IMessage and FaceTime unable to sign in with Apple ID

The fail message is unable to sign in,check network connection.Every else works just fine (app store, iTunes,safari )

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For more information on this, take a look at:
iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime
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    I am unable to sign in to imessages and facetime. It keeps verifying my apple id. What do i do?

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  • I am unable to sign in with apple icloud. showing server  error

    I am unable to sign in with apple icloud. showing server  error

    Hi niyamee,
    If you can't sign into your iCloud account at, try the steps outlined in the resource below:
    iCloud: Account troubleshooting - Apple Support
    - Judy

  • IMessage and Facetime Not Working - Cannot Log Into Apple ID.

    Some background: iMessage and Facetime are not working. Both applications are saying that I am not typing in the correct password for my Apple ID. Needless to say, the applications are wrong and I am using the correct password.
    Some background:
    1) This is an iPhone 5.
    2) It is running iOS 6.0.2.
    3) I am on Verizon.
    4) I am located in the continental US.
    5) I have a full e-mail address for my Apple ID username.
    6) iMessage and Facetime are both working on my iPad, using the same login information.
    7) All other applications that use Apple ID, such as the App Store, are not having this type of log in issue.
    8) This issue occurs regardless of whether I am connected to wi-fi or just the mobile carrier, or both.
    Troubleshooting I have tried to fix this issue:
    1) I have changed my Apple ID password. This did not work.
    2) I have changed my Apple ID username/email. This did not work.
    3) I have played around with Date/Time setting changes. This did not work.
    4) I have reset all settings. This did not work.
    5) I have tried hard restarts of the phone. This did not work.
    6) I have performed a restore from backup of the phone. This did not work.
    7) I have performed a full factory restore of the phone. This did not work.
    Apple Support is at a total loss on how to fix this. I have now had multiple frustrating phone support sessions with them with zero results. If you do some searching, it appears there is no way that anyone knows of to fix this issue once all the troubleshooting I have listed above has failed. People have had to acquire brand new phones in order for these applications to work again.
    Obviously this is unacceptable.
    There are a lot of smart people on these forums fixing tech issues like this. Anyone have any input?

    randers4, thank you for the suggestions.
    1) I have contacted Verizon and they are not blocking "premium" or 3rd party text messages.
    2) The Apple ID login issue occurs regardless of wi-fi network location, or even if I am not on wi-fi at all. Router settings are irrelevant to this problem.
    3) I have already played around extensively with date and time settings. This did not fix any issues.
    Any other suggestions? I had another call with Apple support and they are of the opinion that I may need to have the phone totally replaced, which is unacceptable unless it is free of charge.

  • IMessage and Facetime won't let me change apple id

    Read through similar postings but can't find a solution.  When I try to change the apple id for both facetime and messaging i can get past the "sign in" screen, which takes me to the next page which verfies the email address.  But before I can click "next" it reverts to the "sign in" page.  This happens in both Messaging and Facetime.  I use the same apple id for iCloud on this device - no issues.  I've also tested this apple id on other devices and have had no problems.  Thanks in advance for your help.

    - When you go to Settings>Time%Date is it set to Automatic?
    - Go to Settings>wifi>the connected network and change the DNS to Google's

  • IOS 7 iMessage and FaceTime unable to activate

    Every since the upgrade I have not been able o uset iMessage or FaceTime. They are both turned on both indicates needs activation and prompts me to enter Apple ID. However, no matter how many times I try to utilize this function it states iMessage activity ion could not sign in.  Please check network connection and try again.  This has been the message since I upgrades on last week.  Tech support had the nerves to tell me he sang sure what I should do to wait a few days and try again that apples serves might be busy.  Help

    After ios 7 was installed on my  4S it has been impossible to access to i message

  • I upgraded to ios7 and my imessage and FaceTime won't activate on my apple id

    I upgraded to ios7 and my message and facetime won't activate.  I try sign in with my apple id and I get the message "iMessage Activation - Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again."  I have tried everything even restoring and I keep getting the same problem

    I searched the and found Unable to activate FaceTime or iMessage with phone number and Apple ID after waiting 24 hours (iPhone only) I followed all the instruction (even though it seemed it was for previous ios versions) step by step and it worked.

  • TS4268 iMessage neither Facetime let me sign in with my Apple id

    In my new iPad with just downloaded iOS6 I cannot sign in using my existing Apple ID. I keep trying and trying, and nada.

    Hi all. Same problem. I tried changing DNS to and but nothing is working! Not having Facetime is driving me crazy!
    I've tried:
    changing DNS to the above numbers
    Date/time is correct
    Restrictions are off
    Apple ID/email and password is correct, and verified on the apple site
    Intenet/wifi is working - I can access iStore and internet

  • Unable to activate iMessage and FaceTime on my current number

    Hi all.
    I have an iPhone 5, I've changed from my Spanish SIM to my English SIM. Now keep getting the activation errors when I try to activate iMessage and FaceTime. It activates to my apple id emails, but my phone number appears dimmed and not ticked. I have tried all the methods I've found online: activating and disactivating, switching my iPhone on and off too, reseting, restoring, changing my apple id password, updating my old number under my apple id to my new one. Nothing has worked. Then I tried to send an iMessage to myself, and I discovered that my number that iMessage can be sent to is my old Spanish number, although the number that appeared under iMessage send and receive is my English one. So I have just tried my Spanish SIM. And iMessage and FaceTime have been activated instantly with my Spanish number. I dis activated again both and put back my English SIM. Now, if I try to activate iMessage and FaceTime, I still get the activation errors, but the number that appears dimmed and not ticked is my Spanish one.
    Quite annoying, and I can't seem to be able to find where the mistake is.
    Thank you for your help.

    Have you tried taking out the sim card and iMessaging using the phone on Wi-Fi only? If it still is an issue then the sim card has nothing to do with it and you would most likely have to do a wipe by Erasing all content and Settings.
    Since you had the phone unlocked and it was activated already with one number... In order to remove that number, so that it doesn't keep being an issue, is to do a full reset. This will allow you to go through the activation process again with the new number being selected for iMessaging if you set up the phone using cellular connection.
    I know this is most likely not the easy solution you were seeking but to be honest... Sometimes starting fresh is a good thing . Good luck sir!

  • Hello I am experiencing some problems for my iMessage and FaceTime. I did the steps the Apple provided online and I still can't get it to work. My updates are up to date. Everything is working fine it's just that the Apple iMessage won't except anyth

    hello I'm experiencing some problems with my iMessage and face time. I did with Apple provided me online. I did the steps. Nothing will work, it keeps saying activation turn on Wi-Fi when my Wi-Fi is turned on. As soon as I got this on Christmas. iMessage and FaceTime have not been working. My Apple and ID password are correct. Everything else is working fine. My iOS updates are up to date, everything is fine except FaceTime and iMessage

    Did you try everything here?
    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages
    Using FaceTime and iMessage behind a firewall
    iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activation
    FaceTime, Game Center, Messages: Troubleshooting sign in issues
    In the future saying your tried the Apple on-line articles does provide us with information as to which ones you found and tried

  • I can't log in on iMessage and Facetime on iOS7

    I tried to activate iMessage and Facetime on my iPhone 4S with iOS 7.  They won't let me log in. On imessage it is just sending everything in a text message not an imessage. Facetime wont even work. Every time I try, a message pops up and says, "Try to connect to network availability..."  My wifi is working. It is working on my moms iphone 5.

    back your Iphone up onto itunes. MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS. otherwise you will lose everything.
    go to your iphone, and hit settings < General < Reset < Erase all content and settings.  Once you do this. youll ned to go into itunes on your computer and restore your backup. this will take about 10 minutes or so. After that. your imessage should be working. you will lose all your music, but as long as your bought them off itunes it wont be problem putting them back on your Iphone.
    after hours of talking to Apple tech, telling me i just have to wait. I took a shot in the dark and it fixed.. give it a shot. just make sure you back up your iphone into itunes from your computer.
    hope this helps everyone!

  • Help me activate my iMessage and FaceTime.

    I am not able to activate my iMessage and FaceTime through my numbers it says activation unsuccessful. Can you please help me activate my iMessage and FaceTime.
    Thank you.

  • Unable to activitate IMessage and Facetime - error message "Imessage activiatation could not sign in please check your network connection and try again

    Unable to activiate Imessage and Facetime - error message: imessage activation could not sign in please check your network connection and try again

    FaceTime, Game Center, Messages: Troubleshooting sign in issues

  • Hello. I have an ipod touch 4th generation. I have been trying to work facetime and imessage for 3 days, i sign in with my user ID and it says signing in and verifying but then it goes back to the sign in page. Can anyone help?

    Hello. I have an ipod touch 4th generation. I have been trying to work facetime and imessage for 3 days, i sign in with my user ID and it says signing in and verifying but then it goes back to the sign in page. Can anyone help?

    I disabled all my computer's firewalls and sure enough, IT WORKED!! My iPod is updated and just now finishing restoring! Thank you SOOOO SOOO much. : D

  • I cannot sign in with iMessage and FaceTime.

    My pad run out of battery, after recharge I was no more able to sign in with iMessage and FaceTime.

    :go to settings on ipad, click on wifi, then on the right hand side just next to your wifi name there is a blue arrow, click on the blue arrow & look below, there will be a field called DNS, IN the DNS server field just copy and paste the following DNS servers, do not edit anything , just put as it is and also make sure they are no spaces at the start or at the end,
    this should definitely work
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