IMac Intel Core Duo and ATI Video Drivers

I was wondering if the latest ATI Catalyst drivers are compatible with the X1600 that comes in the Intel Core DUO iMacs. I wasn't sure if the driver needed to come from apple or not

Nope. The latest Catalyst drivers 6.X are not compatible with the iMac vid card. You need the driver on the disc that Bootcamp install creates. It's a ver 8.x driver made especially for our Radeon Mobility x1600's.

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  • File Sharing imac intel core duo and ibookG4 osx

    Hi Everyone!
    I am trying to share files and a printer on my imac and my ibook. Both are using osx. I enabled Personal File Sharing and Printer Sharing on both. I've been looking at various resources and they say to use Go > network but nothing happens. I put files in the public folder on both macs but I still am not able to connect. I am connected wirelessly via airport by both. Both access the web but not each other. On my modem I have a password for connecting but both macs have it in their keychain, i don't know if that makes a difference.
    Please explain it simplisticly, I'm really rusty. I used to be a pc user, but have totally switched over.
    Thank you so much in advance!!!!! I appreciate any and all help!

    Great, I'm able to see my files. Thank you so much!!!
    Now, if you don't mind, I a couple more questions. How do I share my printer, it's on my imac, but I've also installed it on my ibook since I wasn't sure how to share I had to print from the ibook. So the printer is installed on both. I don't know if that helps.
    Also, last question, I was wondering how apple remote desktop works. Would I be able to log into my mac from anywhere? And if so, how do I do that. I commute to work and if I forget a file, I would like to be able to access it via the internet or something.
    I really appreciate the help so far!!!!! I just need a little more help to be able to do everything I need to.

  • External Drive Recommendations for iMovie '09 and iMac Intel Core Duo

    I just got a new iMac Intel Core Duo, and loading up on 4 gig of Ram. Going to get an external drive to house video footage, and wondering if this model might be ok. I understand firewire is usually better than usb drives, but am looking at one that is USB 2.0 with of speeds up to 480 Mbps and transfer rates up to 1.5 Gbps. Claims it's almost twice as fast as FireWire 800.
    Would this work well for iMovie, editing HD footage?
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    LOVE this Fantom drive. Very quiet and an amazing price for 1TB with all interfaces. 00%2FUSB+2%2E0+Hard+Drive%2DExternal+HardDrives&dpno=7350333
    Or check out this deal for their 2TB version %2B+USB+2%2E0%29+Hard+Drive%2DExternal+HardDrives&dpno=7304498

  • PowerMac G5 vs iMac Intel Core Duo

    Hello, I currently have a PowerMac G5 Dual Core and am thinking of getting another computer. I have a question. In terms of performance, what is faster, the G5 (Dual) on the PowerMac or the Intel Core Duo on the iMac (running at the same speed).
    And at the bottomline, what would be the machine that I want for gaming, publishing, and video editing? The PowerMac G5 (Dual) or the iMac with Intel.
    Thanks for the assistance!! Have a good one.
    P.S. Are there any plans of releasing a PowerMac with an Intel processor.
    PowerMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
    PowerMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    (Oh...right...sorry for mentioning that) Thanks for hte response!
    Anyways, I just want a computer that will not be outdated for a while. I don't want to purchase the G5, and then months down the road, not see the G5 in production anymore.
    One thing about the iMac I'm not too fond of is the lack of upgradibility (or so it seems so). Due to it's size, it would be very difficult for someone to upgrade it's internal components.
    I will be purchasing either today evening of tommorow, and I want to know what will be my best choice for the future, the iMac Intel Core Duo or the PowerMac G5.
    I always thought of the PowerMac G5 as a beast, and I still do, but some of the latest reviews and benchmark tests I have seen have said that the iMac (with Intel Core Duo) has performed very close to the PowerMac.

  • Quark 6.5 crashes when opening existing files on iMac Intel Core Duo

    I just switched from a G4 titanium laptop to an Intel iMac and Quark works fine except when I try to open a file that I created on the laptop (same Quark 6.5). It crashes. I talked to Quark and they said that I need to open the files on a PC and resave (I don't have a PC or a friend with a PC and Quark not that I'd send them all my files even if I did). I've tried resaving and renaming files with no luck. I tried reinstalling both the operating system and Quark (both 6 and 6.5) with no luck. Has anybody else had this problem and found a work around? I want to sell my laptop but I can't until I know I can access the hundreds of client files I have there.
    iMac Intel Core Duo   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Sorry I have no real experience with this, just a thought. Did you use migration assistant to move the old files over from your G4 to your Intel? And did you then perform a "Repair Disk Permissions" upon the entire hard drive from within Disk Utility's "First Aid" panel? (located at Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility)
    If the file move still is causing you a problem afterwards, you could try and work around it by moving the files in a different way. As a test, create a small file on the G4 and then email it to yourself from the G4. Receive that message into the Intel and see if the Intel can then open the file from inside Mail. This might avoid any "bias" created during the move from old to new Mac.

  • IMac Intel Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

    I may need to replace my iMac (Intel Core Duo) HD soon; I'm wondering whether the Geek Squad does work on Macs. Also, is this something a person can do themselves with good directions, or is that risky. I've put in memory, but think the HD is probably a step up. I have everything backed up and would get all my stuff back on HD myself. Has anyone had experience with Mac repair here?
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    Welcome, Selia!
    We certainly do work on Macintosh computers.  The criteria is: "Is the part user-serviceable?"  We would need to sendthe unit in for upgrade to our repair center if it is not something Apple has in their DIY section of their website.  This is toensure consistency and to avoid any issues if still under warranty. Typically only Mac Book laptop hard drives areserviceable in the store.
    Either way, I recommend letting an Agent assist you in the store.  Let us know if you need further answers.
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  • IMac Intel Core Duo: Which Install DVD disks should I be looking for?

    I have an iMac Intel Core Duo (2 Ghz, 20") model. This was sent to me from Apple as a replacement for my iMac G5 when it had problems a couple years ago. I just realized today that they did not send me OS install disks for it; I still have the iMac G5 install disks though.
    What iMac install disks should be looking for to purchase? Are they specific to an Intel Core Duo? Would any iMac Intel installation disk work?
    Thanks in advance.

    You may be able to contact Apple and have them provide a replacement set for a nominal fee.
    If it's the Core Duo white iMac from +early 2006+, it came with Tiger (10.4). Therefore, you can get install Leopard or the current Snow Leopard on it. You just need the standard retail disc.
    Would any iMac Intel installation disk work?
    Usually, installation discs that come with Macs (the grey ones) only work with that specific Mac model. A retail disc (the ones that are sold separately) will work with any supported Mac model.
    There is another difference. The disc that is included with Macs also have additional bundled apps, such as the iLife suite. The original included disc for your iMac would have iLife '06, which is two versions old, so it may not be that much of a benefit today (iLife '09 is the current version).

  • EA Game (Harry Potter Deluxe Edition) will not play on iMac Intel Core Duo

    I have repeatedly tried opening the EA/Aspyr Harry Potter games (Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets) on my iMac intel core duo. It fails to open, with all attempts ending in a window that tells me it has failed and offering the option to cancel, retry, or report problem to Apple. This occurs with both discs/games. Is the software simply not advanced enough for the new iMac? Has anyone opened this at all?
    PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    They are both Aspyr ports of EA games. I've run both on my G4 Macs in the past but can't comment on their compatibility with the Intel processor. 

  • Imac intel core duo 20" bug graphics

    jespere que vous comprenez le francais
    j'ai un imac intel core duo 2ghz, 1go de ram dd2 osx 10,4,9
    j'ai un soucis quand je joue a world of warcraft, l'ecran se brouille, ne nombreux traits apparaissent, impossible de voir en fait le jeu correctement, obligé de faire un pomme+m et de revenir en full screen apres, et ca repart.
    sachant que le jeu passe en full quality a 30fps a peu pres, j'ai essayé de tout baissé au niveau qualité et rien a faire.
    je n'est pas eut le temps d'essayer d'autres jeux.
    je n'est pas essayer en redemarrant sous windobe.
    l'ordinateur est encore sous garantie.
    dites moi tout ce que vous savez
    merci d'avance.
    a bientot.

    Depends on how intensive you plan on getting with the iMac. For the most part, it should run pretty well. When the Adobe products become universal they should fly. I currently run all the same software plus Maya on my iMac G5 2.1 GHZ w/o a problem, so they should run just as well on the intel (more so when all apps become universal). I actually plan on selling the G5 and picking up the intel version so I can run boot camp and 3D Max as as well.

  • HP Pavilion dv7-4083cl (w/ Intel Core i5 and ATI GPU): Which is its normal temperature?

    I have a question about HP Pavilion dv7-4083cl (w/ Intel Core i5 and ATI GPU):
    Which is its normal temperature?
    Environment: 24 °C (Celcius)
    HWMonitor and Real Temp agrees with the numbers find below.
    The two CPU Cores starts at 37 °C and in about an hour are at 53 °C, with CPU usage under 10%.
    The GPU starts at 34 °C and easly goes to 57 °C, with some peaks at 72 °C
    Regarding "Hewlett-Packard 144B": (under low/idle CPU usage)
    TZ01: starts at 40 °C and very fast goes to 55 °C or 65 °C (and more, under CPU load)
    PCH starts at 59 °C and very fast goes to 76 °C (and stays there)
    GMCH: starts at 40 °C and very fast goes to 55 °C or 65 °C
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 (TMPIN0): Starts at 34 °C and easily goes and stays at 57-58 °C
    Note: I'm also using a cooler (two fans, under its base)
    If I run Real Temp (v. 3.6) "Sensor Test", the cores goes up to 100 °C , and even a bit more.
    Which is the normal / expected behavior / operational range?
    Steady PCH at 76 °C is it normal?
    TZ01, GMCH at 55 - 65 °C is it normal?
    i5 Cores at 55 °C is it normal? (and easily going to 70 °C or more)
    GPU (ATI) at 57 °C is it normal?
    is it normal to climb up to 100-105 °C under a 5 minutes high CPU usage operation?

    i roll back to bios F.25 which is the older version of bios that support my device but still suffering from same D90 system overheating error.
    i can't contact hp support or send it to offical hp center currently coz i am from Egypt and i live in far town

  • I have a MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo and Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Want to upgrade to Lion to take advantage of icloud. Is there anything I can do without getting a new MacPro?

    I have a MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo and Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Would like to upgrade to Lion but it requires a minimum of Intel Core 2 Duo. Can I get what I need or do I have to buy new MacBok Pro?

    I also have a core duo MBP with Snow Leopard and it runs perfectly.  There are very few things it cannot do as compared to the faster, newer MBPs, but that is attributable to the CPU, not the OS.  There are some who view Lion as downgrade rather than as an improvement.  If there are important applications that reqire a fast CPU or Lion features that you find essential, by all means get a new MBP.
    I have an aphorism:  Obsolescence is more often a perception rather than a reality.  Besides the silver keys look much classier than the black ones.

  • My computer is a MacBook Pro Intel core duo, and I need to know if I can run the new Lion OS?

    My computer is a MacBook Pro Intel core duo, and I need to know if I can run the new Lion OS?  The Apple web says must have Intel Core 2 Duo. Please advise. Not knowledgeable enough to know if not having the 2 between Core and Duo is a stopper.  Appreciate any guidance. 

    The difference between a Core Duo and a Core 2 Duo is a show stopper when it comes to running Lion.  The Core Duo is still only a 32 bit chip, but the Core 2 Duo is a 64 bit chip.  You need the 64 bit chip to run Lion.

  • Intel Core Duo and Lion...

    So I am running my 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo and trying to install Lion. Everything I can find says it can't be done. Is this true?

    Yes.  You need an Intel core 2 duo minimum.
    General Requirements-Lion
    Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
    2GB of memory
    OS X v10.6.6 or later (v10.6.8 recommended)
    7GB of available space

  • What is the latest operating system that I can install on my macmini 1,1?  it has an intel core duo and 2gb memory.

    what is the latest operating system that I can install on my mac mini 1,1?  it has an intel core duo and 2gb memory. Current osx is 10.4.11.

    Mac OS X 10.6.8.

  • IMac Intel Core Duo - what software works and what doesn't???

    So I decided to start this post/topic to get feedback from everyone who uses their Intel based iMac for all different reasons and all the various sortware that people use. This includes software, games, freeware and such.
    Here's my 2 cents:
    Adobe CS2 software works fine except for Adobe Version Cue2. In other words, thus far InDesign CS2, Illustrator CS2, Photoshop CS2 and ImageReady CS2 seem to work fine. Probably a bit slower than on the G5's but not noticeably different.
    Anyone else have feedback on their software that you use daily???

    Toast 7 works brilliant on my iMac Core Duo. A lot
    better than my Powerbook G4.
    EyeTV 2 is working fine on my Intel Core Duo as well.
    I'm new to Mac, and bought an eyetv (PX-TV402U for Mac) with my iMac core duo. However, it doesn't run worth a hoot, can get some channels but lots of snow in picture. I'm sure I read somewhere on Plextor's site about a software issue with new core duo, but can't find it now and can't get a responce from Plextor. You say yours is working fine, is that because you have Toast 7? I'm stumped at the moment. Got any suggestions?

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