Imac disk error after upgrade to 10.5.7

I was wondering if anyone could help out, i've having some problems ever since i upgraded to the 10.5.7
Firstly background on my mac, prior to the upgrade i was at 10.5.4, and before this i have had a few kernel panic crashes and managed to fix them, with by erase and install via my time machine with no problems.
i've decided to upgrade my mac to 10.5.7 and during the process of when i had to restart the computer after the upgrade the imac crashed, i restarted the comp manually and it got stuck on the grey screen, so i reboot on safe boot and then log back in to normal boot and it was all fine again.
But then straight after when i restart my computer the kernel panic happened again.
Now the problem is, i have erased my mac and in hope of installing leopard again and back it all up with my time machine. however everytime i tried installing i get an error saying that 'disk may be damaged', i have tried about 5 times already, i've done Apple Hardware Test as well and nothing was detected. Have run disk utility repair verify and nothing was picked up.
All of my hardware are straight from apple so i dont have any 3rd party hardwares that may cause the problems i believe.
If anyone could give me any other suggestions or help that'll be great thanks

After a little additional research I've found the following...
Upon opening a Terminal Window and entering /Applications/ I'm provided with: cannot execute binary file
Might this imply the upgrade to 10.5.7 corrupted the executable? if yes, how do I revert to a previous version? Will TimeMachine help in this?

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    Mountain Lion was runnning slowly on my Macbook Pro and so I decided to upgrade to Mavericks and then follow the defrag instructions here:
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    Onyx tells me to boot holding down command + R and then verify/repair the disk when booted from OSX Recovery, which I did and it said the disk was verified. However when I boot back from the HD and go back into Disk Utility, I get the same error. I also tried verifying/repairing the HD when booted from the Carbon Copy I'd created (from the above defrag instructions), and again it says that the HD is fine.
    So the problem seems to be that when booted from the HD, the HD isn't able to verify itself, even though when booted from another startup volume it seems to be fine. Mavericks seems to be running smoothly in general so I'm not too concerned, but obviously it is a bit concerning that I can't verify the volume (especially in case future problems arise), and so it would be good to fix this issue.

    I can second that a bad HDD can check out with a good SMART status and be verified OK with Disk Utility and still be bad.  My MacBook Pro is under 1yr old and it started acting iffy (long wake up times, random shut downs) but the SMART Status checked out and DU verified it OK, what tipped me off was Apple Hardware Test (restart + "D") wouldn't complete and just freeze, even after letting it run for 24+ hrs.  I then ran a 3rd party system maintenance program called Techtools Pro 7 and everything checked out OK but the HDD surface scan which checks for bad blocks.  It projected it would take 28 hrs to finish and after just 3 hrs it had located over 1500 bad blocks.  I cut the test short and took it to Apple and the guy ran a HDD check and within a few minutes a big RED banner popped up saying FAILED.  My warrantee runs out in two days so I just saved $160 by ignoring Disk Utility.  OP maybe run a 3rd party disk program and see if the drive is ok physically. 

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    Time machine fails backing up with a "backup disk not found" error after upgrade to Lion 10.7.2. I've erased and reformatted the drive; reconnected Time Machine(it saw it) and began a new backup. The backup starts again but fails before completing with backup drive not found error. I used the 10.7.2 combo update. Any help on how to fix this problem would be appreciated.

    After waiting since October for a fix, I have now upgraded the firmware on the Time Capsule and installed the new Airport Utility, released yesterday, and the situation is even worse.
    Up until now, the Airport Utility had an option to disconnect all drives manually and the Time Capsule would then work until the next reboot – a temporary (?) work-around.
    Now that option does not exist in the new-look Airport Utility. And the Airport Utility installation can’t be rolled back and the old utility won’t restore.
    The sparesbundle is still not accessible. Anyone worked out a work-around in the new environment yet?
    I have another Time Machine backup working fine to a trusty old Lacie Drive so erased the one on my Time Capsule to see if that works. I have renamed the Capsule and the Time Capsule Drive.  But to build another full backup will take at least two days and I shall be away from tomorrow and am reluctant to leave the Capsule and computer up and running for a week. And I’ll bet the sparsbundle will still be nowhere to be found.
    How can Apple screw up so badly when they are to become the richest company in the entire world and – soon – will have more cash in the bank than the entire United States? Can’t they afford someone who really can sort this out? Especially when a Firewire connected hard drive – my trusty and simple LaCie – works fine.
    Words, almost, fail me.

  • Imac error after upgrade to 10.8.4

    I received an error after upgrade tp brand new imac.  Error was upgrade was not installed.  Upon reboot the version of SW in About thi Mac is 10.8.4.  Bug?
    iMac i7, 21.5" 16GB memory, fusion drive.
    Thanks for input.  I assume the upgrade took.

    Verify Permissions gave me some errors, I deleted the repeats and the permissions fixed lines:
    Repairing permissions for “Macintosh HD”
    Warning: SUID file “System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Admin.framework/Versions/A/Resources/readconf ig” has been modified and will not be repaired.
    Warning: SUID file “usr/lib/sa/sadc” has been modified and will not be repaired.
    Warning: SUID file “usr/bin/quota” has been modified and will not be repaired.
    +++ (multiple repairs)
    Permissions repair complete
    I verfied the HD
    Much text (removed)...
    The volume Macintosh HD appears to be OK.
    I also loaded the Apple downloads version of the upgarde and received the following (again):
    The Installation failed
    The insatllation encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.
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    My iphoto was working with photostream and now it will not connect at all.
    I ran fix disk permissions and once it showed up in iphoto, photostream was loading and then it disappeared again.

    FWIW I fixed mine when I realised I'd probably downloaded iPhoto using an AppleID from the App Store but logged into iCloud with a different AppleID. I deleted iPhoto and it's related files (but not the iPhoto Library) using CleanApp, entered the App Store with my usual AppleID and downloaded iPhoto again. Once the App Store, the downloaded iPhoto and iCloud logins were the same iPhoto Stream worked again.

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    Fix: Removed both (!?more than one?!) versions of flash
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    reinstalled Flash from ActiveX. Seems to be working now.

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    Thanks for your help.

    Thanks Tammy for the reply
    We already tried the suggested SAP Note couple of time without any luck.

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    Hello Jenny,
    You may check by supreuser account first to see if you got the same error.  If not, it probably just related to user authorization.  If yes, it must be a bug.

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    Tried opening it multiple ways.
    Nothing works.

    The iCal application in Mountain Lion has been replaced by "Calendar."
    Can you open "Calendar?"

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    QuestionWhat can I do if I get an internal power error after upgrading to Windows 10?
    AnswerSome laptops with AMD graphics that upgraded to Windows 10 are showing blue screens with error messages regarding Internal_Power_Error. If you receive this error, try the procedure in this article.
    First, you'll need to quickly set the boot options to Safe Mode:
    1. Hold the Windows key and press 'R' to open the run box.
    2. Type MSCONFIG, then press ENTER.
    3. Select the BOOT tab.
    4. Under BOOT OPTIONS, check Safe boot, then select Minimal.
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    13. Click Restart. (If prompted, click Restart anyway.)
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    5. Select the Driver tab.
    6. Click Update Driver.
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    The driver that originally caused this problem is AMD display driver version 15.200.1046.2 dated 7/15/2015.
    The driver installed through this process might have an older date, such as 15.200.1055.0 dated 7/6/2015. That's okay.

    I'm having the same problem.  I got error message 21.  I went to apple store.  they are saying i have a hardware error.  Really, my phone was working before the update.  Asked me for $150 to get another one when I am due to get a new one and wanted to pass this one on to my child. 
    Help please,
    I will be glad to go back to the older software update

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    Hello, I am running NW2004s SP10 on a Windows XP 32 bit system w/ MAXDB ver 7.6.
    I tried to apply an upgrade to SP 13 and now my database will not start nor can I connect. I get the following in the DB trace:
    2007-12-20 11:23:45      0x968        31 SrvTask  Permanently reserved 13 servertasks for 'Backup / Restore'.
    2007-12-20 11:23:45      0xC68        67 RTEKERN  Kernel state changed from STARTING to ADMIN
    2007-12-20 11:23:45      0x968        31 SrvTask  Permanently reserved 2 servertasks for 'Backup / Restore'.
    2007-12-20 11:23:45      0xC68     19601 MsgOutp  SERVERDB is ready
    2007-12-20 11:23:45      0xC68       221     RTE  Database tries automatic restart
    2007-12-20 11:23:45      0x9C0     19821 MsgOutp  Thread 2496 starting
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xD90     19633 MsgOutp  Connect req. (T53, Node:'', PID:2200)
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xD90     19615 MsgOutp  Attaching volume 'C:\sapdb\D01\sapdata\DISKD0001'
    2007-12-20 11:23:46     0x17D4 ERR 18177 MsgOutp  No volume on compressed file 'C:\sapdb\D01\sapdata\DISKD0001'
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xD90 ERR    23   IOMan  Attach error on Data volume 1: no volumes on compressed file
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xD90 ERR    14   Admin  RestartFilesystem failed with 'I/O error'
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xD90        49  Kernel  EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN, Error occured: -902, 'I/O error' (disk_not_accessible)
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xD90        40   Admin  Kernel state: 'OFFLINE' reached
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xD90     19620 MsgOutp  Shutdown normal requested
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0x324     19684 MsgOutp  Tracewriter termination timeout: 1200 sec
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xEC4         0   Trace  Start flush kernel trace
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xEC4     19617 MsgOutp  Single I/O attach, 'knltrace', UKT:1
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xEC4         1   Trace  Stop flush kernel trace
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0xEC4     19619 MsgOutp  Releasing tracewriter
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0x324     19600 MsgOutp  'Kernel    7.6.00   Build 009-123-105-149'
    2007-12-20 11:23:46      0x324     19654 MsgOutp  SERVERDB 'D01' has stopped
    It looks like a disk error, but I am not sure. I was having no issues prior to upgrade. Could it be the upgrade corrupted the DB or could I actually have a bad disk?

    Uncommpressed the data and log files and was able to start the DB. I believe the files got compressed when a disk cleanup was run prior to the upgrade to free up disk space.
    Thanks for the help!! Points awarded!!

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    After upgrading to new OS my imac hangs up where it never has done this before. My apple care has long sinse expired and I am really bummed. It was clearly related to the new OS. Any suggestions for relief?

    If 10.7.0 or later...
    Bootup holding CMD+r, or the Option/alt key to boot from the Restore partitirion & use Disk Utility from there to Repair the Disk.

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    Not enough free storage space can slow your Mac down.
    Click your Apple menu icon top left in your screen. From the drop down menu click About This Mac > More Info > Storage
    Make sure there's at least 15% free disk space.

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    Thanks for all your help guys!  Apparently this was a software bug because we updated again and the error vanished.

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