Implementing Note 616762 - Front End Printer in Web Dynpro For Java Applica

Hi All,
We need to implement Note 616762 in out web dynpro for java application for front end printing...
I am confused as to what is mapped where and what about the other inputs to the function modules mentioned in the note.
Please help me to achieve implementing this note.
Thansk and Regards,
Aditya Deshpande

I had a discussion with basis about printer configuration.
My problem starts from step 3... do not how the maping of values from webdynpro to function
also here the function mentioned are not remote enabled... do we need to make it remote enabled..????
Aditya Deshpande
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  • Why Web services are used to send data not HTTP in Web dynpro for Java?

    Is Web Dynpro for Java supports Web service , RFC as communication to other systems why http cannot be used in Wweb dynpro for java.........
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Pradeep,
    Yes, Web Dynpro java supports web service, you can expose your web service as RFC Model to
    communicate with others system. As per as HTTP is concern we don't have any
    supportive method in web Dynpro. Insted of HTTP we use context in web dynpro to communicate.

  • Reg:Locking in Web Dynpro for JAVA.

    Hi All,
    When a user logged in the front end i am calling the lock function module(based on this locking mechanism is working) and when a user logged out i am calling the unlock function module(now the locked mechanism is getting unlocked).
    now my problem is when a user closes the window abruptly without loging out,the unloeck mechanism should work at that particular instance.Please suggest me if this is possible or not in web dynpro for java.  
    Mahesh Nuli.

    I will give you two different solutions, use whatever you think fits best for you.
    First One:
    Whenever you call your "LOCK" function module, do not disconnect the ModelInstance. Create a Locking method in Java which returns a "" instance. It should look like this:
    InputClass inputInstance..
    if fails, return null;
    otherwise, return your inputInstance;
    Keep this inputInstance into some Context Attribute. Whenever you wanna "Unlock", you can disconnect this input from the backend system.
    InputClass inputInstance = wdContext.getInputInstance();
    This will work for all the cases you are currently having problem. However, this solution holds one connection.
    Second One:
    Assuming your transaction runs in one View, you can set this View lifecyle to "when_visible" - Doing that, whenever you navigate "away" from this View the method wdDoExit of that ViewController will be executed.
    In this appoach, you dont need to store any "InputClass" - You can perform your Lock and disconnect from the backend. In your wdDoExit method you can code a "Disconnect If Connected" method.
    Use whatever fits best.

  • Creating a purchase order in web dynpro for java.........

    hello all,
    i am new to web dynpro for java.i have already done an application
    "Creating a Web Dynpro Application Accessing ABAP Functions" this application
    have good document on sdn.
    this application is working fine .
    Now i got an requiremnt for creating a purchase order in web dynpro for java.
    in normal report when i call  the bapi the parameter are the header, headerx,item, itemx is an internal table.
        POHEADER                     = HEADER
        POHEADERX                    = HEADERX
      POADDRVENDOR                 =
      TESTRUN                      =
      EXPPURCHASEORDER             =
      EXPHEADER                    =
      EXPPOEXPIMPHEADER            =
       RETURN                       = RETURN
       POITEM                       = ITEM
       POITEMX                      = ITEMX.
    i just want to know how can i fill these internal table in web dynpro
    for java to create an application accessing "Bapi_po_create" .

    Hi Gopal,
    I'm not sure what is your issue, it seems you're not really understanding how the Model structure works in WDP.
    I'll assume few things here, like you know how to Import the Model into the WDP, and you know a little bit about what Java Classes will represent this Model in the Project.
    Try these steps:
    1. Import your Model into the Project;
    2. Open your Component Modeler, create a Data Link between your Model / Component (Or Custom Controller, as you prefer)
      - You can also use the "Apply Template -> Service Controler"
    3. Map the Input of your Model as the Main Node, check the Input Tables (you prob. will have two, POITEM = ITEM - POITEMX = ITEMX)
    4. Also, check the Return box, since this is BAPI return (You can use to display Backend messages)
    Now you have the Model mapped into your Controller, you need to develop the Java function to execute it.
    1. Create a new Input class, like
    BAPI_PO_CREATE1_Input purchaseOrderCreateInput = new BAPI_PO_CREATE1_Input();
    2. Bind your Input Node, in the Controller, with your Input Class;
    3. Set any Import parameters you need:
    4. To Add references to the Table, you will perform something like:
    First, you need to know what "Structure" you need to add (POItem Structure) - You have a Java class that represents that Structure..
    POITEM_Element poItemElement = new POITEM_Element();
    poItemElement.setPROPERTY();   /// Set your Properties
    5. Execute your Input,
    purchaseOrderCreateInput .execute();
    Hope it helps,

  • Creating Sales Order using Web Dynpro for java

    Hi SDN,
    I am new to Web Dynpro for java. I have developed an application for creating a sales order using adaptive RFC Model using BAPI. It's working fine when i create a single order. I wanna create SO with more than one line item. I have used the Table UI Element to do so. But i could not able to enter the 2nd item details. Please suggest me how to pass more than one line item from the Table UI element.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Basha,
    Do you need to display the header items and detailed items?
    If the BAPI Contains Output values in R/3 side.
    I mean to say if BAPI  contains 4 line items.u can get thru wdjava the followinf way.
    1. Create webdynpro application.
    2.Import the model.
    3.Create Customcontroller and model binding .
    4. Write the execute method in controller.
      BAPI b = new BAPI();
       give inputs for BAPI
    b.setname(" ");
    wdContext.node<output>.invalidate(); in try catch
    5. create view or when u give the dynpro application its
    in the add custom to view and drag BAPI custom to view .
    6.Crete UI for ur table thru insertTemplate table directly mapp the  output values.
    7. deploy and run
    U can get the out line items .
    Or any thing else post ur requirement.

  • Notification Service in Web Dynpro for Java?

    Hello Experts,
    I'm new on the topic "web dynpro for java" and have a question about a real-time-notification of web dynpro clients.
    In web dynpro for abap ther is apparently a new solution called "Notification Service" (since NW 7.0 Ehp2).
    But I found no hints how to solve the problem of a real-time notification in web dynpro for java.
    Requirements for short: The server can trigger a refresh in one or more web dynpro clients.
    Requirements a liitle more extended:
    1. A web dynpro is running in a browser and shows data it gets from a DataBase table1
    2. Now a function module1 is started by an event and changes the data in table1 on the server side, the web dynpro does not know about this event or the changes made by external components.
    3. These changed data should be visible immediately in the running web dynpro after the event occurd --> trigger a refresh of the web dynpro from the function module1?
    All I actually know is that: The web dynpro can update its context with the new data from table1 after a refresh of the gui (wddomodifiyview). Using a timed trigger I can get new data after x seconds (same way --> context update and gui refresh). Is there another way to refresh the web dynpro (that noticed requirements of #3) ?
    Anja Hormann

    I recommend that you create another Web Dynpro application with this Timer to execute an RFC. This application would be in a Web Dynpro iView hidden from your SAP EP and shoot an event that would be captured by another application.
    However I would take great care with this type of application.
    And to answer your question at the moment, to my knowledge, there is no solution for this kind of integration between the ABAP and JAVA.

  • External jars in Web Dynpro for Java CE 7.1.1

    Hi there,
    Can you give me some guidance for including external jars in Web Dynpro for Java (CE 7.1.1)?
    I vainly tried for some hours now to get my external jars running in the new version of web dynpro (part fo Composition Environment 7.1.1).
    The routines described in some other threads didn't help me. For example, in CE 7.1.1 there's no DC Metadata that would allow me to add an external library.
    FYI, in the error message during build it simply says the package is not found.
    My error is javac ERROR: D:\test.jdi\LocalDevelopment\DCs\\retail\_comp\src\packages\com\sap\demo\retail\javafiles\ package does not exist
    javac ERROR: import;
    Thx in advance!

    under "External library".

  • Catching errors in Web Dynpro for Java when thrown from RFC Raise Exception

    Hello Developers,
    I'm looking for information that explains how a Web Dynpro for Java application responds and processes errors that are thrown from a Raise Exception event within an RFC.
    The Exceptions do not appear to be part of the Model and I can't identify how they get processed.
    When rfc HRXSS_CAT_WD_RECORD raises exception PERNR_NOT_LOCKED this exception is passed back to the calling webdynpro CAT DC that displays the exception on the web page along with the log. 
    I would like to display a friendlier message and without the log.  Any information on how to customize the handling of this error would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    [see here|]

  • How do we scan for viruses of uploaded excel file in Web Dynpro for JAVA

    Hi All,
    Please let me know "How do we scan for viruses of uploaded excel file in Web Dynpro for JAVA"

    Hi ,
    pl go through this note "Integrating a virus scan into SAP applications 817623 "
    SAP Virus Scan Interface
    Sample Application

  • Is ALV List Possible in Web Dynpro for JAVA ? Please Advice.

    I would like to know if we can simulate the ALV List which we have in ABAP using Web Dynpro for JAVA. I would really appreciate if someone could suggest how it could be done.
    Best Wishes,

    Hallo John,
    The Abstract List Viewer (ALV) is not available in Web Dynpro for Java within SAP NetWeaver 04s.
    Regards, Bertram

  • About ALV in Web dynpro for Java

    hi everybody:
    Web dynpro for Java didn't support ALV, i don't know whether it have some UI or other  like  ALV
    if it have ,please tell me,
    thank you verymuch!
    Best Regards _

    HI guys:
    I have a problem. I want to delete a data form table,ues RFC fuction
    (ex: Bapi_Delete_Travel_Expense_Input) 
    the model need three mandatory parameter ,"number","tripnumber","framedata".
    my code:
    but the "framedata" is a structure ,is node ,not a attribute.
    I don't know how to write the code. Please give me some suggest
    Best Regard

  • Design header in Web Dynpro for java

    Dear experts
    I used PageHeader UI Element for design header in web dynpro for java. How to insert a image and set padding  logo in page header?
    Ex : Create a SAP header includes the content as SAP logo, application title, functions, user name, logout button.

    I couldn't understand your requirement for keeping an image in page header but i suggest you not to do so, because it is not a good practice and creates a performance issue. Page header UI element is not much customizable for same purpose and should not contain interactive UI elements according to [UI Element Guide|]. You can also refer to the same document for the usage of the Page header and other UI Elements its a very useful and nice article.

  • Overlapping labels in Scatter Graph - Web Dynpro for Java

    We have created a Scatter Graph in Web Dynpro for Java.
    The xValue and yValue are obtained from a node. We are showing a name as the label on each point so plotted on the graph through Chart Designer (Format->$Label).
    The issue we are facing is:
    We have 3 points with the same xValue and yValue. Meaning they plot the same point on the graph. But the name associated with each is different. These names are overlapping (as its the same point on the graph) and are hence not readable.
    Is there any way in which we can show multiple names/labels on the same point in a readable way?
    Is it possible for us to show a tool tip at each point where the tool tip contains the comma seperated names/labels associated with all the x and yValues at that point?

    there's no automatic mechanism for detecting such label collisions in the scatter chart. However, you can change the position of each label (HorizontalPosition, VerticalPosition) and use point customizing to position several labels around this single point.
    Regards, Kai

  • Catch event from Web Dynpro for Java

    Dear guru's,
    we have a working Web Dynpro for Java. It delivers a company code that needs to be routed to a visual composer model. In the Web Dynpro we use the command to trigger an event named 'ShowCompanyCode' in namespace In the visual composer, I used a 'signal in' for the same namespace and event name. However, the supplied value for the company code is not received. Both iviews (from VC and Web Dynpro) are on one page.
    I have enabled the flash debug console and did some testing with a VC model that consists of two iviews on one page. Here it does work. I have found some differences in the debug output that points in a direction.
    In the case of the VC iviews, I get the following string in the debug console: signalinAHAPP -<Params version="2" ><Row STR1="1000" /></Params>. This results in a correct transfer of company code value '1000'.
    When getting the info from the Web Dynpro iview, I get the following string:  signalinAHAO8 -1000. It seems that the web dynpro does not supply the values in a correct way. However, the same mechanism is used to supply the data to another web dynpro iview and that works fine.
    Do we have to use special coding to be able to fire the event to a VC iview? Any help will be appreciated and points will be awarded!

    A. Van de Camp,
    You can create two iViews that communicate with each other on the same page, using client-side eventing, so that the output of the first iView serves as the input to the second. Eventing in the portal is based on the use of the Enterprise Portal Client Manager (EPCM), an object defined by the portal client framework to handle functions such as client eventing.
    To define eventing between an iView created and existing in the portal(web dynpro iview), and an iView created in Visual Composer:
    1.Check the properties of the existing portal iView and find out its EPCM event name.
    2. In Storyboard, open the iView that is to be the second part of the eventing scenario and create the required port: as input or as output.
    3. Double-click the newly-created port and in the Configure Element task panel, enter the portal event name in the Signal name field and the EPCM event in the EPCM event field.

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