Imac late 2006. Is it my logic board?

Ok so I tried everything and its about to be a year. so ill just start from the beginning so around this time last year I Believe it was on Christmas eve or before it anyway's I decided to buy mac OSX snow leopard because my mac was still running on tiger so I went out to buy the disc etc and when I get home back up all my files an restart the computer and boot from the cd cause I was going to do a clean install I wipe out my hard drive and then when I go to install it I see a message saying I cant install it on this computer because I don't meet the ram requirements. and I was sort of stupid cause I didn't remember I was still running on 512 Mb of ram that came with my mac so now I have my computer wiped and I get a bit mad so I go to the apple store and they tell me its not really a big deal all I need to do is to buy at least 2 gigs of ram and I will have no problems installing it so he gives me a paper saying what ram I need to buy for my computer. so I go to fry's and buy a patriot 2 gig DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz PC2-5300 unbuffered and all the stuff that makes the ram compatible with my mac so I go home open the ram access doors for the first time but before that the guy at the apple store showed me how to do it and there was an article on apples web site. after I put it in and re place the 512 Mb that came on the top slot I turn it on and and cross my fingers to hope it works and I get to the installation screen and let it install after 30 min or so I come back "installation complete" I was happy it worked and everything was fast huge upgrade from being stuck with tiger. so about 1 in a half month later I get on my mac and I hear 3 beeps and I start freaking out so I go on apple web site with my iPod and there I learned that the 3 beeps meant bad ram. so I go to the Apple store and they tell me patriot doesn't really work well on IMac's so I go to fry's and get a new 2 gig but this time a Kingston. I get home put it in (same slot) turn it on and it works! so about 2 months later I'm thinking I want to upgrade my computer to 4 gigs but then one day I turn on my comp and same thing! so I go to fry's get 4gigs (2: 2gigs) get home and this time I install for the very first time a ram in the bottom slot ( so now I got 2gig on top and 2 gig on bottom slow) turn on the computer. and..... beep.....beep......beep the same thing I have got these past months 3 beeps( and if your wondering it is the right ram and all) so at this point I don't know what to do so I take the ram out. and I do nothing a few weeks later I go to fry's to get some of my money back because it was like 50 dollars and get just a single 2 gig get home put it in and it beeps for a tiny sec then suddenly stops and I see the apple logo. after a few weeks it did the same thing but this time I took out my 2 gig and let it sit out side and like one day later I put in the ram it came with 512 and it worked but it was really slow. so one last time went to the apple store and the guy told me it was a bad logic board and that it would be pricey to fix it. so after that from that day till this day Wednesday, December 21 my mac just turns on when it wants to and doesn't turn on and gives me 3 beeps. around September of this year I had my mac turning on successfully with no beeps running on 512 Mb of ram until on Oct I turn it on and 3 beeps. my 2 gig of ram the month before that got chipped of by the clips on my iMac( and by the way all this time I have not been forcing it to go in etc and adding to much force to get it damaged. so now basically my mac could go for 3 weeks then one day you can turn it on and others were I'm stuck with 3 beeps. and even some times I turn it on it does 3 beeps for one round and suddenly out of no were stops and boots up. I really like this mac although I cant upgrade past snow leopard but its the only good computer I have right now cause when this computer acts up  i have to use my stupid slow windows vista laptop, and this is my last chance to see if anyone could help me cause I tried everything Excuse me from my grammar and spelling but I want to try and make this as quick and legible as I can.
                                                              Thank you very much for your time and Merry Christmas!

That iMac 4,1 Core Duo is an Early 2006 model that only supports 2x1GB modules for a total of 2GB.
See > iMac (Early 2006) - Technical Specifications

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  • IMac Late 2006 shutting off

    My iMac Late 2006 started randomly shutting off about a couple months ago. It would normally turn right back on and work fine. Now I cannot get it to turn on at all. I've tried many different power outlets, and I tried resetting all the power stuff with no results. On a rare occasion, it will turn on after pressing the power button over a hundred times. The Apple Store told me the iMac is vintage and they cannot fix it.
    I want to know what the issue could be. Apple said it might be either the power supply or the logic board. Has anyone else experienced this? If its the power supply then I will go ahead and fix it but fixing the logic board won't be worth it.
    What should I do?

    Given the vintage of your machine, the problem could be anything.
    Power supply issues have a specific profile. Your machine suddenly turns off. You reboot, and it works a while, but lasts a shorter amount of time. Reboot it, and the time will decrease. In this case, the only option is to get the power supply replaced.
    Logic board has a wide variety of symptoms, depending on the model of your computer. Your issue is not inconsistent with logic board problems.
    As RRFS counsels, getting a new computer will be more cost-effective than repairing the old one. Be sure to back your data regularly, of course.

  • Memory upgrade on iMac (Late 2006)

    I want to upgrade the memory on my iMac (Late 2006). My present memory is 1GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. I am getting that information from the System Profiler. That (one) module is in one Memory Slot, and the other Memory Slot is empty.
    The manual says the following:
    +Your iMac comes with at least 1 GB of Double Data Rate 2 (DDR2) Synchronous+
    +Dynamic Random Access (SDRAM) memory installed. You can add 1 or 2 gigabyte (GB)+
    +memory modules for a maximum of 3 GB of memory. Memory modules must meet the+
    +following specifications:+
    +* Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module (SO-DIMM) format+
    +* 667 MHz, PC2-5300, DDR2 compliant (also referred to as DDR2 667)+
    +* Unbuffered and unregistered+
    And it also says the following:
    +Your iMac has a top slot and a bottom memory slot. You can add a memory module to+
    +the bottom slot and remove the memory module in the top slot to replace the+
    +installed memory. You can add a 1 GB or 2 GB memory module for a maximum of 3 GB+
    +of memory.+
    I guess I should just do as Apple suggests and add a 2GB module to the other memory slot, to maximize the total memory in the computer at 3GB. But does anybody have any alternative experiences or suggestions? Should I perhaps add another 1GB module to the other Memory Slot so that they are both equal? Has anybody tried adding 2GB to each Memory Slot? What happens? It seems odd or unbalanced to have a 1GB module and a 2GB module as Apple suggests. Any opinions from people experienced in this would be welcome, and I thank you in advance.

    Hi rosalarose
    To check how much memory you have and your memory usage go to: Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor and select System Memory.
    Your problem sounds more like a Software problem with Safari than a Hardware issue with the Memory. Instead of piggybacking on someone else's thread you should post a New Topic of your own here or in the Safari section of the Forum with a more detailed explanation of your problem.

  • How do I mirror my Macbook Air (Mid 2013) with my IMac (late 2006)?

    How do I mirror my Macbook Air (Mid 2013) with my IMac (late 2006)?

    Look at Target Display Mode:

  • IMac late-2006, cannot boot, white screen. Please help!

    I got white screen whenever I boot the computer.
    I have tried all of the followings.
    - detach all peripherals
    - safe boot
    - reset PRAM / NVRAM
    - boot from Recovery HD
    - boot from USB Recovery drive
    - boot from Snow Leopard installation disc
    - boot from Windows partition (results in blank black screen)
    - boot from Windows 7 installation disc (results in blank black screen)
    Nothing works.
    My configuration:
    iMac (late-2006)
    Mac OS 10.7.1
    3GB memory

    I had the same problem.
    How I solved? I simply haven't touched the iMac for 2 days...
    Than iMac has successfully booted.
    I contacted the online support but they have not been able to give me an explanation...

  • IMac (late 2006) model failing to boot

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a 24 inch Intel iMac (late 2006) that has just died.
    Running Command-V on boot up I get the following output in the console:
    efiboot loaded from device: Acpi (PNP0a03,0)/Pci (1F|2)/SATA(2,0)/HD (Part2,Sig9EBFBCBB-9....
    boot file path: \System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi
    .Loading kernel cache file 'System\Library\Caches\ caches\kernelcache.1713EAB3'
    Couldn't get file info.
    Loading 'mach_kernel'...
    .Error loading kernel 'mach_kernel' (0x80000012)
    What is going on here? I put in my Leopard DVD and booted with the Option key down. The first time only the DVD appeared as a boot option. When I booted into the DVD I couldn't see the Hard disk with the System Profiler or Disk Utility Could only see the DVD).
    After a few reboots the Hard disk suddenly appeared on holding down Option during bootup. Now I could see also see it in the Disk Utility. I tried to run Repair Disk and it just hangs.
    Is this a faulty drive or perhaps a loose SATA connection? From the Terminal I can go to \Volumes\Macintosh HD\Users etc and see files but as I go down the directory tree it starts to go very slow and after a while an ls command gives no response.
    Very strange behaviour. Any advice would be most welcome. I am thinking the drive has gone but I don't want to replace it if I don't have to. Luckily I am backed up up until a month ago with Time Machine, however there are a couple of things I would like to recover off this disk.
    Thanks again,
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    It appears your internal HD has failed or is on it's last legs so it's time to replace it. If you have any Apple Care left you can get it covered under warranty however if you don't then I'd recommend you take it in to be replaced. You can use this link for locating an Apple Authorized Service Provider. The good news you have a backup of your important files.
    As far as the remaining information you want to save that will depend on the condition of the existing internal HD. You may have to resort to a data recovery service (worst case) or if it's still got a little life in it you can put it in an enclosure and once the new HD is in your iMac move information to the new HD or your external HD.
    Best or luck,

  • IMac (late 2006) SSD upgrade

    hi there!
    after almost 6 years, the HD in my iMac late 2006 / 17" / Core 2 Duo died. At first, I wanted to replace it with another 3,5" HD but then discovered that an SSD would be the better option. I've found a couple of SSDs with a desktop uprage kit which takes them to 3,5". In the description however, it says that they are 6 Gbps. I always thought that the iMac can only deal with 3Gbps. Can I put this SSD into the machine or are problems going to occur?
    thanks for your help!

    While SSD's are supposed to be backwards compatible, that doesn't always work. I put an OWC 6G/bits per sec (SATA III) SSD into our 2010 mac mini, which supports SATA II speeds of 3G/bits per sec, and when it came up, I was only seeing SATA I 1.5Gbits sec speeds - yuk! OWC told me I needed to use their 3G/Bits sec SATA II SSD, and were helpful with the return and new SSD shipment. Works like a charm now at 3G/bits sec speed.
    Not saying you'll have the same experience, however, I would recommend OWC and their SSD's, especially since they have a liberal 30 day trial period.

  • 5.1 on iMac late 2006 intel

    Hi everybody i have a question for all of you, i have a iMac (late 2006) that I use to listen music and also i have a 5.1 Surround system without optical out, for this reason i can't make it run completely.
    I know that years ago existed a product with a name of Griffin Firewave that works amazing but is out of stock, also i have Muse XL Pocket LT3 but only works when i see a DTS sound Movie by VLC, anyone knows if i can to get a Griffin Firewave in some place or a similar product? Thanks.

    You can get it at ebay. .TRS0&_nkw=Griffin+Firewave&ghostText=&_…

  • I want to upgrade my iMac (late 2006) to Mavericks. It meets all other specifications. Will Mavericks work on this computer?

    I want to upgrade my iMac (late 2006) to Mavericks. It meets all other specifications. Will Mavericks work on this computer?

    No. The newest Mac OS X version compatible with that iMac is 10.7.5.

  • Video tearing on iMac (Late 2006)

    My iMac has been suffering from what i think is video-tearing and horrible refreshrate for a week now. I'm thinking hardware problems.
    The video-tearing mainly comes up when the screensaver goes on but it's still annoying.
    The refreshrate is always bad.
    I have the iMac(late 2006) 2.16GHz with 2GB ram and the ATI Radeon X1600 with 128MB VRAM.
    What to do?

    Same Model, same problem here. Much worse i think, picture cuts in half, fonts break. Happened after some update back in March. I was away for some time not using it but now few updates later still no resolution, Display looks fine in XP (bootcamp)

  • Having problems connecting iMac(late 2006) running 10.7.5 to a Samsung Flat Screen TV using separate audio/speaker cable and HDMI standard cable, mini-DVI to HDMI video converter.  TV displays generic Apple galaxy background and "some" windows (e.g. scree

    Not sure that I have selected the correct forum.  Hope my questions are clearly stated.
    Having problems connecting iMac(late 2006) running 10.7.5 to a Samsung Flat Screen TV using separate audio/speaker cable and HDMI standard cable, mini-DVI to HDMI video converter.  TV displays generic Apple galaxy background and "some" windows (e.g. screen resolution choices).   It does not show Mail or Safari menus.  System preferences'  display "gathered" the Samsung and chose its resolution.  I did not find a way to select the Samsung as my display.
    In addition to having old hardware, we have Verizon FIOS providing internet and TV access.  Is there any way to make this work for us?  We would like to stream video (Netflix) and view shows from the Web.  Do we need Apple TV to do this?  Or is it not possible with our old iMac?  My husband thinks that our Airport could be a factor. 
    Thank you

    Lately, I have been seeing a lot of posts with users trying to use their Macs/iMacs to mirror their streaming video from their Macs to an HDTV.
    There are, actually, many alternatives to choose from than just from a Mac.
    You need to have or invest in a WiFi capable router for all of these examples.
    Apple TV only integrates with WiFi and newer Mac hardware. So, if you want to have total integrated experience, if you have a 2011 Mac or newer, you might as well pay the $100 for the AppleTV box.
    If you have a older Mac, like I have noticed many users do, then you have other options.
    If you want to elimate long cable clutter and having your Mac at the mercy of your TV all of the time,  you can still use the AppleTV box independently or purchase cheaper alternative media streaming boxes from Roku, Sony, Boxee or any number of electronics manufacturers that now have media streaming boxes and media streaming capability built into DVD/Blu-ray players.
    These eliminate long cable clutter by being close to the HDTV where shorter, less expensive cables can be used.
    Another alternative for iPad users is to use an iPad with the USB/HDMI video adapter and use your iPad as the streaming box. This ties up your iPad in much the same way as it does with your Mac, but again the iPad can be close to the TV and use minimal cables to the TV.
    Another alternative to is to use a combination of an iPad and your Mac to stream content that is only available to stream online from a computer. In this case, you can use a desktop remote app on your iPad and Mac. A good and cheap Desktop Remote app is Splashtop Remote. This allows you to completely connect your iPad remotely, over Wifi, to your iMac desktop. The app streams both video and sound to the iPad which is still connected to your HDTV. The resultant stream video picture will be smaller than the size of your HDTV, but it will still be plenty large enough to watch. Again, if you own a iPad and an Intel Mac, this method also allows minimal cabling to the TV.

  • My iMac (late 2006) no longer boots from FireWire drives, although they contain all the system files.

    My iMac (late 2006) no longer starts (boots) from Firewire drives, although they all contain a current system (Mac OS X 10.6.7). If the drives are connected with USB 2, they boot normally. The FireWire drives appear in the Start Volume program, but they do not boot. If I press and hold the Alt key while booting, only the internal drives and the USB drives appear as options. What can I do in order to boot from FireWire drives as I always could in the past?

    I'd first recommend doing a SMC reset and if that doesn't work refer to:
    Shut down the computer.
    Unplug the computer's power cord and all peripherals.
    Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.
    Release the power button.
    Attach the computers power cable.
    Press the power button to turn on the computer.
    Shut down the computer.
    Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command, Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.
    Turn on the computer.
    Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys. You must press this key combination before the gray screen appears.
    Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time.
    Release the keys.

  • HT5634 iMac (Late 2006 20") with IOS Lion installed Windows 8 via BootCamp4, Then Upgrade to 8.1 Pro. Worked with warning message until today. How do I get out of Windows 8.1 to get back to IOS Lion.

    Until today I was able to ignore the compatability issues warning (I know bad idea to ignore warnings) and move between IOS Lion and Windows 8.1 Pro partitions on my 20" iMac (Late 2006) with Intel processor. After restarting Windows and spending 1/2 hour waiting for it to update (after installing Office 365) Window works fine, but when I activiate BootCamp (from Windows) nothing happens. It opens and gives me the warning with the option to run the program anyway (like always) but it the program never starts. It stays in Windows. How do I get back to IOS 7 Lion so I can upgrade BootCamp 4 to BootCamp 5 which I just saw today as the solution...?

    Power off your computer. Power up your computer, during power up press and hold the option key. When the boot manager appears select OSx.

  • I have this iMac late 2006 and I want to install the Mac OS X Lion

           I want to install Mac os X lion, (not mountain lion) on my iMac Late 2006 , but it is no longer available in the mac app store. How can I do to install the Mac OS X Lion on  my computer?
         The thing is that i was hoping the the mountain lion was compatible with my iMac, so is there a way i can still get the Mac OS X lion?

         Apple for some dumb reason removed it from the App store, so you now have to call them and ask for it.  I also have a Late 2006 Mac Pro and luckily I took the plung awhile ago and bought it from the App store.  Since they cut off so many machines still being used they should have left Lion in the store.  Any 2006-2007 Mac Pro and any other Mac that has a video card that doesn't have 64b drivers cannot go to Mountain Lion.

  • How to use earphones microphone (iMac late 2006)?

    On the late 2006 iMac, there are two jacks, One microphone and one speaker/earphones..
    How can I use my Klipsch S4i's microphone with my iMac? As I can't use both the jacks at the same time, which is what I need :/
    Is there something I could buy? (I really want to use my earphones microphone)
    Thanks, Seb

    Seb_XD wrote:
    Sorry - I just found this: 1_8?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1324394815&sr=1-8
    And: omputers&ie=UTF8&qid=1324394869&sr=1-1
    I don't suppose these would work?
    Thanks again, Seb
    Re: How to use earphones microphone (iMac late 2006)? 
    Just wanted to remind you about this post.
    Thanks again, Your amazing!

  • TS3173 what about iMac Late 2006 win 7 drivers? BC assist will not download them?

    can apple provide the same files for a imac late 2006 for Win 7?

    You must install the Windows Support software. This support software contains the Windows drivers for your hardware. Since you are running Snow Leopard, the support software is on the Snow Leopard installation disk.

Maybe you are looking for

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