IMovie '08 7.1.4 breaks Sony HDR-SR11 AVCHD Import

Back in August I upgraded to iMovie 7.1.4 and I can no longer import files from my Sony HDR-SR11 AHCHD. IMovie recognized the camera, opens the import window, begins the import but at the end of the import the following message appears in a dialog box "An Error Occurred During Import: There was a problem importing 1 of 1 clips from your camera. Please review the imported movies carefully." No movie loads. Has anyone else had and resolved this problem? Oddly, when I upgraded to Final Cut Express 4.01 the same problem occurred so I use FCE 4.0 instead. I am really interested in determining why these upgrades broke the import with my camera.

I was using Sony HRD-SR12E and facing same problem "An Error Occurred During Import" when importing long clips. Problem solved with directly connect the USB2 into my InterBased iMac. Thanks!
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    I have called both sony and apple tech support and both offered little help today.
    I have a Sony HDR-SR11 that I shot some HD content with. The computer registers that the camera is there as an external HDD. Sony's FAQ suggested that I save the AVCHD file to my HDD and it should work....NOPE
    I hooked it up to a PC and installed the software it comes with and I was able to view my files but not export them into a normal format.
    I have 2 sets of files one set is .m2t and the other is .mts both say they are Unix Executable files..***!
    I have a Power MAc G5 running Leopard and Final Cut Pro 6 I ran the software update and it says that as of today 100% up to date yet it says that FCP should be 6.0.2 mine says 6.0
    Apple support said that it may not even work on a non-intel Mac.....HELP
    anyone get this to work, supposedly Imovie work s with it but the files are grayed out in the menus for imovie so I dunno all I know is I need this footage off the camera ASAP.

    I came here actually looking for a different solution and not the one I'm about to say... but I will tell you that the new iMovie will import the video straight off the camera (in either 960x540 or 1920x1080). It's not ideal, but it works.
    In fact, I'm doing so right now, but I came here hoping there might be news of a new fix so that FCP will import it directly (it will not, log & capture will not do it, just so others are clear on this).
    That said, the video off the camera looks very nice. I'm still happy with the camera, even if I do have to do one hoop jump before I can edit.

  • Import video from sony hdr-sr11 avchd camera into IMAC FCP 6.

    About out of options. have tried info from about everywhere. FCPjust doesn't recognize sony hdr-sr-11 camera. Is Apple mad at Sony?

    Version 6.0
    yes i am using log and transfer
    not sure which settings you are referring to
    message that appears: "folder" has invalid directory structure. Please choose a folder whose directory structure matches the supported media.

  • IMovie '09 Won't Import HD Content from Sony HDR-SR11 Camcorder

    iMovie stopped importing HD content from Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder. It only recognizes the standard definition content in the preview thumbnails. Previously this used to work with both a FireWire cable and a Mini USB. All of a sudden it doesn't import HD clips. There's no plugin failure either, because I reinstalled iMovie '09.
    System Specifications:
    Intel iMac 20" (Late 2008)
    Intel Core 2 [email protected] 2.4 GHz.
    4 GB RAM
    Snow Leopard (10.6.4)

    With this camera you must erase the SD clips from the camera before you can import the HD clips.
    [See this article|]

  • TS3720 I have updated to Mac OS X v10.6.7 and STILL cannot get video into iMovie from Sony HDR SR11 :-(  PLEASE HELP ME ...

    I have updated to Mac OS X v10.6.7 and STILL cannot get video into iMovie from Sony HDR SR11 :-(  PLEASE HELP ME ...

    * Download a new copy of the Firefox program:
    * Trash the current Firefox application to do a clean (re-)install.
    * Install the new version that you have downloaded.
    Your profile data is stored elsewhere in the [ Firefox Profile Folder], so you won't lose your bookmarks and other personal data.

  • Sony HDR-SR1 AVCHD

    Does FCE or FCE support Sony HDR-SR1 AVCHD with USB 2.0? I have bought this top camera and now I want to edit it with FCE/FCP and burn this on a blue ray disc with AVCHD codes. Does apple support this camera and AVCHD codes?

    Hi BartAmsterdam
    Apple also published documents like this.
    Did You Know?—Importing Video From a Flash Device MPEG-4 camcorders may have a USB connector instead of a FireWire connector.
    To transfer video from one of these devices, connect the device to your computer using the USB port. Your MPEG-4 camera or device appears as a hard disk on your desktop. You can open the hard disk icon and drag the video footage into your iMovie HD project or to your desktop for importing later.
    When you import footage from an MPEG-4 device, your video is imported as a single clip, iMovie HD does not break it up into clips automatically. You cannot use the capture controls to import your video or control your camera, nor can you use the Magic iMovie feature to import video automatically.
    Image capture (Mac HD > Applications > Image Capture) may break up the clips as it appears to do for most HDD and SD type cameras including those that use MPEG-4 for video. Personally I like this better as one doesn't have to wait to download in real time.
    Hope this helps.
    Sweet Polly

  • OneStep asking for firewire connection-my Sony HDR-SR11 doesn't have firewire port. Help.

    The question says it all.  I wanted to use OneStep to move all my home movies to a DVD, but iDVD is asking me to connect via firewire and my video camera-a Sony HDR-SR11-doesn't have a firewire port.  I don't want to go through the extra step of importing into imovie because that will take a ton of time.  Any other suggestions?

    Only 2 options that come to mind. The first is to do a one step from a movie (as opposed to a one step from from the camera) within the file menu in iDvd. And yes, you will have to export first from the video editing app (iMovie / FCP) prior to using iDvd's One Step. No way to avoid this when using apple's iLife.
    The other option is to use a hardware approach; something like Sony's Dvdirect that requires no PC and burns directly to DvD-R at the touch of one button. Menus aren't as nice as iDvd's but the quality is very good. Try ebay if this option appeals to you. I picked up one for about the same price as iLife software.
    Hope this helps but if not just come on back.

  • How do I set up my Sony HDR-FX1000 to import footage to Final Cut Pro 7, I get an error message.

    how do I set up my Sony HDR-FX1000 to import footage to Final Cut Pro 7, I get an error message "attempt to capture video without a video device selected. Please select a video device in your capture presets and try again."

      1. Make sure you have the camera connected via Firewire (i link)
    2. The Camera is turned to "play" and, if you are capturing HDV,  in the camera menu, it is set to i link "OFF"

  • Is the Sony HDR-SR11 compatible with Mac OS 10.5.6?

    Is the Sony HDR-SR11 compatible with Mac OS 10.5.6? Thanks in advance for you thoughts.

    Oops. wrong link. Check this one out

  • CS4 Bridge Crashes When Sony HDR-SR11 MPG Selected

    Greetings all,
    I'm brand new to CS4 moving from CS2 and have not used Bridge before. I use a Sony HDR-SR11 cam. If I try to access the cam hard drive through bridge or open a folder with MPG files from this cam, Bridge CRASHES. I get the "Adobe Bridge has encountered a problem and needs to close"--Send Error Report/Don't Send pop up window.
    If I try to open an MPG file from this cam that has been processed by another program--burned to DV then ripped back to MPG using other software, the file works just fine.
    I have tried opening the cam's MPG files...
    Directly from the cam drive -- crash
    From files copied from cam to computer hard drive with Windows Navigator--crash
    From files on computer hard drive placed there by Sony cam software.
    The MPG files work fine in Premiere.
    I have installed all the Adobe Updates for CS4.
    james =)

    Hello James,
    I am a Adobe Quality Engineer, Thank you for bring us this problem, we need do a further investigation, could you please send an email to me ([email protected]), then I can send our FTP account and password to you, I would like to ask you for helping upload one small size crash file of yours. Thank you!
    BTW, which platform did you use? MacTel or PPC or Window XP or Windows Vista, 64 bit or 32 bit.
    Adobe Quality Engineer.

  • Sony HDR SR11 Questions

    I recently bought the Voltaic converting software so I could convert and edit my clips in FCP 5.0.4 and have finished my edit, but I was wondering what is the best way to export this movie and get HD quality out of the footage that I filmed on my Sony HDR SR11?
    Exporting the project to .mov clearly isn't HD quality. Is there anyway to export my project in a way that will be closer to HD quality?
    This is my first time to use any type of HD camera.

    If you Control-Click the Sequence in the Browser it will open the Sequence Settings window where you can modify the settings to match your clip settings.
    After you have done that it might be a good idea to double-click one of the clips in your sequence to load it into the Viewer. Check the Motion tab to see if any distortion has been applied to your clip. If it has, you can remove it there. Then Cmd-C to copy this clip, select ALL the clips in your sequence and Alt-V to bring up the Paste Attributes window. Make sure "Distort" is checked and click "OK". This will undistort all your clips.
    To work in HD I would recommend using [Toast 9|] to convert your AVCHD files to a format which can be edited on your Mac. You'll need to confirm Toast is compatible with your Mac. [Voltaic|] can also be used but Toast is much faster and offers more conversion options.

  • Sony HDR-HC3 1080i imports out of sync to iMovie

    My old DV camcorder imported into iMovie 6.0.2 just fine. Have just bought the new SONY HDR-HC3E HDV handycam - component set to 1080i/576i and HDV/DV converter set to off.
    Created new iMovie project and selected video format HD 1080i. iMovie sees the camera okay but when i press play control or import control, iMovie tells me it is previewing or importing iMovie content at 1/2 or 3/4 speed. Picture in iMovie window is clearly moving slower than picture on camcorder screen. When i press pause or stop and review clip that has been imported into iMovie it plays back with the sound out of sync. Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong?
    Powerbook G4 1.67GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   1.5GB DDR SDRAM

    Hi kosmo
    Most obvious thought.
    - is Your Camera set to 12-bit sound or does it have LP/EP mode (long/extended) that
    records more minutes on a standard tape than normal play.
    - should be 16-bit sound and SP (standard play) mode.
    If this is relevant to Your situation !
    Yours Bengt W

  • Does iMovie '09 work with a the Sony HDR-HC3E on a Macbook

    I have a Macbook (2.2GHz Core 2 duo with 2Gb RAM), and someone has offered me a Sony HDR-HC3E camera. I have seen that there are various incompatibilities, but wondered if there was one with this combination.
    Has anyone any experience with this hardware combination and achieved success?

    Hello, FulmerSR,
    Welcome to the discussions!
    I looked up some specs on the CanonZR 700 for you, and this is what is stated:
    The Canon ZR700 does allow for audio dubbing, analog to digital pass-through/i]
    so you should be fine with it. Set it up just as you described, and you should be able to import from VHS to iMovie easily.

  • Sony HDR-CX6 AVCHD/Memory Stick Camcorder Crashes iMovie

    Has anyone had any luck importing HD footage from a Sony HDR-CX6?
    iMove recognizes the camera and imports SD footage fine, but it crashes when I try to import HD.
    I can see & play the HD footage from the camera - just not import.
    Also, I have to delete any SD footage if I want it to see the HD stuff.

    Ok, I have it working now!
    I saw a few people suggesting perian was causing problems with other cameras so I removed it and it worked. Don't just disable in the prefs, had to search for perian.component and remove it manually.
    Thought I'd post the solution incase anyone else is having trouble.
    Btw, this is the UK model of the camera - I know someone was looking for a UK camera that is supported, so I can confirm this is (and video looks great).

  • Sony HDR-SR5E AVCHD on OS X?

    hi everyone, after seeing the new iLife'08 suite today, i just couldnt resist and ordered it. At one point in the introduction video they show a AVCHD camera ( don't recall which brand right now ). Now i was looking on the web and found the attractive Sony HDR-SR5E, and i was wondering if anyone would happen to know if it works with the current ilife/video production software, or ( though at this point it's a long shot to ask ) with the new iLife'08? Since it obviously supports AVCHD.

    Hi capz.
    I check the sites:
    and it truly said iMovie supports standard and high definition video, as well as the most popular formats, including DV, HDV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and even AVCHD
    I haven't gone to deep since I still using iLife '06.
    But I think it worth to try to get '08, and even if it still won't communicate with your camera, you still get the best beginer ro intermediate editing program available.
    Good Luck.

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