IMac and External Monitor

I have an early 2006 iMac 20" core duo 2.0ghz 2GB Ram.
I already have an external 17" monitor plugged in with the mini dvi adapter.
I have recently purchased a 32" Samsung TV, which has PC Input. This will be arriving shortly.
Is there any way for me to connect both the TV and the external monitor to the iMac? I would rather mirror the display to the TV and extend the desktop onto the 17" monitor.
If there is a way to output to both, but by a different way - i.e. not mirroring and displaying - this would be great.
I didn't know whether it was possible for me to use some sort of splitter. So a mini dvi to 2 vga's. Then vga to tv and monitor.
Thanks for the help.

Hey Stephen
You might want to check out [DisplayLink|>
This Google Search: [multiple displays with intel imac| Search&client=pub-6263300333013957&forid=1&ie=ISO-8859-1&oe=ISO-8859-1&cof=GALT: %23008000;GL:1;DIV:%23336699;VLC:663399;AH:center;BGC:FFFFFF;LBGC:336699;ALC:000 0FF;LC:0000FF;T:000000;GFNT:0000FF;GIMP:0000FF;FORID:1;&hl=en]
And these from [MacWorld|] and [Cambridge| 026]

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  • Viewer and External Monitor doesn't playback at same time

    When watching clips in the viewer window, they playback fine. But on my external monitor, it only shows the first frame from when it's played. when I stop playback, the external monitor then shows the last frame the Viewer window is stopped on. How can I fix it so that the viewer and external monitor playback the clip at the same time?
    At the moment we're digitizing footage with the Offline RT Photo JPEG codec set to 75% quality.
    A few days ago we were digitizing footage at 35% quality and that footage plays back fine. We moved to 75% quality at the editor's request. A few days ago we had created a few sample 75% quality tests for the editor to view. I loaded those clips into Final Cut right now and they playback fine as well. So it's all of a sudden just these new clips created yesterday :S.
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    Forgot to mention that the timeline plays all the footage back properly on both the canvas window and the external monitor. Sorry for not mentioning that sooner.
    More discoveries! The playback 'freeze' only happens if I open a clip from the browser into the viewer. If I open a clip from the timeline into the viewer, it plays-back fine!
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  • Satellite A100-646 and external monitor shows black screen

    Hello to everybody,
    I have a similar problem with A100-646 (bought in Italy). Laptop's LCD and external monitor shows black screen but system boots without other problem. When laptop is not used for a long time (half a year) it work for one week without any problem.
    Unfortunately, there is no proper service in a place where I live. Perhaps, there is a problem with power supply.
    Is there other idea? Does anybody have a service manual? ([email protected])

    It is not easy to find shop where you can order original and new hardware components.
    Best source for such parts is definitely eBay where you can buy used but well working components.
    Upgrade? You must know that upgrade on mobile computers is not the same as on desktops. Cooling possibilities are not the best and each notebook model has optimized cooling system for original parts. So new graphic card can be more powerful and produce more heat and it is definitely not good for your notebook. So best thing you can do is to replace it with original part.

  • Viewing footage on desktop and external monitor at same time

    Maybe i'm missing something, but is there any way to view footage simultaneously on your desktop monitor and your external broadcast monitor (via blackmagic output)?
    Right now when I enable mercury transmit, the viewer within speedgrade goes to grey and I can only see the footage on the external monitor.  This makes it impossible to draw custom shapes around objects (rather than just use the stock circle masks) which I use quite a bit...I would like to have the view on both monitors like I have in resolve.
    If this isn't possible, is there a quick shortcut to toggle mercury transmit on and off without having to go into the settings menu?
    Any help would be appreciated...I am enjoying a lot of the controls that are in speedgrade but there are some workflow hurdles that I need to get over in order to be able to use effectively in client sessions from time to time.

    I waited expectantly and patiently  for Adobe to enable Mercury Transmit  in SG and to be able to make use of my BM card and external monitor.
    O.K we got it in CC2014.1...but it is either Mercury Transmit or  Dual Display!
    I think this half-arsed solution  is an absolute fail that we cant use desktop and an  external monitor simultaneously.
    Has anyone on the SG team actually been in a real world CC and Grade Suite?
    At least we got consistency with the blue color scheme if not how Mercury Transmit works across the suite of apps.

  • 20" iMac and external Dell 24" : doesn't work with Mini DVI to DV adapter!

    Help! My lovely Dell HP LP2475w 24" Monitor can't be used as an external monitor. The native screen resolution is 1900x1200 60Hz. The Apple site claims the iMac is capable of being able to output this resolution.
    When the HP is plugged in via the apple mini to dvi adapter a (tested) DVI lead, it recognises the monitor, but can't bring it to life. Just an occasional flash. In the resolution listing for the HP, the native resolution 1900x1200 isn't listed.
    Plugging a cruddy old 20" Samsung with the same DVI leads works with no problems.
    I NEED to use the HP for my Photo editing, and phone calls to Apples support have proved fruitless.
    Does anyone have a 20" Intel iMac and an HP LP2475w set up that works?
    Many thanks for any help.

    I'm glad you got it working!
    So do you have it working at full 1900x1200? I've noticed a few more oddities about my iMac on this monitor. First off is that initially I could only go as high as 1680x1050, which I think is the native resolution of the iMac. Now I actually see two more options, one of which being 1920x1200. This surprises me since you couldn't get it to a full 1920. Both resolutions produce the same size image on the HP, but the 1680x1050 is fuzzier. It's odd to me, same dimensions just a little less clear. I can stretch that using the HP's settings to full screen, but I cannot adjust the 1920/1200 image even though there is a black border around it.
    Can you tell me what color settings you have on the HP? I have really struggled to find something I like. I actually like how things look in my iMac, and my MBP. I can't get things to look the same on the HP. I also feel like text is just a hair fuzzier on the HP than on either the iMac or MBP. I'm tempted to try a used 23" Apple Cinema Display, but I'm not sure I'll have any better luck with that. I mostly concerned about the image quality when I use my laptop, and for some reason I'm not getting great results with the HP or Dell externals that I've tried.

  • Can i use a hdmi to mini display port cable to use my iMac as external monitor for a windows laptop?

    Does anyone know if a hdmi to mini display port cable can be used to link a  windows laptop with an 27 inch iMac to use the iMac as an external monitor. Or are there other options to connect my DELL latitude 6430?

    Is the 3.5mm-to-optical cable any better than using a standard 3.5mm?  I don't know too much about this stuff.  My thought process was that if the source of the connection is a 3.5mm jack, does it make a difference using a cable that starts as a 3.5 and converts to optical?
    Chances are excellent that if your receiver is less than 20 years old it has an optical input, this is a digital signal which will sound MUCH MUCH better than using an analog 3.5MM to 3.5MM connection. I recommend using the cable suggested or one with the same connections but of a different length if your needs warrant it.

  • Imac as external monitor for windows Notebook

    I want to switch from my Windows Pc to a mac for private use.
    I prefer the new iMac (2011) 21,5" but I could not get an definite answer (not even in my local apple store) if it is possible to connect an existing Notebook (with VGA Mini-d-sub or DVI connector) to the new iMac in order to use the iMac as an external monitor for the Notebook.
    I definitely need this for my business work in my home-office so this information is vital.
    If ist is not possible I have to take the macMini and stay with my standard monitor.
    Can please someone tell me if it is possible at all and if so, how it can be done.
    I searched the internet and only found out that it was possible with the older 27" model but no information for the 2011 21,5" so please help!
    Thank you in advance for your Support.

    Sorry to say, but ...
    The 2011 iMacs (21.5" and 27") can only be used as a second display via a Thunderbolt-to-Thunderbolt cable.
    The 2009 and 2010 27" iMacs can be used as a second display via a DisplayPort connection. and

  • 2012 27" iMac as external monitor for mid-2009 Macbook Pro

    I have a 13" Macbook Pro (mid-2009) with an adapter that I have hooked up to the VGA port on PC external monitors in the past. I just bought a 27" iMac (2012) and was wondering if there was any way to make that an external monitor for my Macbook Pro?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    Purchase a Mini DisplayPort cable and press Command and F2 keys in the iMac

  • Macbook Pro and external monitor sleep issues.

    I recently upgraded to a new 13 inch MacBook Pro to replace my previous one.  With the upgrade, I'm now on the latest OS and I have a Thunderbolt instead of Mini-displayport output.  I have a Dell U2410 monitor which has worked great up until now, but I now have the following behavior:
    When the laptop sleeps (or puts the display to sleep) the monitor begins to turn on and off.  It goes to powersave mode and immediately wakes up, realizes there's no signal, and goes back to powersave mode, etc etc etc. 
    When I wake the computer up from sleep, the monitor's behavior stays the same.  The laptop never detects the display and begins sending a signal.
    If I unplug and replug the adapter, all is well.
    There seem to be two separate issues: whatever signal the computer continues to send down the display cable after sleep seems to confuse my monitor, secondly, the computer never again sends a real video signal down the line after it wakes up.
    I'm on the latest 10.8.3.  My adapter is the same adapter I have been using for years, an apple mini-display port to DVI adapter.  Supposedly this adapter is still compatible with the Thunderbolt port.
    I've seen lots of issues online about wake up issues with the latest OS.  Is there a workaround for this yet or do I have to uplug my monitor anytime I sleep the computer?

    Hi Steve,
    I have had the exact same issues after adding a WD Thunderbolt Duo external drive to a Mid 2011 iMac and then daisy chaining the Dell U2410 monitor off that.
    My Mini DP to DVI cable ceased working properly - sleeps issues.
    After buying one of these adapters of Ebay: pter-3in1-convertor-Macbook-/110861703462?pt=US_Audio_Cables_Adapters&hash=item1 9cfdf5926
    I then tried all the different cables that came originally with the Dell U2410 with that adapter, and none of then would put the U2410 to sleep properly. The backlight would stay on, or "No Displayport Cable" would float around the Dell display with the backlighting still on. Or otherwise the Dell would try to go to sleep and then wake up again and cycle like you found.
    Apples Mini DP to VGA adapter was sleep successful with the VGA cable (Analogue) but the output picture was not as sharp as DVI or Displayport, plus there was RF interference with the cable.
    After lots of internet searching I have found a near perfect solution:
    A HDMI to DVI cable with the HDMI end connected to the Ebay 3 in 1 adapter, which then connects to the Thunderbolt port.
    Connect this to DVI-D 1 on the Dell U2410.
    On the Dell in Menu - Other Settings,  disable DDC/CI
    Now in OSX Settings - energy Saver you will have to tick:
    "Put Hard Disks to sleep where possible" and select a short time frame for "Computer Sleep"
    I have found that the display would go black but the backlighting on the Dell U2410 would stay on, when the display went to sleep on the Mac as per the Energy Saver "Display Sleep" setting.
    The backlighting on the Dell would only turn off when the time for 'Computer Sleep" has elapsed and the external Thunderbolt hard disk went to sleep as well.
    The Dell U2410 would then wake up correctly as well when my iMac woke, with this setup.
    Cheapest solution for you would be to try an Apple or Ebay HDMI to DVI adapter and then use the DVI - DVI cable that came with the Dell.
    If that fails get the 3 in one Adapter and use my Mini DP/Thunderbolt to Ebay Adapter to DVI-DVI cable setup.
    I'm assuming your new Macbook Pro comes with the HDMI port ?
    I believe the Sleep Issues with this monitor are all related to appropriate signal on the cable, and only the HDMI to DVI solution will work correctly on Mac's connected to the Dell U2410.
    Good Luck. :-)

  • Second iMac as external monitor; Connection via firewire without a deck/cam

    Second iMac as an external monitor; Connection by firewire without a deck/camera possible?
    I spend a lot of hours to find an answer to the following question, unfortunately without any success:
    I’m working with a new iMac (Intel, OS 10.4.11) and Final Cut. Additionally I have an old iMac (G3, OS 10.3.9).
    I would like to use the FireWire port to transport a dv video stream from the new iMac/Final Cut to the old one so that the old one can be used as a monitor. So all I want is a software for the old iMac that shows an incoming FireWire dv-stream as a live picture.
    I tried vlc, videoviewer, iMovie, Vidi and btv. The problem is always the same: Final Cut (on the new iMac) does not find any FireWire/dv-device nor do all these software on the old iMac find a connection to Final Cut. I think the problem is that both sides are seeking for a device-setup at the FireWire-port on the other side. And none of them sends a signal like „yes I’m here and waiting for a dv-stream“.
    Another attempt was ScreenRecycler with VNC-client on the old iMac. Unfortunately on my old iMac Os 10.3.9 is the last possible OS and no vnc client on that system is fast enough to show a video in real time.
    I also tried virtualDV from Apples FireWire SDK 20. It works so far, that it claims to be a dv-device (on the old iMac) and so Final Cut at the new iMac says: „okay I’ll deliver you that stream“. The problem now is that virtualDV only can record that stream, not show it in real time.
    Is there any solution like virtualDV that shows a live preview and turns the iMac in a FireWire dv-device?
    Is there any solution that Final Cut simulates to be a FireWire dv-device itself and that another computer finds that device and understand the dv-stream?
    Thank you very much for your help.
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    Don't think this is possible.
    You're better off using a DAC (for example the one made by Canopus) and put your DV in and get a compatible signal out the other end for connection to your monitor.
    I don't understand why you would want to go through a computer first, it would be a waste of time and add a huge delay to the signal.
    Finally, I wouldn't use a computer monitor as an external display, it would be useless in my experience. Why not just preview on the one you've got by going full screen in FCP? Also using a computer monitor as a preview/output monitor is not a good idea since it's so different from a normal TV and won't show the correct colour space or issues such as flickering and interlace problems, underscan etc etc.
    Seems like you're using a sledgehammer to crack a very small nut and that would be to use a DV camera via firewire and then connect up a monitor from that. (again using a convertor box if you have a connection problem.)

  • Use G5 iMac as external monitor/display for Intel iMac?

    I have a 24" Intel iMac and a 20" G5 iMac (which is sort of mothballed now).I was wondering if it is possible to use the older iMac as an external monitor, mainly to save the expense of buying a "proper" external display when there seems to be a perfectly usable one sitting there in the G5 iMac.
    Actually, it didn't translate very well. But the instructions are basically how to wire up an adapter cable. The G5 iMac appears to use standard DVI signals, so you just need to make a DVI cable to plug in to the internal connector. The table between pages 7 and 8 is what you want. If you've used a soldering iron around electronic devices before, that table is pretty much all you need. The picture of the backside on page 9 is neat. Using the ethernet connector hole to route the wiring. Almost looks like it came from the factory that way.

  • IMac as external monitor questions

    I have an HP 6930p laptop from work and would like to connect my new 27" iMac to it to use as a larger monitor. The HP only has a VGA port, so I was hoping to find out if it's possible to connect this somehow to the iMac?? I didn't know if this could really be done with adapters, etc.
    One other question: I know you can use the iMac as an external monitor for a MacBook laptop, but will this also work if you're running a PC operating system via VM-Ware on the MacBook??
    Thanks so much

    You can only use your 27" iMac for a device with DisplayPort output. To use your Windows laptop with VGA output you would need to find a 3rd party adapter specially designed to convert the VGA output to DisplayPort output. Then you would need a cable that went from the adapter to the iMac that has a mini-DisplayPort connector on the iMac's end.
    As long as the MacBook has a DisplayPort there should be no issue with Windows on a virtual machine. You just need a cable with the correct connectors when it is DisplayPort to DisplayPort.

  • IMac with External Monitor

    Hi guys, I have a 20" Aluminum iMac with a 24" external monitor. In OSX I have no problems. I can make the external monitor my primary and I can video mirror the displays. However in Windows Vista I cannot figure out how to make the external monitor my primary. (I get the feeling windows won't let me because it is a mobile video card... the check box for which is the primary display is grayed out) This is not a big deal because I only game in Boot camp. So then I decided I could just mirror the displays. With mirroring my game would show on both monitors. I unckeck "extend my desktop with this monitor" but that just disables the monitor. I can find no option to turn video mirroring on. I searched help and it told me to open the mobile computer control panel? but when i opened it Windows said I can only use it on laptops. I am completely stumped. Anyone have any inside tips? Maybe there is just a command I can give to half life to make it play on the second monitor??? I don't know.
    Thanks in Advance,

    we might be having different issues. I get video on the external, but I am unable to make it the primary monitor. I am also unable to make the two monitors mirror the same content. If you are getting no video at all on your monitor something else is wrong.

  • IMAC als externer Monitor

    i will use my iMAC 27'' (Model: Middle 2011) as an external monitor.
    The signal should come from an Laptop Dell Latitude E6230 over an "HDMI to thunderbold"  cable.
    The cable is from my apple shop and named "Mini displayPort HDMI Cable".
    After reading many different articel to TDM mode (see ) I'am not sure that this will work properly.
    Current I have no success.
    Thanks in advance for your support.
    Greetings Klaus

    Hello Klaus.
    As the article points out, TDM works only Mac-to-Mac. Screen sharing could be possible for your situation. Requires software. This is for the Mac side:
    It can share a PC screen, but I don't know if similar software must be installed on the PC.,

  • Can you Run Lion server on iMac and use monitor for another computer

    With lion server you don't need a monitor and I figure why buy a mac mini when i could by a 27" imac and use it as a display and a mac mini running lion server.
    I have been going over the scenarios and am trying to decide if I should buy the TB display or a second 27" imac.  Eventually I will have 3 27" displays... but I want to run Lion Server off of one of the imacs... and use the display with the other imac.
    do you know if it is possible to use the display of the imac for a mbp or another imac while running an operating system (lion Server) on the computer at the same time.
    not sure if I made my self clear there or not.

    Ryan as long as both the Mac Mini and iMac have Thunderbolt you could use the iMac as an external monitor for the Mac Mini. The current machines with Thunderbolt connections are 2011 iMacs, MacMini's, MacBook Air's & all MacBook Pros.

Maybe you are looking for

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