Imovie 08 - Slow motion effect

I have looked through the video and PDF tutorials and cannot see how to put my clips into slow motion. This is addressed in the tutorials for earlier IMovie editions (i.e, Lesson 4 - Motion Effects), but I can't find anything in the video tutorial that addresses this for 08. Clicking and dragging the clip's duration doesn't work.

the actual version of iM08 has no effects anymore..
for 'elaborated' projects, use iMHD6, you get it as iM08-owner for free here:
or, for excellent slow-mo, use a free 3rd party app, discribed on my site:
or, if you want 'serious' movie making, consider the purchase of FCE4 ..

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  • How can slow-motion iphone6 video be exported to imovie on an iMac and retain its slow motion effect ?

    how can slow-motion iphone6 video be exported to imovie on an iMac and retain its slow motion effect ?

    thx, i can't see where you do that (access the function to slow the motion of a clip).  in the help file it says to 'right click' on the clip to access those functions but when i do i get these optios below (no motion, pan, zoom, pan and zoom).  i want access the speed/duration sliders.
    i would say the function isn't available at all, but i could be looking in the wrong place (although i have tried everything).
    thx for your reply.

  • My slow motion effect won't work... HELP ME!!!

    I really need some help here. The original version of Imovie that came with my OS X worked great when it came to adding the effect of slow motion with the little bar at the bottom. I just recently purchased the Ilife 05 package and was all excited to get editing... but now I can't get the slow motion effect to work at all. It does all the rendering of the clip but the effect does not appear in my time line!!! What is wrong??? Please help me!!!

    Hey Karsten... I'm back again...
    Yes you guessed correctly... but I never want to see another pc in my life. Now about my prob... I did as you said and still nada. I wish the upgraded version in the Ilife 05 package still had the slow motion control at the bottom of the main screen like in the prior version, but they have taken it off of the main screen and placed in the special effects folder as "fast/slow/reverse". and it is here that it slows the clip down in the preview and renders the clip with the red bar on the main time line. But the red bar on the bottom of the clip in the time line doesn't move and ofcourse the clip is not put in slow motion.
    My brother is quite savy with Mac as well and he can't figure it out either. What do you think???

  • Slow motion effect

    I was wondering how to get that slow motion effect that is so commonly used i music videos. I have a canon xha1 that shoots 60i and 50i. To achieve this effect do I do it all in FCP, or is a combination of having the fps high and then the sequence at 24. I could do it in FCP, but it doesn't look clean. If any body has anysuggestions, thankyou. peace. E.

    Final Cut Pro can do slow motion with or without frame blending. In both instances you are creating duplicates of frames in order to create a slow motion effect. These look okay in video but with the effects you are talking about are done with large production values where the shots are done with slow mags where the film is running at a high rate of speed to get more frames in an action. There are cameras today that allow you to over and under crank footage but mainly they are tapeless formats where you are recording to hard drives, disks or cards.
    you might want to investigate After Effects version 7 or later where it does time warping where individual pixels are blended rather than an entire frame like in Final Cut.

  • How to properly timewarp 59.94 footage for slow motion effect for 29.97 output

    I have footage filmed in 59.94 that I want to use for slow motion effects and output to 29.97. Using timewarp I seem to get duplicate frames at times. What would the best workflow to accomplish the cleanest result? I've tried interpreting the footage at 29.97 and keeping it at its native 59.94. At this point I feel like I'm just confusing myself further by just trying random things. Thanks!

    Always interpret footage as what it really is. If it is really 59.94 progressive then that's what it should be interpreted as. It will play at the right speed in any comp of any frame rate. IOW, if the footage is 10 seconds and you put it in a 99fps comp and play it back at full frame rate the clip will still be 10 seconds long. If you put it in a comp that's 15 frames per second, the clip will still be 10 seconds long.
    Make sure you understand that.
    There is a chance, and a good chance, that your footage is actually full frame 59.94 fps video. That's why I suggested putting it in a comp that's also 59.94 fps and checking for duplicate frames.
    There is also a chance that your footage is actually 29.97 fps interlaced. If you separate fields and look at the footage in a 59.94 fps comp you won't see any duplicate frames.
    To change the speed of the clip you just need to apply Time Remapping, Time Warp, or any of the other Time Time tools in AE. It doesn't make any difference what the frame rate of the composition is, you'll be changing the length of the clip.
    To keep from creating duplicate frames you either need software that interprets the new, extra frames or you need to use an exact whole number multiple of the frame rate for rendering.
    Where did you get the footage? What Camera? What are you trying to do with it? What is the final destination (delivery) for your project.

  • How about using a 60fps video for a smooth slow motion effect in a 30fps project ?

    Hey all,
    I happen to have a video camera that is able to shoot either in 720p/60fps or 720p/30fps.
    As you guessed it, 60 fps mode is very useful for action sports when you want to do some slow motion effect running very smoothly.
    I have few questions I would love to be answered, and I was not able to find answers till now.
    Here they are :
    1/ If I want my final video file to be, let's say, 25 fps, is it mandatory that my project is 25 fps too ?
    What will happen if I do a 30fps project and that I export to a 25fps file ? Does Premiere simply remove some extra frames ? Or will it lead to a longer video ? What consequence on the final result if frames are removed ? I mean, will I be able to see any difference or will the difference remain theorical ?
    2/ Let's say I have both 30fps and 60fps videos. I set my project to 30fps. If I import my 60fps video to the timeline, it will be adjusted to 30fps and some frames disappear to keep the duration the same. Okay, this is clear to me.
    But now, what if I import my 60fps to the timeline, but set the speed to 50% ? Will Premiere apply the 50% to the original file (therefore I should have all the frames displayed on the timeline : 60/2=30 fps), or to the 30fps-adjusted file of the timeline, leading to some jerky footage?
    3/ If I want to use my 60fps for slow motion purpose in my 30fps project, would it be a good idea to right-click on this file in the project windows, going to the "modify" menu to set the image frequency to 30fps ?
    Because while doing so, if I drag the file to the timeline, I noticed it would last 2 times longer (resulting in a slow motion video) Does that mean that ALL the frames of the original video are displayed ? Can someone tell me what exactly does Premiere ?
    I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what are the correct settings to chose in order to realise the best slow motion videos as possible.
    Thanks in advance !

    With due respect... this does not answer my question and does not help me that much , but anyway, thank you for the very constructive answer ^^.
    I'm not sure I would even have considered doing this by myself...
    I hope I do not get this kind of answer because you feel like my question was silly or unpolite... To my mind this was a pretty serious question.
    Shooternz, next time you need to go 150 km far away from where you are, go by feet rather than with a car, I'm sure you will have plenty of satisfaction too. Just cross the fingers for you not to be in a hurry while it's raining outside.
    Well, I may be naive but i thought some experts already had the answer to this (I guess I'm not the only one who intend to do some slo mo), and would have been kind enough to share this knowledge with me. That's what sometimes happens in communities.
    Please note I do not intend others to do the job for me, I'm just asking if someone already knows the answer.
    I asked this question because I couldn't find any documentation about this, and I guess asking on internet was the next step, as testing would be like the last resort, being very time consuming.
    It was easy to check the effect of dragging a file to the timeline to see if it played normally or not, but it's definitely not to count and compare each frame of some sample file to find if some are lacking, or have been doubled or what....
    I assume I would be very happy with just a simple theorical answer either...
    So once again, if someone already has been into such questions, I would really pleased him or her to share or report what they experienced. Thanks in advance.

  • Video editing 'special effects': can you apply a fast/slow motion effect to video clips?

    I haven't been able to find a way to create the effects of fast or slow motion in the video clips. Is there a way to do this? If not, please consider adding it in the full version - I use these effects alot when editing videos.

    When working with a video layer (clip) in the Timeline panel, either 1.) Context-click on the selected clip (right-click or ctrl-click for mac) or 2.) Click on the flyout button located at the top right corner of the clip.
    The "Speed" option should show up in the flyout menu.  This is only available for video layers.  If you're working with still or smart objects the speed option is not available.

  • Does the duration of the video change after putting a slow motion effect?

    Hi, I'm new with this After Effect software, and through researches and youtube videos, i learned how to make a slow motion clip, but i found a problem just after i was so happy to learn something new. Because I was so excited to try it out, i took a quick 3secs clip and edited it, after all the successful application of the slow motions, the clip suddenly stop without finishing the whole video, the duration of the clip remains 3 seconds after i applied the slow motion, i was hoping that the duration would go over 3 seconds because the slow motioned part was only at 5% the original speed.
    So my question is, is the duration really supposed to stay the same after the slow motion is applied or should it expand finishing the whole video.? Then what should I do if the duration doesn't expand?
    Pls give me a respond, thx.:))

    Nah, that's just not how it works. AE will only extend layers if you use the native time-stretch/ time-remapping. If you use the Timewarp, you will have to pre-compose the source clip to a comp with longer duration and then apply the slow motion.

  • Exporting to mpeg WITHOUT rendering Slow MOtion Effects  -Any loophole ???

    I have made 2 clips in my timeline slow motion - 20%. In preview
    mode when I play back in my timeline the effect looks slow and image
    looks great. As soon as I render it - the images become in and out of focus
    and looks crummy.
    Is there any way for me to export and keep this portion in preview mode
    (so it does not render) ? It just looks much better when its not fully rendered...
    any loophole to this?

    Probably the reason you're getting the effect you're seeing in preview is that Motion is dropping frames to do RT. If you ctrl-click on your sequence and select "Settings...", go to the Render Control tab, and set Frame Rate: to say 50% of Sequence Editing Timebase, that might help you...

  • Weird Slow motion effect with Motion4 and FCP7.

    Hi everyone,
    I was testing a simple slow motion clip when I encountered a weird issue with it.
    Basically the clip of a person running in a room where there is a bookshelf and the weird effect is that it looks like there is an "halo" around the person and within such "overlap" everything on that path looks "melted/vibrant" distorted.
    To better clarify the issue I uploaded a sample clip here:
    After doing some tests I've found a workaround to this. So the sample clip shows the problem and the portion without any problem.
    The clip was shot in XDCAM EX 720p 25fps.
    After ingesting and importing the MOV file into Motion I had exported the slowed clip out of Motion using the same codec XDCAM EX 720p VBR.
    When I imported that MOV into FCP I got that weird effect on both canvas and final export to H.264.
    As second test, instead of using the export from Motion, I decided to use the Motion project in the FCP timeline. Once rendered (as the motn clip was in the Motion Codec Decompression) as XDCAM the same issue appeared on both the canvas and final export to H.264.
    At this point the strange thing was that if I opened the Motion project in the viewer it was working perfectly fine.
    I then decided to export within FCP the Motion project to XDCAM 720p before instantiating it in the timeline.
    So did that and I got a 720p clip that I imported in the timeline without any rendering needs.
    With that clip the canvas was playing ok and so was the final export to H.264.
    As the initial work in Motion 4 was ok and I didn't see any issue, I thought this might be some sort of FCP 7 issue (or some bad settings that I have on my system).
    Anyway I've found my work around and just decided to share here just in case someone else could understand the behind the scene of this.
    During these tests I have tried to place the Motion project on different timelines (in ProRes 422, ProRes 444) just to see whether the issue was due to a combination of factors including the XDCAM codec, but didn't fix the problem.

    Just for the record, I made another test with a different material and now I start thinking it could be a Motion4 weird behavior than an FCP7 issue.
    I have shot another clip this time with an in camera slow motion (shot @60fps in XDCAM EX 720p 25pfs format), then applied to Motion4 for another 50% optical flow time remapping.
    This time after checking well at Motion results, I can see the issue in the bookshelf area with vibrant/melting spots.
    After importing the Motion project into FCP and then exported as self contained MOV in XDCAM EX 720p, the issue is gone as in the other tests.
    I went back to the previous tests I made and checked better in Motion; the problem was slightly noticeable even there in one test.
    So I guess it is Motion producing that weird output and not FCP, which seems btw fixing the issue.

  • Slow motion effect results in an unwanted high pitch sound

    whenever i apply the fast/slow/reverse effect to a clip, a high pitch sound is can i get rid of this without extracting the audio of the clip (there is no high pitch prior to applying the slow effect)?

    Hi Darin,
    ... changing the speed of a clip HAS to change the pitch of audio.... have a look at the JES Deinterlacer... it has some nice, elaborate slow-mo effect......

  • "Slow motion" effect during songs - this is REALLY annoying!

    My iTunes has started to do this thing (usually towards the start of the song) where the song gets very choppy and/or plays in slow motion. This will happen too if I do something like rate one of the songs while music is playing. My pc has plenty of RAM and storage memory, and the processor is not overloaded. Any idea what may be causing this? Thanks!
    Dell Dimension 4600   Windows XP  

    if you choose to do this, drag your songs over there, THEN erase them from your itunes library, becasue itunes wont be able to find the songs. After that, you can do
    file > add folder to library > my documents/my music/itunes/itunes music, and it will automatically upload all those songs back onto your library

  • Optical flow has bulged wave slow motion effect

    Trying to slow down hd clips with optical flow, but it shows waving bulged effect, sometimes around the edge, sometimes the whole image. Using 2011 Mac book pro 2.3 g with 8 g memory and thunderbolt raid hard drive. No way to get smooth slow mo effect, any idea? Thanks.

    Thanks Tom, I uploaded a clip on youtube, it is a time lapse, actually, it doesn't matter what file, same bad effect. Don't remember in the old DV days time change is this difficult.
    I chose time change, here 50%, then quality, chose optical flow.

  • Imovie 10 Slow Motion Video

    Hi there!
    I am putting together a video and photo movie in move 10.  Some of the videos I have been able to edit and use the little turtle however some they are greyed out and not selectable.
    I have searched about and found that it might be as some are taken on a camera and some on the iPhone or iPad. It appears that I can slow down the some but not others there is no pattern to which it just appears that any i add into iMovie cannot be accede on the turtle.
    I have downloaded SmartConverter from the App Store as I read on one place I found that there was a conversion I had to do but it unfortunately hasn't worked.
    Would love some other ideas or help
    Thanks and Regards

    you can right click the clip in the project bin panel, choose modify>interpret footage, and give it a new fps like 23.976 if thats what your output is. you can also right click a clip in the timeline and choose speed/duration to change it. there is also a rate stretch tool, in the toolbar, to adjust a clip on the timeline.

  • How do i put the slow motion effect on only a part of a clip

    i need to figure out how to slow mo only part of a clip

    Postion your playhead on the frame you want to begin your slo-mo then go to to you edit menu and select split video clip(or use the keyboard combination by pressing "apple key" then "T"), do the same where you want to end your slo-mo. The resulting middle clip is where you apply the slo-mo effect.
    Note: If your clip contains audio you want to keep you should extract the audio before applying the effect.

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