Images are desaturated after being worked on in Camera Raw

Ok here's what I did. I'm working on processing 100 Jpeg pictures and I loved how quick Camera Raw was so I did all the corrections in there and hit done. I later went back and opened them all again and saved all the changes. They looked great. I closed bridge and opened Windows Explorer but when I opened the files from there they were extremely desaturated and just plain ugly.
Any ideas? Images look great in Bridge and PS but terrible everywhere else.
Details: OS: Windows XP. Adobe CS3 Design Standard. All programs up to date. Monitor callibrated.
Whoever can solve this one will be my hero. :)

Ok I found the spot to change it and the images look great! Thank you so much everyone. In case anyone else is reading this with the same problem here are the steps I took:
Open the jpeg image in ACR.
Make the changes you want.
At the bottom of the ACR window there is a highlighted link that says something like "Adobe RGB (1998); 8 bit; 3008 by 2000 (6.0MP); 240ppi"
Click on this like and change the "Space" drop down box from "Adobe RGB" to "sRGB."
When this change is made, go ahead and save it like normal.
Now the image looks the way it did in ACR in all other programs.
IM SO HAPPY!!!!! :)

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  • Why do images appear different in Photoshop after being processed in Adobe Camera Raw?

    I would assume that the screen image would appear the same in each application.

    Probably you are using different color profiles in the two applications, eg: you are using Adobe RGB (1998) in photoshop and sRGB IEC61966-2.1 in Camera Raw, this causes differences in color and in some cases large differences, such as lack of vibrance and saturation.
    check the profiles you are using:
    Camera Raw:
    just check the blue text under the image, to change it just left clik with the mouse, a windows will apear.
    In Photoshop just press Alt+Shift+K or follow de above image.
    Sorry, but, my Photoshop language is Portuguese.

  • When opening an image Photoshop Elements 12 is opening it in Camera Raw, it is not a RAW image and it is cropped How do I uncrop the opened image?

    When I am opening a .jpg image not an actual raw camera image from Elements 12 it is being opened as a camera Raw image and the image is cropped, I can't find anyway to get the image to uncrop or zoom out so that the entire image is visible so that I can actually edit it to something that is useable. The images were taken with an iPad and copied I suspect using the organizer from Elements 11 but I can't be sure. If I could just uncrop the opened image so that the entire image is visible this would not be a big deal.
    Is there a way to uncrop the image that is being opened by Camera Raw? Am I going to have to get my hands on the source of the images (the iPad) and copy the images again using explorer and not let them be copied with the organizer?

    Uncheck the boxes at the bottom of the dialog Scale styles and resample Image so that only constrain proportions is checked. If you the change the resolution box from 240 to 300 you will get back to your original dimensions.
    This is a meaningless thing to do, you still have the exact same number of pixels, you have only changed the metadata number in the file for ppi, and your prints are not affected by this number.
    You could also use the same method to change the dimensions to 6 x 4 or 9 x 6 etc.
    There are some cases (actually most cases) where you need to CROP the photo to change the dimensions, when the aspect ratio of the original photos is different than the aspect ratio of the final photo; the specific case in 99jon's example is the only case you ever want to change dimensions using Image->Resize->Image Size, where the aspect ratio doesn't change from 6x4 to 9x6 (or 12x8 or 18x12 or ...), and even then, you could do the same thing simply by telling the printer the size you want, you don't really need to do anything in PSE.

  • RAW images in Lightroom aren't opening in camera raw in Photoshop.  Instead, I have to open the image in Finder before it will open in Camera Raw in Photoshop.  How can I correct that?

    RAW images in Lightroom aren't opening in camera raw in Photoshop.  Instead, I have to open the image in Finder before it will open in Camera Raw in Photoshop.  How can I correct that?

    Your question is a little unclear. In a "normal" Lightroom/Photoshop workflow the raw images do not open from Lightroom into Camera Raw. Lightroom has all of the Camera Raw functionality in the develop module. When you choose to open an image in Photoshop, and Lightroom and Photoshop are synchronized (i.e. referencing the same version of Camera Raw) then Camera Raw is simply used to interpret the Lightroom adjustments as the image is transferred to Photoshop. If Camera Raw is an older version then Lightroom offers you the choice to open the image or create a PSD or TIF file that includes all of the Lightroom adjustments. But in either case, opening in Camera Raw is not part of the workflow. It is possible to open the image as a smart object or convert the image to the smart object in Photoshop and then open it in Camera Raw. That is done from within Photoshop or is one of the open options in Lightroom. If you choose to go the smart object route the image first has to be opened in Photoshop and then from there you can open it in Camera Raw.

  • I am used to that when I open an image in Bridge it will be opened in PS, with all preferenses I have done to the image. Now it opens in PS but without any changes i have don e in Bridge. Also when I open a new image I want it to be opened in Camera Raw a

    I am used to that when I open an image in Bridge it will be opened in PS, with all preferenses I have done to the image. Now it opens in PS but without any changes i have don e in Bridge. Also when I open a new image I want it to be opened in Camera Raw automatically, both if a Jpeg or Raw picture.
    Using PS CC
    Regards BOJ

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  • OSX Lion jpeg 'preview' images are blurry after altering them

    When i edit a photograph in photoshop (cs3/cs4 etc, it doesnt matter which version) the preview of that image goes blurry after its saved. The image is the full res still and hasnt lost any quality but when i have the icons that are of a large size they appear really blurry and 'low-res'
    I know its a small gripe but it makes things difficult as a photographer when im trying to organise images that perhaps look similar or i want to see as a whole set.

    Hello, sorry, I don't know the cure for this, but as a photographer you might have a look at Tr-Catalog, where you can choose the size thumbnail/icon/detail...

  • Why does the click-hold to reveal the image area outside the frame work on only some images?

    I just upgraded to ID CC 2014 and the click-hold function to reveal the image area outside the frame only works for some images. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Peter. That could be the problem--operator error. But, I did a restart and all seems fine. If I get another image with a display issue, I'll be back

  • Images are damaged after importing

    I imported a set of images last night after an event. All the images looks great in the camera but after importing it some images looks damages, looks like scratches and colour faded or half of the image is white or black or blue...
    Have you experienced it before? Any advice? Do you think it might be the issue with the momory card? I use UDMA 7 Delkin Device memory card for the first time.
    Please help.
    Kamal Mostofi

    Some hardware malfunction between the camera and the computer is causing the image to be corrupted.
    This could be anywhere, camera card, card reader or USB Cable/USB port, hard disk or even memory.
    Best you should try importing using different hardware, and if possible try importing on a different computer.

  • After downloading updates in C5 camera raw stopped working. I am trying to download DNG CONVERTOR but when I press 'download' it just times out.

    After downloading updates in C5, camera rawstopped working. I am trying to download DNG CONVERTOR but when I press 'Download' it just times out. Is Photoshop having problems as I have tried for three days now.

    If you give complete and detailed information about your setup and the issue at hand, such as your platform (Mac or Win), exact versions of your OS, of Photoshop and of Bridge, machine specs, what troubleshooting steps you have taken so far, what error message(s) you receive, if having issues opening raw files also the exact camera make and model that generated them, etc., someone may be able to help you.
    Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers:

  • IPhoto does not see any changes after editing a photo in Camera Raw

    Hello everyone ,
    I have some small problem with my iPhoto. I have set up Camer Raw in iPhoto as  External Editor, so when I click on edit in IPhoto,
    automatically opens my JPG in Camera Raw. After editing in Camera Raw I'm clicking on ,,Save image" then destination is ,,Save in same location" When I go back to iPhoto to the same photo, iPhoto does not show any changes I have made in Camera Raw. 
    What could it be or should I set something in iPhoto or in Camera Raw?
    Is there a chance in order to deal with this?
    I will be grateful for any assistance and
    I'm waiting for advice

    Any time a RAW file is edited in any 3rd party editor from within iPhoto it MUST be saved to the Desktop and imported as a new file. There's no other way to do it.  So the photos you've edited and saved are somewhere in the iPhoto Library folder system but cannot be recognized and used by iPhoto.
    The following is geared for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements but might have some info relevant for you:
    Using Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop Elements 9 as Your Editor of Choice in iPhoto.
    1 - select Photoshop as your editor of choice in iPhoto's Advanced Preference Section's under the "Edit photo:" menu.
    Click to view full size
    2 - double click on the thumbnail in iPhoto to open it in Photoshop.  When you're finished editing click on the Save button. If you immediately get the JPEG Options window make your selection (Baseline standard seems to be the most compatible jpeg format) and click on the OK button. Your done. 
    3 - however, if you get the navigation window
    Click to view full size
    that indicates that  PS wants to save it as a PS formatted file.  You'll need to either select JPEG from the menu and save (top image) or click on the desktop in the Navigation window (bottom image) and save it to the desktop for importing as a new photo.
    This method will let iPhoto know that the photo has been editied and will update the thumbnail file to reflect the edit..
    NOTE: With Photoshop Elements 9 the Saving File preferences should be configured as shown:
    Click to view full size
    s  I also suggest the Maximize PSD File Compatabilty be set to Always.  In PSE’s General preference pane set the Color Picker to Apple as shown:
    Click to view full size
    NOTE: If you want to use both iPhoto's editing mode and PS/PSE without having to go back and forth to the Preference pane, once you've selected PS as your editor of choice, reset the Preferences back to "Open in iPhoto".  That will let you either edit in iPhoto using the Edit button or Control-clicking on the thumbnail and selecting "Edit in iPhoto" or in PS/PSE by Control-clicking on the thumbnail and selecting "Edit in External Editor" in the Contextual menu.
    Click to view full size
    This way you get the best of both worlds.

  • Loss of thumbnails of RAW images in Photoshop prior to opening them in Camera Raw

    I recently purchased and started using a Canon EOS 7D Mark II.  I found that with my Photoshop CS6 I was unable to open my RAW files in Camera Raw, so I downloaded an update of Camera Raw, viz. version 8.7.1 from the Adobe website.  Now I can open the RAW images from my new camera in Camera Raw.  However, I have lost the capacity to display a thumbnail image of a RAW file when using the open function of the file drop down menu in Photoshop. Now when I single-click on an ID number of a RAW image from the list of images, I see only a blank thumbnail.  I save lots of time using image thumbnails for selecting images for editing in Camera Raw.  Is there some way to restore the ability to see RAW image thumbnails in Photoshop prior to opening images in Camera Raw?

    Which operating system are you using?
    Are the blank thumbnails only for the files from the canon EOS 7D Mark II camera?
    An alternative is to use Bridge CS6 or Mini Bridge to see the photos before you open them in photoshop cs6.

  • Are there white balance presets - like in Camera Raw?

    Hi. I'm newer to Aperture, and when I'm editing photos, I'm wondering if there's a white balance preset, like in Adobe Camera Raw, that match my camera's white balance options (cloudy, flash, daylight, etc.). Is there something like that in Aperture that I can't find, or am I just regulated to the sliders?

    they are not preinstalled, but you can easily make them. just shoot several images with your camera set to each white balance, then save all the settings in the white balance brick.

  • Why are no Pentax lenses in the Adobe Camera Raw lens profiles when processing JPG files?

    I normally shoot and process raw files and use the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw for processing. Some of these files are converted to jpg for use on the net or e-mailing etc. Sometimes I want to make minor changes to the now converted jpg file and often go to Adobe Camera Raw for ease and speed of use. Lately I have gone back to some files that were not thoroughly processed as raw files before conversion to jpg. When, in ACR, I go to Lens Corrections panel, Profile tab, I Enable Lens Profile Corrections and choose Setup: Auto (or Default) and get the message, "Unable to locate a matching lens profile automatically".
    I then go down to Lens Profile and click on Make with the intention of choosing the Pentax lens which I used for the photo. Here is the problem - there are only six choices under make, namely Apple, Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Sony and Tamron. I have no such issues when processing a raw file in Adobe Camera Raw. Pentax lenses are automatically detected and Pentax, along with Leica, Samsung, Zeiss, etc. are choices under Make of lens.
    Do other people have this problem? Is there some setting I have missed? Is Adobe just not permitting some makers' lenses, for which there are profiles, to be corrected if the files are jpgs?
    BTW, I have checked and the same issues exist for tiff files opened in ACR.

    Assuming I read your post correctly, and that you're trying to use Lens corrections on JPEGs and TIFFs...  I believe there's a completely different set of profiles for correcting already "developed" images (such as JPEGs and TIFFs).  If I recall correctly (and it's been a while since I read about this), it's the same set that's used inside Photoshop for the Filter - Lens Correction tool (I hope someone here will correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure I read this somewhere).
    If your lenses are known to Camera Raw when you develop raw files, I suggest you will need to go all the way back to your Raw file and reprocess it from that stage.  You'll get a better result anyway.

  • Bridge says image bit depth is 16 but PS and Camera Raw says 8!

    When I view my raw files in Bridge the file properties says 16-bit image file as expected. However when I open it then Camera Raw says 8 bit. When I click OK to open it in PS it's still classified as an 8 bit image file. When I go to --> Image-->> Mode it says 8 bit and the top of the image document also says 8 bit. This happens to all of my raw files. What's going on?
    I'm running PS CS4 from a CS4 Master Collection, so Bridge is the same package.
    Windows XP SP3 32bit

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up Trevor. But why in heavens name is 8 bit default in a raw converter when that format is always in 16?! That's rather weird. When I opened the next ones they were all suddenly 16 bit by default in Camera Raw too, does this mean that the latter choise is always sticky in terms of that exact image format? Would be logic.
    In terms of your XP question I've actually never needed any OS support from MS, so for me it doesn't make any difference. I'm sticking with it  Sure beats W8 that I had the messy pleasure of dealing with at work.

  • Exported Images are desaturated?

    Hi, I'm trying to export some items from the vault using the color corrected versions and I'm exporting for the web at hi quality jpg, reducing them to 400 px wide max. I've tried to export as sRGB Profile, PC Gamma, and another format, but what I'm seeing is pictures that have darker brightness, the colors look washed out and desaturated.
    Is there a better export option? Or some what to preserve the brightness I'm seeing on screen?

    What browser are you viewing them in? Is your screen profiled? Do they look the same in preview as they do in your browser?
    Steps I would recommend.
    - Profile your monitor with a hardware calibration tool.
    - Save as sRGB is a good practice and use the built in on screen proofing to give yourself an idea of what your image is going to look like upon export.
    - When that doesn't work perhaps switch to a PC gamma setting for your display.
    There are many reasons that this could be happening and there are lots of forums online with suggestions on the matter. Different browsers support ICC profiles, IE to the best of my knowledge doesn't support embedded ICC profiles at all. So if you see a PC user get them to switch to safari.
    I used to struggle with this. Check out
    It's a great site as well. And if you want further explanation on what is going on feel free to ask. = ]
    I hope this helps.

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