IMac VGA to HDTV via component video?

I would like to connect an iMac Snow to a HDTV to display photos. Will it work to simply connect the two with a VGA-to-component video cable (price: about $20), or does the process require a VGA-to-component converter box (price: about $180-380)?
And if a converter is required, a brief explanation of why (in laymen's terms) would be appreciated.
iMac Snow   Mac OS X (10.3.6)  

I have a sharp LCD TV (LC-45GD5U) and I am trying to hook the TV up to my apple cube with a nVidea GeForce FX 5200. The TV has a DVI in, S-Video in, HD component in, and a normal component in. I have tried all of the connections with the TV alone and I can get nothing to work. However, I was able to get the TV to display if I had the TV on the DVI connection and the monitor on the VGA connection and only at a select few square resolutions. The whole point of having the TV connected is to have a bigger monitor so I consider it a waste that I have to have my smaller monitor connected as well and I am about out of ideas. If anybody has any ideas please let me know.

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  • Component video from a MacBook Pro?

    I am hooking my MBP to my AV system. I want to output the video from the computer via component video. Can I? What adaptor?

    The MBP outputs no analog video signal at all, so you'll need to use a mini-Displayport-to-VGA adapter and a conversion box like this:

  • HDMI vs Component Video

    I just ordered the new Apple Tv and need to know if it is possible to connect it to a tv via component video? I do not have an HDMI connection on my stereo or tv.

    Yes it is possible. I use HD Fury 1. =sr11?ie=UTF8&qid=1297677620&sr=8-1
    HDMI to DVI-D
    I connected mine directly to VGA input on my plasma screen. But you can also buy one of those VGA to Component. But I haven't tried this one yet.
    Also check this tutorial on how to stick XBMC on Apple TV 2: mc-media-centre-installation/

  • Running my imac on my HDTV-please help

    hey guys i have a 20' imac and i also have a 50' Samsung DLP HDTV, now, i have a question, can i hook my imac to my HDTV and watch video from my computer on the HDTV? i just dont want to go through the hassle of converting the videos to the format playable by my various media players(ps3 etc), so is it possible? i believe i read somewhere about a mini-dvi cable, is that what i need? where can i get these? do best buys or any other similar retailers(CC,target etc) carry these cable? btw online shope is not an option for me

    Depending on the inputs available on your TV use on of the following:
    Apple Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter
    Apple Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter
    Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter.
    All available for $19 online or as you say this isn't an option you can get any of the above parts in any Apple Retail Store and from most Apple suppliers. Bear in mind they are short; say 15cm only, so you'll need a long DVI/VGA/S-Video cable too.
    The other option might be tv if your TV isn't that close to the iMac. Have a read of this page (link).
    kind regards

  • No HDMI input for HD-TV; component video doesn't give picture

    I just swapped an HD DVR STB, which was connected via component video, for an HD STB.  There is no HDMI input on my HD ready TV, so I connected the STB to the TV via the same cables as the tech did when he came out (i.e., I used the component video and component audio connections).  I get sound, but no video.  
    I tried the other connections: S-video gives me a black and white picture,
    and the standard coax cable gives me regular video + audio.
    I would prefer to use the component video, though.  Is this a widespread problem?  Is there a solution?
    Go to Solution.

    I'd connect it using the component cables, and then contact tech support and see if they can do a factory reset on the STB. If that fails, they will likely replace it.
    Error exists between keyboard and chair.

  • Inexpensive component video capture

    Is there anything out there which will inexpensively capture HDTV over component video or HDMI to Mac?

    David, please. Someone asks a legitimate question:
    Is there anything out there which will inexpensively capture HDTV over component video or HDMI to Mac? \[...\] I just want to get some stuff off an old TIVO unit that doesn't have TIVO-To-Go.
    There are no illegal activities involved or implied. You may legitimately make a copy off your TiVo even using TiVo's own supplied software. Or burn it to a DVD. I'm sure you're intimately familiar with the Betamax case.
    The OP did not say they desired to edit it, post it, sell it, etc. Simply transfer it. Let's try not to become the thought police...

  • Directv HD signal via component into a 24" iMac help?

    PC user here who is attempting to convert to Mac. I currently have a Dell 17" Media Monitor and an XPS tower. I have both an office and home theater in my basement. So I ran a component cable from my Directv reciever 30' or so into my Dell monitor via component in. This allows me to watch an HD Directv signal in picture in picture while I work on my home office PC. I also have a VGA cable going out of the Dell Monitor about 40' or so to my Marantz projector so that I can watch my PC source on my 10' home theater fixed screen.
    Now to my problem. I need to use some Mac apps for work, prefer the OS and want to switch to Mac in my home office. I am very interested in buying the 24" iMac. After a discussion with Mac Sales it seems clear that I can use an Apple mini DVI to VGA adapter to send the iMac source via VGA cable to my home theater projecter. What is unclear to me is how in the world to convert my Directv signal via component cable into the iMac for display? Mind you I don't want to edit the video or store it or burn it or send it to friends or pirate it in any way - so I don't think I need a video capture card. I just want to be able to view the signal and turn the iMac into a dumb monitor in this instance.
    Second question. If I can somehow display an HD Directv signal on the iMac ( I know there is a solution for standard def and terrestrial HD signals) via component, surely the video card that comes standard in the iMac - the ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB of GDDR3 memory will allow me to view not just the iMac desktop, but any Directv signal that is now viewable on the iMac (presumably in a window or picture in picture)???
    I spoke with sales reps at both AJA and Black Majic. they both offer costly solutions or cheaper video card solutions that would allow component in, but only cards that would install in a tower such as the Mac Pro. I would strongly prefer an iMac based solution as it is the perfect Mac for my home office needs and the Mac Pro is overkill.
    Any and all suggestions are welcome.

    The iMac does not have a Video Input Port.
    There are a couple of input devices in the following link that may be what your looking for, Digital video input/output via FireWire. owse&mco=891A2863&node=home/shopmac/mac_accessories/videodevices
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  • Intel iMac Component Video Out

    Has anyone tried a component video out connection to an HDTV from the Intel iMac? I've read from the ATI website that the new Radeon X1600 card supports component video out with an adapter.
    There was never a really good way to do this with previous Mac models.

    A little more news about component out from the Intel iMac 20"
    The VGA adapter included with my 12" iBook does not fit the mini-dvi port on the iMac. So you need to buy a new adapter from Apple.
    I tried using a VGA-to-component cable with the iBook VGA adapter and a standard television set. The cable is designed to interface a component-out DVD player to a VGA-in BenQ projector. I ran the cable to the component-in jacks on my Sanyo (analog-non HD) television. No go. Tried several resolutions and adapter refresh rates, and got some smeared video, but it made me nervous and I stopped experimenting. Haven't tried this cable with my HDTV for fear of damage.
    Basically, the cable was meant to take a video signal from the DVD player to the projector. My experiment was mac to TV.
    So sad, oh so sad ;<

  • How do i stream my iMac screen to a device that accepts component video only

    I have a new iMac (2015) and I want to send my screen from my mac to a video switcher called a NewTek Tricaster 40. It only accepts component or composite video input. I want to send my iMac's screen to it in real time so I can incorporate it into my live video productions. I have attempted to use several HDMI to component converters and none have worked. I am using the Kanex Pro HDMI to Component Converter to convert the HDMI out from two HD camcorders to component and sending that into my Tricaster 40. It is seeing the signal just fine and giving me solid HD video. So I attempted to use the same Kanex Pro for the iMac. First I used apple's lightning to HDMI cable then plugged that HDMI into another Kanex Pro HDMI to component converter. No dice. I tried all the component video settings: 1080p 30PsF, 1080 24PsF, 1080i, 720p, 720/30p, 720/24p. None worked
    Kanex Pro HDMI to Component Converter with Audio for PS4, Xbox One, Full HD 1080p (HDRGBRL) +Component+Converter+with+Audio+for+PS4,+Xbox+One,+Full+HD+1080p+(HDRGBRL)&espv= 2&biw=1461&bih=724&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.&bvm=bv.89947451,d.cGU&ion=1&tch=1&ech=1&psi =lcMhVcDPEpC4ogTBl4LABg.1428276117592.5&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX2IpeY7X336NKCAZO5gXZC fr9CYkefRrD0Ad_Xy607mRERaZVy-e31nis3rQppz_OgnNmy5ApOtsfxdiNa9ObBt6XIj0T_QHJnHgQS RKEgr403gF3BIZAFPVH73q3thgw88E5DYtSJ2ucji5lQO4ow&sa=X&ei=nMMhVfSkCIftoATK24GYCA& ved=0COEDEPMCMAA
    Next I purchased an apple lightning to DVI adaptor. Then I plugged the DVI into this Lindy DVI to component converter. It also failed at all resolutions. None worked for SD resolutions either.
    LINDY DVI-D to VGA/RGB/Component Video Converter (32562) ion=new
    After hunting for a solution someone suggested that HDCP protection might be my problem. Apparently in an effort to keep people form pirating movies Microsoft and apple use HDCP to keep people form making this conversion? I'm nor sure how this works I just know that I am leagaly allowed to incorporate brief news clips into my news comentary on my youtub channel so long as I cite them and add to them substantially. I do both. So is HDCP my issue? If so what is the work around?
    Sewell Direct 1x2 HDMI Splitter, v1.4, 4k by 2k support =C&…
    NewTek has a program called IVGA that will allow me to share my screen over my local network but the frame rate is horribly choppy and is not useful for capturing video clips form youtube or game play.
    Bottom line how do I stream high quality (720 /24p minimum) video from my iMac to a device that only accepts component video in.

    I did end up using an apple thunderbolt to DVI.
    Next a DVI to HDMI.
    Component Video + Digital Coaxial and Digital Optical Audio to HDMI® Converter
    http:/ 971&seq=1&format=2
    After that I used an HDMI to component.
    Kanex Pro HDMI to Component Converter with Audio for PS4, Xbox One, Full HD 1080p (HDRGBRL) +Component+Converter+with+Audio+for+PS4,+Xbox+One,+Full+HD+1080p+(HDRGBRL)&espv = 2&biw=1461&bih=724&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.&bvm=bv.89947451,d.cGU&ion=1&tch=1&ech=1&ps i =lcMhVcDPEpC4ogTBl4LABg.1428276117592.5&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX2IpeY7X336NKCAZO5gXZ C fr9CYkefRrD0Ad_Xy607mRERaZVy-e31nis3rQppz_OgnNmy5ApOtsfxdiNa9ObBt6XIj0T_QHJnHgQ S RKEgr403gF3BIZAFPVH73q3thgw88E5DYtSJ2ucji5lQO4ow&sa=X&ei=nMMhVfSkCIftoATK24GYCA & ved=0COEDEPMCMAA
    On my iMac:
    I had to go into my device settings > Display
    then I set the "Optimize for:" to "CAT-6066"
    after that I selected the "Scaled" option right underneath
    then i selected 1080i because the Kanex Pro is designed to convert 1080i into component
    I was then able to get my NewTek Tricaster 40 to recognize that component signal from the Kanex Pro and add it to my production as 1080i or as 1080p/30. The frame rate looks great and the video quality is very smooth and in real time.

  • Is there a Thunderbolt to Component Video cable / adapter for the new iMac?

    My church is looking to purchase a new iMac to run our presentation software.
    We currently have a PC that has a graphics card which has a component-out cable.  We connect that to a component video distribution amplifer to distribute to several HDTVs and a projector.
    Is there a way to connect the iMac to a component video (Y, Pb, Pr or Red blue Green) input?
    I understand that DVI is digital and Component is analog, but has anyone found a device, cable, and/or adapter that will do the job?

    There's at least this one: 6
    and the review says that it works with current Macs, but I can't verify.

  • VGA to Component Video

    Can anyone help, I've acquired a 500 Mhz iMac and would love to mirror the display on my TV. Unfortunately the scart socket on th back of my TV is taken up with other stuff (satellite and DVD) but I do have Component Video still available. Is it possible to find a cable to go from VGA to Component, or would it be better to go from VGA to DVI and then to Component?
    I've searched Google, but am bewildered by the choices available. Can anyone provide so useful links?

    VGA to component makes more sense (and is probably less expensive). VGA is analog and so is component. DVI is digital. There is no sense in going from analog to digital and back to analog.
    But I've never tried such a cable on a Mac's VGA output, so I'm not saying it will definitely work.

  • VGA, component video or DVI

    I have a new Mac Mini (Intel) I am using it as a media center to play DVDs, iTunes videos and MPEG-4 (H.264 converted from DVD).
    I tried connecting to DVI but to no avail. Will I lose a lot of quality if I display video VGA or component (via VGA to component adapter)?
    Keep in mind I am only using to play videos.

    When I plug into the DVI port it just says "No Signal". Used tools like to SwitchresX and DisplayConfigX but to change the resolution, but same result.
    Are you sure you have a good cable? Does the same one work with your PowerBook? Are you certain you've pushed the cable in far enough to the back of the Mac mini? My connection (with a DVI to HDMI cable) is very snug.
    You say that DVD is ony 720x480, does that mean that it will show the same regardless of the connection (VGA, S-Videop, Component or DVI)?
    Having a different connection won't change the original image coming from your DVD. However, the quality of the connection from the computer to the TV will be very different from each of those different connections. S-video, component and composite connections are analog and the digital signal from your Mac mini will have to be converted from digital to analog. So, you might lose some quality there. S-video is better than composite because it includes brightness and color.
    DVI will give you a superior connection to all the other options. I would probably try to troubleshoot that problem before attempting other work-arounds like a component video connection.

  • How to connect Apple TV (2g) HDMI to HDTV with only component video input.

    Trying to connect Apple TV (2g) HDMI to HDTV with only component video input.  Can I use a simple cable or do I need a converter box/plug? Is the HDMI signal coming from ATV encrypted or HDCP enabled?
    The TV is HD, but only has a component input and not HDMI.  Apple TV 2g only has HDMI output.

    google component hdmi converter
    but they are pretty expensive and may not work at all
    and will not work with any DRM material as in movies you reant and maybe netflix and the sports thingy

  • New imac to tv help:  mDVI to DVI cable, DVI to component video adapter?

    I am getting my new imac tomorrow, very excited. I would love to be able to hook it up to my HD tv which has component video inputs.
    It has two by the way, one says component video, one says component video HD. (that's the one my xbox is hooked up to.)
    I think I'm getting like 1020p or something like that?
    am aware of the lack of sound, but will have the imac hooked up to speakers so no worries on that.
    will this chain work? mDVI-DVI cable, DVI to component video adapter? then what? component video cable to tv?
    so I will need to buy two adapters and one cable right? Also, the cable is gonna need to be about 30ft long so will I be able to daisy chain cables?
    PS, what kind of resolution will I be getting with the standard (none component HD) inputs?
    thanks for the help. The info on the mac sight about adapters in not very specific to this hodge podge.
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    1) It's female.
    2) Of course.

  • My new MacBook Pro and Imac can't recognize my digital video camera (Canon GL2) via FireWire 800 9 pin to 4 pin cable.

    My new MacBook Pro and Imac can't recognize my digital video cameras (Canon GL2 or Sony) via FireWire 800 9 pin to 4 pin cable. I've tried two different cables.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

    Is your DV camera plugged in to AC power (not batteries only)? When you step down from 9 pins to 4 pins, you lose the "power" pins.

Maybe you are looking for

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