 'Vertical');
    templateGen.VerticalCheckbox .value = true;
      templateGen.HorizontalCheckbox                          = compGrp2.add('checkbox', undefined, 'Horizontal');
      templateGen.HorizontalCheckbox .value = false;
    templateGen.generateBtn1      = compGrp3.add('button', undefined, 'Generate');
      //applyBtn.onClick =????;

    When I work with dropdowns I always like to attach the data they represent (like width and height of the comp in this case) directly to the items.
    I didn't execute the code to really check it, but it should work like this:
    // add templates to your dropdown and store the items in an array
    var templates = [];
    templates[0] = templateGen.compList.add('item','template1');
    templates[1] = templateGen.compList.add('item','template2');
    templates[2] = templateGen.compList.add('item','template3');
    // attach a width and height to each item
    templates[0].width= 1280;
    templates[0].height= 720;
    templates[1].width= 1024;
    templates[1].height= 768;
    templates[2].width= 1920;
    templates[2].height= 1080;
    // choose the item that should be selected by default
    templates[0].selected = true;
    applyBtn.onClick = function(){
            // read the width and height from the selected item
            var width = templateGen.compList.selection.width;
            var height =templateGen.compList.selection.height;
                  // swap width and height
                  var temp = width;
                  width = height;
                  height = temp;
            // now create your comp here with the given width and height

  • Change image when form dropdown list value is selected

    I really thought this would be simpler but I just can't get it working.
    I have a submit from from paypal with a dropdown list. The list allows you to select color. I want to change an image on the page to display the appropriate color when the color is selected from the drop down list. So a black image shows up when black is selected, a red when red - etc...
    I would be very grateful if someone can share some succinct, browser compatible code. Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

    Thanks so much.  I used your info from above and am in the process of creating a product configurator for our products.  Do you see any problems/issues etc or ways to make this script better?  I don't have most of the images there yet, but if you choose big boy chair and then choose navy/powder/black fabric and most accent colors you should see it working (in FireFox anyway).  Not sure why it isn't working in IE.  Any ideas?
    Here's the link:
    And here's my code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function logo_prodImgBySel(objId,theValue) {
    var cobaseimages=["/j25cms/images/customimages/blank.jpg","/j25cms/images/customimages/11/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/12/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/13/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/15/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/20/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/23/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/24/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/25/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/27/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/32/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/35/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/39/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/41/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/42/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/48/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/50/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/51/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/52/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/54/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/56/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/57/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/58/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/60/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/62/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/64/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/65/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/68/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/69/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/71/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/72/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/74/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/77/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/78/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/79/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/80/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/82/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/83/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/84/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/90/base.jpg", "/j25cms/images/customimages/94/base.jpg"];
        var d=document;
        if (!theValue || !d.getElementById ) return;
        var obj = d.getElementById(objId);
        if (obj) obj.src=theValue;  
    function logo_prodImgPrim(objId,theValue) {
      var coimageprimary1='/j25cms/images/customimages/';
    var coimageprimary25= document.getElementById('ff_elem368');
    var coimageprimary2= coimageprimary25.options[coimageprimary25.selectedIndex].value; 
    var coimageprimary3='/primary/';
    var ttt='Powder.png';
    var mypath=(coimageprimary1 + coimageprimary2 + coimageprimary3);
      var coPrimaryimages=['/j25cms/images/customimages/blank.png',(mypath + 'White.png'),
    (mypath + 'Black.png'),
    (mypath + 'Lemon.png'),
    (mypath + 'Yellow.png'),
    (mypath + 'Gold.png'),
    (mypath + 'Tangerine.png'),
    (mypath + 'Rust.png'),
    (mypath + 'Orange.png'),
    (mypath + 'Carrot.png'),
    (mypath + 'Red.png'),
    (mypath + 'Cardinal.png'),
    (mypath + 'Garnet.png'),
    (mypath + 'Maroon.png'),
    (mypath + 'Purple.png'),
    (mypath + 'Powder.png'),
    (mypath + 'Navy.png'),
    (mypath + 'Royal.png'),
    (mypath + 'Hunter.png'),
    (mypath + 'Gray.png'),
    (mypath + 'Charcoal.png'),
    (mypath + 'Khaki.png'),
    (mypath + 'Vegas.png'),
    (mypath + 'Kelly.png'),
    (mypath + 'Pink.png'),
        var d=document;
        if (!theValue || !d.getElementById ) return;
        var obj = d.getElementById(objId);
        if (obj) obj.src=theValue;  
    function logo_prodImgSec(objId,theValue) {
      var coimagesecondary1='/j25cms/images/customimages/';
    var coimagesecondary25= document.getElementById('ff_elem368');
    var coimagesecondary2= coimagesecondary25.options[coimagesecondary25.selectedIndex].value; 
    var coimagesecondary3='/accent/';
    var ttt='Powder.png';
    var mypathz=(coimagesecondary1 + coimagesecondary2 + coimagesecondary3);
      var coSecondaryimages=['/j25cms/images/customimages/blank.png',(mypathz + 'White.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Black.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Lemon.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Yellow.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Gold.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Tangerine.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Rust.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Orange.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Carrot.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Red.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Cardinal.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Garnet.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Maroon.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Purple.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Powder.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Navy.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Royal.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Hunter.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Gray.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Charcoal.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Khaki.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Vegas.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Kelly.png'),
    (mypathz + 'Pink.png'),
        var d=document;
        if (!theValue || !d.getElementById ) return;
        var obj = d.getElementById(objId);
        if (obj) obj.src=theValue;  
    function clear_OnChange()
    var combo = document.getElementById('ff_elemPriColor');
    combo.selectedIndex = "0";
    var combo2 = document.getElementById('ff_elemSecColor');
    combo2.selectedIndex = "0";
    <div id="product1image_a" style="position: relative; float: right; top: -20px; right: 0px; width: 250px; height: 250px; border: 2px solid darkgray; box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px rgb(136, 136, 136);">
      <img width="250" height="250" style="position:absolute;bottom:0px;right:0px;" id="theImg" src="images/customimages/blank.jpg" alt="" />
      <img id="thePrimary" style="position:absolute; bottom:0px; right:0px; width:250px;" src="images/customimages/blank.png">
      <img id="theAccent" style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px; width:250px;" src="images/customimages/blank.png">
    <span id="bfElemWrap368" class="bfElemWrap bfLabelLeft">
    <label id="bfLabel368" for="ff_elem358">Product Line</label>
    <select id="ff_elem368" name="ff_nm_prod1[]" onchange="logo_prodImgBySel('theImg',this.selectedIndex);clear_OnChange();logo_prodImgPrim('thePrim ary',this.selectedIndex);logo_prodImgSec('theAccent',this.selectedIndex);" class="ff_elem">
    <option value="" selected="selected"></option>
    <option value="11">Big Boy Chair</option>
    <option value="12">Deluxe Chair</option>
    <option value="13">Canvas Chair</option>
    <option value="15">Sphere Chair</option>
    <option value="20">Toddler Chair</option>
    <option value="23">Classic Fleece</option>
    <option value="24">Sherpa Throw</option>
    <option value="25">Fleece Throw</option>
    <option value="27">UltraSoft Blanket</option>
    <option value="32">Tailgate Table</option>
    <option value="35">Trashcan Cooler</option>
    <option value="39">Economy Tent</option>
    <option value="41">Color Tent</option>
    <option value="42">Checkerboard Tent</option>
    <option value="48">Side Panel</option>
    <option value="50">12 Pack Cooler</option>
    <option value="51">Luggage Set</option>
    <option value="52">Rolling Duffel</option>
    <option value="54">Sport Duffel</option>
    <option value="56">Lunch Pail</option>
    <option value="57">Rolling Cooler</option>
    <option value="58">Party Bucket</option>
    <option value="60">Picnic Cooler</option>
    <option value="62">Backpack</option>
    <option value="64">String Pack</option>
    <option value="65">Reversible Tote</option>
    <option value="68">Seat Blanket Combo</option>
    <option value="69">Stadium Seat with Arms</option>
    <option value="71">Stadium Cushion</option>
    <option value="72">Gym Bag</option>
    <option value="74">Sweatshirt Blanket</option>
    <option value="77">Round Coozie</option>
    <option value="78">Flat Coozie</option>
    <option value="79">Bottle Coozie</option>
    <option value="80">Stadium Seat</option>
    <option value="82">8-Can Cooler Tote</option>
    <option value="83">16-Can Cooler Tote</option>
    <option value="84">30-Can Cooler Tote</option>
    <option value="90">Camping Stool</option>
    <option value="94">Hardback Seat</option>
    <span id="bfElemWrapPriColor" class="bfElemWrap bfLabelLeft">
    <label id="bfLabelPriColor" for="ff_elemPriColor">Primary Fabric</label>
    <select id="ff_elemPriColor" name="ff_nm_prodcolor[]" onchange="logo_prodImgPrim('thePrimary',this.selectedIndex)" class="ff_elem">
    <option value="" selected="selected"></option>
    <option value="White">White</option>
    <option value="Black">Black</option>
    <option value="Lemon">Lemon</option>
    <option value="Yellow">Yellow</option>
    <option value="Gold">Gold</option>
    <option value="Tangerine">Tangerine</option>
    <option value="Rust">Rust</option>
    <option value="Orange">Orange</option>
    <option value="Carrot">Carrot</option>
    <option value="Red">Red</option>
    <option value="Cardinal">Cardinal</option>
    <option value="Garnet">Garnet</option>
    <option value="Maroon">Maroon</option>
    <option value="Purple">Purple</option>
    <option value="Powder">Powder</option>
    <option value="Navy">Navy</option>
    <option value="Royal">Royal</option>
    <option value="Hunter">Hunter</option>
    <option value="Gray">Gray</option>
    <option value="Charcoal">Charcoal</option>
    <option value="Khaki">Khaki</option>
    <option value="Vegas">Vegas</option>
    <option value="Kelly">Kelly</option>
    <option value=

  • Refresh classic report based on select list value selected

    can anyone please help me out with this issue. I have a parameterized classic report based on a select list and I want to refresh this report whenever the select list value is changed. I am using oracle apex version 3.2. i just want to have a javascript function onchange event for the select list which refreshes my report whenever a value is selected.
    My select list item is p1_datastore
    select distinct datastore d,datastore r from my_table1 order by 1;
    My classic report query is
    select * from my_table2 where datastore = :p1_datastore order by last_updated_dt desc;

    can anyone please help me out with this issue.

  • Dropdown List Value Test For Null || " "

         I wrote a pre-sign script to test a for a value in a dropdown list before allowing signature of the document. However I want to test for a value of null in addtion to one space aka " ". I added a value in the dropdown list of " " along with the choices of names so users could erase an accidental selection in this list before they were ready. However when I place the or ( || ) operator in the if statement of the script the script doesn't work. If I remove the || " " statement the script works as it is supposed to. How do I test for this value of " " along with the null test so I don't have to write another if statement?
    if (form1.Page3.Author.Reviewed.Admin.rawValue == null || " ")
    xfa.event.cancelAction = 1
    xfa.host.messageBox("You did not select your name on the dropdown list before trying sign the document .");

    Your if statement is incomplete. You need to put the test in again for the other value:
    if (form1.Page3.Author.Reviewed.Admin.rawValue == null || form1.Page3.Author.Reviewed.Admin.rawValue == " ")

  • Calling pages based on choice list value

    I'm using jdev11.
    I have created page with one single choice list and 3 buttons.
    in choice list, all the selected items are static only. I have created 3 selected items under the choice list.
    and I created 9 jsff fragments.
    now these 9 jsff's are called as regions in page when i select choice list value and button.
    how can I achieve this?
    Thank You..

    Hi Puthanampatti
    thanks for Ur reply,
    I have tried like this...
    I have taken 9 buttons and i created valuechangelistener event and by depending up on the selecteditem in the choice list, rendered only three buttons and under those buttons i created setpropertylistener.
    its working fine.
    but I have created choice list by drag and drop the choice from the component palette and there I created list items( just labels only with no values)
    by default its showing blank item in the list.
    but as per my requirement, first item should be displayed first.
    I don know much about unselectedlabel property for the choicelist.
    how can I use this in displaying the first selectitem in the list?

  • Populating Combo Box list value In Multiple Row

    i to have the same problem .
    I have used add_list_element to populate the list value of the combo box in multiple row.
    I am selecting the list value from the database where the combo box value will be different for each row. However, when i do this.
    All the previous row combo box list value will follow the combo box value in the last row. How can i resolve this?
    i tried with lov but hasnt had any sucesss.in case of LOV can we make the list to appear automatuically and select a value????i havent had much sucesss over it??
    is thr any work around for this apart from lov?

    which product or technology are you talking about ?

Maybe you are looking for

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