If you don't know what to do anymore(Written by Bas)

If you don't know what to do anymore because drivers won't install, you might try this.
Hi there,
* This article is not really for newbies, but you might give it a try. *
* Read it thru the end before you do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *
I was testing 3Dmark for the link Takki made, THANK YOU!!!!!
I did the following:
Tested with my MSI GF2Ti200 (patched to Quadra2Pro) and had a nice score....
Then I removed the drivers and changed the card to a Hercules Prophet 4500 (KyroII chipset), installed the drivers and done the test again, no problems....I THOUGHT!!!!
So I uninstalled the drivers again, and inserted the MSI GF2Ti200....
After the reboot of Win2000+SP2+Directx8.1+VIA4.38, I installed the latest nVidia drivers again, it detected my card as a Quadra2Pro (as it should) and I rebooted....
The DARN drivers wouldn't initialize!!! I had a nice ! in the driver....
So I thought, well no problem, we uninstall them again and try it again, same result.....
Then I thought, it must be the BIOS as I recently flashed the latest version, so I went back to 5.1 from 5.3 on my KT3-Ultra-ARU.....again nothing and the ! was there again.....
At this point I really started to hate nVidia (still do BTW)....
The next step I took, was refreshing the ACPI-compliant-system-driver (HAL), no problem you think? My idea exactly, but it told me that it could find some file or it was damaged.....no problem, we just reboot and it should be fine, again nada, njet, noppes, none....but now I had 2 of these damn !, one at the nVidia card and one at the HAL....
We don't give up, so I started to delete all the OEM*.INF files in the C:\WINNT\INF directory that are not related to the cards I have, but I also deleted the nVidia related.....
So I rebooted again, installed the nVidia drivers again (have tried old versions too) and again, nothing!, now I got really MAD
I know, I know, I should have just reinstalled the entire freaking Win2000 at this time, but I hate reinstalling and I won't be beaten by Microsoft
At this point, my brain was cooking now, I went to the hardware wizzard and choose to remove the ACPI-compliant-system-driver (translated from Dutch so it can differ a bit), and again another reboot.....
Now Windows got MAD at me!?!?!, it started to load a new ACPI compliant drivers and installed all the hardware over again, except for the nVidia drivers as they where deleted.....
Windows asked for the MSI CDrom a couple of times, but hey who am I to refuse this humbe request?
A dozen more reboots and all the drivers where installed again and the time had come to give the nVidia drivers another go....
After telling me to close the antivirus, don't know why? Never had any problems before! It asked me the same questions as you all get and seemed to install.....another reboot, yep Billy is very keen on rebooting
What the ?????, they work!!!!!
Gee man (woman), I have beaten the beast!
I hope this description will help others who have problems switching cards, you can allway's try this approach.
I learned from this experiance that the PnP in Windows is junk and you really need to remove the HAL to get it working again, next time I will go straight for this baby in order to get a good recognision of the hardware involved.
As Windows does strange things when this happens, it will even tell you that files are damaged or missing, when they are not....
I'm not sure if it will work in XP, but it does in Win2000.....give it a shot before you decide to reinstall....
As I think reinstalling doesn't get you anywhere and won't solve your problems, I know this is hard stuff, but you really feel pleased afterwards when you managed to solve it.
BTW, I still don't like APIC 1.1/1.4, never used it on a single CPU and never will as it's faking you on interrupts
Check your BIOS start screen and you will find all the proof you need
To remove the HAL, you first need to go to the hardware device listing, there you look under system how your system is listed.
On my system this is ACPI Compliant System.
Then you go to the hardware wizzard and choose the option remove a device, after that you get a screen with lot's of devices, there you find the same (allmost) devicename, then you choose to remove that one.
After you reboot, wait a little as Windows seems to go nuts, just follow thru and you will have a brand new configured system.
Then try to install the devices that didn't want to install in the first place, you might be so lucky that they do install then.
Written by Bas

Well, as far as I know the firmware v 1.03.0 is not the correct firmware for this router..so try to flash the firmware to the one available on the website and see whether it makes any difference….

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    Have all site pages been saved to your local site folder in Dreamweaver?  If you don't know what that means, Read this tutorial:
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