Import Format Audit FDM

I have a few questions around import formats as I have recently seen some new approached that I have not seen before:
Firstly are Import Formats auditable? Can the changes etc be tracked?
Secondly the formats I see are concatenating GL accounts and a few things from the GL to create a new "unique" account that is then mapped in FDM.
in the GL
GL Account
810000 - Revenue $10,000
GL Attribute1
BL - Blue
GL Attribute2
T1 - Dakota
FDM Import
Then creates a source GL Account of
FDM mapping
810000BLT1 = TO_00001
TO_00001 $10,000
Has anyone seen this before, where effectively a new account is created from the import format ?

1. I can't make a comment on FDMEE, but what is now 'classic' FDM does not audit the import format table. However if it is a requirement, then i am sure your DBA could sort something out
2. Yes, this is quite common, but perhaps more for the other dimensions rather than the account dimension.     

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  • Regarding Import format for FDM Maploader

    Dear All ,
    I m trying to import a Maploader file in which i have specified all the dimensions . However only Entity and Account dimension is getting populated . Neither ICP nor Custom 1 to 4 are getting populated . Hence while exporting i m getting the missing dimension error . Can anyone let me know a suitable option by which i can import eport properly .

    Hi, I'd suggest the FDM forum:
    Financial Data Management
    Cheers, Iain

  • How to use import script with FDM using adapter ERPI?

    I use FDM and ERPI 11.1.2 to load data from EBS R12 to Planning 11.1.2
    Data loaded from eBS are YTD data.
    I have seen that I could use an import script to calculate manually the amount with the periodic_net_cr and periodic_net_dr fields.
    But how to use this import script? Because in my import format in FDM, I don't use a file but directly the adapter, so no "Expression" field.
    Thanks in advance for your help

    Hello Fanny,
    No you will not need to put anything in the BatchAction. If you review the FDM API Documentation posted it will outline all the scripts that will execute for a particular event ... and the order in which they execute. The BatchAciton only affects the execution of the batch ... it does not control processing of data. Processing of data is controlled by many others.
    There is a script that can be written and placed (as Tony mentioned) in the ImportAction that will be able to recaculate the values from ERPi to be YTD values. You can possibly open an SR and a support Engineer can help you .... or you can search the current KM base and use that information there from the v11. version to build your own for v11.1.2.x
    Thank you,

  • FDM Fixed-Width Import Format & Multiple Accounts/Periods Issue

    Hi FDM experts,
    I have an issue that I wanted to reach out to you on regarding fixed-width import formats and how to cater for my current scenario for export to Hyperion Planning.
    I am working with a flat file (.txt) I need to import to FDM with the current format;
    Jan-MTD-Account 1
    Jan-MTD-Account 2
    These are all fixed in width so the field lengths will need to be defined in the import format. The requirement for loading to the system is only a speciifc Month YTD value for both Account1 and Account 2.
    If my chosen Month is 2013 Jan, I will only require columns F and G to be loaded. These are the issues I have identified;
    Can a fixed width import format cater for loading to multiple accounts in the same file? Or would I need a separate import format per account?
    Can a fixed width import format cater for loading to a variable Actual Month period? Or do I need 12 import formats/locations per month?
    Your help is much appreciated!
    Many thanks

    Hi Aaron,
    the solution you are looking for needs pivoting your source file.
    Think that FDM, by default, only accepts files with one single column for amount. You have to pivot your file based on your logic and import the pivoted file.
    For example:
    Year     Channel     Product     ... Jan-YTD-Acc1     Jan-YTD-Acc2 ...
    2013     CH1          PR1               1000                    2000
    If your POV is Jan-2013, your data imported will look like:
    Year     Channel     Produc     Account     Amount
    2013     CH1          PR1          ACC1          1000
    2013     CH1          PR1          ACC2          2000
    All this process can be automated by playing with Import Scripts.

  • FDM Import Format Spec with multiple Amount Fields

    I'm in the process of setting up an Import specification for one of our sites and the source extract consists of the following fields:
    Source Account Description BegBalDR BegBalCr YTDDR YTDCR
    01-511-5110     Inventory Adjustment     1,754.00     0     0     14,844.76
    I'm am trying to Import Field 5 & 6 and net them if necessary (example: YTDDR - YTDCR) and I continue to get an error. I have tried several diffrent ways but it seems that I can only import one or the other. After reading the FDM Admin guide I am wondering if I need to create a custom Script to accomplish this task.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

    This might be slightly complicated, but I think its the most direct solution ........
    Step 1 -
    In your Import Format, assign the Amount as :
    FieldName, Start, Length, Expression
    Amount, 1, 1, Script=NetAmounts5and6.uss
    Step 2 -
    Create an Import (DataPump) script called NetAmounts5and6 with the following code :
    Function NetAmount5and6(strField, strRecord)
    'Hyperion FDM DataPump Import Script:
    'Created By:     cbeyer
    'Date Created:     2/13/2009 5:57:14 PM
    'Get the last two fields
    Dim tmpRecord
    Dim strCurrentChar
    Dim strYTDCR
    Dim strYTDDR
    Dim x
    'Initialize fields
    tmpRecord = strRecord
    'Ensure we have data
    If Trim(tmpRecord) = "" Then Exit Function
    strYTDCR = ""
    strYTDDR = ""
    'Get YTD CR
    'One could use the replace command to change all spaces to a delimittable field and then
    'split out the string into a one dimensional array using the split command; however,
    'This would only work best if there is an exact number of spaces between the two numbers
    'Since I do not know if this is true, instead i'm looking for numeric/numeric like characters
    'and splitting based off of that.
    For x = Len(tmpRecord) To 1 Step -1
    strCurrentChar = Mid(tmpRecord,x,1)
    If (IsNumeric(strCurrentChar) Or strCurrentChar = "$" Or strCurrentChar = "." Or strCurrentChar = "," ) Then
    strYTDCR = strCurrentChar & strYTDCR
    Exit For
    End If
    'Trim down temporary record holder to remove the previous found amount and white space at the end of the string
    tmpRecord = RTrim(Left(tmpRecord,x)) 'Remove the first number from the string and white space
    'Get YTD DR
    For x = Len(tmpRecord) To 1 Step -1
    strCurrentChar = Mid(tmpRecord,x,1)
    If (IsNumeric(strCurrentChar) Or strCurrentChar = "$" Or strCurrentChar = "." Or strCurrentChar = "," ) Then
    strYTDDR = strCurrentChar & strYTDDR
    Exit For
    End If
    'do the math
    If IsNumeric(strYTDCR) And IsNumeric(strYTDDR) Then
    NetAmount5and6 = strYTDDR - strYTDCR
    NetAmount5and6 = 0 'This will cause the record to fail on import
    End If
    End Function

  • Multiple import formats in one FDM application....?

    I wanted to know in my situation where there are 15 EBS Set of Books. whether it is possible to use only 1 FDM application to import all these data into my HFM application.
    My ERPi application is like this :
    1 source application that is EBS.
    1 target application that is HFM.
    15 EBS Set of books, for which i think i have to create 15 import formats in ERPi for each set of books. this also implies to the locations.
    then I have to do the common period mapping and category mapping.
    in the Data load Setup: I have to select each location and do the member mapping. create a data load rule for each location.
    FDM Application:
    i already have an FDM application which i am using to import data from EBS to HFM using ERPi, till now i have only used 1 set of books just to verify that everything is working fine. now as everything is working fine with the application, I want to add additional import formats in the existing FDM application to answer the import formats and locations created in the ERPi application.
    Is it possible to do like this, if so then i need your assistance in achieving this task.
    please put your comments in this regards.
    Shantan Kommera

    You can do this by specifiying the appropriate data load rule to be used by ERPi within Integration Option 1 in the location. This will kick off the data load rule you specify in ERPi that should be tied to the corresponding set of books in EBS.

  • FDM - Import Format (Fixed Column Type - No Delimiter)

    Question on FDM. I've built an import format and successfully imported a Fixed Column type text file. Everything imports beautifully. FYI - The format of the file looks just like a Trial Balance with a column for Debits and one column for Credits. In the import format setup, I am using the DrCrSplit script. Weird thing here is that I noticed it just ignored any of the rows where the balance was over 1 million (but brought everything else in perfectly). I've played with the Start and Length fields to no avail.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Good day,
    You can add a script as the last item to you amount import format, this will dump the values to a text file which may give you some idea of the issue. Open you file in a hex editor, there may be non printing characters.
    Function dumpamt(strField, strRecord)
    'Declare Local Variables
    Dim objFSAppend
    Dim objFAppend
    Dim strFileAppend
    Dim blnCreate
    'Initialize the file path
    strFileAppend = "\\networkdirectoy\YourFileName.txt"
    blnCreate = True
    'Open the file system object and create the file
    Set objFSAppend = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set objFAppend = objFSAppend.OpenTextFile(strFileAppend, 8, blnCreate)
    'Append Data to File
    'Close the objects
    Set objFAppend = Nothing
    Set objFSAppend = Nothing
    dumpamt = strField
    End Function

  • FDM Assign import format to different locations

    Dear All,
    I have a request that we need assign a import format to 500+ FDM locations, is there a better way to do this ?

    I did not get any response for this question, the detail for this item is as following.
    We have created a FDM import group, we also create a import format under this import group, we already assign the import group to one FDM location.
    Now we want to assign this import group to other FDM locations(more than 500), how can we do that easily ? Is there a way to batch load the import group to the FDM locations ?
    Waiting for your suggestion,
    Thank you so much

  • How to copy FDM setting (import format, dimension mapping, control table)

    Dear All,
    How to copy FDM setting (import format, dimension mapping, control table) from application to another application.
    I found that only dimension mapping can be imported. Is there any way to copy FDM application quickly?
    Thanks your help

    If you get a chance try the following script, it's so simple and easy to extract all the map data to XML and will help in to import back through Import script.
    Sub MapExtractor()
    'UpStream WebLink Custom Script:
    'Created By:      SatyaK
    'Date Created:      12/08/09
    'Purpose: This Script will produce a Account Map File for
    '                         the current location.
    'Execute the export
    strFilePath = API.IntBlockMgr.InterfaceMgr.fExportMapToXML("File Path", PPOVPeriod)
    End Sub

  • Multiple FDM Import Formats for One Location

    I want to import trial balance data directly from the Oracle Financials database. I'm creating an import integration script to pull the ledgers directly via a SQL statement. My issue is that I also want to be able to write scripts to modify each individual field on the import, similar to a delimited import script where I can have a script for each dimension. Do you know if it's possible to combine import integration and delimited scripts in a single location? I'm guessing it may be a combination of the Import Format and Integration Options settings on the location, but I'm not sure which one should go where. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This is not possible. Any adjustments to the data would need to be done within the integration script.

  • FDM Import Format DR CR

    I am working with a comma delimited file and would like to create an import format. Debit and Credit amounts appear in separate columns. Is it possible to use the DRCR Split expression with a delimited file? If not, can anyone suggest an alternative?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    The DR/CR split is only for fixed formatted files.
    You will need to use some custom scripting on the 'Amount' field to check for the value in the appropriate position and then import the desired value.
    Thank you

  • FDM Import Format - field name list population

    I am working with an Import Format definition. How can I control the list of possible names that are displayed in the Field Name drop down list box? The lists currently displayed are different from Import Format Group to Import Format Group.
    Thank you.

    The selections are controlled by the dimensions of the adaptor assigned to the location using the adaptor. The drop down list names are controlled by the dimension alias.

  • Unable to import data in FDM

    We are trying to load data into FDM and resulting in error : An error occurred importing the file . The view log is as follows what am i missing
    ** Begin FDM Runtime Error Log Entry [2008-09-26-19:08:59] **
    Code......................................... 2012
    Description.................................. File [C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\tWhyperi817271807466-SL.log] does not exist!
    Procedure.................................... clsImpProcessMgr.fLoadAndProcessFile
    Component.................................... upsWObjectsDM
    Version...................................... 931
    Thread....................................... 7180
    User......................................... hyperiondcom
    Computer Name................................ SGDHYPEAPW01
    App Name..................................... FDMDEV
    Client App................................... WebClient
    Provider..................................... ORAOLEDB.ORACLE
    Data Server..................................
    Database Name................................ devhypsg
    Trusted Connect.............................. False
    Connect Status.. Connection Open
    Location..................................... ORACLEGL
    Location ID.................................. 749
    Location Seg................................. 3
    Category..................................... ACTUALFDM
    Category ID.................................. 13
    Period....................................... Jan - 2008
    Period ID.................................... 1/31/2008
    POV Local.................................... False
    Language..................................... 1033
    User Level................................... 1
    All Partitions............................... True
    Is Auditor................................... False
    the user trying to do the job is from administrator group so i do not think it is a rights issue. not sure what am i missing

    Unfortunately I do not agree with the statement made by SatyaK. Importing of data into FDM has nothing to do with the adapter and the Load actions.
    What I would suggest to do is the following:
    1. Clear the User Error Log (Tools -> Clear Error Log)
    2. Reproduce the issue.
    3. View the User Error Log (Tools -> View Error Log)
    The reason is that it is sometimes 'filled' with information that might not be relevant, and you might not be looking at the very first error in the workflow. So therefore you could be looking at something totally irrelevant.
    Secondly .... I would suggest to do this as well.... review the Import Log
    1. Import Fish (should be white)
    2. View Options Tab
    3. View Log button
    As you go through the log, it will tell you how many records it found, how many it was told to skip, etc. Sometimes when this error occurs it is because the total number of 'valid' records, was zero. Therefore there was nothing to insert into the database. If this is the case, then you will need to update your import format accordingly.
    Thank you.

  • Import Balances into FDM as YTD Even Though ERPi Extracts in Periodic

    Hi All,
    We are trying to load data into HFM by using FDM using ERPI integrator issue is revnue and expense accounts are loading as periodic insted of YTD,so we have to load revenue ane expense should load as YTD format.
    oracle analyst given us refrence doc(How to Import Balances into FDM as YTD Even Though ERPi Extracts in Periodic [ID 1077823.1]) script for this: The below script we have created in script editor as import (dataPump).then after where we have to map this import script,i am not sure this script is right or not.
    even we have tried to import data from EBS still importing periodic for revenue and expense accounts.
    Any one plz help me here.
    Function TestImport2(strField, strRecord)
    'Oracle Hyperion FDM DataPump Import Script:
    'Created By: admin
    'Date Created: 1/11/2010 8:46:02 AM
    Dim Account_Type
    If InStr(1,strRecord,"|")=0 Then
    RES.pblnskip = False
    Exit Function
    End If
    'Check to make sure this isn't the first row
    If DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 50, 38, "|") = "BEGIN_BALANCE_DR" Then
    Res.pblnskip = True
    Exit Function
    End If
    'Parse out the different value columns in the import file
    BEGIN_BALANCE_DR = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 50, 38, "|")
    BEGIN_BALANCE_CR = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 50, 39, "|")
    PERIOD_NET_DR = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 50, 40, "|")
    PERIOD_NET_CR = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 50, 41, "|")
    Account_Type = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 50, 42, "|")
    'Do Some Math
    If LCase(account_type) = "1" Then
    End If
    End Function

    Which version of FDM are you using 11.1.2.x uses a direct data link to move the data into FDM from the ERPI staging tables with no flat file intemediary so the data pump script would be useless to you. If you are using an older version then go to the import format used as part of the ERPI adapter setup and the script reference to the expression box against the amount field.

  • Import Format for Separte Debit and Credit Columns (comma delimited file)

    I have a file that is comma delimited with a sparate debit column and a separate credit column:
    ,110010,another test,,100
    My import format is this:
    Comma delimited
    Field Number Number of Fields Expression
    Entity 1 5 SGB_ABC
    Account 2 5
    Amount 5 5 Script=DRCRSplit_Comma_Del.uss
    I've tried writing the following script to pull the amount from the debit column into the credit column but it just skips the lines with no amount in field 5.
    'Declare Variables
    Dim Field4
    Dim Field5
    'Retrieve Data
    Field4 = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 4, 4, ",")
    Field5 = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 5, 5, ",")
    'If Field4 has a value then fld 5 is to equal fld 4.
    If IsNumeric(Field5) Then
    Field5 = Field5
    Field5 = Field4
    End If
    'Return Result into FDM
    SQFLD5 = Field5
    End Function
    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    I got it to work using this script:
    Function DRCR_Comma_Del(strField, strRecord)
    'Hyperion FDM DataPump Import Script:
    'Created By:     testuser
    'Date Created:     7/22/2009 9:31:15 AM
    'Purpose: If Amount is in the DR column move it to the CR amount column.
    Dim DR
    Dim CR
    DR = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 5, 4, ",")
    CR = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 5, 5, ",")
    If IsNumeric(DR) Then
    strField = DR
    strField = "-" & CR
    End If
    DRCR_Comma_Del = strField
    End Function

Maybe you are looking for