Immediate TO creation and confirmation during MB1B

In one of our client scenario  , we need to create a immediate TO creation and confirmation with respect to PCN created during stock transfer from one storage location to another storage location with in a same plant .
I have done the neccesay setting in  Tcode OMLR ,  but  the system is not been able to create the immidiate TO perhaps system doesn't know from which storage type it sohuld select the material.
Can anybody hleps me how  to configure this . Do i need to customise storage location control .if yes then what are  steps in details  ?
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Please refer the following thread: -
TO not created from TR

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  • Automatic TO Creation and Confirm for the 321 Mvt type

    Hello Experts,
    Like to know the customisation invovlved for automatic TO creation and confirmation for the 321 movement type in which QM is activated.
    I have already activated in OMKZ as below
    1.Automatic TO for 321 mvt ytpe
    2.TO item to be confirmed immediately
    3.Propose confirmation
    Table T333 -AUTTA
              T333-SQUIT &
              T333-VQUIT is activated.
    Please let me know any other settings to be performed

    Hello Experts,
    I am trying to create the Automatic TO and TO confirmation for the mvt type 321.
    I made the below settings
    I have activated in OMKZ as below
    1.Automatic TO for 321 mvt ytpe   -"A"
    2.TO item to be confirmed immediately  - tick mark
    3.Propose confirmation   - tick mark
    Table T333 -AUTTA
    T333-SQUIT &
    T333-VQUIT is activated.
    I have activated in OMKX as below
    Table T321-TBFKZ Immediate TO Creation with "A"
    T321-TAFKZ TR creation with "X"
    After doing the settings i am not able to see the Posting change number in the Material document created for the mvt type 321.
    Please let me know how to create the Posting chnage notice for the material document and how to convert the Posting change notice to automatic TO and confirmation.
    Thanks & Regards
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  • Stop Automatic creation and confirmation of Transafer Order for a doc type

    Hello All,
    There is a requirement that I need to stop Automatic creation and confirmation of Transafer Order for a particular document type.
    The issue is that sometimes the cycle goes upto creation of Invoice automatically but sometimes this does not happen. More over the user wants that the transafer order needs to be confirmed manually.
    Can u please provide the .steps involved for thie case.

    Dear Steve,
    Thanks a lot for giving reply with what I need to do, but I am unable to see result.
    I have down configuration like below even though system not processing Auto TO creation. Can you explain me if I have down any mistake below.
    Click on ‘Assign’ button,
    Press on ‘New entries’
    WhN = ‘900’
    Reference Movement Type = ‘101’
    Movement indicator = ‘B’
    Movement type for Whse Mgmt = ‘101’
    TR create Transfer Requirement = ‘X’
    Immed.TO Creation
    Mail confirmation for background processing = ‘01’.
    GR date = ‘2’

  • Automatic Creation and Confirmation of Warehouse Task in EWM 5.1

    We want an automatic creation and confirmation of the warehouse task in EWM 5.1 on the based of a delivery type and warehouse number.
    The scenario goes in this way... As soon as the inbound delivery is created/replicated in EWM, the creation and confimartion of warehouse request, warehouse task and warehouse order (all the transactions) should be called automatically. And the goods receipt should be posted.
    Can someone throw more light on the customizing/BADI/enhancements etc required??
    Thanks and Regards..

    Hi koen,
    I tried with the FM that you suggested...
    But somehow with the process type 'stock removal' gives an error...
    Is that that this FM will help to create a pick task for a particular outbound delivery--Tcode:/SCWM/TODLV_TO.
    how will this FM take the outbound delivery as an input?or it will be on the corresponding sales order number and item number as input?
    Being new EWM i require help on this..about how to go about creating the pick task for an outbound delivery which wil be equal to the warehouse request.
    Thanks in advance,

  • What configuration is need for TO creation and confirmation automatically

    Hi experts,
    our business hope TO can be created and confirmed automatically in backgroup based on TR when GR, GI, how to configure it? Thank you.
    Current system configuration: 
    1. every material have a fixed bin in master data.
    2. Putaway strategy is fixed bin.
    3. Pickup strategy is FIFO.

    Hi Greetings
    TO can be created and confirmed automatically
    Immediate TO creation
    OMLR --> Mark the field Indicator: Create transfer order immediately with A-Start transfer order creation in the background
    for the Warehouse number and reference Movement type combination.
    Immediate TO confirmation
    SPRO --> Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management> Activities> Transfers> Define Movement Types --> In the details screen tick "TO item can be confirmed immediatly" check box.
    Gobinathan G

  • Automatic TO creation and confirmation for a Material document

    Hi Dear All,
    i am new to MM andWM.
    I have to customization for auto transfer orders and confirmations for material documents what ever created with 101 movement type in Inventory Management. I have down configuration like below.
    SPRO->Logistics Execution->Warehouse Management->Activities->Transfers-> Set Up Autom. TO Creation for TRs / Posting Change Notices
    Double click on ‘control data ‘tab
    Hear for my warehouse I given input like   Auto TO = ‘1’,
                                                                             AddId = ‘select check box’.
    And in ‘Assign control’ tab for 101 movement type I have given input like below.
    Automatic TO = ‘1’.
    TO item can be confirmed immed. = ‘tick checkbox’
    Propose Confirmation = ‘tick checkbox’.
    Foreground/Backgrnd = ‘D’.
    After creating of Material document I am executing report RLAUTA10 in SE38.When I execute this report system showing message like ‘TO processing finished: TR total:   17, TO created:    0, Errors:   17’.
    If I check header details of transfer requirements in LB03, i am not seeing ‘Tick Mark’ in Auto TO Creation field.
    Can any one tell me what the mistake i have down or if i need to do any further configuration. Please help me regarding this concern?
    Thanks in Advance..

    Dear Steve,
    Thanks a lot for giving reply with what I need to do, but I am unable to see result.
    I have down configuration like below even though system not processing Auto TO creation. Can you explain me if I have down any mistake below.
    Click on ‘Assign’ button,
    Press on ‘New entries’
    WhN = ‘900’
    Reference Movement Type = ‘101’
    Movement indicator = ‘B’
    Movement type for Whse Mgmt = ‘101’
    TR create Transfer Requirement = ‘X’
    Immed.TO Creation
    Mail confirmation for background processing = ‘01’.
    GR date = ‘2’

  • Auomatic TO creation and confirmation from PCN with 321 MVT type

    Dear Friends,
    I am facing following WM issue, Kindly go through it and reply me with your valuable solution.
    In my plant QM is active, so while receiving goods against any Purchase Order (MVT TYPE 101), all my stock goes to quality. After UD check, 99% material move to unrestrictd stock (321 mvt.type) and 1% used for quality (331 mvt. type).
    For an example if I have received 1000 kg material (which initially goes to quality), after UD 995 kg material come to unrestricted stock and 5 kg used for quality check.
    In my existing system for material document with mvt. type 321, one PCN is generated in the background, and using LT05 we make TO from PCN and confirm it.
    But is it posible to create the TO and confirm from the PCN (Mvt. 321) in the backgroung itself, i mean to say that while my QM user is doing UD, material document with mvt 321, one PCN and TO will be generated and TO will be confirmd in the background itself.
    I don't want to use LT05  separetely to make TO from PCN.
    Please reply me soon.

    You need to make the config settings here in ur system.
    SPRO > Logistics execution >  WM > Interfaces > Inventory Management > Activate Automatic TO Creation
    Assign the relevent setting to movement types...
    Hope thsi helps
    Thanks & regards

  • Run time error while running BDC for production order creation and confirmation:

    Dear Gurus,
    We have a situation, where the users are trying to do the entries creation of order or confirmation (through manual and BDC). But, if there is any kind of a deficit quantities in consumption or GR quantity, then it is going to run time error and Dumps are coming in program SAPLCORB
    and the transaction code is coming for CO11N.
    How to avoid this error to run the production system in smoothing way...Any flash lights on this will be great full

    Hi Madhu,
    Expert Caetano has rightly point out. Refer Note 1840705 - RAISE_EXCEPTION short dump if running CO11N in background
    The short dump is triggered because SAP transaction CO11N contains new GUI elements that cannot always be dealt with in a background process,
    such as the confirmation texts.
    SAP recommends that the standard production order BAPIs, such as BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT, should be used to post a confirmation in background.
    If this is not feasible, the following workaround may be uses:
    Define a confirmation profile in transaction OPK0; 
    In the detail areas, remove the area "Confirmation text"; 
    Set this profile as standard, so that it is chosen automatically by the system when a batch-job
    is started; 
    Assign this confirmation profile to the batch user with transaction SU3 using parameter CORUPROF.
    Also see Note 429432 - CO11N: Batch input in background dumps if long text is maintained
    Refer to note 1154692 - Endless loop during confirmation in background if you doing Auto GR during confirmations
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Automatic production order creation and confirmation

    Dear all,
    I am in a situation where i have to configure the SAP system in the following ways:
    1. From the planned orders automatically production order should be created today for the next day production and the end user will re-declare the quantity if there are any changes in the production order.
    2. If there are no re declarations to be done SAP should automatically release production order and save it.
    3. After the goods are produced the confirmation of the order should happen automatically from the measuring points.
    4. In the order confirmation, the storage location for goods issue should be automatically captured from the goods issue slip.
    5.After the confirmation of the order the goods receipt should happen automatically.
    Please suggest me whether these are possible in SAP or not.  If yes please tell me the procedure.

    I hope this will give you the clear picture
    actually my scenario is:
    Finished good= x
    work centers involved = WC1, WC2.
    When i create plan in md61 for 1 month and when i do mrp run in md02 it will create the planned orders and we can see the stock requirements in md04 and when we double click on the planned order we can convert them into production orders.
    But my users requirement is, he want to run the mrp in md01 and after that automatically each day the production order should be created.
    example with the above work centers and materials:-
    i have done the mrp run for "x" for November and December months
    i want to produce "x" of 200 kg on 30.11.2011.
    so SAP should generate production order for WC1 AS 100KG AND WC2 AS 100KG on 29.11.2011 at 5 pm automatically  and the user will release the order.
    similar example:-
    i have done the mrp run for "x" for November and December months
    i want to produce "x" of 400 kg on 03.12.2011.
    so SAP should generate production order FOR WC1 AS 200KG AND WC2 AS 200KG on 02.12.2011 at 5 pm automatically and the user will release the order.
    Please suggest me how to do the configure settings for my users requirement.

  • Costing errors at the time of  creating and confirming production order

    Hi friends,
    I'm in the process of setting up a controlling activity called assembly of a product (this assembly is final assembly or would result in the finished product, JOTRUCK).
    The Issue that I'm facing is, the system is not capturing costs.
    i.e., it is allowing the creation and confirmation of production orders, however with a warning message which says costing errors.
    Steps that I've completed (from controlling end):
    1. defined primary cost elements
    2. defined secondary cost elements with category 43.
    3. defined a cost center.
    4. In OKB9 I've assigned a couple of cost elements.
    Please notify if there are any more steps that I need to configure for getting the right results.
    If you have any material possibly with screen shots, pls do forward the same to: [email protected]

    I hope you have carried out the following activities:
    1. Carry out standard cost estimate for the materials involved.
    2. Check KKPAN to see the cost details of the product.
    Need more details on the steps that you have carried out so far.
    P.S - assign points incase the info was useful.

  • Immediate TO creation during posting 261 movement

    I have done the OMLR setting  A for 261 movement. But Immediate TO is not created for production order and maintanance order goods movement[261].Please confirm that any other configuration setting is missing or what are the steps to create immediate TO for 261 movement. Thanks.
    Sathya M

    Hi ,
    IMG > Logistics Execution >Warehouse Management>Interfaces>Inventory Management > Define Movement Types >LE-WM Interface to Inventory Management
    Here find the entry of combination --- your warehouse no , ref. movement type 261
    there you will find a column Immediate To creation , here enter A .
    and also special movement indicator as A .
    If the entry does not exists create it ( make it specific so that only for your Wahrehouse this settings would be valid)
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  • Auto creation of Stor Location and Batch during stock upload via MI09

    Hi Experts!
    Please guide me to configure automatic creation of storage location and batch during stock count through mi09.  Eg : I got material A in storage location 1000 and got batch 123 for this material. Then when i want to do the stock count, if i enter the storage location 2000 and batch 122 for this material, then system will auto create this storage location and batch in the master data.
    I tried to configure it in OMJJ for storage location but it is not working. Please anyone guide me step by step how to configure it. Storage location and Batch.

    check this
    Create Storage Location Automatically
    In this step, you specify whether the automatic creation of storage location data is allowed for goods issues and transfer postings.
    This is advisable if you work with negative stocks and a material's first movement may be an outward movement.
    Note that the reversal movement for a goods issue, for example, movement type 202 or 262, is not considered as an issue but as a receipt. If you only use the automatic creation of storage location data for reversals of goods issues, you do not have to allow negative stocks.
    You have to allow automatic creation per plant first of all. You then have to explicitly allow the creation of storage location data for each movement type.
    The storage location data is only created if the quantity is posted to 'standard' storage location stock. It is not created for receipts into a special stock (for example, into sales order stock).
    Default settings
    The standard system is set in such a way that the storage location data is created automatically for all types of receipts (goods receipt with/ without reference, stock transfers, intial entry of stock balances, reversal of goods issues, etc.).
    1. Enter for each plant whether the automatic creation of storage location data is generally allowed.
    2. Specify the movement types for which storage location data is created automatically.

  • SC status is still in Awaiting for Approval Even after PO and confirmation creation.

    Hi Experts,
    We have SRM 7.0 with Classic scenario, Here we have strange case where for One SC already backend PO created and Confirmation is done. Still SC status is showing as Awaiting for approval. Kindly Help me to solve this issue.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Basu,
    What is the workflow framework that your are using. Is  it application controlled workflow?
    1.     Go to T code BBP_PD and check if the workflow triggered for the shopping cart is in in-Process status. If it is in in-process status copy the header workitem and go to T code SWPC , remove all the values displayed in the selection screen just enter the header work item ID and execute.  If you are able to see any entry after execution select it and click on continue workflow. this will fix your problem.
    2.     Check in transaction SM58 to see if there are any failed entry on the day of shopping cart creation , if there is any entry in failed status please reprocess the LUW.
    hopefully any one of the above steps will fix your issue.

  • Production order creation , release and confirmation cycle

    Hi All SAP Gurus,
    I am trying to set Production order creation , release and confirmation cycle integrated  to  xMII.
    I am sure there must be many among you who worked on this before.
    So can you please share your experience.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Ritesh,
    I'll give you what I have been using:
    - Transferring orders to MII
      You can trigger the orders by tcode POIT or an equivalent BAPI (BAPI CLOI_DOWNLOAD_TRIGGER_TRANS) or have the iDOC being sent automatically whenever someone creates a new production order in R/3 (using change pointers). In both cases you will receive an iDOC in XML format from SAP with the production order information on it. After receiving this file a BLS transaction will be required to read the XML file and store it in your local DB.
    - Releasing orders from MII
      You can release the orders from MII using the BAPI BAPI_PRODORD_RELEASE (it will update the order status in R/3 to REL). After that you might want to update the production order status in MII local DB as well. Usually I have the bapi BAPI_PRODORD_GET_DETAIL in place in order to read the production order details whenver I need.
    - Doing confirmations from MII
      After the PO was released, you can do confirmations against each operation using the BAPI BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT. You can send up to SAP good quantity, scrap quantity, labor/machine time, etc. It's a pretty intuitive BAPI.
    If your system is not ready to do goods movement automatically you will need to use BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE.
    This is basically what I use in this kind of project. If you have any questions please let me know.

  • LE-TRM: automatic and immediate TASK creation at TO creation

    Hi guys,
    Up to know, I succeed in creating TASK either manually in the TRM monitor or by running the report RLTRQSCHEDULER.
    I'd like to know how to get the following behavior in SAP LE-TRM (Task and Resource Management) module : automatic and immediate task creation in TRM at TO (transfer order) creation in LE.
    Does anyone know how to set this up?
    Thx a lot in advance for your valuable inputs.

    Activate this BADI and set up Request Scheduler program as a background Job.
      DATA: lt_where_tab   TYPE ltrqt_it_where,
            lv_where_line  TYPE ltrqt_where.
      data: lv_pick(3).
      clear: lv_where_line.
    lv_where_line = 'rqact IN (trmgc_rqact_removal, trmgc_rqact_putaway, trmgc_rqact_replen, trmgc_rqact_move)'.
    append lv_where_line to et_where_tab.
    lv_where_line = 'rqact IN (trmgc_rqact_removal, trmgc_rqact_putaway,'.
      append lv_where_line to et_where_tab.
       clear: lv_where_line.
    lv_where_line = 'trmgc_rqact_replen, trmgc_rqact_move)'.
      append lv_where_line to et_where_tab.

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