IMovie 11 slow and stuttering using Motion 5 clips

I'm using an 'old' 2008 Macbook Pro with 6GB Ram and a 2.5 Core 2 Duo.  Until now, everything has always worked with iMovie 11.
But now I'm trying something new:  I've retimed some .mov clips using Motion 5 --had no problem doing that-- and I 'shared' (rendered?) them using the default settings.  The files are larger than the original .mov files from the camera (original around 200MB,  retimed file around 700MB).  I put the files in the iMovie Events folder, started up iMovie and I can see and use the retimed clips just fine. 
However, for the first time, iMovie is really struggling very hard, the clips are stuttering and sometimes I have to wait for 2 or 3 seconds before playback continues (in the preview window, while editing in iMovie).
I've closed all unnessary applications and services, and all looks great in Activity Monitor, but still, iMovie editing is virtually impossible.
My question is :  will I be able to render the final movie without the stuttering, even though it's stuttering in the preview window?
Can I do something to get it faster while editing in iMovie?  Or did I do something wrong with rendering in Motion 5?
Or do I just need new hardware?
Many thanks,

if you are slow moing the footage then you could expect the resultant files to be bigger, since the clips are longer. However if they don't play well in iMovie, it could be that you have rendered them out with a codec that your computer cannot handle. Motion gives you a whole heap of codecs to render out to, and its even easier if you have Compressor. Have a look at one of the clips that you know does play nicely in iMovie. Open it in Quicktime player and then get the info window open about it. There it will tell you what kind of compression it has been rendered in, what the pixel dimensions are etc etc. You will want to try and copy those settings with your new clips out of Motion.

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    You can not - Nobody else (if not a very selected few at Apple
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    hi i am just learning motion but am hitting a brick wall, any help would really appreciate it,
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    it either quits when opening with a template or when i put an effect like echo on it will be so slow that i cant work, i checked on the activity monitor and it is using 103 % of the cpu, which also prevents me using any other program even safari.
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    any ideas? i am hoping its just a matter of changing the settings or preferences somewhere so i can get maximum use out of this expensive new card?
    cheers a million to any helpful solutions

    cheers for your reply,
    okay so i will update the operating system( i think i have updated i just havent updated it in the forum
    i have just put the graphics card in,(i havent noticed an improvement yet)
    so maybe i need to look at the ati website and download the latest driver for the card.
    i empted the ram preview and deleted the plist, this seemed to run better.
    cheers again any more suggestions i really appreciate.

  • New iMovie slow and crashing

    Why Apple, why?!!  It's my first time using the new iMovie tonight, and I thought I'd be done editing my 45 minute video about three hours ago.  Instead, I'm only about 10 minutes into the content, as I've been dealing with lagging, spinning color wheels, sound distortion, sound disappearing completely (seriously, it disappeared from one small section, and then 10 seconds later, all the sound was gone), and then finally crashing.  Fun!
    After restarting, the video is also dragging and freezing at times.  I tried to export just a minute of my edits to see what I was going to get.  It told me it would be about three minutes to do the export.  About 25 minutes later, the progress appeared to be only about 20% done. 
    So really, why introduce an upgrade if it's a pain to use.  Yet this is becoming the norm with upgrades.  I can't just use them.  I have to relearn stuff and deal with crashing headaches and such.  I loved Apple when I could just turn on a computer, or install new software and go.  Those days are apparently gone. 
    Is it just me, or is there a simple solution that I'm just not seeing? 

    You can do as much as you like but iMovie '09 for some reason does not like lots of events however there is one solution, either reduce the amount of video you have in there, move it else where or this also worked for me...
    Movies > Movie Events > Drag everything in there on your desktop.
    Lauch iMovie, Quit iMovie
    Drag everything back, do the same for iMovie Projects aswell.
    If this does not help just drag some events out there onto your desktop or else where and then when you want to work with them drag them back in, the same goes for your projects.
    Hope this helps.

  • Import into IMovie slows and stops

    Halfway through an import of film from my camcorder, the image loading on IMovie goes into slow motion and stops the import. The playback rate on the camera is at normal speed. I'm using a Sony Handycam DCR-HC26. This is the first time this has happened.

    Try it and see!
    You should have at least 25GB, better still 40GB, available to import and edit movies. There are a lot of swap files going on in the background.

  • Everything was great until I exported my Imovie (09) and then every video clip that was stabilized was suddenly shaking like crazy.

    I have a project that appears to be great until I export to either .M4A or .Mov and then everything looks like the cameraperson has had some serious seizures.  What is odd is that the stabilization works great while working on the project in Imovie.  Can anyone help?  The content was captured using a Samsung HD video camera (flash memory).

    I found a post elsewhere and the suggestion was to delete the projects folder. Then launching IMovie, the software creates a new projects folder, and I moved the projects in one by one, until I found the one that crashed it.
    I suspect your solution would have been quicker however!
    I just wish IMovie was less sensitive and just told me what the problem was!!
    Thanks again.

  • Relatively new iMac slow and stutters all of a sudden

    I've been through all of the forums (I think), but nothing i've found seems to do the trick. Please bear with me, because i know that this is a common post, but I'm frustrated.
    My symptoms are:
    1. Machine seems to have intermittent freezes and spinny ball. Not total lockup, just stuttering.
    2. Programs take forever to launch (compared to before)
    3. File saves take forever (compared to before)
    4. ALL video and motion apps stutter (quicktime, youtube, eyeTV, moving cursor on garageband, final cut)
    5. Takes forever to shutdown/restart (compared to before)
    The machine is still usable, for the most part, but NOT usable for anything video at this point.
    My machine specs:
    1. 2.8 GHz 24" iMac (mid 2008)
    2. 4G RAM
    Things I've tried to diagnose or fix it:
    1. Restart: didn't make a difference
    2. Repair permission on disk: didn't make a difference
    3. Disk repair on boot volume: didn't make a difference
    4. Ran the cocktail system and disk maintenance scripts: didn't make a difference
    5. Monitored activity with Activity monitor and unix "ps" during the problems: didn't see anything stick out
    6. Looked through the console and system logs: nothing stuck out
    7. Have run the h/w diagnostics from the OS X disk: no issues
    8. Have reset PRAM/NVRAM: Had a scare here, because i did this, and then the machine would NOT start back up. Just got the white screen (pre-apple logo and spinner), and it sat there forever. Had to do #9 below to get it back.
    9. Reset the SMC: Well, it allowed me to actually boot the thing, but didn't make any performance difference.
    10. Performed general cleanup of the HDD to purge anything not needed: no help
    11. Drank Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock: Helped me, but not the machine.
    Notice I have not yet tried to reinstall OS. I can't imagine why that would work. The problem here should also have nothing to do with any recently installed app, since nothing has been installed. The only thing that may have been installed would have been an Apple update (OS or other). Not sure i can pinpoint this to an Apple update because I don't when exactly the problems started in relation to the updates.
    Any ideas, or places to look?

    {quote:}Notice I have not yet tried to reinstall OS. I can't imagine why that would work. The problem here should also have nothing to do with any recently installed app, since nothing has been installed. The only thing that may have been installed would have been an Apple update (OS or other). Not sure i can pinpoint this to an Apple update because I don't when exactly the problems started in relation to the updates.{quote}
    Hi John
    Before doing a Reinstall or Archive and Install you might want to first download and install the 10.5.7 Combo Update to see if that makes a difference. The 10.5.7 Combo Update can solve minor issues within the OS X and would insure that your software is completely up to date. .html
    If however you decide or wish to reinstall the OS X, an Archive and Install will save your data where as a Reinstall will wipe all your current data.
    I also noted that a MacBook just showed up in your profile. If it's a PPC MacBook and you migrated to the Intel, you maybe having software compatibility issues.

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    like if you had a menu set up, and you need to put a highlght on a button for it's selected state?

    Sure, just create the black and white elements (or red and blue and black, or grays, depending on the type of highlight overlay you are creating), then export as a still image.

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    Firefox use to be very fast. Now it takes a long time for pages to load. There is no malware or spyware. Hardware is working right. Have started using Safari to get the speed I use to get before, but I miss Firefox. I disabled all my addons and plugins and still at times it reminds me of dial up. I have a cable connection of +15 mps. I also constantly clean my cache so it isn't that. IE is much, much faster as well. I have totally uninstalled it and reinstalled it as well, but it doesn't help.

    Maybe it is a problematic add-on? At the top of the Firefox window, select Help<Restart With Add-ons Disabled. This will start Firefox in safe mode. If you notice anything is faster, than chances are the problem you were having was an extension. Disable all of them, then begin enabling them one by one. Restart each time you disable an add-on. If you notice Firefox is slow after enabling a certain add-on, then, problem solved (hopefully).
    Another thing you can do is install FasterFox, a helpful add-on that increases the speed of Firefox. Download here:

  • Quicktime, DVD Player slow and stuttering..everything else also slow

    I just upgraded to Leopard on a 17" G4. Everything is slower, but especially Quicktime and DVD. A movie's sound is OK, but the video sputters and stalls. Called Apple - they had me trash all the various preferences and start over - no change. I did an archive and reinstall - also to no effect. However,I created a brand new user and Quicktime works fine in this user (playing a movie from an external drive).
    Any ideas? My job has me displaying QT movies all the time. How can I stop pulling out my hair in anguish? I have cache 512 Kb, memory 1 GB, and about 5 Gigs available (install took about 11 Gigs). Is it a memory problem?

    I had the same problem on my 17" G4 right after my Leopard upgrade, but it eventually went away all by itself.
    Try this. Open a Quicktime movie but do NOT play it. Wait a minute. Now start playing it. If your system acts like mine the movie will now play without stuttering -- even in full screen. Whereas if you start playing it immediately it will stutter. That "minute" is not hard and fast. It just takes some time for something to happen in the background AFTER the file is open and BEFORE you start playing it to get smooth playback.
    I've not idea what's going on here. It may be related to Spotlight indexing, or something else. All I can say is after a day or two I stopped seeing any stuttering even for files that I began to Play immediately upon opening.

  • Trouble viewing Internet video - slow and stuttering

    I have trouble viewing video from the Internet.  The video stops frequently.  Help

    You using wifi, 3G?  Either way, not uncommon.  You need a strong signal from both.  If it is lagging it is due to poor strength, or latency issues relating to the signal. 

  • IMovie 4 to iMovie HD and back again

    I have read countless threads on issues related to choppy video in iMovieHD, but I haven't yet discovered a solution to my situation. I'm also dizzy with all the options, iMovie 4 vs iMovie HD, QT 7 vs QT 6.5.2, QT Cache Size, etc...
    In years past, I have used iMovie 4 successfully on a number of big projects. These movies were usually from 60 to 90 minutes, with tons of video clips, audio clips, stills, transitions and effects. I never had a problem. This is work repeating. I never had a problem.
    Then enter stage iMovie HD, and Quicktime 7. Neither seemed to have new features that I needed, but I figured, what the heck, maybe it improves performance. This is where my nightmare begins. I honestly do not know which software it the culprit, but I was in the middle of one of the most important video projects yet (and one of the biggest). Perhaps I deserve my fate since I didn't save the iMovie 4 project file, but I'm hoping some of you will be forgiving. Yes, I converted my iMovie 4 project to iMovie HD, and did not save the old project file. I didn't notice (or don't remember noticing) at first, so maybe the problem didn't start until I upgraded to QT 7. But at some point in time, I noticed a big problem in my project. I would start playing the movie to see how things were coming together, and my video would just freeze at arbitrary points (after a minute or so of playing okay). It starts getting choppy first, then the frame just freezes. The playhead continues to movie, and choppy audio is heard, but the video just seems to die.
    I wiped the drive, and reinstalled iLife 04. I'm running OS X 10.3.9, and software update updated me to Quicktime 7 again. So I have a number of questions, all hopefully leading to resolution of this issue. I've lost weeks of time on this project, and I need to get it back on track.
    1. I have the iMovie HD project, but I want to work on it in iMovie 4 instead (had better luck with iMovie 4). Is there any way to mod the iMovie HD project file, or any utility, so that I can open it with iMovie 4 (and have all my clips and transitions, etc., restored)?
    2. Was downgrading from iMovie HD to iMovie 4 the wrong solution completely? Is the culprit really Quicktime 7?
    3. Does the latest Quicktime resolve this issue? I'm trying to decide whether I should upgrade to iMovie HD again. I really don't know what to do at this point. There's so much at stake, but lately my productivity has been zero, so something has to happen.
    I guess I'm looking for a direction to go, and I currently feel very lost. Reading the past threads made me dizzy. I just want things to be the way they were: working. Can someone push me in the right direction?

    Now I know how you equated donmerlin with Bill... I got so flustered with this problem, I ended up forgetting which Apple ID I posted under. Here is an update to the problem.
    I really wanted to stay with QT 7.0.3 because the latest DVD Studio Pro requires it (as does iTunes for video playing). I tried to stay with QT 7 and revert back to iMovie 4, but because the old iMovie 4 project file was converted to iMovie HD (and there's not way to go back), I basically had to recreate the iMovie project from scratch. I started to do this, by first creating a new iMovie 4 project, then copying all of the 100's of media files from the other project into this one. Once I realized the magnitude of work involved, figuring out what's what, and which clips are transitions and effects, I knew this was a bad way to go. And chances are, it would have still been a problem, since most of what I've read has to do with QT 7 being the problem. So I changed directions.
    I am fortunate enough to have two G4's, so I left QT 7.0.3 on this one, and decided to downgrade QT on my other G4. First I ran the QT 7.0.1 Reinstaller (had to use Pacifist, since the Apple installer refused to let it run). Then I ran the QT 6.5.2 Reinstaller. After that, I opened up the iMovie HD project, and lo and behold, the freezing and staggering playback issues were gone! Words cannot express the feeling of relief I had. In retrospect, I am still quite disappointed that Apple introduced an upgrade to QT that caused this horrible problem, and appears to have done nothing to resolve it. The good news is that I found my way around the problem via the QT downgrade path, and I'll never upgrade QT on this other G4 again. Thanks to everyone in sharing in my grief and posting suggestions (both in response to my post and others).

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